The Joy of Being a Sextoy

by Gromet

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Storycodes: Solo-F; Machine/f; factory; transform; process; objectify; sexdoll; packaged; shipped; tease; cocoon; cons; X

Joy had always wanted to try being a sexdoll, she had fantasized about this for many years, either while playing with herself whilst alone in her bed, or during sex with a partner, she fantasized that in her mind that she was just a sex doll, she would lay there on the bed and drift away lost in her fantasy of being nothing more than a sexual object, being used and then discarded afterwards. She had also found that her own sexual experience was heightened when she ran this fantasy through her mind when engaged in any form of sexual activity, and her orgasms when they came were more mind-blowing than when she wasn't fantasizing about being a sex doll. 

Joy had recently found out about a way that she could be transformed into her own sex doll; apparently, they had come up with a way to transform people, part of the research on long-distance space travel, but also they could then safely return them back to their normal selves. The company that performed the transformations was located on the other side of the city, but that would not be a problem, she would have gone to the ends of the earth to experience her long-held desires. 

Joy had decided to give her husband the ultimate special gift on his birthday – herself, she wanted to get herself transformed into a silicone doll for his birthday, she would then be packaged like a sex doll and delivered to the house to await his return, and that she would then spend the weekend as his sextoy being used by him for his pleasure, until she is reluctantly on her part, repackaged by her husband and sent back to the factory to be returned to the normal version of herself once the weekend was over. 

They both liked the whole transformation weekend, and after talking it through, they began to plan on doing it again soon. Four weeks later and Joy was back at the factory getting herself transformed into a sex doll again, but this time, after her initial trial first run, she has herself barcoded on her back in her lumbar region, near where the twin globes of her perfect bottom and at the lower end of her spine meet, plus another barcode was also applied on the underside of the sole of her left foot, this way she can be easily scanned and tracked inside the factory, but this also means that she also now becomes part of the inventory of the company, her personal details entered into the computer system that controls the supply of sex dolls to clients, an idea that sent her own sexual desire higher with the thought that she was now part of the stock, just another sex doll in the company's catalogue, and she began to think about the possibility of being used by others not just her husband.

Joy remembered back to the first time that she was transformed, she had found the whole process was a thrilling and enjoyable experience for her, once the tedious paperwork had been completed, she was introduced to Sheila, the technical assistant that would be looking after her during the whole transformation process. Sheila then took Joy to a room and told her to remove all of her clothing, she said that they would be stored for her eventual return to being an ordinary flesh and blood female after her desired time spent as a sex doll. 

An all-over body examination was then done, Joy entered the cabinet and stood still as the image scanner took in not only the measurements of her body, it noted any blemishes in her skin, recorded the details of her body and shape, and then once the scan had completed, several mechanical probes moved upwards towards her, and they began to inspect her 'inner workings' so to speak, she had to shift her body to be able to let the probes do their work, the probes upon entering her were cold at first sending shivers down her spine, but as they continued she could feel her own arousal rising, Joy found that she quite enjoyed the feelings that she was getting, it made her feel impersonal and more like an object, and was a little disappointed at the end as the probes finished their explorations. 

At the end of the examination, an all-over health report was done to ensure that she would be fit enough for the whole process of transformation and recorded in the system. She was then given a paper gown to wear, and then she was guided by Sheila out of the exam room and down the corridor to where the machine that would transform her was located.

She then had the whole process explained to her in detail, and Joy was encouraged by Sheila to ask as many questions as she wanted to, it was all designed to make it less stressful on the participants, even though they had all volunteered themselves and were eager to get themselves changed into a sex doll, the company was required to ensure that those getting transformed knew what they were getting into and the possible side effects, and any complications that may occur, especially if they were going to be rented out, which some of the women transformed wished to be. 

But in Joy's case, she was only going to be seen and used by her husband while she was transformed, not hired out to anyone who wanted a sex doll for the weekend, though the idea did excite her and several scenarios had already run through her mind, even bringing some wonderful earth-shattering orgasms whilst she played with herself at home alone, the fantasy running through her mind, but the thought of actually going through with being given to someone she didn't know scared her enough not to consider that option, for now.

Once satisfied and happy with what she wanted to know about the transformation process, Sheila then asked her to disrobe from the paper gown and step into one of the machines, this resembled a large shower cubicle, she was told to place her feet in the spaces marked, this caused her to stand spreadeagled, her arms were placed on metal stands to hold them in place straight out and level with her shoulders. Sheila told Joy that she had to hold perfectly still while the machine worked, and also to close her eyes as the spray would sting them. Closing the door, Sheila pressed the button that not only locked Joy into position, the clamps holding her limbs in place but also started the sprayers working. 

Joy closed her eyes as her body was coated in a fine spray of foam that clung to her body, running down slightly but covering every inch of her body, the foam had a pleasant smell to it, it reminded her of candy. There was a slight tingling sensation from the foam as it began doing its job, and that role was to deeply clean her skin but also to permanently remove all of her hair, including on her head. She had been told that this was part of the process, one of the side effects that were part of the transformation process, but that the company would provide her with wigs to cover her baldness when she returned back to her normal self, she thought that it was a small price that she was willing to pay to experience the transformation and become her husband's sex doll, her sexual desires overcoming her own personal vanity.

Now that all bodily hair had been removed and her skin had been deep cleaned, her skin pores had never been this clean, and her body tingled all over from the sensation, the machine now washed off the foam, rinsing away any residue and also the last of her hair down the drain, her skin was then dried with hot air blowers. Joy felt that she was as naked as she could be with no hair anywhere on her being, her body now felt fully invigorated and more alive, which was ironic because shortly she would be an inanimate object, devoid of life, but still able to feel touch and see what was happening to her, though with a limited field of view of straight ahead, she would be unable to move any part of her body, even her eyes would be fixed to stare forwards. A quick inspection was then conducted by Sheila on the defoliation and cleaning of her current client, she was satisfied that the process had done its job, and now it was time to move onto the actual transformation itself. 

Sheila guided her over to the next machine, with this one Joy would need to lay down on her back, facing towards the ceiling. Joy lay herself down on the platform, while Sheila adjusted her position to enable the machine to perform its task. Sheila then asked Joy if she was ready, to which Joy nodded back to confirm that she was indeed ready, though nervous this first time, she would soon get the hang of the whole thing and eagerly move on to whichever stage that was next in her desire to become another sex doll. 

Now Sheila brought over the top sheet, this looked a lot like latex to Joy, it even worked like one of those vac beds that she had seen while surfing the internet one day, she had always wondered what they would feel like, and Joy guessed that she would now find out. A tube was placed into her mouth, her lips forming the familiar 'O' shape that dolls seemed to have, this would also double as a breathing tube during the initial stages of the transformation process, once transformed she would no longer require to take a breath. The latex sheet was folded down to seal Joy inside, and then Sheila closed the glass top down encasing her inside, the machine confirming that the seal was correct, she then moved to the control panel and started the machine to begin turning Joy into the sex doll that she wanted to be.

Joy felt the cool latex sheet covering her, then as the air was seemingly sucked out it held her in its tight grasp, and she found that she was unable to move her body, she was fixed to the spot in the position that Sheila had arranged her to lay in, her legs spread and her arms out to her side and away from her body. The top part of the machine closed, enclosing her inside and once the latex had sealed itself, as the machine started a liquid started to seep into the area where her body was encased, this would be the transformation fluid which her whole body would be submerged in, and also used to cool her body from the heat generated by the rays from the machine to complete the process. Sheila checked the settings on the machine, now satisfied that the process was underway, she went off leaving Joy alone inside the machine, the process would take about two hours, so she would have time for another client if one was waiting or catching up on some of her paperwork that was required for each person processed this way.

Meanwhile, the machine continued its task in transforming Joy from her flesh and blood body to silicon and her bones converted to form a polymer frame that would support her body and make her more rigid than if she were just made of silicon, she was totally unaware of the changes happening to her body, her mind drifting off into her fantasies of being a sex doll and being used by several unknown men for their pleasure, the drugs given to her rendering her unconscious during the transformation process, the company found that this stopped any clients panicking at this stage, and kept them from moving while their bodies were changed. Most clients had expressed afterward that they had some really vivid sexual dreams whilst in this state, not that any complained, in fact, some had even asked what it was that they had used on them and if they could buy some after they had returned back to their former selves.

Just over two hours later Sheila had returned to the room where Joy was located, the machine was just completing its task, her client was now just another sex doll blank, as the company referred them as, their bodies had changed into the silicon doll they had wanted to be, but there was still the matter of preparation and finish that each doll that the company made, be it these transformed dolls or the standard silicone sex dolls that the company also made, every one of them would need to be processed, prepared and made suitable for delivery as one of the company's products, because in reality that was what all of the dolls were. The factory's usual product was silicone sex dolls, the transformation side of the business is relatively new and came about after several people, mainly women, expressed their desire to experience being a sex doll for their partners, some even getting themselves rented out for the weekend without the renter knowing that they were actually a real woman transformed into a sex toy. 

Once the person was transformed the company then treated them as another part of the inventory, though controlled to keep track of those who had been transformed, all dolls were sent down the same production line including women like Joy, for once they become a doll, they ceased to be a human but a product to be dealt with. Some women actually enjoyed this part, being treated like an object, even Joy found herself aroused at the idea, the staff on the production line would treat each doll the same way, be they transformed or just pure silicone, the staff had no way of telling the difference, and after a while, they became more used to seeing these former women and lost interest in wondering if the doll before them was once flesh and blood, treating each doll blank like the other ones on the line, and without the required knowledge contained in the barcode system, they had no idea which doll was which.

After an incident where one of the transformed dolls went missing, it wasn't returned by the end of the rental agreement, the company had found out that the sex doll had been moved from the delivery location which was not allowed under the rental contract, the doll was later found in another part of town, now all transformed dolls had a tracking chip installed when they were processed as standard. Because Joy had decided that she like being a sex doll every so often, she had decided as well as the barcoding that she would also keep the tracking chip in between her times when she was transformed, all she had to do was deactivate the chip with a remote device that was supplied, though on occasions she had forgotten and she had set off a couple of scanners when going out for the evening. It showed that she was a registered sex doll and had been refused entry to some places that tried to keep the new hooker bots that were now starting out from frequenting their establishments, much to her embarrassment. One of the other side effects of the transformation process was that after repeated conversions the skin was smoother and less distinguished, all blemishes, spots or moles removed, making the female (or male) look like their doll equivalents, the skin becoming more silicone-based, and now looked like the new hooker bots as well, who were made with the same silicone as the dolls.

Now transformed, Joy was moved from the machine by Sheila using a hoist and pulley system, suspending the newly minted doll in the air, the doll hung there while Sheila made a final inspection of the doll, she knew from experience that the process had been completed, but she liked to add her final test, and she began to tickle the doll that was Joy on the underside of her foot, this would bring a reaction in a normal person, but for one that has been changed into silicon there would no movement, though the person inside the doll would feel the touch but they would not be able to stop or move away from what she was doing to them, it was Sheila's way of tormenting the transformed dolls, they felt the effects of being tickled but could do nothing to stop it. 

Now it was time to move the doll into the main part of the factory, Sheila added a label to the doll to indicate what was required by the workers to complete the doll, though scanning the bar codes would also bring up some of the details like skin color, hair and makeup for this doll to be applied during processing, but the scan would not reveal that the doll was one who had been transformed, that would only happen in the final inspection. Joy's doll form was then placed in one of the standard doll frames, this kept the doll suspended and allowed the production workers easy access to all parts of the doll, it also made it easier to move the dolls down the line and around the factory.

Moving the doll into the warehouse section, Sheila moved the Joy doll still suspended from the frame holding it, towards the front of the other doll blanks and nearer to the start of the production line, after all this doll needed to be processed and delivered on time, not be left waiting hanging in the warehouse, though some of the dolls may have liked that to happen and some had even requested it, to be stored for a while with the other doll blanks. 

Happy that for now that she had completed her part, Sheila left the Joy doll hanging from the frame waiting, she would again see the doll later after production workers had finished their tasks, when the doll subsequently arrived in the final inspection and packing area. It didn't take too long for Joy to be moved from where she had been left, a couple of other dolls were taken first and then it was her turn, she could see the workers though she couldn't move her eyes, and she could also feel their touch when their hands moved her, and they began the process of getting her ready for delivery.

Joy could see that she was now in a long line of dolls, each hanging from the support frame that held their bodies, whilst workers to either side began to get on with their assigned tasks in preparing the dolls. She was thrilled inside to be treated this way, not in a million years could she have imagined this, this was something unexpected and moved her deep inside, she found that she had begun to love being an object, treated and processed like one and then discarded and moved onto the next stage, each worker doing their part and then passing the doll down the line to the next process, several hands touching her and doing things to her, treating her as just another product. She hoped that she would feel this way when her husband would be using her later, would he just discard me after using me, leaving me laying on the floor just like any other household item, no longer required, a small internal shiver of pleasure ran through her body, though to those outside on the line would never see this.

The dolls moved fairly quickly through the production line, they had a set target to reach each day after all, though attention to detail was still required for each doll, as penalties could be imposed for errors made, so the workers made sure before passing the doll down the line that their part had been done to near perfection. Joy loved the touch of the many hands that were touching her during the process, her whole body had been spray painted, changing the color of her skin and then more tones added to make her appear more human, which she thought funny considering that she had started out this morning as a human with all the natural colors and blemishes, now they had been converted, re-colored and made to look like she was as close as possible to a normal human female as they could make. 

The part where they painted and colored in her sex, pressing the folds of her labia open to paint on the inside, was particularly enjoyable for her, her sense of touch down there seemed to be the same or in fact more enhanced she thought, maybe it was the reality that she couldn't move her body any more that made it more powerful, but she could still feel made the sensations all the more intense.

All too soon that part was over, the person painting her down there had completed their task, though she would have liked to go through that part of the processing again, but she was to be denied that pleasure, the only other experience close to the wonderful sensations that she'd had was when the girl painted her areola and nipples a shade of pink to match the color lower down on her sex. Joy had a clearer view of the workers when they worked on the upper part of her body, and she pondered what the girl that was painting her nipples thought of while working on the doll's breasts. 

Now that her body coloring seemed to be finished it was now sent down the line to the makeup department, the woman here had seen many dolls that day and was used to expeditiously applying makeup to a set standard company formula, this would also be applied to the Joy doll, she would look the same as all the other sex dolls that had been prepared that day, the makeup was applied relatively quickly, and she wondered to herself if the woman that had done her makeup did her own just as quick when getting ready to go out.

Now that all of the paint and coloring was completed, it was on to the final inspection and preparation stage, here Joy saw Sheila again waiting for her doll form to reach that part of the factory. Sheila meanwhile had processed a couple of other women, one had just entered the transformation machine, while another had just started her own journey on the production line, now she was ready and waiting for Joy, she had with her the required clothing that her client had requested to be shipped out wearing. 

She was always amazed at how the women turned out, most looked like the standard doll that the company made, unless the client had specified a different look, all the dolls looked the same otherwise, and she would need to scan the barcodes of each one to ensure that she didn't miss any client. Another assistant had once managed to miss one of her clients one day, and the doll had slipped through to be shipped off to be sold in a sex store on the West Coast, it took several days to track down the doll, only to find it had been sold and used by the purchaser. Luckily, the company wasn't sued over the matter, the client had found the whole thing to her liking and had now become part of the regular rental stock of transformed dolls that were now on the company's books to be sent to waiting customers.

Satisfied that the doll in front of her was indeed her client formerly known as Joy, the barcode confirming the same, she removed the doll from the frame and carried the doll over to a work station and lowered the doll on to its back, the legs remained in the slightly spread position, exposing the sexual nature of the doll. Now she would conduct the final inspection and then dress the doll before moving it to the packing area. Sheila moved her hands over the doll inspecting each part, even probing between the folds of the dolls sex to gain entry to the inner delights that awaited its new owner. Happy with what she had found, the doll was passed for inspection, and a small stamp was applied near the bar code on her foot. 

Now she began to apply the clothes that Joy had asked for, nylon stockings with matching garter belt, panties, and a peep-hole bra that allowed the dolls permanently erect nipples to peek through. All in a matching deep red color, with sheer stockings on each leg leading the eye up to the crouch of the doll and beyond to the thin straps that held them in place hanging from the garter belt. A matching red leather collar was then placed around the doll's neck, to symbolize the submissive nature of the doll, she would be there to please her owner and nothing more.

Finally, a blonde wig was placed onto the doll's head, fixed in place by a couple of small dollops of glue, the final styling is done, the doll was now ready to be moved on to packing. Moving the doll onto a flat-bed trolley Sheila pushed her completed client and newly minted doll through to the packing area, where the doll was scanned again, and a shipping label was printed. 

The guys in the packing department were experienced in handling the dolls, and all Sheila had to do was observe that her client was placed inside her delivery box and the correct delivery label was applied, plastic straps were then fixed to hold her body in place to the backboard inside the box, and then packing material was poured into the box, she watched as the Joy doll was covered entirely in the packing peanuts, this would prevent any damage to the doll while being moved and shipped, though she knew that the doll didn't have far to travel. Satisfied that the doll was now ready, one of the two men added the instruction envelope that accompanied every doll, while Sheila added her own set of instructions that her client's husband would find when he opened the box up.

Joy had no other option but to lay there as she felt Sheila touch her during the inspection, she felt the woman's fingers enter into her most sacred place, her sex, she had never experienced another woman touching her there before, but she found that she didn't mind it, after all, she was now just a doll, and in her mind, a doll was available for anyone to use and play with. She loved the feeling of the stockings covering her legs, she felt every inch of the fabric as it climbed her legs covering them in its exquisite fibres, the tightness of the new stockings always something of a turn on for her, even when she applied them to her own legs. 

Now Joy laid there as the rest of the dressing went along, each part of the clothing giving her some wonderful feeling inside her body, she was somewhat disappointed when Sheila had finished touching her, she had loved being touched and handled this way by her. She then felt herself being moved and lay there as she watched the lighting above her change when she went from inspection to packing.

Here she tried to look at the two men picking up her semi-rigid form and carry her over to her packing box, she watched out of the corner of her vision as the sides of the box began to encase her, she then felt the hands of the men as they began to bind her in the box, Joy had tried some form of bondage in a previous relationship, but the guy was inexperienced and had tied her too tight making it a painful experience that she didn't repeat again. Now as a doll she found that she was going to bound inside the box, just an object to be processed and packaged for delivery, she could be just some machinery part or other product being packed here, it made her feel inside more of an object than at any other time. 

Especially when they had finished and moved her box over to the chute with the packing material, she watched as the packaging poured out and into the box containing her doll form, unable to move she could only lay there as the small packing peanuts covered her body and then her head completely, she could no longer see out, and soon her world went dark as the box was closed and sealed with tape, she had an initial panic attack as the packing covered her face, but then she remembered that she was no longer breathing, it was not required now that she was just a silicone sex doll.

In the packing room men had just completed packing another doll, it was not in their interest to enquire if the doll was a transformed human, though the presence of one of the technical assistants typically told them that this package was special, but they had packed so many now that they began to treat the dolls all the same. Once packed, the delivery label was applied, and the box moved over to the loading bay. The box containing the Joy doll was just like the others, it was only the delivery label that was different, each box containing the dolls was the same indistinct brown but strong cardboard packaging, designed to keep the dolls safe during transit as was the whole packing process. 

Joy lay inside the box, the sounds of the factory now subdued, she thought that now that she was processed and packed that she would soon be on her way to her home, to be found when her husband returned from work later. She did have some wicked thoughts while waiting of the labels getting mixed up, and she would find herself with a new owner, maybe even used and kept by him, if she could have she would have been frantically working her little pleasure nub right about now, but alas she was to be denied this, even if she wasn't a sex doll now she was bound inside the box unable to move.

Shortly, once a few other dolls which were part of the consignment for the distribution run were packaged like she was, her box was loaded on to a vehicle for delivery along with a couple of other dolls destined for buyers who had ordered online and were eagerly waiting for their new plaything, and others were to become part of the stock of the stores that sold the dolls. Joy felt the movement and wondered how long it would be before she was dropped off. The vehicle's route would ensure that her box was one of the last to be delivered, she felt every bump and rattle inside her box, luckily the company packaged their dolls well. 

Finally, she felt the vehicle stop, and she wondered if this was her turn, she had started to feel jealous of her sister dolls, as they had been delivered already to their owners and she wondered if they were being used and played with at this very moment. She then felt her box being moved and knew that she had made it home to her new owner's house, she had begun to refer to her husband as her owner, she wanted to experience being a doll in her mind as well as her body and now viewed herself as nothing more.

After being placed on a trolley she felt her box moving, the wheels running on the concrete driveway leading to the garage causing her to vibrate inside her box, she knew that soon she would be placed inside as per her delivery instructions, the box was to be left inside the garage to wait for her husband/owner to find her later. She had left a note at home for him explaining that his birthday gift was waiting for him in the garage and she had added that she hoped that he thoroughly used and enjoyed his unique gift from her. 

There was another note in the garage explaining what she had done and instructions on when after the weekend, or if as she hoped much later, she should be returned to the factory again to be returned back to his wife. She even left the last part of the note open with him having the choice of when to return the doll back, that was her own wickedly aroused mind that had come up with the prospect of being kept and used as just his sex doll, she wondered if he would want to keep her this way.

The delivery crew placed her boxed form inside the garage, Joy felt herself being moved from the trolley and laid on the ground, then all movement ceased, and she thought that she heard the men leaving with the garage door closing behind them. She was now alone in the house, unable to move and forced to wait for her husband/owner to return and find her, her mind imagining what awaited her upon his return.


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