Kitty Doll

by Linda Soft

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© Copyright 2007 - Linda Soft - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; furry; lovedoll; transform; packaged; cons/nc; X

My name is Linda Soft. At least, that is my maiden name. I am a woman, and I am a cat. My world is just like yours; only cats have evolved into people, rather then apes. The story I am about to tell you describes a very erotic day that changed my life forever.

Volume One Chapter One: "A Sexy Relationship"

I am petite at about 5'4". I am in my late twenties with a fantastic body. My fur is pure white, from head to toe. I have long blond hair, reaching down my back. I also have a blond patch of fur below my waist, if you know what I mean. My tail is long, white and slender. I have small sharp claws at the tips of my fingers and toes, but they have no real purpose, just a part of the feline heritage. I find them useful for tearing the plastic wrapping off of new CDs. I have a very curvy shape, with a pair of unusually large round breasts. A woman with my body is a rare find.

I hinted before that I am married. The wedding was only a couple of weeks ago. My husband's name is Clyde. The truth is we have only just met a few months ago. I never thought I would marry someone so quickly, but it felt like a match right from the start. He is much taller then I am, with a broad chest. His fur is a medium shade of grey. Clyde is large and muscular. His you-know-what is not huge, but large enough for my little body. Right away, we seemed like a perfect match. The sexiest girl hooks up with the hottest guy.

Ok, so maybe our relationship is a little shallow, but I am not complaining. We have had a lot of fun together and the sex is great. I admit that I am a little worried about getting pregnant. I do not think I am quite ready to have children yet, but I am sure it will happen sooner or later. The way we have been going, it will probably be sooner rather then later.

This morning started out just like any other. We both wake up early in the morning as the alarm goes off, still naked from the night before. I am the first to climb out of bed and start to get ready for my day. I have an antique full body mirror in one corner of the room. I pause to gaze at my reflection for a moment. I have such a beautiful and shapely body. At the moment however, my hair and fur are a mess.

I begin my morning routine, and Clyde climbs out of bed to begin his. I sit down in front of the mirror and begin to brush my hair and fur. You must understand that we cats are not fond of getting wet. It is unpleasant to be covered in soaking wet fur. We do shower every few days, but on a more regular basis, we keep clean by brushing our fur.

Clyde and I begin to chat while we are getting ready for work. But as it often does, the conversation takes a sexual turn, and I end up telling him about one of my private fantasies. Smiling, I begin to tell him, "I have always wanted to be a harem girl. A beautiful woman, dressed in silk, living in a palace. My only purpose is to serve my master."

Surprised, Clyde says, "Really?" I look over at him and he has a very strange look on his face. "That sounds awfully submissive, Linda."

Apparently I have given him something to think about for the rest of the day. Now that I think about it, maybe I could act out my fantasy for a little while. Maybe I could take some time off of work and spend a few days pretending to be a slave for my husband. On the other hand, Clyde is fairly successful, easily able to support the both of us. Maybe I could leave my job and live my fantasy long term. Am I capable of being a submissive housewife? What a crazy possibility.

Suddenly, Clyde walks up to me with a small white object in his hand. "Here Linda, take this," he tells me with an odd grin. The object is small and round. It looks like either a piece of candy or a pill from the medicine cabinet. He must be playing a game with me. Wondering what he is up to, I decide to play along. I ask him in a coy sort of way: "What is this?"

"This is magic," he tells me. "It will make your fantasy come true. If you swallow it, you will become a plaything. You will be just a toy for your master's amusement."

This sounds like an interesting new game. He gives me a "magic" pill, and then I act submissive for him. This is going to be fun! I stand up and take a few steps toward Clyde in the sexiest way I can, with my hips and tail playfully moving back and fourth. I am still nude, but my fur and hair are now nicely brushed. I take the pill from his hand and ask, "How does it work?"

"It's magic! All you have to do is swallow that pill, and the next time you have sex, you will become a doll."

I suddenly snap out of my fantasy, surprised. "What? Wait, did you say 'doll'?"

"Yes," he says. "The magic will turn you into a love doll. You will be unable to do anything but lay motionless as your partner has his every way with you."

Hmm, this is not what I had in mind, but Clyde must have his own fantasies involving submissive girls. I have never actually thought about a sex doll before. I have heard of them, but I have never seen one. This might be a fun new twist on our sex life.

I ask, "So I just take this pill and then you will be able to do anything you want to me?" once again playing along with his game.

"That's right."

"Alright, I'll do it." I walk toward the sink, making sure to wiggle my butt and swing my tail as I walk. I am starting to get excited about this whole thing, knowing that it will lead to sex. With a glass of water in one hand and the pill in the other, I turn toward him so that he can watch me swallow it. I pop the little round thing into my mouth and quickly drink the glass of water. Then I smile at him, as if to say, 'You got your wish.' A big grin appears on his face. This is going to be a good day.

"The magic will take effect the next time you climax," he tells me. "So try not to get too excited until I get home."

As if I masturbate at work. Anyway, our little game is over for now, so we continue to get ready for work. I do secretarial work downtown, while Clyde works uptown. I do not know very much about where he works; only that he is a successful businessman and he brings home a large paycheck. He claims to have also made several good investments over the years, and that has earned him an additional fortune.

I moved in with Clyde about a month ago. This place is called a "loft". It is sort of like an apartment, but we have the entire top floor of the building to ourselves. It is mostly just one very large room. With the money we make, we could afford a nicer place. We should probably start looking at houses soon.

I work for a very large and prestigious company, so I have to dress up every day. Today, I am putting on one of my usual business suits. I am wearing a dark blouse with a grey jacket and matching grey skirt. The skirt ends just above my knees, and like all kitty clothing, there is a small opening in the back for my tail. For a cheap thrill, I sometimes wear a skirt like this one, but leave my panties at home. Clyde has gotten me all worked up this morning, so I decide that this will be one of those days. Finally, I pick out a pair of heels and I am ready to go. I head off to work with a smile on my face and nothing under my skirt. This is going to be an exciting day.

Chapter 2: "A Long Day at Work"

Hours later, I am now on my lunch break. I am in the cafeteria, sitting with my knees pressed tightly together. I have been completely distracted today, and unable to get any work done. I have been a little turned on this morning, thinking about that new sex game. My lack of underwear today is not helping either. Several coworkers and visitors have nearly gotten a peek up my skirt. Not exactly the thrill I had in mind.

I have been daydreaming all morning about Clyde and his magic pill game. Am I supposed to just lay there and try not to move? What fun would that be? I am turned on by the idea of trying something new, but this is starting to seem a little strange. Maybe he has something planned that he hasn't told me about yet, something that is going to make me really like this game.

I have had kinky thoughts on my mind all day, and I have been turned on for hours, but the day is only half over. I am getting tempted to go somewhere and masturbate, but my husband told me not to. Maybe he wanted me to spend the entire day getting worked up for him this evening. I will just have to suffer until then.

"Hello Linda? Are you with us?"

I have no idea what my friend was just asking me. I have not been paying any attention to the conversation between the two coworkers I am having lunch with. "Sorry, I am kind of 'out of it' today. I have some things on my mind."

"I guess that answers our question. Welcome to being a newlywed, Linda. You are probably going to be scatterbrained for a while."

"That's right, so many things to think about. A new house, raising lots of kids.."

"No, quit it! I don't want to think about that stuff yet. It's just going to be me and him for a while, ok?" I quickly reply.

"That's what they all say."

"The kittens are practically on the way already."

Oh good, now they are teasing me. This will go on all day unless I just agree with them. "Yes, I am going to have lots and lots of them. I just can't say 'no' to my husband. Rather then trying to name them all, we will just give them numbers." They both start laughing.

After lunch, the rest of my work day becomes more enjoyable. I give up on getting any actual work done. I am horny and I have no underwear, so I just have fun with it. I get into a conversation with some of the young men around the office. These guys have been checking me out for months. Throughout the whole conversation, they never look me in the face. My large chest, my round hips, my long legs. They all dream of getting me into bed. Now here I am standing so close to them, and they have no idea that there is nothing but fur just under my skirt. Being naughty is fun.

When I walk away, I make sure to give them a good look at my long white tail. If you are not a cat yourself, you may not be aware that a long tail like mine is considered sexy. I have all the right shapes, 'from head to tail' so to speak. Even my fur has the right look. A single color shows off curves better then patches of color do.

I have to attend a meeting this afternoon. The topic of discussion is not very important, but there is a little fun to be had. Above the table, I try to sit in positions that make my large chest even more noticeable. Below the table, where no one can see, I have my knees spread. If anyone could see under the table, they would get a clear peek up my skirt.

Finally, it is time to go home. I have had some excitement today, but I am glad it is over. I do not even want to come in tomorrow. The idea I had this morning, about quitting my job and staying home is sounding pretty good right now. I am married to a successful man. Maybe I should try being a housewife for a while.

Chapter 3: "Sinister Motives"

Home at last. I have had a kinky day and now I am just in the mood to get laid. Clyde had better not be late today. Although we both leave at the same time in the morning, I usually get home from work before he does.

I start to change out of my business clothes and into something more casual, but once the clothes are off, I just leave them off. If I put something on, it will only come off soon anyway. When he gets home, he is going to find me naked and ready. I have completely forgotten about the 'magical pill' game from this morning. I just want him to make love to me.

Since I am nude, I brush my hair and fur again while I wait for him. I want to look perfect for Clyde when he gets home. When I am finished grooming, I walk over to the bed. I love this bed. It is large and comfortable. The navy blue sheets are soft and silky, with a shiny appearance. I crawl onto the bed, my small white body contrasting the large dark surface.

A few minutes later, the door opens and Clyde walks in. He does not notice me at first. He drops his keys onto the counter and opens the fridge. He takes something out of it and then turns around. That is when he spots me across the room and says, "Whoa!" A big grin quickly appears on his face.

I am lying on the bed, trying to look as sexy as I can. With my plain white fur, the curves of my body really stand out on the dark surface. I am looking at him with a naughty smile and my tail is moving playfully. Clyde gets the idea, and he manages to shed most of his clothing on the way to the bed.

"That wasn't very nice of you this morning," I tell him.

He stops with a curious look on his face. "What did I do?"

I begin to crawl toward him as I speak. "Because of you, I have been turned on all day long."

Clyde is now in the buff, standing at the edge of the bed, while I am kneeling on the bed in front of him. He crosses his arms and says "Ok Linda, you know what to do," he says, with his parts only a short distance from me. I have never seen him act like this before. Does he think he can just wave it in my face and get my mouth? Then I remember that I am supposed to be submissive today, so it is my job to service him when and how he wants.

I reach out and start to fondle him with my hands. I carefully work my claws into his grey fur. I am not hurting him, but I hope that the sharp points on his sensitive parts will turn him on. His penis quickly grows larger and larger, and I begin to use my mouth. I gently wrap my mouth around the tip. My cat teeth are sharp, but I will not hurt him. Inside my mouth, I start to use my tongue, while my hands fondle the round furry parts below. I slide my head a little further onto it, but it is still growing larger. It quickly fills my mouth, but then I let go and pull away from it. I want to do more then just play with him.

I return to the middle of the bed, and lay down on my back. As he watches, I slowly spread my legs in front of him. He wastes no time before climbing on top of me and starts to push it in. I gasp in delight as he penetrates me. This is what I have been waiting for all day. I feel a strange tingling sensation spread across my body like a wave. I have never been this excited before. Clyde also seems more aroused then usual. He has never been this aggressive before.

Without pulling out, he rolls us over. He is now on his back, leaving me impaled on top of him. I do my best to move up and down, while he reaches for my breasts. He squeezes them hard, and I feel a second tingly wave rush across my body, but I have not climaxed yet. He takes his hands off of my breasts, and they feel sore from being squeezed so hard. He then grabs my hips and uses his strong arms to help push me up and down. I start to moan. It is unlike me, but I can't help it. We have had sex every day since the wedding, but it has never been this good before.

I feel another tingling wave surge through my body, and I am almost there. This is when I notice that something is wrong. I am at the peak of sexual ecstasy, but I am not even breathing heavily. I am approaching an incredible orgasm, yet my body feels relaxed. I notice that I am not even pushing myself up and down anymore; I do not have any strength for it. Clyde is doing all of the work. He just continues to push me up and down on the shaft between my legs. My body feels limp, and the only thing I can do is moan softly. I do not understand what is happening, but before I start to panic, I feel Clyde go off inside of me. This pushes me over the edge, into an incredible orgasm.

I just sit there for a while, still mounted on top of him, while the passion dwindles away. Finally, I try to climb off of him, but I do not move. I try to move my arms, but they just hang limp at my sides. I quickly find that I am unable to move at all, and I start to wonder what is wrong. I am not even breathing!

Clyde grips my waist again, lifting me off of him, and then just tosses me carelessly onto the bed next to him. I try to move or speak, but I find that I am completely paralyzed. A moment later, Clyde repositions my body into a nicer position. He lays me on my back, with my arms at my sides and legs together. I am now looking straight up at the ceiling.

"Yes, Linda, I know that you can't move. I also know that you can still hear me, so I will explain what has happened. Do you remember that magic pill I gave you this morning? It really was magic, but you didn't believe me, did you? It did exactly what I said it would do. While we were having sex just now, the magic was transforming your body." He begins to run his hand across my furry stomach. "Under all of this lovely white fur, your body is now made of plastic and rubber. You have been turned into a love doll, just like I promised. You are not just a cheap sex toy though; you are perfectly realistic. You look just like a real woman, complete with perfect anatomy throughout. Your body will even stay warm, giving it a truly lifelike feel. You will never need to eat, breathe or sleep again. You do not even have a heartbeat. The most interesting thing however, is that you get to keep your mind and senses."

He pauses for a moment, and then lifts my left arm by the wrist. "You are not the first," He tells me as he slips the wedding ring off of my finger. "And you will not be the last. Do you recall those 'good investments' that I mentioned to you? They were all beautiful women, turned into love dolls just like you. I sold each of them for a large sum of money."

"Wealthy men will pay a fortune to obtain such a realistic love doll. As a matter of fact, I had you sold a week ago. All I had to do was send the guy a few photos, and he sent the money right away. You might be interested to know that you are my sexiest doll yet, and you are fetching a much higher price then what I normally get. It has to be those big boobs of yours. I am sure that your new owner will like you very much. From now on, you are just a sex toy and nothing more. Your only purpose now is to service your new owner."

"I do not know exactly what is in store for you. I just find, transform, and then sell the dolls to the highest bidder. What happens next is up to your new owner. If you are wondering about the man who bought you, I do not know very much about him. He is foreign; I never sell my dolls domestically. He lives in some small country overseas. He must be very rich, considering how much he has paid for you. He knows what you look like and that your name is Linda Soft, but he does not know that you were ever a real woman. He believes that I hand craft all of my love dolls, and that it is a rare privilege to buy one of my creations. He will never know the truth that you were once a real woman or that you are still alive and aware."

This has to be a dream, but it feels too real, and somehow I know that everything Clyde is telling me is the truth. No matter how hard I try, I can not move any part of my body, even the slightest. I just lay here, staring at the ceiling, as I can not move my eyes even blink. My face has no expression, and my whole body just feels limp and relaxed. He could probably arrange me into any position he desired. For whatever reason, I do not feel scared. I feel relaxed and calm.

"Welcome to your new life as a sex toy, Linda. You will not be showing up for work tomorrow." His hand moves from my belly to one of my breasts. "I am sure your coworkers are going to miss these big boobs and that long tail of yours, I know I will. It is a shame that I can not keep you for myself, but you have already been sold. But, I cannot ship you out until tomorrow morning, so we still have time for some more fun."

Clyde stands up, and I notice that he is getting hard again. After all of that chatting, he must be ready to go again, but would he really make love to me like this?

"You should be able to feel everything normally," he tells me. "But now I can be rougher, without hurting you."

Clyde grabs my shoulders and drags my body to the edge of the bed. He lets my head hang off of the bed, with my long blond hair spilling to the floor. From my upside-down point of view, I can see his package right in front of my face, now fully erect. I briefly wonder what he is going to do to me. He inserts the tip into my mouth. My jaws spread open with no resistance as he slides it inside. Clyde slowly pushes it in, filling my mouth all of the way to my throat. With both hands on my head, he gives it a hard shove. I can feel my throat stretch open like rubber, allowing the large shaft to slide even deeper. If not for my transformation, I would be choking.

He has to push hard on it now, and I can feel it slowly slide deeper into my throat. I imagine my neck bulging with the bulk of his shaft. My lips touch his body, while my nose is firmly pressed into his balls. The fur on his testicles tickles at my eyes, but I can not blink. He has gotten the entire thing into my mouth.

"There we go, all of the way in. What do you think of your new body, Linda?" he asks me.

Obviously I can not answer him, but I find this amazing. This is rather extreme oral sex, but I am fine. It is uncomfortable to be stretched like this, but there is no pain. I feel like nothing can hurt me. I am starting to realize that being made of rubber must make me extremely durable. Many things that would normally be dangerous to a person are not harmful to me.

Clyde continues to hump hard at my face, as if he could push it in any deeper. I can not to do anything, so I just try to enjoy this strange experience. His shaft seems huge, shoved into my mouth like this. I can hardly believe that I was ever able to fit this thing between my legs. He continues to have sex with my throat for what seems like minutes, while I just lay there and take it. Finally, I can feel it start to throb in my mouth and I know that it must be spraying deep inside me. Now finished, he carefully pulls it out of my tight throat. As he removes it, my body stretches back to the way it was before being forced open.

Satisfied, he lifts me up and places me nicely on the bed, this time with my head on a pillow. Clyde is finished with me for now, so he goes out for dinner, leaving me alone with my thoughts. It was only just a few hours ago that I was wondering what a love doll was. I could never have imagined this happening to me.

He said that he sold me a week ago? We have only been married for two weeks now. Long before I was even transformed, he was trying to sell me as a doll. A week ago, while I was enjoying my new marriage, someone actually bought me.

Hours pass as I lay here. It grows darker in the room, as the sun must be going down outside. Clyde finally returns home, but he just ignores me and watches TV for a while. When he does get into bed with me, it is almost as if nothing has happened. He holds me, kisses me and makes love to me just like he always has. Other then the fact I can not move, this is like any other night. He does whatever he wants to me, and I enjoy it. I become aroused and climax, but my body never shows any outward sign of my pleasure. Although I can not make a sound, I am moaning inside. I already enjoy sex, but I am starting to find this transformation is a kinky new twist.

Clyde falls asleep, but I do not. He just put this white kitty through a couple hours of great sex. I should be exhausted, but I am not even a little tired. I lay awake all night, but all I can do is quietly wait for morning. It has now been several hours since I was turned into a love doll. I think about all that has happened today, and I look to tomorrow with curiosity and excitement. Soon, I will be gone from this place and my former life, never to return. Clyde no longer has a wife, just a doll that must be delivered to its new owner.

Chapter 4: "Gone for Good"

Hours later, the alarm goes off. I should be getting up and getting ready for work, but that does not happen today. Clyde slowly wakes up and climbs out of bed to start his day. He spends several minutes waking up and getting ready before he notices that I am still in bed. "Oh, I almost forgot about you. We need to get you ready," He tells me. He lifts me out of the bed and carries me over to my mirror. He sits me in front of it, just like I normally do every morning to brush my fur. I see that sexy kitty in the mirror again. She looks the same as I have always known her, but now she is different. There is no motion to her body. She is beautiful, silent and still. The girl in the mirror looks so docile now. On only a glance, it is clear that someone could have their every way with her.

Clyde uses my brush to thoroughly groom me from head to toe. He does a good job of it and I end up looking as nice as ever. Next, he walks over to my closet to pick out some clothing. With a little difficulty, he manages to get me fully dressed in one of my nice business outfits, complete with high heels. He knows me well, having dressed me in a skirt with no panties.

Now that I am groomed and dressed, Clyde lays me back on the bed then walks away for a few minutes. It had not occurred to me that someone could play dress up with me. I really am a doll after all. Until now, I had thought of this as a purely sexual experience. Now that I think about it, there must be other things people could do with me. People could play dress up with me, using real clothing. I could be placed on display like a statue. I wonder what else people might do with me.

Clyde returns, now fully dressed and carrying something. "Well, this is good bye, Linda. This special case is designed to transport my special love dolls. This will protect you from harm until you arrive at your destination. After you are safely inside of this case, I will ship it in an ordinary shipping box. No one will have any idea what is inside.

He opens the case on the bed, and lifts me into it. It is similar to a suit case, but it is padded inside, with a hard outer surface. The case seems too small at first. I am a petite girl, but I barely fit inside. It is a snug fit, but he manages to get me completely inside of it. I am in a tight fetal position, with my arms and legs pressed together and my head facing down into my knees and breasts. Before he closes the lid, he tells me: "I hope that you are comfortable in there Linda, you are in for a long trip. You are going to a country on the other side of the world. I am shipping you by air, so you should arrive in a day or two."

"I could have probably held onto you for another week, but I have already begun working on my next doll. Her name is Karen, and she is such a nice girl. Good bye, Linda. You were great in bed, and you have made me a lot of money." He says as he closes the lid and seals it shut. With the lid closed, I am even more squeezed within the case. All six walls are unyielding as they press my body from all directions.

That was the last time I will ever see him. I feel gravity shift as the case is lifted by its handle. In my compacted position within the case, I am facing downward as the case is standing upright. I feel a jolt as he sets me down. I imagine that he is placing me inside the cardboard box that he mentioned, surrounded in foam packing material.

I can see nothing but black within the case. I can hear only faint muffled sounds from outside my box. The box does not move for a long period. I imagine that he has left me near the door, ready to be shipped. After a long while, the box is lifted again and I am carried away. I am loaded into a vehicle, which drives off with me. First, Clyde turned me into a sex toy, and now he has turned me into a package, nothing but a box being mailed off to some far away land.

Clyde was right. This turns out to be a very long trip. For hours, my box is bumped around as the shipping service works to deliver me along with countless other packages. Eventually, I am set down somewhere and I feel a steady vibration around me. This must be the plane that will carry me across the ocean.

Several hours later, I am still within the case. There is no way of knowing how long it has been or when I will reach my destination. I am aware of every passing moment, although I have no means of telling the time. I feel trapped within this case, but there is nothing I can do but endure this trip with the unlimited patience of a plastic doll.


That was quite a while ago. Months have passed since then, maybe even a year or perhaps longer. I have long since lost track of time. I did not find it very difficult to accept what I have become. What other choice do I have? My new existence has actually been quite nice, and my new master? Well, I will tell you about him next time.



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