The Kiss

by Monkey Steals Peach

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Storycodes: MF; M/f; date; kiss; transform; lovedoll; inflatable; deflate; sex; oral; anal; climax; cons; X


The date had been nice. Nothing special. A nice dinner at a sushi restaurant and a pretty average movie. Greg had been fun to talk to, with a lot of stories about college. Now came the part this had all been building up to. They were standing in Kate's apartment facing each other, and they were both trying to feel out what would come next.

Kate swallowed and said, "Um, Christine said there's this thing you can do..."

Greg hesitated, then grinned. "I... thought you liked me for my personality?"

She held up her hands, "I do! But I'm also interested in that thing you can do."

"Did she tell you about it in detail?"

"She said that it felt unbelievably good, and that I should trust you."

He ran a hand through his hair. "You're either way braver or way hornier than I thought. Okay." He took a step closer, so that she could feel his breath. "What happens is, I kiss you, and you don't pull away no matter what, for any reason, and then tomorrow morning things go back to normal for you."

Kate nodded. "Okay."

He put one hand on the small of her back, and the other hand on the back of her head, and pulled her closer, into a kiss. No fancy tongue stuff, in fact at first it was sort of boring. Then she started to feel a tingling. It started in her chest, and started spreading all over her body. She started breathing hard through her nose, felt her heart beat faster, felt a heat building inside of her. It was such an ordinary kiss, and she was already getting wet from that alone.

The first sign that something was odd was that her chest started to feel tight. She raised her left hand up and touched her breast, and actually felt it expand in her hand. She instinctively tried to pull away, just a little, but Brad held her in place, pushing his lips against hers a little harder, and said "uh-uh" through the kiss.

It felt good, but also strange. The tingling and tightness grew in her chest, and she felt her breasts straining against her bra, her nipples becoming rock-hard. Then she felt and heard the fabric starting to tear. With Greg's face taking up most of her vision, she could just barely see her bare skin through the tear in her shirt, except the color looked wrong. When she touched it she felt plastic.

Greg took the hand that had been at her back and used it to grab at the tear in her clothes and pull, exposing her chest to the air. He rubbed his hand across them, and it made squeaking noises, and caused a shockwave of pleasure. Her nipples seemed unyielding, unnaturally hard. And still he kept kissing her. When she held up her hand, she saw it turn that plastic color in front of her eyes, the color spreading like a slowly growing puddle of water. The tingling, almost an itching sensation, was more intense in a circle around her wrist, in a line going down her arm, and she watched out of the corner of her eye and the lines of sensation started to become seams.

What was he doing to her? Christine was her best friend, so this had to be safe, right? She tried to think of what she might've done to piss Christine off, and kept coming up blank. The itching of the seams forming ran all the way up her arms, around her shoulders and neck, and started down her sides.

Then he started to blow air into her mouth. It was a strange thing to do, but she felt it go into her. It wasn't his breath, just a flow of air like it was coming out of a pump. It didn't go into her lungs either, it just sort of went into her body. She felt the pressure the weight of her body exerted on her feet lessen, and it started to get hard to control her arm. It started moving of its own accord, towards her side but bent at the elbow. Her shirt had torn off completely, and there was a tearing sound as her jeans started to come apart. Christine hadn't said anything about needing a spare set of clothes. But just then wearing clothes seemed horribly confining. The seams of her jeans were coming undone at the top, the fabric flopping down to leave her crotch exposed, and kept going

She heard him undoing his pants, and when his hand brushed against her labia it was another earthquake of pleasure. She felt something hot—it had to be his cock—brushing against her, thigh, and longed to have it inside of her. She tried to moan, to say something, but there was no sound. She wasn't sure she actually had vocal cords anymore. It turned out there was a reason. As the itching sensations split, tracing lines towards her crotch, she felt her pussy sort of bulge, as though it was becoming puffy, inflated.

That was when he rammed his cock into her. Everything she'd felt up until now had been just a prelude. She was going to have to totally redefine her scale for pleasure. Nothing would ever compare. He pushed against her butt to push his cock further in, and she was sure if she could talk right now the neighbors would be getting an earful. He hadn't stopped the kiss though, the blowing air. As the last of her jeans and socks fell away, the itching sensation traced its way down her legs, and her legs spread apart a little by themselves. Her anus was puffing up like her pussy had, and she felt her mouth changing, opening wide into an O shape. The feeling of tightness on her skin became more pronounced, a taut feeling of potential pleasure.

Just when she thought she couldn't stand any more, when she thought she might just pop, there was a sort of thudding sensation at her belly button. Only then did he pull his mouth away from hers. For a moment he just held her against him, his dick still inside her, but then he pulled it out, leaving her wanting to scream at him to put it back in. He turned her around, and carried her into the bedroom. There was a full-length mirror on the closet's sliding door, and he let her look at herself. She was an inflatable love doll. There was no other way to put it. A better quality one than any she'd seen before (not that she had seen many), with more natural curves. Her belly button was an inflation plug, and when his hand brushed against it even that excited her.

"You'll be back to normal in the morning," he said, "but right now you're going to have the night of your life."

He carefully lay her on the bed. She couldn't move in the slightest, but somehow she just wanted him to touch her more. With her eyes frozen in place she got a view of the ceiling, and she could just barely make out the sight of him taking off his boxers and T-shirt. He picked something up off the night stand, and applied a little Astroglide to her pussy. Then he climbed on top of her and unceremoniously started fucking her. In any other situation she'd be annoyed at the lack of foreplay, but as a doll she'd just wanted him to get on with it. The weight of him squeezed some parts of her and made her limbs feel tight with excess air. But mostly she just felt the crashing tidal waves of pleasure, coming over and over. He turned her over and went in the back way, and used her newly pliable mouth to give himself a blowjob, and it was all the same kind of nonstop super-orgasm.

He came back to her pussy, holding her on top of him by her hips, pushing her up and down over his cock, until he finally came inside her, and somehow took her up to an even higher level. Panting, he said, "Let's see how you like this part." And he reached to her belly button, and opened her air valve. She didn't deflate completely, in fact she probably didn't lose more than half the air in her, but she felt the most incredible feeling of relaxation as her plastic body became limp against him. Her forehead rested against his, and he stroked her hair.

The next morning she woke up as herself, back in her normal flesh and blood body, in Greg's bed. Covering herself with the sheet, she sat up. She could smell breakfast, eggs and bacon and coffee.

"Greg?" she ventured.

"Duffel bag," he called back.

There was a blue duffel bag in a corner of the room, by the closet. She recognized it as Christine's, but found some of her own clothes inside. When she came into the kitchen fully dressed, Greg was just setting out two plates of breakfast. The eggs looked a little overcooked, but it was certainly more consideration than some guys had shown her. Next to the garbage can was a plastic bag that contained the remnants of her clothes from the night before.

"That was all real..." she murmured as she sat down.

"Uh... Yeah. It was supposed to be a curse. I pissed off a witch a while back."

She thought about the night before, and was just a little tempted to grab him and kiss him and not let go. "Seems like a pretty fun curse."

"Not being able to kiss anyone without risking turning them into a sex doll has its drawbacks, I assure you." He put a mug of coffee in front of her and added, "And I'll pay for the clothes."

"I liked that shirt. Hey, can we do it again some time?"

He hesitated for a moment, and said, "Yeah. Definitely."


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