Late Night Sex

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2008 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; potion; magic; transform; lovedoll; oral; nc; X


Mary sat patiently on the couch waiting for Bill to come out of the washroom. He had promised her an incredible night of passion and sex so she was willing to wait while he ran a few errands. She noticed he had set up a video camera opposite the couch she was sitting on with several boxes sitting on the floor next to it.

" Bill probably wants to tape our upcoming night of fucking ...I hope he's got a six hour tape in there because I am damned horny tonight ! " Mary thought to herself as she stood up and wandered over to the boxes on the floor with the intent of looking in them for any surprises Bill was planning for that night.

She was about to look through one that had an address of a local XXX shop when she heard the washroom door open and Bill emerge carrying a small vial of a clear liquid. He was wearing nothing more than a white bathrobe over him though judging by the bulge Bill had around his groin area, he obviously had his mind on the upcoming night as well.

Bill walked over to where Mary was sitting and bent over to give her a quick kiss. " Are you ready to have a great night, Mary ? " he said softly rubbing his free hand on one of her bare thighs.

Mary responded by removing her white T shirt revealing her luscious breasts with nipples that were already erect from her feelings of intimacy. " What's in the vial , lover ? Something to turn me into an insatiable fucking machine maybe ? " she said playfully.

Bill grinned as he handed the nude blonde the vial in question, " Well, maybe not a machine but according to the shop where I purchased this, it is a very special aphrodisiac guaranteed to give you the intense sex you'll ever experience in your life." he said .

Mary smiled broadly before bringing the vial to her lovely lips and swallowing the contents with a flourish. " How long before this love drug kicks in, ya big stud ?" she said as she handed the vial back before running her hands up and down her nubile body in an inviting manner.

Bill glanced at his wristwatch, " Hmmm.. in about another minute or two, the drug should be fully assimilated and the change will be fully and permanently completed. " he said as his grin took on a much more malicious look.

" Change.... permanent.. whaattt?? " Mary shouted as loud as she could muster even as she felt the strength seemed to be draining fast from her body.

She looked slowly down and saw her skin rapidly changing before her eyes from the usual pink flesh to a glossy and almost plastic look to it. Seams began to appear seemingly out of nowhere running the length of her arms and legs as well as across her torso.

These changes were accompanied strangely enough by feelings of intense pleasure that flowed through her body as well as the feeling she was getting lighter by the second. Mary's ability to speak vanished as she could feel her mouth stretching into an O-shape with the inside dissolving into a smooth solid mass of the same material that her skin now was composed of .

Even though her ability to move her head to look down or any direction had ceased, she could feel her pussy transforming into the same artificial material she was now composed of and it was also opening wide like her mouth for probing by.. something... something important she knew.

Mary's transformation into a realistic inflatable love doll was completed by the appearance of what looked to be an inflation plug growing out of where her belly button used to be . The doll slowly slid off the couch and hit the floor quietly with a faint squeak audible as the latex rubbed against the leather couch cushions.

Bill grinned as he moved over to the video camera and flicked on the power button. He then quickly removed his bathrobe and moved over to the couch where he picked up the newly finished love doll off the floor.

" Demonstration of new love doll prototype id: Mary...testing of openings plus special features... first : mouth " Bill intoned while looking at the camera. He then placed the doll on her hands and knees and then slowly inserted his hardening cock deep into the velvety softness that was the doll's mouth.

From Mary's perspective, the entrance of Bill's cock into her mouth triggered sensations of pleasure that flowed through her air filled body. " feels good.... Bill certainly has a nice firm cock...mmmmm.." thought the doll as it's latex mouth seemed to close softly around Bill's rock hard penis.

A few minutes later, Bill erupted into the doll's mouth sending warm cum flowing into it's soft opening with some spilling over onto its' painted features. After a few more minutes, he withdrew from the doll's mouth and grabbed for a damp facecloth from nearby. He then proceeded to wipe down the doll's face, chin and upper chest noting how soft it's smooth surface was.

" As you can see, the doll is easily cleanable after usage with no damage to skin color or texture. " Bill said as he flipped the doll around to show its' face to the camera. He then reached over to a pile of clothing near the couch and fitted what appeared to be a sports bra over the doll's impressive breasts. Written on the bra was Eternal Pleasure Sex-Toy and beneath it a description of it's usage.

" Now as for its' special features..." Bill said as he lifted the doll up onto the couch where he was now sitting. He then drove his still rigid cock deep into the doll marveling how it's plastic insides seemed to grip his penis.

" owner's cock feels so goood...mmmmm.." thought the doll as it no longer thought of Bill of anyone but its' owner. After a few seconds, it started to noticeably vibrate in concert with its' owner thrusts. The doll's legs squeaked as its' rubbery air-filled body made contact with Bill's legs.

After a bit, the thrusts became more frequent till Bill finally emptied his hot semen into the doll. As before, he picked up the doll and cleaned it's plastic pussy and shiny thighs that were now sticky from his hot cum.

Once cleaned, he then placed the doll back on the couch . " For extra features, your doll comes equipped to say three sayings depending on the button pressed." he said cheerfully before reaching depressing the top button of a set of three located on the back of the doll's neck.

" My, you're a big one ! " the doll said in Mary's voice although it sounded high pitched like she had inhaled helium.

" Squeeze my big tits please !" the doll pleaded after button number two was depressed.

" Fuck me hard, you big stud ! " the doll said after the third button was pushed.

" Well,that concludes the demonstration for this prototype. I trust that you, potential investor, will be satisfied with what you have seen and I hope you feel confident in investing in this exciting market." Bill said cheerfully before walking over to the camera and shutting it off. He then walked back to the doll, picked it up and , with no hesitation, opened up its' inflation plug.

" Dolly need to be used... owner useee meeeeeee..." thought the doll to itself before it's ability to think like the air rapidly escaping from it's deflating form slipped away.

Once fully deflated, Bill folded up the doll and placed it in the box on top of the stack Mary had seen earlier. On the top in black marker was written Test Doll : Mary # 001 . He then whistled a happy tune as he headed off for a hot shower.


Several hours later, there was a knock on Bill's door. When he opened it, there were two women standing there waiting for him. Dressed in very sexy outfits with blonde hair that accentuated their Scandinavian features, the two waved playfully at Bill.

" Ah..the Svensson twins.. Inge and Greta.. come on in.. I hope you're in the mood for a wild night." he said ushering them inside.

If the two women had looked over at the stack of boxes by the video camera, they might have noticed the fresh black writing written on the box under the top one.

Test Dolls : Inge # 002 Greta # 003


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