Jane's New Job

by Robotunit8

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Unfortunately for Jane, she had been out of work for quite a while now, and she was beginning to get desperate to find a new job. One day while she was walking down the street she saw that a new job agency had opened its doors to customers. Now over the year or so that Jane had been out of work, she had tried almost every job agency within a few miles of her with little success. She smiled when she saw what this agency was advertising.

'Jobs by design'—We guarantee to place you in work within 1 month of registering with us, or we will give you £500 in compensation. So try us today, what have you to lose, and if we fail, you will be £500 richer anyway.

Jane laughed at this, but said to herself inwardly, "What have you got to lose, you're either going to get a job or £500 in a months time, either way that's better than continuing to be jobless and poor." and turned and walked into the door of the agency.

A receptionist looked up at her as she entered and smiled," Hello there, how can we help you?"

"Hello," said Jane nervously," I saw your claim outside, and as I have been out of work for some time, I thought I would test out your claim for myself."

"Yes, that is true," said the receptionist, "and so far in 16 months of our agencies national operation, we have never paid out a penny, let alone £500!"

"Oh!" said Jane amazed, "I didn't realise the job market was so buoyant."

"Well we have never failed to find a placement yet, and indeed we have many vacancies for ladies like you at present."

"You do!" said Jane, "That's wonderful, what do I have to do to get started?"

"Fill out this form for me, and I'll make a phone call to our placement department while you are doing so." said the receptionist.

"Fine, and then?" asked Jane

"We'll arrange a meeting for you to go there for them to arrange your placement."

"OK, great." said Jane excitedly.

Jane was too excited to notice the receptionist's eyes glazed over as she picked up the phone and said, "Amanda 13 reporting sir, we have a new client in our office for processing."

"Excellent," the male voice said, "We will prepare her for our next clients requests, if she is suitable."

Amanda looked over Jane's completed form, she seemed perfect for her possible designated tasks, single, no boyfriend, no close family. She smiled at Jane and said, "That's fine, when are you free to go to our placement department, it is quite nearby."

"Well. . . if I wasn't meeting Sue, I'd say now, but in that case, is tomorrow OK?"

"Who's Sue?" asked Amanda.

"Oh just someone I know, a friend thats all."

"OK," said Amanda," I'll see if tomorrow is OK." and picked up the phone again, and as she did so her eyes glazed over again. "Amanda 13 reporting again sir, the new unit Jane can be processed tomorrow if you wish?"

"I will do that," he said, "arrange for her to report here at 9.30 tomorrow and I will commence processing of this new unit."

"Thank you sir. "said Amanda, and as she put down the phone her eyes cleared again. "Jane, if you can report to this address at 9.30 tomorrow we will guarantee to find you a job you can begin next week!"

Jane almost hugged Amanda with delight, "Thank you so much," she said, "at last I'm going back to work!"

The next morning Jane was at the address she had been given by about 9.00, thats how keen she was. It was a large building, at least 3 floors high, but most of it seemed empty at first glance. The only place there seemed to be any sign of life was on the 1st floor up. She thought to herself, "Mustn't seem too keen, I suppose. "and waited till about 9.20 before entering and pressing the button marked 'Job by design-Placement centre'. The security door buzzed and she entered, and walked up to the first floor as instructed by the signs.

When she got up the stairs she was greeted by 2 people, a man and a woman, "Hello Jane, I'm Robert and this is Rose, and we're here today to design you for a suitable job placement. Can I get you a drink before we start?"

Now Jane was so excited at the chance to get back to work, that she didn't hear them say design you, and just thought they'd said design a job for you! She happily replied, "Yes please, coffee, white and 1 sugar if thats OK."

"Certainly Jane." said Rose and went off to get her drink. Meanwhile Robert asked her a few general questions. Then out of the blue he slipped in a different question, "Jane, what is your attitude to sex, are you open minded, prim or downright adult?"

Now this question took Jane slightly by surprise, but she thought she'd better answer it, and just at that moment Rose brought her coffee.

"Thanks for the coffee, ummm, certainly not prim, pretty open minded I suppose, but," and she blushed, "I haven't done anything really naughty that way. Mmm, lovely coffee. Why?"

"Well some of our retail outlets that use our agency are adult type shops, they pay very well, but obviously we can only offer that sort of work to some of our clients."

"Of course," said Jane," I'd have no objections though."

"Thats great. "said Robert, "Its just fairer to ask you that now, than when you find out where you are working. Are you OK Jane?"

"I'm sorry, I just seem to be losing foc… us" said Jane as her head fell onto the desk in front of her.

Rose lifted her head up and nodded at Robert, "She's out for the count for the next 8 hours, what job are you going to design her for?"

"Well it's 1 of 2 really, either supply her to that massage parlour seeking new girls, she's very buxom and would prove pretty popular there, but she's not young, early 40's and the 'enhancements' can only do so much around the eyes, she's not going to pass as early twenties, which they like them to be. The other main position that needs filling is to provide that millionaire with the Mistress he's requested, he's asked for total domination by his Mistress, so I'm thinking that with our new technology we can give him TOTAL domination by his Mistress, and therefore indirectly by us. And she'd be ideal for that, blonde, buxom and dominant is their every fantasy usually."

"I'm sure it will be," laughed Rose," total domination?"

Robert laughed, "Yes, we can try out that new device we've made, implant it in her pussy, and test it out on him. If it doesn't work, we'll know, and he'll still be happy being dominated by her anyway! Yes, lets fill that position and test the new technology, we can't do that with the massage parlour positions, and we can always get loads of young girls for those positions, they seem so keen to sign up with us! Lets get Jane downstairs and get started."

They helped Jane to the lift, placed a key in the control panel and pressed the basement button, and when they all got to the basement helped her out again. If Jane could have seen all the equipment down there, she would have been worried, but she just slept on soundly. They stripped Jane naked, pressed a button and one of the cubicles on the wall opened up, and they placed Jane inside and sealed it up again afterwards.

Robert turned to Rose and said, "Release technology units please."

"Yes sir, Rose 1 obeys your every command." and pressed several buttons on the keyboards in front of her. Inside the unit this released lots of devices simultaneously, which attached themselves to Jane's naked body. A mouthpiece forced its way inside Jane's mouth, and then two extra units came out and filled her nostrils as well. A helmet came down over her head and dozens of electrodes attached themselves to her skull, and then a nanodevice drilled its way into her skull, and attached dozens more electrodes directly to her brain. More electrodes attached themselves to her breasts, then cups came down and connected themselves up to those electrodes, with large amounts of wiring attached to those cups. A device entered Jane through her pussy, it looked on entry like a normal size vibrator, but once inside her it transformed itself, it expanded in all directions filling her completely, until it was like a 15 inch cock, with a 6 inch girth inside her, this unit was totally covered in electrodes, and also had one new piece of technology attached to it, which would seal itself within Jane's pussy. Then after all this had taken place, a body suit came down in front of, and behind Jane and sealed her and all the devices within it.

Rose checked all the data information, turned to Robert and said, "Jane 6 is now prepared sir, which program do you wish me to run sir?"

"Supreme Dominatrix #1, and use the new Electra-flesh for the mould please, he's paying enough, we might as well give him the newest supreme model. That implant combined with the Electra flesh should blow his mind completely, and make him our totally controlled slave as well as hers! Begin the programming when it is ready."

"Yes sir, as you say sir. "said Rose obediently. "Programming now loaded, Electra flesh is entering the mould, and implant is sealed into her body, everything is ready, programming now commencing sir."

The unit became a vacuum, sealing tightly around Jane's body suit, and then an arm came down and picked it up, and placed it into a chamber, it locked into position, and then a charge of several hundred volts began to build in Janes body, increasing in power steadily, until it would reach the completion setting at 2,000 volts.

Rose steadily and almost robotically gave Robert reports of the stages at which things were happening.

"Mind control commencing. . . body transformation commencing. . . sex drive increasing… human breathing stopping, lungs have commenced accepting fluid replacement… control and all transformations reaching 25%… Electra flesh now filled mould, and sealing to her body… all work reaching 50%, nanodevices within Electra flesh now evaporating human flesh. . . voltage has now reached 1,000 volts, transformation so far a total success… lungs now full of fluid, lungs shutting down. . . all work has reached 80%, all human flesh now evaporated… Jane 6 is now totally Electra flesh. . . sex drive now at 1000% of normal human capacity… all work now reaching completion… all work now 100% sir, maximum voltage has been reached, firing charge through her Electra flesh body NOW. . . work completed sir… unit Jane 6 is programmed with Supreme Dominatrix #1, her body is now 100% Electra flesh, and her new implant is working perfectly… now releasing from charging chamber. . ."

The arm picked up the sealed unit, and placed it into the centre of the room, the 2 halves of the bodysuit unsealed themselves and returned from where they had came. After that all the other units and electrodes released themselves from Jane's new body, and when this work was completed Robert said, "Activate unit Jane 6."

Jane's eyes opened and she said, "Jane 6 has been activated sir, all my programming is working perfectly, at 100% capacity sir. Thank you for the work you have done to me, I am ready to take up my designated placement sir. I have been informed that my main programming needs activation as it is a specialised program."

"That is correct Jane 6, Supreme Dominatrix #1 programming will only be activated when your slave has met you, until then Standard worker #5 program will override it." said Robert.

"Thank you sir, Jane 6 will obey all commands given to her."

"Jane 6 has been given a new body, this will keep her buxom breasts in good condition, and give you all round good toning at all times. I wish to give your wonderful body a test, take the lift to the second floor, and switch to sexual satisfaction setting." then turning to Rose he said, "Switch off her implant for now, I have no wish to be totally enslaved by her."

Rose said, "Yes sir, sexually stimulated mind control implant now deactivated."

Jane and Robert went off to the second floor, Jane taking her clothes with her for afterwards. When they got there, Jane lay on the bed and said, "Sexual satisfaction setting activated, … completed sir, I am ready to satisfy you sexually."

"Excellent," said Robert," commence program, Jane 6."

Jane almost literally ripped Roberts clothes off him, and the moment his cock popped into sight, her mouth and tongue were giving it adoring treatment, at the same time Jane's nipples extended till they stood out like large bullets, and her pussy was dripping steadily. The moment her programming registered a sufficient level of erection, she took his cock out of her mouth and plunged it deep into her steaming pussy, it was now so tight that Robert thought he was sealed into a vacuum, it was amazing, this new technology certainly worked, and then the Electra flesh started to work, and Robert felt a warm tingle through his cock, it was so amazing. Before very long Robert felt himself about to cum, and tried to hold it, to lengthen the experience, but soon he could hold it no longer, and he let go into Jane's willing and highly stimulating pussy, it was amazing, he thought he was never going to stop cumming, so stimulated was his cock by Jane's work and her wonderful Electra flesh.

When he recovered, Jane asked him, "Was that satisfactory for you sir?"

"It was indeed Jane 6, truly wonderful."

"Thank you sir, I only operate to please and obey you."

He picked up a phone, and rang down to Rose, "Reactivate sexually stimulated mind control implant please."

"Implant reactivated sir. " was Rose's reply. "How well did the Electra flesh work sir?"

"Very successfully," replied Robert, "I will return to the office when I have recovered."

"Yes sir, unit Rose 1 will now return to the office to await you."

"Jane, you may now dress, and return home, the Standard worker #5 program will enable you to live a normal life until I call you, which will be within the next week. At which time you will take up your designated job. Oh, and you mustn't have intercourse between now and then."

"Yes sir, I obey your every command sir."

* * *

A few days later Jane received a phone call at home, and the voice at the other end said, "Activate mind control program #8."

"Yes sir, mind control program #8 activated, unit Jane 6 here, what do you require of me sir?"

"Report to the placement unit as soon as you can, so that you may commence work."

"Yes sir, I obey. " said Jane blankly, and left her house in minutes.

When Jane got to the placement unit, Robert, Rose and one other middle aged man were waiting there for her. Robert looked at her, smiled and said, "Commence final download into neural circuits of Supreme Dominatrix #1 programming, all other control programmes to be deleted."

Jane's eyes went blank and she said, "Yes sir, Downloading of Supreme Dominatrix #1 has commenced, Standard worker #5 deleting." and after 30 seconds or so she spoke again, "Reprogramming completed sir, this unit is now Supreme Dominatrix Jane, the dominant of all men. Is this worm in front of me my slave?"

"It is," said Rose, "he is your slave to be controlled totally by you."

"Excellent." said Jane, "In that case he should show me the devotion I deserve, NOW! What is your name slave?"

"Keith, my supreme Mistress," as he fell to the floor and kissed her feet.

"Thats better slave, or I would have to punish you mercilessly for your failure, but in time I will punish you mercilessly anyway. But for now your Mistress has needs which need satisfying." She turned to Rose and asked, "Is the room ready for me, and this. . . being?"

"It is, Mistress Jane, exactly as you requested it to be."

"And so it should be," Jane added haughtily, "slave follow me, and make sure your head is below mine at all times."

"Yes Mistress, certainly Mistress." Keith said and followed her bent low, as he was 6ft 2, and Jane was 5ft 8! When they had entered the lift Jane pressed the button to take it to the second floor.

"And now sir?" asked Rose intrigued.

Robert replied laughing, "And now, Jane will demand to be satisfied sexually by her slave, and of course he will. But the moment his cock enters her far enough to touch that implant, the Electra flesh will signal to the implant to start its work, and not only will he be her slave, he will be her totally mind controlled toy, he will do anything she tells him with no will of his own, and therefore of course I can manipulate him completely as well. And after that she will be able to simply download any thoughts she wants into him, simply by placing his cock against her implant and transferring them, its as simple as that, and of course I can control Jane's thoughts at anytime, simply by computer download."

Meanwhile upstairs, Jane was having a wonderful time, first of all She had tested Keith with a lovely whip that just happened to be in the room, and his rear was now a lovely shade of red, his nipples and cock were certainly a lot more tender than when he had arrived as well. He hadn't been able to say much to his Mistress though, as She had hooded and ball-gagged him on arrival in Her little dungeon. After half an hour or so, she removed all these things, and looked down on Her slave and said, "And now, I'm sure my slave will satisfy my needs with that pathetic cock of his, if not, I will have to punish him more, do you agree slave?"

"Yes Mistress, certainly Mistress." said Keith without raising his eyes too high.

"Excellent, this little toy should soon bring that pathetic cock back to life." and She took hold of a violet wand, and started playing it up and down his cock and balls, she was right, they soon twitched back into life in front of Her, and his cock was soon standing erect. "Now Mistress has not had sex for a while, and She needs satisfaction, slave provide it for me!"

"Yes Mistress." said Keith, and respectfully removed the tight PVC outfit Jane was dressed in, and then started licking, sucking and playing with her pussy and clit. Jane let out a sigh of pleasure.

"I am ready slave, let me test that pathetic cock and see if it can possibly satisfy Me."

"Yes Mistress. "said Keith, and plunged his now very erect cock into Jane's pussy, She was certainly very damp he thought.

When his cock got a few inches in, Jane sucked it into her very tight hole, to ensure no escape was possible. When it touched against her implant, a signal was sent and the Electra flesh immediately stimulated it into life, and the implant began its work, pumping signals immediately to Keith's brain to fill his mind with thoughts of total devotion to his Mistress, that he would no longer have to think for himself, every thought he needed would be provided by Her. This went on for more than an hour, Jane and the implant stopping him from reaching climax all this time. When the implant and its computer link received the message thats Keith's mind was now totally under their control, they permitted him to climax, and along with his cum, the last of his free will shot out of him. He was now Jane's totally controlled slave, and would do anything She asked, as if it was his own thoughts. He would now do anything at all She requested, he only lived to fulfil his Mistresses desires.

After this Jane released him, and looking down at him said, "Not bad for a slave I suppose, dress and follow Me."

"Yes Supreme Mistress Jane" was Keith's only reply.

They took the lift back to the office where Robert and Rose were waiting for them, and Jane spoke, while looking down on Her slave, "Work completed sir, My new slave meets with My approval… just! I trust everything is fine with his new status?"

Rose smiled and said, "Yes Mistress Jane, his new status is satisfactory with us as well, his enslavement worked perfectly."

"Excellent, in that case its time that he showed me where I am to live as his Mistress, in luxury I trust, slave?"

"Yes Mistress, I have a luxurious large house that I will sign over to you tomorrow, and my finances as well, I trust I will be permitted to stay there and serve You, Mistress."

"Of course you will, Mistress expects a lot of care and pampering from Her slave."

For the business, 'Jobs by design' things boomed after this, a substancial investment by a mysterious backer enabled them to open offices and placement units nationwide, and business boomed accordingly, and adult shops, massage parlours, and clubs all around the world soon found they had lots of very pretty young girls very 'willing' to work in those places. Also more than enough staff were easily found to run all the new employment agencies that they were able to open up throughout the Country. Also of course, male subs/slaves who desired a Mistress, and were prepared to pay for one, were provided for by the agency as well.

Jane, or should I now say Supreme Mistress Jane, she made Her slaves life hell, and he loved every minute of it! With the aid of downloads direct to her unit, Jane was continually upgraded with all the latest bondage tricks being discovered throughout the world, and all the latest 'toys' were purchased as soon as She saw them on the market. She also had a good supply of whips and other wonderful devices, including a lovely up to date and very solid chastity belt for Her slave. She had a wonderful wardrobe of clothes, both for work, and for leisure, and indeed Keith took his Mistress to many luxurious places, where she looked and acted like an absolutely perfect lady. In time She advertised the mansion as a school for male subs and slaves to learn correctly how to apply for, and serve a Mistress, and as one of their lessons was sexually satisfying a Mistress, and Her implant still worked perfectly, even more money flooded into both Jane's and the agencies funds.

Robert and Rose, well one of the reasons Robert had chosen Rose as his assistant at the placement unit was because he had fallen in love with her, not surprisingly when he proposed to her, she accepted without hesitation, I wonder why! He upgraded her flesh to the very latest design, Stimula Electra flesh, something which kept both of them very happy at all times, though some nights Robert got very tired! They both lived very happily for many, many years.

(Hope you like this story, and I hope the agency and placement unit that Jobs by design is based on, never find out about this!Comments etc to the usual address , thank you. )

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