Kalyn's Accident

by SparkyMira

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Woman to Sexdoll TF

It was twelve p.m. when Kalyn Parks arrived at the Shady Tree Doll Factory. Kalyn was a 5’2 busty brunette with a figure that any girl would kill for and although she was a shy person she did love her body. That was part of the reason she called for a meeting with the head of the factory Brian Cruise. She had a plan that only he could help with. So as she entered the factory and was lead to the main office by the secretary. 

“Hello there Miss Parks I presume? Welcome to the Shady Tree Doll Factory I am Brian Cruise so please tell me what it is that you need my help with” Mr. Cruise says while greeting Kalyn.

“Hello there Mr. Cruise um well I suppose my request is … strange and I understand if you don’t want to help me but I have to ask” the brunette says very timidly.

“Please Kalyn call me Brian and I am no stranger to the weird. For god’s sake I work in a doll factory, my life is the definition of weird so please ask away.” He said well naturedly while leaned against the desk in the middle of the room.

“Um ... well … my boyfriend and I have been together for a year now and I really like him so I want to make this one special so I was going to make myself a doll for him…” she said quickly but still clear enough for Brian to understand and nod slowly.

“So just to clarify, you want me to help you become a doll for your boyfriend?” he asked to which he received a brief nod from the now beat red girl.

“How exactly shall we do this?” he inquired while standing up to give her his full attention.

“Well I was going to have you help me into one of your doll boxes and have me placed at his house on his birthday.” The busty girl said standing stiff as a board and very nervous.

“Please follow me Kalyn I have something to show you” he said walking towards the door on the side of the room and opening it for her. 

The duo were now standing on the floor of the factory looking around at all of the machines running and all of the dolls laid about in varying forms of completion. Slowly Brian walked to the center and stopped facing the first machine.

“That machine is where our dolls are given structure by a mold forming the dolls second skin, our very realistic rubber, and defines the details of the more human features.” He then pointed to the middle machine. “That is where our dolls are given their clothes and marked with a serial number.” Finally he pointed to the last machine.

“And that is the packaging device that scans each unique doll and then puts it in a box that fits said proportions. Now I have a few questions for you Kalyn.” He said turning back to her as she stared at the dolls entering the machines.

“I will not place you in the machine to package you because it is not a gentle process but I will need to measure you in the room where we start our girls off. I will need you to be naked and be ok with me touching you a bit roughly when we start putting you into a box. Is that acceptable?” He said leading her towards a door marked ‘Stage One’.

“Yeah Brian … that is fine” she stated as they stepped into the room and she gasped. All around the room were realistic women of all races, shapes, and sizes placed in some type of frame that held them in place and kept them looking forward at the start of the conveyor belt that leads to the first machine. Reaching the front of the room nearest to the belt he pulled out an empty stand and placed it near a redheaded doll with curves as voluptuous as hers.

“Ok I need you to strip so I can measure you for the boxes and make you one for your specifications.” He said adjusting the frame to her height as she awkwardly stripped naked and approached him. 

His jaw did neatly drop but he soon composed himself and placed her into the frame and adjusted it to hold her tightly in place all over her body. He pulled out a measuring tape and started measuring every nook and cranny of her body. The way he was touching her was not meant to turn her on but slowly all of the pressure made her stifle a low moan as Brian finished measuring her.

“Ok I will go and get your box made. The factory has workers in it now and none of them know you are here. I don’t want them to find out about this and leak it out to the press or something that might get us in trouble, so I am going to leave you here. I need you to remain still and silent so that when the people who come in to get the dolls that are requested on the belt they will not know you are real. Ok?” He asked heading to the exit. She nodded and adopted the forward facing and blank face of the other dolls as Brian left the room.

Around thirty minutes had passed and Kalyn was still waiting for Brian to come back. Over this time a few guys have come in with a list and grabbed a few dolls and put them on the belt. Of course every time one of the workers passed her to put another doll on the belt she got really nervous but so far so good.

She was just about to fall asleep when the door opened again and the two guys stepped in. The one with the clipboard flipped a page over and looked up at his partner.

“Next order is a busty brunette chick. Long hair. White. Get to it Charlie.” The smaller one said. Kalyn’s face paled deeply as it only took the large man a few seconds to spot a doll that fit that exact description. Her.

She was prepared to scream but then the thought of what would happen if she did that came to her mind and instead she sucked it up. The brute slowly hauled her over to the belt and set her down face up on it and then hit the green button that sent the buxom girl on her way down the belt.

It took a moment but she entered the open factory on the slow moving belt and started frantically looking around. Instantly her eyes caught Brian walking back towards the room.

“Brian!” she hissed as he passed her by. He instantly turned and saw the brunette he was going to retrieve moving along the conveyor system right towards the waiting mouth of the molder. He sprinted back down to the control unit but was a tad too late as the machine opened and sucked the trapped girl into its belly.

Instantly he raced to the viewing platform and looked down in time to see the still struggling Kalyn be removed from her frame and dropped into the open molder that scanned and closed around her.

Her cries for help were muffled when the top of the mold pressed down and began the process that would seal her in a second skin. Brian sighed and walked towards the nearest computer terminal and entered a few things before exiting the room and heading to the next machine.

While walking he noticed two dolls waiting to be fed into the dressing machine. The one at the front was a stereotypical blonde bombshell with huge tits and outrageous curves. The second one was a slightly more believable brunette that if you looked close enough her eyes were moving back and forth. Brian just looked at the doll he knew was Kalyn and just passed it by figuring it was too late to change her course now.

Kalyn was done panicking at this point and was ready to be done with this nightmare. Instead of being packaged by the nice and friendly Brian she was now trapped in a second skin of that fancy rubber that she was told about earlier and laying on a belt moving forward.

She wanted to cry but decided that it wasn’t worth it. Soon she heard a noise and was sucked into the next machine.

Brian saw the Kalyn doll brought in and was mesmerized by the transformation. The beautiful girl who came in and asked for help was now totally trapped within the skin of an identical doll version of herself currently being dressed in black lace lingerie with a bar code placed on the tip of her neck. Soon she was placed back on the belt and sent to the final machine. 

Finally Brian stopped at the packaging machine as Kalyn was scanned and then shot into the machine to be packed into a custom box in the regular way instead of their original plan. Soon the Kalyn doll was set directly in a shipping truck where other completed dolls were placed on top of her until the truck started its local runs.

Brian returned home from this long and eventful day to find the doll of his mind’s eye packaged and looking pristine in all of her beauty. Instantly Brian was forced with an obvious decision. Does he do as she wants and place a note in the box to then send her to her boyfriend, or does he give into the tent that is being pitched in his pants right now? Sweating at the prospect of the hot woman as a doll he caved.

“I apologize in advance Kalyn but every man has his needs and you and your hot doll self are what I need right now. I hope you can forgive me after this.” He said ripping off his clothes quickly and approaching the boxed brunette whose eyes were wide and terrified.

Slowly he popped the box open and pulled the helpless girl out and laid her on the couch.

‘This is not how I expected this trip to end’ Kalyn thought to herself as she prepared for this experience.


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