Late Night Swim

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2008 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-f; lotion; magic; trasnform; lovedoll; M/f; boxed; nc; X


Janice was about as happy as she had been in a very long time. After many years of an unsettled livelihood, she had finally settled down with a wealthy and handsome man named Morgan Booker who lavished with attention and a lifestyle most people could only dream of. Between the frequent trips the two took to the four corners of the earth and the numerous expensive gifts Morgan brought home to her, she felt a sense of serenity as she reveled in her lifestyle.

However, if Morgan knew about Janice's dark past before meeting her, he wouldn't have anything to do with her at all. In the past five years, the dark haired beauty had seduced a variety of wealthy men young and old using a variety of names for herself. She stayed with each man until they all died suddenly from either heart attacks or tragic accidents. The fact that she had helped arrange the deaths with drugs or paying off accomplices didn't bother her in the slightest. She would stay around long enough to liquidate the assets of her deceased lover and then move on before any of the local authorities started asking too many questions.

As she floated in the pool wearing a tiny pink bikini, she wondered if Morgan was coming home that night or was jetting off to check on one of his many corporations. If it was the latter, she might just stay around the pool tomorrow when the pool cleaner came by. She had seen him sneaking a peek at her before when he thought she wouldn't notice and taking a long look at her svelte body.

She was interrupted in her daydreaming by the sound of her cell phone ringing. Reaching over on the float she was on to the phone, she flipped it open and discovered it was her insurance agent on the other end. He was calling to confirm that the insurance policy Janice had asked to take out for both her and Morgan had been approved by his office. The agent went on to say the rider that Janice had asked for providing double the insurance amount if either died due to non natural causes was approved with some reservations as well.

" Well, that was great news. If things don't work out with me and Morgan in the long run, it's good to know that I'll be able to skip out with a hefty bankroll.. one way or another... " Janice thought to herself as she laid back and soaked up the warmth of the midday sun.

After about an hour or so and falling into a light sleep, the brunette woke up and sat up on the float shaking her head slightly, She winced as she realized that her arms and stomach were both showing the signs of a nasty sunburn with a bright red color visible on both. Sighing out loud, she slipped off the float into the pool water seeking temporary relief from the irritation of her burns. Once she swam a few laps of the pool, she decided to head inside the house and get some salve for her burns.

Janice pulled herself out of the pool and slowly went inside the house grimacing noticeably when her left arm brushed up against the patio door entrance. She went to the bathroom looking for some skin lotion she could massage onto her burns but found none in there. When she went to her and Morgan's bedroom, she found no trace of lotion anywhere although she did find a shopping bag under the bed that she hadn't seen before. Looking inside, she saw a bottle of suntan lotion and a bottle of EXD, her favorite brand of energy drink. She was puzzled why she hadn't seen it before but figured Morgan brought it home and forgot to tell her about it.

Carrying the bag in her right hand, Janice headed into the kitchen area where she got a chilled glass out of the fridge and poured herself a serving of EXD.  After drinking the glass down in a few quick gulps, she set it down and headed back to the pool area with the bottle of lotion in tow.

Deciding to try and prevent any further burns, she sat down on a nearby deck chair and started to spread the lotion over her arms, legs and torso.  She felt a little light headed but figured that was a side effect of being out too long in the sun earlier.  Once she had finished spreading the ointment, she stood up and tried to walk over to the pool but found her feelings of light headiness were becoming more pronounced by the second.

Janice sagged to the ground as she felt waves of pleasure starting to flow through her body.  When she glanced at her hands, she saw to her shock that they were changing in look from flesh to tan colored plastic.  When she glanced at the rest of her nude body, she saw the change was happening to rest of her body.  In addition, seams were becoming visible running up and down the length of her body as blemishes, freckles and even body hair disappeared to replaced by the artificial material her body was becoming composed of.  She tried to talk or move but found she could no longer do either.  As her breathing ceased and her breasts became rigid circles of plastic with circular seams and capped by bright pink nipples, Janice realized the true nature of her change.

" A LOVE DOLL.. I'M BECOMING A SEX DOLL... WHY ?...WHY ?... "  Janice thought as she felt her mouth stretch into an O-shape with her teeth and tongue melting away as it become a soft interior made of the same material that the rest of her now consisted of.  She could feel her other openings forming the same shape as her mouth and what she assumed to be an inflation plug growing out of the small of her back for adding or taking the air out of her plastic body.  As the process rapidly neared it's completion, the pleasure Janice was feeling grew more and more intense until it culminated in the most intense orgasm she had ever felt..and one that went on and on....

Later that evening....

The patio door swung open and a tall brown haired man stepped out onto the pool area.  Noticing the love doll lying on the tiled area near the pool, he walked over to the toy and bent over it.  He flipped the legs into an upward position and positioned the hands so that they supported the twin tubes of hollow latex.  He then stood up and a broad smile crossed his face as he looked down at the lifelike sex toy.

"Janice, it seems you found the items I left for you in the bedroom.  The bottle alone would have left you a mannequin while the lotion would have left you as a bra form.  As it turns out, you being transformed into a love doll works out quite well for me."  Morgan said as he picked up the doll and carried it inside.

"You see, I make my living seducing women with few or no relatives and have them sign an insurance form providing for a wealthy sum in the event of an untimely demise or disappearance.  After that, it's just a matter of time, "  he said while pulling open the inflation plug.  The air rushed out with a quiet  hiss-sss  as the doll rapidly lost it's shape and became a flat piece of plastic.

"Some newspapers have nicknamed me ' The Black Tarantula' ...I would have thought they could come up with something more original.  Oh, well..."  Morgan said as he placed the doll in a cardboard box that he set on the kitchen table.

"As for you, Janice, I'll drop you off at a store somewhere distant from here once I leave town after mourning your disappearance. For now, you'll be stored under the bed... I thought about using you but then I already am ! " he said closing the box lid.

 The last thing Janice heard for quite some time was the mocking laugh from the man who was like her in more ways than one...

 Or, given her current state, USED to be....


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