Latex Clothing Latex Doll

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2009 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; D/s; bodypaint; statue; transform; mannequin; lovedoll; nc; X


Beatrix was, by all accounts, a very happy woman as she got dressed for another day. After disciplining several of the more willful sluts over the last few weeks and making examples out of a few for good measure, she was satisfied that they now knew their roles in her home and would think twice before displeasing her. The raven haired dominatrix was about to put on her usual catsuit when she spotted a package lying on a table nearby.

"Hmm… that's right… I forgot to open this up yesterday when it arrived in the mail. It's the new boots and gloves I ordered online from that fetish web site, " she muttered as she tore open the box and pulled out the items in question. Nodding in satisfaction as she ran her hands over the smooth surface of her purchases, the dominatrix quickly stripped off her outfit and put on the latex hose and gloves followed by her white high heels.

Beatrix walked over to a large mirror at the opposite end of the room and admired herself in the mirror. Of course, the mirror itself was yet another punishment the dominatrix had handed out to staff who had disobeyed her rules. In this case, she had caught Delilah and Tiffany, two of the first servants she employed, in her room trying on some of her outfits without Beatrix's permission. To punish them, the cruel woman had them strip every stitch of clothes off their bodies before having them stand in a highly erotic pose back to back in the center of the room. Beatrix then took an aerosol can of gold paint and told the two they would be spending the next 24 hours posing as gold statues to remind them that things of value are to be admired and respected.

After posing them with their backs arched, one arm hung seductively in the air and the other covering their respective pussies, Beatrix started to spray them with can after can of glittering gold covering the two from head to toe. Of course, Delilah and Tiffany realized too late that the coating was turning their entire bodies to gold. The look of horror on each of their faces when they realized the truth brought immense satisfaction to the cruel dominatrix, who got a large pane of glass out of her closet while waiting for the change to near completion.

When she thought the process was about to finish, she took the glass and wedged it down so that the golden women's ass cheeks would support it as well as give it an attractive and erotic framing. She then set it where she could gaze into it on a daily basis when dressing and be reminded how bad servants should be treated.

"Well, should I go with the push-up corset or go with my black and red 'punishment' outfit for today? " Beatrix mused out loud as she looked through her closet. She had just picked out what she wanted to wear when she heard the approach of an unexpected vehicle at the front of the house. Pulling the curtain back on her bedroom window, the dominatrix saw two men get out of what was clearly a local police car and walk towards the front door. Seconds later, the doorbell chime sounded announcing the police's arrival at the house.

"DAMN !!! Just when I was going to do my daily disciplining of my servants, this has to happen. I wonder what they want with me anyway.... " Beatrix muttered to herself as she pulled on a satin blue bath robe. She decided to talk to the police right away rather than have snooping around and find things that would require more explanations. The dominatrix checked to make sure the robe covered up her nearly nude body before she headed out of the bedroom to talk to her guests.

"....and I must admit I'm a little surprised that your superiors didn't call me ahead of time so it would save you two the trouble of coming all the way out here, " Beatrix said serenely as she sipped her coffee and looked at the men seated across from her, Detectives Bouseau and Combs.

"Well, our boss thought a personal visit to your home would clarify the whole situation about your niece Janice Delorteaux coming to live with you next week. It seems some of your relatives have complained that you live a deviant lifestyle which would have a detrimental effect on her way of thinking, " Bouseau said while looking around the expensively decorated living room.

"My niece is 21 years old so I think she's a little too old to be influenced by anybody's lifestyle. Besides, I think the word 'deviant' would hardly apply to the way the way I live my life. While it's true that I tend to dress more flamboyantly than some people are comfortable with, I also employee a large amount of local women as part of my staff and give generously to the local charities, " Beatrix said smoothly while smoothing out her left latex boot with her hands.

"Yes, those are certainly not deviant practices. Nevertheless, we must...OOOFF!!..." Bouseau started to speak again before tripping on the imitation bear rug lying on the floor and stumbling into the large cabinet which fell backwards as a result of his weight. The cabinet fell into a set of doors leading outside causing the glass to shatter and fly everywhere which included into the side of a huge fish tank. The tank shattered sending water everywhere and fish flopping around on the water soaked rugs.

"Clumsy fool!" Combs muttered at his colleague, who was busy picking himself up from the middle of the disaster he had created. He turned his attention back to Beatrix, whose expression was one tinged with shock, surprise and horror. "My apologies, Miss Beatrix, for the accident. If you'll send the bill for the damages to the police HQ, I'm sure my superiors will take care of it," he said with an apologetic tone.

The detective then stood up and motioned his colleague towards him before looking at Beatrix once again. "Well, ma'am, we shall be going. If we need to speak with you again, I'll try and make sure our superiors call ahead next time. Bouseau, let's go!" he said trying to avoid any difficulties for now.

The dominatrix watched with a smug satisfaction as the two men hurried out the door and off her property with great speed. "Well, that turned out better than I expected.. no awkward questions about missing staff... and they didn't press me about my lifestyle. Of course, that idiot Bouseau is lucky he wasn't one of my staff members when he caused this catastrophe. If he was, he'd be up on the wall as my latest object d'art...." she thought to herself as she looked over the broken glass and shattered wood before here.

After summoning two of her staff, Beatrix sat down in a nearby chair and contemplated her day's schedule. Sniffing the air, the dominatrix detected the odor of soup emanating from the kitchen area. "If Nina adds the special ingredient I asked her to, this should be a very memorable dinner indeed... " the woman said with a soft sinister laugh out loud.

In the kitchen.....

Nina added the minced onion and tomato from her chopping pot into the soup pot that was sitting on the stove next to her. Dressed in a pink blouse that was unbuttoned to reveal black silk bra and panties with white lace for trimming with matching stockings and shoes, Nina was quite a sight for a house staff member. In fact, she would have preferred to wear far more than what she currently had on but the mistress insisted that she wore just enough to be decent in case the dominatrix decided Nina was needed to satisfy her sexually with minimal delay.

When she wasn't out pleasing Beatrix, Nina's main chores were preparing meals and tasting them to make sure her fussy mistress would be pleased by them. For tonight, she was preparing baked salmon with various trimmings and a delicious soup as a side dish. In fact, her mistress had given her a bottle of spice before Nina had started preparing the meal with the instructions that Nina add it to the soup at the beginning in just the right quantity to give it a 'very special flavor that lasts and lasts', which was emphasized by the dominatrix with a strangely sadistic smile on her face.

"If I know Mistress Beatrix, she'll probably have serve the soup with me underneath the bowl as a living serving tray. She can be so twisted at times.... " Nina muttered as she shook a generous quantity of the special spice into the big steel soup pot on the stove. She then went over to the wine rack where she got a bottle of the mistress' favorite wine (Baby Duck from Canada @ 1985 ) and set it down on a nearby table. After cutting a few slices of gouda and brie cheese and putting them on a platter next to the wine, Nina moved back to the simmering soup and stirred it for a minute or so with a long wooden ladle.

"Mmmm... this soup tastes pretty good.... that spice Mistress Beatrix provided really added a nice taste and aroma to it... " Nina muttered as she sipped the simmering liquid with the ladle. It tasted so good that the red haired woman took several more spoonfuls of the soup savoring the excellent taste of the simple repast. After swallowing her samplings, Nina moved over to the kitchen table where she poured herself a cup of imported coffee mixed with cream and sugar. Sipping on it, she cut a few slices of freshly baked bread and put them next to the bottle of wine before moving back to the soup pot.

As Nina turned the stove off to let the soup finish cooking, she felt a sudden moment of dizziness and she almost fell down to her weakness. She leaned against the edge of the stove to steady herself while holding her coffee cup in her right hand as she tried to steady herself mentally and physically. However, Nina found her discomfort only increased as the seconds ticked by along with a strange feeling that her body was becoming stiff somehow.

" mmmm.... I better get another cup of coffee to wake up with before serving Mistress Beatrix her meal. Uhhh... " Nina muttered as she turned to get a bowl from the cupboards. To her surprise, the redhead found that she could move a few inches sideways before her ability to move ceased altogether.

"What... what's going on ?.... " Nina said out loud as she tried to figure out what was going on. Before she could begin to try and figure out what was going on, she heard a noise from the entrance to the kitchen behind her. A few seconds later, Nina saw the familiar figure of her mistress walk slowly out in front of her. Mistress Beatrix didn't look at all surprised by Nina's predicament as she walked a little closer to the redhead.

"Ah..... dear Nina. Do you remember when I told you a while back that I wanted you to use ingredients from real plants and vegetables and keep artificial ingredients to a minimum? Imagine my surprise when I wandered threw the kitchen late one night and found shoved way in the back of one cupboards a vast array of artificial sweeteners and powders that looked to have been bought within the last week or so. Needless to say, I thought you needed to be punished in a way that truly fits your willful disobedience," Beatrix said as she flicked aside a lock of Nina's red hair and adjusted the hand holding the coffee cup.

"Punishment....I.... I don't understand.... " Nina gasped as she found her ability to talk as well as her breathing itself were rapidly vanishing. She could only stand and watch as her employer left the room for a minute and returned with what looked like a desk mirror which she placed on a counter directly in Nina's line of sight. While Beatrix was doing this, her red haired servant felt something happening to her feet and lower legs as if they were changing somehow.... into something.....

"Geez, is the same thing going to happen to me that has happened to others?" Nina thought to herself as she saw her legs and now her arms were taking on a glossy look. She could see what appeared to be lines appearing around her wrists and ankles and felt the unnerving sensation that her pussy was sealing up and becoming composed of the same material that the rest of her now was.

"Well, Nina, since you have a fondness for things artificial, I think you'll enjoy spend the rest of your life as a very sexy mannequin that is made of glossy plastic, " Beatrix said with a wicked smile as she took her hands and adjusted the look on the rapidly changing Nina's face from one of shock and horror to a sultry and steamy look of passion. The domminatrix then draped a pink night shirt around her servant's shoulders and watched the transformation complete itself.

"MANNEQUIN!!!... NOOOOO!!!....." Nina screamed mentally over and over as the change swept up her body transforming her soft skin into rigid plastic. She felt her breasts grow rigid as they became twin mounds of molded plastic devoid of any human characteristics that pushed out seductively against her lacy black bra. At the same time, she felt her anus forming into a circle that seemed to be covered by something metallic and rectangular in nature which Nina knew was a plate for insertion of a support rod like any other display figure.

Strangely, all these changes to her body were producing mixed feelings for Nina : feelings of horror over her situation became mixed with a sense of sexual euphoria over the change particularly when her breasts, pussy and anus were transformed. These feelings came to a head (quite literally) as her angelic face changed into plastic and her eyes became colored glass that showed a faint tinge of humanity that she once had.

However, if Nina thought that Mistress Beatrix was done with her, she was wrong as she felt herself being picked up and carried into another room near the back of the mansion that was barren except for a single high backed chair and a display stand that stood in front of it. Chuckling softly out loud, Beatrix sat the mannequin down on the stand and quickly stripped it of it clothes. The domminatrix then secured the mannequin into the slots at the base though Nina was puzzled by the absence of the insertion of the rod as if it was too short.

"Well, my dear, you're probably wondering why you aren't mounted on the rod like any other mannequin. This stand is rigged to push the rod into you for five minute intervals before withdrawing back downwards. The amount of time between insertions can be varied according to a timer I've built into the stand. Since I've got other business to attend to, I've set the interval to a fairly lengthy period of time but when I'm here with you, you can rest assure the interval will be much, much shorter. Look at it, my dear, as the closest thing you'll get to anal sex for the rest of your life ! " Beatrix said as she clicked the timer on and made sure the stand was plugged in securely to an electrical wall socket. The domminatrix then turned around and left the room leaving a naked mannequin to stand in silence while mentally wondering about how long before the rod raises up......

In Beatrix's bedroom.......

"A long, long day..... luckily almost done..." Beatrix said softly to herself as she took off her robe and walked slowly to her bed with a satisfied look on her face. She took a moment to caress her body noticing how her new gloves and boots looked on her sexy figure. Laying down on the floor in front of the bed, she continued to caress her body running her fingers over her moist pussy and rapidly stiffening nipples. After a few minutes, the domminatrix went to stand up and get ready for bed and the choosing of a servant to please her while sleeping.

However, to Beatrix's shock, she found she couldn't move whatsoever! No matter how much she tried, she was stuck in this pose that left her exposed and vulnerable like many of her servants had been in the past.

"What the fuck is going on?" the domminatrix snapped out loud as she moved her head around looking for a reason why she couldn't move. She saw herself in the mirror that she had recently set up and noticed a set of gloves that were laying on the floor behind her... gloves that looked very familiar for some reason...

Suddenly, like a lightning bolt, the reason why the gloves looked familiar stuck the domminatrix. She had used the same gloves to transform that worthless slut Jocelyn into an inflatable sex toy just a short while ago and she was just laying on them!

"My god ! I'm going to be changed into a LOVE DOLL!!!! Damn!!" Beatrix yelled out loud in anger and frustration as she felt the change start to sweep through her body. She thought of yelling out to her staff but since she didn't carry the antidote to the change in the house, they would be little help to her. Furthermore, she knew the staff had seen her cruel treatment of offending servants and would find great satisfaction in her predicament.

Beatrix screamed in silence as she felt her toes fuse together into smooth appendages devoid of any nails or freckles. She could see seams starting to appear on her arms and legs as her skin rapidly changed from warm flesh to smooth rubber and latex. The domminatrix saw her pussy open like a flower as its' soft pink make up became folds of pink material in an ovular shape. Beatrix could feel her anus moving up and away from her pussy as it took on the same O-shape that her pussy and mouth were taking on. All traces of her pubic hair disappeared as her lower torso became like the rest of her.

Beatrix would have moaned in erotic satisfaction but her ability to talk and breathe had now vanished. Her tits were changing into two mound of rubber capped by bright pink nipples with circular seams around each breast. Beatrix felt her tongue and teeth dissolve away as her mouth became a soft opening ready for probing like the rest of her.

In another minute or two, the transformation was complete and an inflatable love doll sat where the cruel domminatrix Beatrix was just a few minutes ago. The doll's hollow right leg wobbled slightly as fresh waves of A/C cooled air flowed over it and the rest of the sex doll's body.

For Beatrix, her thoughts centered on how she wound up like this. "Those gloves were put away.... how did they wind up on the floor?....." she thought to herself as she awaited her uncertain future..........

Next week.....

The door bell rang at Beatrix's mansion and when the door opened, a young woman in her early 20's walked inside carrying several bags of luggage. She sat them down and looked around for several seconds in awe and amazement before she was approached by one of the servants.

"Miss Janice? My name is Candi and I'll carry your bags up to your new room. Everything is as you requested and your Aunt Beatrix is stored away in your room's closet in her 'new form'," the servant said hastening to pick up the luggage.

"Excellent! Auntie Beatrix never knew that her activities were well known by the family and that it had been decided for a few changes needed to be done. Oh, and Candi...? " Janice said with her voice taking on a more serious tone.

"Yes...? " Candi asked pausing halfway up the stairs.

" Call me Mistress Janice.." the blonde woman said with an evil laugh that reverberated throughout the mansion that would be her home from now on....


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