Latex Skin

by adventail

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© Copyright 2022 - adventail - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; toys; latex; catsuit; hood; doll; F2doll; oral; sex; majick; stuck; cons; XX

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Commissioned by «zeke»

Part 1

A young, unmarried couple pulled up to a huge mansion on the edge of town. There were a lot of people outside, scurrying in and out, even though the sun was blazing and there was nowhere to hide.

A young man got out of the car and adjusted his sunglasses. A young brunette with a bright smile followed him out.

"Are you going to tell me why we drove all the way out here in this heat?"

"You're not listening to me very well, as usual… We're here for the sale!"

People were indeed hanging around for a reason. Along the well-groomed walkway to the main entrance were tables lined with various items of the former owner. There was everything from crockery to full-length plaster statues. As they took their time examining the assortment of merchandise the brunette began to speak softly.

"I wonder if the former owner of this mansion is said to have died years ago after an unlucky breathplay session. The circumstances are murky and unclear to the investigation, but this story is being tried to keep quiet, and his relatives are ashamed of trying to get rid of the jughead's belongings so they can sell this house. Mike, just imagine if we suddenly ended up on one of our wedding nights in some embarrassing way…"

Mike patted her on the shoulder, and when she turned around he gave her a gentle flick.

"I plan on living a few more decades, unlike you."

She looked at him and started to try to flick him back, but Mike interrupted her.

"And I want to live them with you, Clementine."

Mike put his arm around her shoulder tightly and kissed her forehead. She blushed slightly and deftly pulled herself out of his embrace.

"Mike… People are watching…"

"They're also listening, so you have to keep your voice down when you want to say another one of your silly fantasies. By the way, what exactly do we need again?"

Clementine adjusted her glasses and pouted.

"They're not silly at all! Humpf! In fact, I wanted to buy some new furniture."

"You mean old…? We could have gone to a regular store! Imagine that pervert was still probably using it!"

"Why, that's a good marketing ploy."

Mike rolled his eyes and they went inside the mansion that had been converted into a little auction place. The former owner was obviously wealthy and the furniture that was being sold here was custom made of quality material.

"Oh, come quick they're starting the bidding already!"

She grabbed Mike's hand and they ran toward the large crowd where a mustachioed old man was broadcasting to the entire audience. They weren't planning on buying too much; Mike would have had enough for one chair and a dressing table, so he had to talk Clementine out of trying to beat every bid, even though money allowed them to do so.

After an hour and a half of bidding, Mike just wanted to die. He wanted to just sit down, close his eyes, and never open them again. After all, they had taken a little more than they had planned, and the old man who had led the bidding came up to them and told them to go to the back door where they would receive the goods when they packed it up.

At this time the young couple sat down on the leather couch and tiredly exhaled.

"Never going to auctions again this summer," Mike said with his eyes closed.

"Oh come on, it was fun" - Clementine slapped him lightly.

While Mike was trying not to doze off she asked him quietly.

"Do you think they sell this fetishist's 'toys'?"

"What? I don't know, and I don't want to know."

"Maaaan, you're so boring, imagine he had a whole collection of dildos, masks, suits, gas masks, and hmpfhhhhhm!"

People walked by nearby and squinted at her. Mike clamped his hand over her mouth, but realizing that from the outside it looked unethical, he quickly removed his hand and kissed her on the lips. She was surprised at first and tried to pull away, but then she sensed the moment and started acting playful. Mike decided not to turn her on further and interrupted the kiss.

"I told you to be quiet."

She panted a little and puffed up her cheeks again. She stood up so abruptly her skirt went up a little.

"Then I'll go and ransack a few rooms and see if I can find some kind of stash!"

Just as Mike was about to stop her, Clementine, who had gotten loose from a chain, ran into a loader who was walking in their direction.

"Excuse me ma'am, gentlemen your goods are ready to go, we've packed them in crates for easy transportation. I'll help you, can you take me to your car?" - he patted the baby carriage with several boxes in it.

Mike got up and took his girlfriend's hand and led the loader to the car, who in turn led the stroller after them.

After putting three boxes in the car, Mike tipped the loader, and on that good note, they said goodbye to each other. A minute later they were on their way back to sweet home for their legitimate day off. Clementine sulked all the way and didn't speak to Mike. With a kind smile Mike watched her dreamy face, her bouncing mounds, even the way her hand just lay on her thigh covered in black tights next to her pussy made Mike remember what those hands were doing in bed.

"Eh… Why did I end up with such a horny girl?"

His vision went a little unfocused, and when he came to his senses again she was looking at him with a very wide grin. He was at a loss for words until she turned abruptly serious.

"Watch the road."

Mike immediately cheered up and quickly leveled the car out of the oncoming lane.

"What? Are you pwooking at your future wifu-nya?"

"Please don't talk like that" – Mike a little cringed.

"Why do I have to sound and look so kawai, desu? Nya?"

She kept talking like that while stroking her breasts and glancing lustfully at Mike. Mike could hardly keep his attention on the road until he slapped her breasts with a loud pop. She even cried out in surprise, or rather moaned.

"That's it, she won't let go now…"

Now Clementine was shouting obscenities and provoking Mike behind the wheel, and he even thought about threw it all away and fucking her in the car on the road, but common sense still came into Mike's room sometimes, unlike his bride-to-be. So he sighed heavily and tried to ignore her advances all the way home.

Grunting, Mike dragged the penultimate box home.

"Baby, that chair was obviously EXCESS."

"Oh, but no one else has that one I assure you! You can show off to my friend; she's a rare art connoisseur."

"Like you're a connoisseur…"

"Like you're a connoisseur" - Clementine repeated after him and went for the last box.

"Hey wait it's heavy…," Mike wanted to stop her. But she beat him to it and had already managed to pick up the box.

"Huh, and it's not heavy at all."

She said, holding the box over her head. She triumphantly carried it into the living room and set it on the floor.

"Wow, wow, wow wait a minute, it shouldn't be like this… We didn't take anything light! Did they slip us the wrong box?"

Clementine was already standing with a stationery knife.

"Move over."

With deft movements she cut the tape, now it was no trouble to open it.

"Sesame open."

Clementine opened the box. Her smile quickly disappeared, she opened her mouth like "O" and dropped the knife to the floor. Mike stepped closer and his eyes almost popped out of his head. The first thing that caught their eye at all was the black dildo. Mike turned away, making a deep facepalm, while Clementine yelled - "JACKPOOOOOOT!" and started pulling everything out of that box. Latex masks, corsets, binding ropes, a bunch of dildos and vibrators flew to the floor. There was everything, nylon gloves, masks, bodysuits and even zentai. She pulled out the black one and stared at it with burning eyes.

"I've dreamed of trying one of these forever!"

Her gaze flitted back and forth to Mike and back to the costumes. Mike watched as she rummaged through it all like a child and stepped closer, as he himself was curious, but also disgusted that it was probably that pervert's stuff.


She was holding what looked like a deflated love sexdoll. But it was faceless, beige in color and with only three holes - mouth, vagina and anus. It seemed unusual to Mike that the costume was still shiny, even though the owner had died years ago. Clementine stood with her mouth open in surprise; she also noticed the zipper on the back of the sexdoll. She laughed nervously and stretched out her arms with the suit in front of her.

"Ha-ha look I'm your latex sexdoll wife, I only have three holes so use them wisely."

Mike stood blushing and didn't say anything, but the bulge on his pants gave him away. She looked out from behind her suit and smiled slyly. She started rubbing her thighs against each other like she wanted to go to the bathroom.

"Ah… Oh… Ah! I get it, do you want me to wear this?"

"N-no," Mike looked away.

"Yeah? I've always wanted to try latex!" With these words she unzipped and a powerful smell hit her nose, making her head a little foggy. She coughed slightly and dropped the suit to the floor.

"Are you okay?"

Suddenly she pulled off her T-shirt and skirt leaving her in just her underwear.

"I want to put it on… I have such a terrible desire… My pussy is itchy, and you haven't fucked me today, so this is a great opportunity."

"But wait… let's at least unpack…"

Before Mike could finish talking, she had already thrown her bra and hastily removed pantyhose at him, which for some reason smelled very nice. She hesitated to remove her panties and grabbed the edge of them and rubbed her pussy with them until she let out a long, blissful moan. She deftly removed her soaked panties, that it could even see how they stuck to her, and tossed them to Mike.

"You're going to love this."

They landed right on Mike's face, smelling the familiar fishy smell and then realizing they were wet he dropped them to the floor grunting. At this point Clementine was already standing with her suit open in front of her.

"Waaaaaow look there are three inner sheaths."

In place of the three holes inside the suit were three hollow tubes each was about 3 inches long, they would go into her pussy, anus, mouth, and nose, apparently for breathing.

"They're short! I hope you can slip something longer inside."

She sat down on the couch so she wouldn't fall over; she'd never tried wearing a latex suit before, and she hadn't even thought of using any kind of lube. The scent emanating from inside the suit made her flow and the blush never left her face. It might even have had an effect on Mike, too, but he was too preoccupied with the sight of his naked girlfriend.

She tried to slip her leg inside the suit one and tried to smooth it out like stockings or pantyhose, but without lube the process was very tight. Mike went to see if there was anything in the box that would help her, while she struggled to get the other leg inside. The foot even had special compartments for her toes, making it even harder to put on.

After about ten minutes, Clementine was able to pull the suit up to the point where the sheathes touched her holes. She tightened the suit some more and then slowly began to push them inside at the same time.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm… Oooooohh…"

The cold sheathes slowly pushed her labia and anus apart giving her pleasure along with the aphrodisiac. She was a little disappointed that the tubes were a little short.

"Hey, I think I found some lube," Mike ran up to a moaning Clementine with a small bottle.

"Couldn't you have found it earlier?" Clementine began to grumble.

Mike unscrewed the cap and squirted the cold liquid on her breasts, making her moan even more in surprise. Then he retaliated and began kneading her breasts, smearing the lube.

"Be gentle please… Aaaah."

Relishing the massage of her pink nipples his hands then massaged her tummy and moved lower to her spread labia. He was a little too late to lube her tubes so he just teased her pussy, smearing the rest and listening to her squirm with pleasure.

"Now it should be easier to put the rest on."

Her legs and arms were shaking with pleasure, but she found the willpower to slip her hands into the sleeves of the suit. Mike helped her as best he could, and thanks to the lube, it was relatively easy to get the rest of the suit on. Mike didn't give Clementine time to catch her breath, and stood behind her with its hood up at her eye level.

"Say Aaaaaaaaaaah."

"N-no w-wait, I'm not REaaaaghhhhmmpff!"

Mike couldn't wait to see her whole inside the bodysuit, so he enthusiastically put the hood over her head forcing her to swallow the last sheath. He also had to adjust the hood a bit to get the nasal tubes in the right place. She started touching her face and he could clearly hear a disgruntled sniffle. To distract her Mike reached down to her crotch with one hand, she immediately tried to cover herself with her hands, at this point Mike brought the edges closer together forcing her to swallow the whole thing and began to zipper up. Clementine panicked and began trying to pull the bodysuit off, one hand pulling the material on her stomach, the other she caught her mouth and tried to pull the hood off, but Mike was faster and had already zipped up to the base of her neck.

"Just a little more my dear and soon you'll be my latex wife sexdoll."

"Mmmmmmmmmppppffff! Mpppphhhhh!"

She started shaking her head and trying to break free from his grip. She made grunting noises and saliva began to leak out of her latex mouth in a thin trickle. Mike pressed down on her pussy, pushing the sheath even deeper, it was like she was electrocuted and she collapsed in his arms for a second, allowing him to completely seal her bodysuit. There was a little pocket on the back of her head for the tab. Mike cleverly hid it so she didn't have time to grab onto it. And when she started trying to find it on the back of her head she couldn't, she fumbled haphazardly with her hands there, but she couldn't find anything.

"Mmmmmmpf!?? Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!"

Mike stepped back a little further to enjoy watching the faceless beige doll trying to get out of her latex prison. She fumbled with one hand on the back of her head, the other pulling the bodysuit over her breasts, the material stretching but immediately going back into place. He was already too excited by the scene that was playing out.

"It's time to play…"

Mike rather aggressively approached the hapless doll and hugged her from behind, kissing her latex-covered neck. She moaned and began to slap his hand against her leg. Savoring each moment, he slowly plunged two fingers into her open mouth. It was moist inside, but the rubber had time to heat up and so the touch was pleasantly warm. Plunging a little deeper he met her tongue, he gently caught her tongue with two fingers, she in turn wiggled it in different directions smearing saliva over his fingers. Her helplessness amused Mike, so he continued to play with her mouth and gently stroked her breasts. He made big circular motions kneading her lush bun, it made her fret over her latex breasts and she tried her best to stop the caressing, whether she was playing or whether she really wanted it all to stop, Mike didn't think about it, his cock was already resting right on her waist through his pants.

He kept going lower and lower from her breasts to her belly, ignoring her feeble attempts to stop him. At the same time he decided to taste her new latex mouth and tried to kiss her. It was uncomfortable at first, but there was something special about it, that he was kissing some object and not his beloved girl, her whole body was covered in this strange latex from the box. Even kissing her he was exploring the rubber sheath inserted in her mouth, and only the gentle, so familiar tongue he met with his tongue reminded him of her.

When Mike went from stroking her belly all the way to her crotch and then plunged two fingers inside, suddenly she began to grunt and shake.

"Wow, it's so warm and even a little sticky inside… You're my little pervert."

Mike whispered in her ear and continued exploring her hole. She completely lost her ability to keep her balance and fell right into Mike's arms, she grabbed her throat with her hand and put her other hand on Mike's hand that was exploring her pussy.

"Kkkkhh… kkkk…"

She shook her head and made incomprehensible noises, clinging to her throat with her hand. With her other hand, she squeezed Mike's hand and wouldn't let go.

"What's wrong? Is everything all right?"

Mike could see that she seemed to be gasping for breath; he plunged his finger into her mouth again.


He dipped his finger even deeper but didn't find her tongue. He ran his finger around the circle inside the sheath until he felt a bulge under the latex. He rubbed it gently and she mechanically responded to his touch, the bulge lifted slightly but could not break free from the latex prison and soon the bulge shrank again and then disappeared.

"Hey! Clementine!"

His hand was still clutching her latex hand. The tube in her vagina and anus expanded slightly, so much so that a ping-pong ball could fit in there. They also increased in length, filling almost every possible space in her body. Mike felt his fingers squeeze the latex walls of her pussy for a moment, and then his fingers got wet and a thin stream of colorless liquid flowed from her pussy. She jerked violently, her body spasming several times until she relaxed and moved no more. Her hand was no longer clutching Mike's arm and she fell to the floor, listlessly. Mike only now noticed that the suit had shrunk and squeezed poor Clementine, highlighting the curves of her body even more. He tried to get a grip on the material of the suit, but it was as if air had been pumped out of the suit and it was impossible to get a grip.

"Clementine, what happened to you…"

He patted her cheeks gently. Zero reaction. He leaned into her chest to hear her pulse, perhaps because of the latex he couldn't hear anything, but he was sure she was alive as her stomach rose and fell slightly.

"Maybe she's gotten into character and is now playing a sexdoll? I should try it… Khm… A sex doll!"

Zero reaction.

"Mmm… Slave?"

She got up abruptly and stood at attention like a robot.

"Wow… she's doing good."

Mike stood up and looked into her smooth, faceless face.

"Slave, I am your Master! Do you agree? If so, nod."

She immediately nodded.

"I am your Master and you will unconditionally do whatever I say."

She nodded and her hips trembled a little. Mike noticed this and crouched down to look into her vagina. The same colorless liquid was dripping from the inserted tube. Mike decided to test his theory. He ordered her to bend over and turn her ass around. And she did exactly in that order. Mike couldn't resist touching that firm tight ass. He first stroked it, then patted it a little, then groped it. She didn't respond to it in any way. Then he ordered her to stand back up and touch her breasts, and she did. He told her not to stop, and while she did, juice kept dripping from her pussy.

"My God… You almost cum when you follow my orders, don't you?"

She hesitated a little, but nodded anyway.

"I wish you know how I love you… my first and only slave! I want you to cum for me, I allow it…Come on!"

She stood still massaging her breasts. Her movements began to slow down until she tilted her head back and Mike heard her sounds for the first time since her transformation.

"Kkh… Hhhh…"

Her arms hung limply one by one and her hips trembled slightly. Fluid was now dripping down her thighs and shins. But it didn't last long and she stood upright again, as if nothing had happened. Mike laughed and decided to personally touch her tits. She didn't mind, standing like a monolith.

"Wow when the bodysuit shrunk they seemed to get even firmer."

Her nipples were bulging slightly under the latex. He was getting impatient to try out her latex body in action.

"Strip me below the waist."

She calmly and methodically squatted down and removed first your pants and then your panties exposing your long-hungry cock for stimulation. She sat and looked silently in his direction.

"You know what, there's no better reward for you than the Master's cock, right?"

She nodded. Mike saw a bottle of lube nearby and a brilliant thought occurred to him. Taking the bottle in his hands he asked her to raise her head. Putting some lube on his fingers, he started smearing it on the inside of her mouth. Trying not to apply too much lube so she wouldn't get poisoned or anything. He returned her head to its original position.

"Then try to give me the best blowjob possible."

Without foreplay, she immediately engulfed his cock to the base. It wasn't rightly so huge, but he could clearly feel his cock now at the base of her throat. But it didn't stop her from breathing at all, which was amazing, a normal person would have started choking by now. She began to move her head slowly, the latex ribbed walls moistened with her saliva and lube touching his cock and massaging it in different directions. Unprepared for such an incredible experience, he grabbed hold of her head to keep from falling, but that didn't stop her from doing her job.

"Such a smooth and shiny head…"

Mike stroked her head and at the same time decided to examine her up close. Her ears could barely be felt through the latex, the back of her head was smooth and shiny. Except for the pocket he fumbled from memory, he pulled the zipper tab out of there.

"So the bodysuit can be removed."

But suddenly she sped up, and Mike felt like he was about to explode.

"For now, you'll be mine, sex doll…"

Mike hid the zipper tab back and imagining that his girlfriend would forever be an obedient latex sexdoll, he cummed right into her mouth. It felt right down her gullet, but it didn't embarrass her one bit. What Mike didn't see from above was that her hips were trembling and a small puddle had formed underneath her. Only after a moment's rest did Mike realize that his cock was still inside her mouth.

"Ha-ha you can pull it out of your mouth now."

She obediently slowly pulled it out and remained seated quietly on her lap. Saliva mixed with cum dripped from her mouth onto her thighs. Such submissiveness turned him on again.

"Slave, get up and lie down on the bed and wait for me."

She got up and lay on the bed like a mannequin. Mike found this strange and decided to experiment.

"You can act more naturally, say… Like a young girl who is very horny and waiting for her boyfriend for a hot night."

After a second of processing the information, it was as if she relaxed and finally began to act more feminine and human. She tucked her legs under her, hiding her slit underneath and put her finger to her mouth shyly hiding her breasts with her hand from Mike. Such a seductive picture made his nose bleed.

"Ha-ha… Oops… bleeding… You know what! You can play with yourself, I'll be right back."

Mike quickly ran off to the bathroom leaving the latex doll alone on the bed. She strictly followed orders and not leaving her natural image she started to touch herself. She ran her hand over her smooth, shiny face, then plunged her fingers into her mouth while her other hand went wild. She wriggled, twisting on the bed as she waited for Mike to give herself pleasure. Her hand rubbed her breasts and then immediately darted to her crotch. The bed beneath her was already wet, she was indeed highly stimulated after following her Master's commands, she was even capable of cumming from the mere command, "cum".

As for Clementine. She struggled as best she could, at the very beginning she tried to remove the suit because the tubes began to expand and lengthen in her body, causing pain and discomfort. And when Mike began to touch her, her mind began to cloud over, the suit was affecting her, trying to make her into a beautiful obedient doll. Now she was just a frame for a costume that was ready to do its master's bidding. Even though Clementine is half asleep, she can feel everything, she knows perfectly well what she wants and the suit rewards her by sharing the pleasure with her. She felt every touch of Mike, and more importantly, every orgasm. And many times stronger than the average person, which is why she is in constant heat, she is now in a true paradise from which it will surely be difficult to leave later.

The doll continued to play with herself massaging her pussy and anus, she had already cum many times since she had been following orders the whole time. She kept bouncing up and down on the bed with another burst of pleasure until Mike showed up.

"I see you're having fun," Mike said with a smile.

The doll looked in his direction without stopping to touch herself in her private parts. Mike walked over to the doll, and she stared at him without stopping to follow the last order. Seeing that the bed was already all wet he stroked her head and gave the next order, simultaneously lubricating her two holes with lube.

"Let's have sex, try to act natural, let's say act like a shy but very experienced girl, show all you can do!"

She processed this information a little longer, then she stopped pawing herself and quickly changed her behavior. She lay on her back imitating embarrassment and defenselessness, she invited his hands to hers. Mike even thought he saw a blush on her face. He cautiously approached her, lifted her by the arms and embraced her. Her caressing fingers explored his firm back and her cheek rubbed against his neck.

"I'm sorry I can't take it anymore, I'm coming in!"

He lifted her pelvis slightly with his hands and aligned her hole right over his steaming cock. By the way, she seemed even lighter than usual. He slowly lowered her, the tip of his cock touching her moist ribbed walls beginning to twitch. She clasped her hands behind his neck and pretended to be in pain, though there was plenty of space there for smooth entry and exit. Plunging his cock fully inside, he felt himself connecting with her, he didn't even have to make any extra movements, the walls of her vagina seemed to move on their own, his cock felt like it was being sucked inside, the bumps constantly engulfing his cock to the edge. The climax came when she put her open mouth to his mouth. He plunged his tongue inside her hole, it was also wet and ribbed, but he felt as if, indulging his latent desire, he could feel her tongue thrashing through the latex coating. It really touched Mike that at least something in the whole image reminded him that the girl he loved was inside, not a soulless robot doing all his bidding. He grabbed her head in an impulse and kissed her passionately, touching the bulge in her mouth, and she reciprocated.

"So you're in… I'm so glad."

Suddenly she began to move her hips, hooking her hands into his chest. Mike's eyes turned white as he cum inside, all his semen was ejected inside the doll. The doll cummed too, and he felt it with every fiber of his being and body. After the climax they just lay there caressing each other. Mike couldn't help but try anal sex while the opportunity existed, when he recovered he turned her back to him and asked her to bend over. He carefully examined her anus and came to the conclusion that everything was perfectly hygienic.

"May I enter your anus?" Mike asked.

She feigned embarrassment and nodded lightly.

"Excellent," said Mike.

After which they reconnected…

"Look, that was amazing."

Doll nodded as she continued to hug and caress Mike's sweaty body.

"But we've had so much fun with you already, we need to take a break, we have a lot to do today, let's get the bodysuit off you."

The doll hovered for a while, then shook her head and covered the back of her head with her hands. It surprised Mike a little that she wouldn't listen to him; he even had his doubts that Clementine had been playing her part perfectly all along.

"Ahem, you don't want to follow my orders, Slave?"

She trembled a little, apparently she had a cognitive dissonance she couldn't get out of.

"Eh… okay, reset the behavior settings to factory settings."

She hovered, and after a few seconds she was up off the bed at attention. Mike wondered if she could take the bodysuit off now.

"Take off your bodysuit."

Her body trembled slightly again.

"Take it off," Mike repeated.

Her hands darted to the back of her head, she clearly found the tab hidden in the pocket, pulling it out she brought it down to shoulder blades level, then she dropped her hands and didn't move again. Her body began to shake again when Mike heard squelching sounds coming from her mouth he jumped off the bed.

"Hey! Is everything okay?"

He opened the opening wider exposing her sweaty shiny skin, the smell of aphrodisiac mixed with her bodily fluids immediately hit his nose and it turned him on hard, overpowering his sexual desire he pulled the mask. What was his surprise when he saw her face with blurred pupils and tubes that stretched from her nose and mouth, they were much longer than before.

"Brrgghh… gulp… mmhhhhhh…"

When the mask was removed and dangled at the level of her chin, Mike noticed that the sheathes seemed to move. They began to rapidly shrink in size. With a squelching sound, the sheath flew out of her mouth, as did the small nasal tubes. Her head drooped, listlessly and even a little sadly.

"What the fuck!? Is it cursed or something?! It's like… it's alive! You've got to get it off quick!"

Mike lowered the zipper down to her waist, then laid Clementine on the floor, her eyes still gray and a little saliva dripping from her mouth. The bodysuit slid easily from the lube and her bodily fluids. Her hands slipped easily from the sleeves and the suit came off easily around her waist.

"What?! What the fuck?"

No matter how hard Mike pulled, the suit wouldn't come off below her hips. It was like it was stuck, caught on something and wouldn't let go. Mike grabbed the inside of her pussy and pulled.

"Is it stuck?"

The sheathes entering her pussy and anus did not want to come out. Pulling on them was like pulling on her insides. But soon those things began to move as well, speeding up more and more. Mike pulled at this point and with a pop pulled out two tubes that wriggled like tentacles and were at this point about 10 inches long.

"And that's the thing I was sticking my dick in? It was actually pretty good, though…"

While Mike was thinking about it, they had already come to their original state and were no longer moving, they were now about 3 inches long. They were wet and slimy. Without thinking long, he pulled the bodysuit off her legs and tossed it away. Her vagina and anus were much wider from wearing the bodysuit for so long, her pussy was hot and blood red. Needless to say, she was still in heat.

"Hey, Clementine are you okay?"

Mike patted her cheeks, even kissed her on the lips, so that like a fairy tale, the princess would suddenly come to life. But it was as if she were in a trance. After a while she began to move her head and whisper:

"Awww… awa… ahhh… Mi-ke? Mike?"

"I'm here! Wake up!"

She blinked a few times and the fog disappeared in her eyes. She grabbed her throat and coughed. Apparently her body was reacting to the fact that her throat had been filled with a foreign object for a long time. Then her hand darted to her pussy and a shiver ran through it, the fingers on her legs clenching and unclenching, the blush on her cheeks showing that she was really horny now.

"Ahh… Haaaa… Where… Where's the suit? I mean…"

She slapped her thighs, breasts, and face.

"I took it off, don't worry, it's some damn curse."

She bit her lip and then covered her face with her hands. She screamed into her palms.

"You Fool! These are the best things I've ever experienced in my life! It was the most beautiful…two…three…I don't know! It was like an eternity ago! I was in heaven! And you! You ruined it! Aaaaaaaaaaaaah!"

She started clowning around like a little kid, she threw herself at Mike and started girlishly punching him in the chest. Mike laughed because he was tickled by such a sudden attack. Her movements slowed, she was sweating again, and when she threw one last punch and ran out of breath, Mike stood up and lifted her by her armpits. She was much smaller and weaker than him, which was why he liked her. Putting her on his shoulder he headed for the shower room, which was right next door. She started kicking and punching him on the back. Mike had also brought his latex suit with him, which was all crumpled up and wet.

"Let go of me! I'm angry! I'm very angry! I…!"

Mike kissed her left buttock and slipped his finger into her pussy. She squeaked and squirmed in surprise, but she didn't hide the fact that it felt good.

"Ummhmm… mmmm…"

"You're filthy and smelly, you need to take a shower."

She didn't arise again and calmly let herself be brought into the shower room. It was just big enough to hold two people. Mike stepped inside and closed the partition, the warm water gushing from the shower washed away the dirt and sweat on their lustful bodies. He lowered her to the ground with the bodysuit, her face was still blissful, but suddenly she declared:

"I am still angry at you! But… I forgive you if…"

She reached into her bodysuit with one hand, while the other darted to her pussy and she made a lewd face and started pleasuring herself again.

"If you will… suck the sheath that was in my pussy"

She lifted the bodysuit and turned it inside out, exposing the 3-inch slimy wet sheath. She shyly handed it to Mike. His cock tensed, and he embarrassedly took the bodysuit from her hands. He stared at this sheath that was inside her. The thought of tasting it was disgusting, but it was inside Clementine, it smelled so good, and it was the juice of love she was using to prove her love. He carefully put it in his mouth and started sucking on it, afraid that the sheath would move. When the aphrodisiac mixed with her fluids entered his mouth, his body without his knowledge became highly aroused and his cock became even stiffer. His breathing quickened and his face grew even redder. Clementine stood and enjoyed the sight, she was so happy that he was drinking the liquid from her innermost place. With one hand she reached for his cock, while she did not stop masturbating herself.

Mike gritted his teeth at the sudden rush of pleasure, his legs buckled slightly, and he leaned against the wall. When he opened his eyes, her face was right in front of him. It was so beautiful, so familiar, so beloved. Mike pulled the sheath out and gently touched her soft pink lips and opened her mouth. He pointed the end of the sheath and slowly began to sink it in. She closed her eyes and slowly and tastefully began to suck it, the one that was inside her.

Mike ran his hand through her mop of hair and pulled her closer, his cock rubbing against her tummy. She wrapped her arms around his back and she continued to suck it. Latex bodysuit kept dangling in the air until it was sandwiched between their hot bodies. She wasted no time settling on his cock and hooked her legs behind his waist. They had sex right in the shower room, droplets of warm water dripping down their bodies that felt like they were fused together. His cock went in easily, apparently the inserts of the suit not only widened her holes but also lubricated her with something. Mike pulled out the sheath and greedily sucked on her real lips, because he was so tired of the artificial latex for the day and missed her live flesh.

"Ah! Your pussy got a little wider than usual!"

She only smiled and added:

"When I was inside the bodysuit… I could hardly feel anything, my touch was dulled, but I could clearly feel you near me. I couldn't see anything, but I could picture you in my head. I couldn't smell or taste anything, I could feel you trying to lick my tongue through the latex, and it turned me on so much… And when you came inside me… It was like I had an epiphany… And I flew to heaven!"

Mike intensified his thrusts and hugged Clementine hard.

"Aaaaaaahhhh!…! So I ask! Aaaaaaaaaaah… Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm… Let me… Become your latex sexdoll one more time!"

There was a neural activation in both of their brains after these words, for this was what deep down they desired. She wanted to be his obedient latex slave, and he wanted to have an obedient latex wife. Mike cum inside without fear of her getting pregnant, she had days when it was okay to do it. Mike exhaled heavily and gently squatted down without letting her out of his arms.

"I think…we can do it again…"

Clementine smiled wickedly behind his back, for more than anything, she wanted to try the bodysuit again.


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