A Place to Crash

by Redneck Rubber

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It’s Friday night and I have ignored the damn phone ringing for about an hour and a half. I see it’s Karen, one of my old run around girl friends that I used to hang out with. I’m sure she’s drunk again and wants me to come pick her up. I finally pick it up, "Hey Julie it’s me Karen. I need a ride and a place to stay."

 I’m like really. "Shit, I’ll send an Uber to bring you here."

"Thanks Julie, your the best."

"Oh I know."

I see the Uber drop Karen off and I let her drunk ass in.

"Look Julie I really appreciate you doing this for me."

"Don’t worry about it. You lay down here on the sofa and I’ll get you a blanket and a garbage can.  Just In case you get sick during the night. Look I’ll be gone for a few hours in the morning. You just sleep in and I’ll be back to make breakfast about 10. I’ll lay you some clothes out."

"Thanks Julie. I owe you big time."

It gets to be about 9:30 at the office and I realized that I had not left any clothes out for Karen. I know I’ll be at least 3 more hours.  

That Julie didn’t leave me out any shirt or shorts or anything. I’ll just peek in her closet and get something. What a slob she is, I’ll never find a decent shirt or shorts. Holy shit what is this under the pile of blankets. It’s a life size rubber doll. Damn Julie’s a slob and a freak. It looks like a female fuckdoll covered in heavy black latex, with a huge dildo made onto it. This is some kinky shit here Julie.

Wow, the details of this thing are crazy. I’ve seen pictures of women dressed like this on the internet, but not one with a 10 inch cock. From the thick round lips that are a perfect O for sucking dicks and no other fuck holes. A heavy corset that has to have the waist down to 15 inches. Monster tits, ass, legs perfect! Some seriously sexy boots. Damn Julie, this thing is so slick and shiny. That huge dildo is making me horny as hell. It’s only about 9:30 maybe I can play with Dollie for a bit. Every time I touch it I get hotter and wetter.  

What are you thinking Karen, get out of here before Julie gets back. What the hell she will never know I’ve been in here. Why would a fuckdoll have a sticker on it that says always use a condom when playing with the doll. I don’t have a condom and I am way past horny. I can’t believe i'm about to do this. I can only get the head of its cock in my mouth. How slick is this cock, the more I run it the slicker it gets.

Let’s try again. In just a few bobs up and down, to my surprise I was taking all 10 inches down my throat. I was sucking this cock like a porn star. I have to ride this thing.  I stood up and straddled this thing and squatted down on that huge dick, it almost felt like it rose up to meet my throbbing pussy.

Oh Julie, no wonder you don’t ever leave the house. I see why your closet is a wreck. I’m already having an orgasm and I just started. I’ve never had one quite this intense. I was quivering from fingertips to toenails, just when I thought it was over. I could feel the pulsating of its cock like it was cumming inside me. What is happening, I couldn’t get my self to get off of it. I just thought the first orgasm was great. I looked like I was being electrocuted.

When I finally quit jerking around. I got off that monster dildo. Black goo was dripping out of my pussy. I grabbed a shirt and wiped myself and the doll off. I better put things back like they were. I found a shirt and shorts that fit and put the dirty one  in the hamper. While I was waiting on the coffee to get ready, I just sat there wondering what the hell just happened and how amazing it was. I still was shaking a bit.

Just as I poured my coffee and sat down Julie walked in. "Karen, I’m so sorry I didn’t leave some clothes out."

"I was able to find some and I just sat down with this fresh coffee. You want any?"

"Yes I better."

I should have locked my bedroom door cause I know she got those clothes out of my closet. I knew she had found Christy, by the look on her face, plus I could see her hands quiver a little.

"Is this your second pot of coffee Karen?"

"Nope, first cup."

"You look like you have had a caffeine overdose."

' Holy shit, Julie knows what I’ve been doing'.

"Karen, I guess you found Christy in the closet."

"How can you tell?"

"You have that fresh fucked look on your face, and you are still twitching a bit."

"I couldn’t help myself Julie, that doll mesmerized me or something. Every time I touched it I got hotter and wetter."

"Isn’t Christy wonderful."

"Christy, you have a name for it."

"Yes, you remember Chris, the weird skinny guy I dated about a year ago. You know the one I talked about with the huge dick."

"Yes Julie I do."

"Well that’s him. Well a rubber version of him."

"What did you do to him?"

"I turned him into what he wanted, well somewhat. I knew that he had been looking at some crazy stuff on the internet. All this latex, catsuits, hoods, women’s boots. At the end there, he had started looking at al these shemale websites. Especially the ones covered head to toe in latex."

"That is some crazy stuff Julie."

"Oh it gets better. He finally ordered a transformation suit from somewhere. The heavy rubber catsuit was padded everywhere to make his skinny ass look like a sex goddess. Legs, huge boobs, ass. Whole deal. Even ordered a pair of knee high boots to go with it. I got slick and installed one of those hidden cameras to spy on him. Every chance he caught me gone he would dress up in that thing and play with himself for hours. I will admit that he was sexy as hell dressed up like that. He liked it so much. I decided to help him out a bit."

"What did you do Julie?"

"Well I have this friend down south of New Orleans send me something. A vial of “medicine” to give him. All I had to do was get the whole bottle in him and he would become a rubber fuckdoll for me. "

"Why would you do that to him?"

"I’m positive he’s enjoying it. I’m sure you did. He’s not dead just kind of comatose."

"Oh yes I did enjoy it. Nothing comes close to it."

"You did read that label didn’t you Karen."

"I did but did not have one and there was just no stopping. Why are you laughing so hard Julie. Is something funny."

"For me yes, cause I did the same thing once. How long has it been since you finished with Christy?"

"About 20 minutes."

"In about 10 minutes you are going to experience something 10 times better than you did earlier."

"How is that please?"

"Well that black gooey stuff that was put in you is going to take effect soon."

"What do you mean?"

"Just be patient. It’s not permanent."

"What the hell have you done to me Julie."

"I didn’t do a thing, you are going to love it."

"Love what?"

"Julie my lips feel funny and I feel a little light headed."

"Why don’t you walk over to that full length mirror. Go ahead and take those clothes off so you can see."

"See what? Oh shit what is happening?"

"You are about to become a fuck doll yourself dear Karen. Just think about your favorite color."

"Wait, what it’s red. Julie there is red stuff coming out of pussy going down my legs covering my feet now it’s coming my body around my waist, oh it’s turning black almost up to my tits. Now it’s back red. Julie help it’s coming up my neck,"

"I know I’m watching, doesn’t it feel awesome."

"It’s comkgn in my mount, and down my fwoat. I gon cho."

Then Karen fell to her knees and started pointing to her mouth like she couldn’t breathe. She laid on down on the floor as the red goo finished covering her head. Just about the time it finished her big old poofy lips made that O shape. As her new pussy and ass formed the same shape she sat up and stood there a second. Her feet began to take shape into six inch heeled boots.

"I can’t breathe Julie."

"Karen, you don’t have to. Just relax. How do you feel?"

"Like I want a dick in all my fuck holes. Especially my ass."

"Now look in the mirror Karen."

"That’s the sexiest most erotic thing I’ve ever seen and it’s me. Look how I shine. All my smoking hot curves. And this corset has my waist down to 15 inches. Look how my ass is all perked up and my tits too. You see my finger nails even. The only things that aren’t red are my super long eyelashes, my super poofy round lips on all three fuckholes and my corset. My long black ponytail that comes out of this cool ass tube in the top of my head. No matter how I move or bend I can’t make a wrinkle in my skin. Oh I need A huge cock bad. Watch Julie, when I pucker my lips together how they web over with lube."

"I’ve seen this first hand Dollie. Now calm down just a second. I know you want to go in there and visit Christy again. I have to warn you. She will be able to move and talk when you go back in there. Only a doll can make her do that, and that’s what you are to her. A fuck doll. I will go in there and put a double strength condom on that huge cock before Christy sees you. She can do anything but take it off. Only you can.  Remember this. If she fills you up with cum again. These effect will become permanent. Let me warn you again. She will try to talk you into it. I know I wanted to when I went back. I made it out but it took two days with these massive dildos stuck into all my holes to get past it and finally return to normal again. I haven’t had sex with anyone since because I had never even come close to that."

"Oh Julie, I have to go in there."

"I’ll be waiting Karen."

No I will be watching on that hidden camera I thought to myself. I had set Christy up in the corner so she could see Karen come in the closet. Immediately Christy stood up and began to become slick and shiny. Her cock was straining to be sucked.

"Oh Crystal I’m ready for anything you want to do to me."

"We will see Karen, why don’t you take this troublesome condom off of me."

"Oh I can’t. Just fuck me in the ass now."

Christy bent Karen over a tall ottoman looking piece of furniture.

"Suck it for a second Karen and lube this thing up."

Christy walked around behind Karen and started inserting that monster in her super tight never before fucked ass. She dipped the head in a few times and then worked it all the way in. Oh how much fun it was to watch. Karen bucked and moaned as Christy made full strokes with her cock. It appeared that she had come in the condom and then Christy flipped Karen over to ravage that dripping wet pussy hole. That black rubber ring around her hole looked like it was about to pop. It almost had the thing closed shut. That didn’t stop Christy, she leaned down and put her round mouth to Karen’s pussy and filled it with lube. It looked like Christy’s cock had grown a few inches in length and somewhat in girth. It had to be a foot long and three inches thick. Karen took it all Christy was pounding away. Karen looked like a rag doll on that thing. She was shaking and quivering and trying to scream.  

"Take that condom off Karen. You know you want to."

"Yes I do."

No Karen don’t. Unlock the door Karen. I ran back to the screen for the hidden camera. She had it off Christy and was sucking the cum out of it. Christy put Karen’s mouth back over the head of her cock and the just shoved it all the way down her throat and held her there. Christy was filling her up with the cum that would make Karen’s changes permanent. It looked like Christy had finished hunching Karen’s throat and pulled that massive cock out. Dripping with black goo.  Both of them were shaking violently.

Christy said, "Did you enjoy that Julie. I know you are watching." Karen did I know.

About then Karen stood straight up, arched her back and was able to squeal out a very long “yeeessss”. She quivered again and then her red covering began to grow tighter and shinier. Her corset drew up another inch or two. The most sexy ass, body, legs. Those lips, hips I’ve never even imagined anything like her.

"Oh Julie. You can’t imagine how good this feels. It’s ten times better than before."

What’s happening to me, I felt dizzy and passed out.

"Karen I think Julie should join us."

"Christy, I know she would love this.  Won’t it take her a long time to become a real rubber doll like me Christy?"

"No she made the change once so it will be immediate."

"Oh great. She’s gonna love it."

"What have y’all done?"

When I woke up Christy and Karen had me tied up just where Christy could walk up to me and shove that cock in my mouth. I was resisting but could not get it out of my mind how good it was going to be.

"Please don’t do this Christy, I need that you really wanted to be a rubber shemale."

"I know that you really want to be a rubber fuckdoll too. Just relax. I have made my cock only about 8 inches and small enough around that you can handle it. That’s it just slow strokes."

I found myself thinking make it bigger like the time before. She did. I was just about to come off of it when Christy grabbed the back of my head and shoved that thing down into me. I know it had to be 15 inches long. It felt like a quart of the stuff went in me.  I never stopped when she quit cumming. I started going from head to base of Christy's huge rubber cock. Karen untied me but I just kept on sucking it.

When I finally quit. I just watched in the mirror as my transformation began. I guess since I had transformed once before, it did not take but a few seconds. I was a slick shiny cobalt blue fuckdoll in a short time. My lips were black super puffy O shaped just like my ass fuck hole. Karen was right. It was so much better than the first time. I could feel everything like nothing before. I started rubbing myself all over I reached for pussy and could find no hole to run my fingers in. A bulge started there instead. The more I rubbed the bigger it got. At once a huge cock began to form on me.

Oh it was great, I just kept on until it was as big as Christys. Before I could cum. Christy fell down on her knees and took all of it her mouth. Sucking it like a pro.  I heard Karen say something, she too had grown a dick the same size. Christy came up off me and told Karen to stick it in her ass. So she did. Christy rocked back and forth between us like a bucking horse. Karen and I came at the same time. We all took turns in the middle until we were just full of cum ensuring that none of us could ever change back.

"Look in that mirror girls. Three perfect sex dolls. Fuck or get fucked dolls I should say.  One black, one blue, and one red. Let’s have some champagne or wine to celebrate, looks like a lot of fun ahead."  

The very happy end


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