A Real Woman

by Riptieron

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© Copyright 2008 - Riptieron - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; F/lovedoll; discovery; toys; insert; transform; lovedoll; mast; denial; cons/nc; X


The girl was gorgeous. Simply beautiful. A work of art. Every man in the room saw her, noticed her, and dare I say felt her enter. She floated over the crowd and commanded attention. The brawler at the end of the bar, the married stiff at the booth, the couples sitting over various bar tops, and the skinny redneck over at the pool table smoking a cigarette. She had a smile for everyone, but time for nobody. Everything she did evoked a yearning for more. Picking up glasses, dodging tables, back and forth all night long. The drinks kept going out, and she never judged the motives. Every man tipped her, every woman loathed her. Wearing a tight red tank top adorning the bar's logo, and short cut-off jean shorts, she could not be missed. Her chest was as perfect as her ass, equally firm and youthful. Her long brunette hair bounced as she turned from one side to the next.

I knew her once, and she still haunts my dreams. If this sounds too much like a fantasy, that is because it was; it was too good to last that is. You see, she was only in Billy Bob's Smokehouse Bar & Grill for about three months, and then she vanished. No one knows why she left, or where she left to; even the staff didn't know. But I have a theory...

Billy Bob's is the hang out for all of the good ol' boys, and in this small town, itʼs the only place. So, when she came to work there, the whole town knew it in one way or another. The impact was both enormous and subtle. Couples immediately started having problems, Men seemed to get a little bit more brazen, and there was a slight rise in clients, especially in the men. People at the bar seemed to linger a little longer, and Billy Bob's bank roll got a little fatter.

After closing, the routine was always the same, clear the tables tally the tabs, cash out for the night. Rose would do this at the end of the bar, next to the bar rail for drink pick up. Alice would take the kitchen station, next to the dish return, where she had done it for the last five years. Billy would come out and cash out the bar first then Rose and the others, then last he would take Alice and last police the kitchen. Alice and Rose would leave by the back door, nearest the back lot, where all the employees parked. It was well lit and clean, but at 2:30am, itʼs a bit desolate and scary.

On one summer night in question, our heroine started out the back door to find something out of the ordinary by her car. From the back door, it looked like a naked girl. Rose thought, "Oh no..." she got closer and could see the girl wasn't moving, and was totally naked. The street lamp illuminated her white skin making it eerily fake looking. Rose took one more step, and realized the girl was not real at all.

It was a Love Doll, old and torn up, ragged from being tossed around by someone. It looked as if the doll was found in a dumpster then played around with by someone, and abandoned. She looked at it sitting on the ground, propped up against her front wheel, her legs spread out in classic Love Doll form, arms out straight that fixed expression on her face. Dirt and bits of trash were covering her body; obviously she had been dragged around the lot.

Rose touched the realistic flesh of the doll, and it felt just like soft skin! She was amazed at the level of realism! The eyes must be made of glass or acrylic; they sparkled even thru the dirt on the rest of the body. The doll's body was made of silicon or some kind of rubber, and it had hair, makeup and everything else on the body was anatomically correct in every way. Rose turned around to see if anyone else was around, and then quickly picked up the doll and put it in the trunk. The doll was heavier than she expected so life like. She drove off for home.

Rose pulled up to her apartment, and opened the door, then went back to the car for her new acquisition, the Love Doll. She managed to get it out of the trunk and up the stairs, and then flopped it onto the floor. Closing the door behind her, she quickly went into the kitchen to get a soapy washcloth to clean up her new toy. As Rose wiped the doll's face, she noticed that the makeup was not permanent paint, but was actually makeup on the doll's face. The dirt came off easily, and most of the scratches were superficial, and hardly showed once the dirt was gone.

Rose had finished the bulk of the cleaning, so she picked up the doll and carried it into the bathroom, and sat it down on the edge of the bathtub. Turning on the water, Rose splashed water over the body along with hot soapy water, cleaning the surface. Rose hesitated to clean the pussy, it was so real, she felt like she was actually touching another person's erogenous zone. Rubbing gently, she ran her finger into the lips of the doll, and explored the inside slowly; Rose felt something inside of the doll's pussy, something hard and metallic.

Digging three fingers in, she pulled out a smooth chromed bullet. it had no markings on it, but did have a small seam in the middle. Rose tried to unscrew the bullet to find that the seam was actually designed to turn on the vibration. She turned it off and put it on the vanity, "That would definitely come in handy later on..." She thought.

Rose looked at the doll, beautiful as it is, she didn't know what she would do with it, she couldnʼt leave it laying around in the apartment, what would her friends think? Rose found herself thinking more about it, and decided that the truth in that matter might be the best avenue... I could just leave it on the sofa, and we can all have a good laugh about it. These things were expensive too, running around five to six thousand dollars. Rose got a deal, and couldn't pass it up. Rose wondered what kind of person lost this doll. She figured that someone threw it away, and some kids found it and dragged it about for a few hours, then dumped it by her car.

Over the next few days, she started to enjoy coming home to find her Love Doll patiently awaiting her return. she would take a long shower, then go into the den and sit counting her tips, then go over to the doll and explore the body, touching and inspecting. She opened the mouth, and found all the intricate detail present. The throat, the tongue, the teeth, however soft- not the normal teeth of a person, but silicon teeth. There was eyebrows, real hair, and even the details of the ears. Everything about the doll was life-like. Rose began to wonder about how they made these dolls.

The next day Rose came home after a particularly hard night of work. After taking her usual shower she decided to have a little fun with her new doll. She pulled the doll off of the couch and into the bedroom, where she placed it on the bed. Rose breathed deeply as she thought about the things she had desired over the last week.

She took off her robe, and got onto the bed. Rose took the bullet she found inside the doll, turned it on, and inserted it into her pussy, then grabbed the doll's hand and pulled it over to her. She slid down onto the bed, with the doll coming across her body, both of their breasts coming together, the weight of the doll on her body. Rose felt the cool soft silicone of the doll pressing on her, and she moved the doll's mound over her own, and held the doll's ass. Rose spread her legs apart and let the doll press on her love spot. Rose felt like the doll was in her thoughts. The doll connected with her inner desire, and Rose's excitement began to rise.

She felt the vibrator humming inside of her, and wanted more of the doll. She grinded the doll and her wetness began to grow. Then something unusual happened. The vibrator began to hum a little faster and more intently. Rose felt the vibration grow and thought it might have a program or some other setting she hit by her motions. Either way, the added vibration was well timed and quite welcome.

She continued the pumping of her hips and felt her excitement growing. Then the vibrator again changed its intensity. It was not vibrating any faster this time but the pitch of the hum changed. Rose thought, great the batteries must be failing... but the vibrator didnʼt stop. It was getting stronger; the hum was beginning to penetrate her body deeper. Rose felt the change and was wondering if there was some kind of short in the vibrator, but it felt so good!

She decided to finish her little fantasy and then inspect the device. Rose again dismissed the device and pulled the doll's butt in tight against her mound, grinding into the doll's soft spot. The pitch now started to emanate deeper into her, now stimulating her entire lower waist, and Rose even felt the resonance in her bones, all around her hips. She began to get worried now, this was defiantly not a normal vibrator. The sonic vibrations grew again, and now she had resonance throughout her bones all up and down her body.

"Oh, ooh- oh..." she exclaimed at the powerful feeling the tiny vibrator gave her. She was getting weak as the vibrations seemed to cut off her sensitivity, her body was numb, and the vibrations now surrounded her entire body. Rose could see the bedspread vibrating.

Shocked at what was going on, Rose tried to get the Love Doll off of her and reach the vibrator. Her hands were numb to the point that she could not feel what she was touching. Her vision got blurred due to the intense vibration. She had the face of the doll in hers, and could not see. She fumbled as if drunken by the vibrations. She could not tell what was happening anymore. The feelings were intensifying, and now there was something else. The pulses were shifting higher. She felt the physical vibrations subside, but she began to breathe faster, and could still not move the Love Doll off of her.

With all of her limbs numb, and she was trying to push her arms under the doll, to get a firm push at it. The doll flopped over to one side, and Rose felt the device change again. She now tried to get at the device inside of her, but her hands were completely asleep now. She could not point her fingers, or stiffen her wrist; there was no way to get them up inside of her now. Rose placed both hands down at her love hole and moaned, both in pleasure and fright. This thing was becoming a nightmare.

It did not stop. How could such a little device be so powerful?

It was so powerful; it numbed her limbs in a few minutes. Now it was numbing the rest of her, her arms were now getting numb, her body was stiffening too. Rose looked at herself and saw that she was laying down outstretched just like the Love Doll. Her legs straightened, locked out and her spine aligned, chin up, eyes locked and arms down by her sides.

The vibrator went to work on her molecular structure, changing her, remaking the composition of her atoms, down to the bone. Rose felt everything getting firmer, her breasts, her pussy, her mouth. She could not move at all, and was stuck in a loop of constant orgasm. She was getting transformed into a Love Doll, and now had no control over herself. The device rumbled inside her for another two hours, slowly rearranging her structures to the new specifications...

Meanwhile, back at Billy Bob's, at the end of the bar...

"You 'member that fox that used to work here?"  Asked fat drunk guy #1..

"Who could forget, dude..." replied drunk college student.

"Wonder what ever happened ta her..." fat drunk guy #1.

"Hey Alice, what happened to Rose?" fat drunk guy #1

"Nobody knows, she just disappeared one Friday, never gave notice or nothin', left us high and dry!" said Alice.

"I got a theory..." said the drunken college student.


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