The Latex Sorceress

by Dollmaster

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© Copyright 2007 - Dollmaster - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/mf; magic; transform; latex; rubberdoll; mannequin; object; cons/nc; X


Marissa searched through the old bookstore, hoping she would find a marital guide. Her marriage was in shambles. She had just found out her husband Don had been cheating on her with his secretary. Marissa didn't want to admit it, but secretly she knew she wasn't as pretty as that slut. Marissa loved Don, and she didn't want to believe he had married her a year ago just because she gave good head.

She couldn't find what she was looking for, and she headed for the door. She was stopped by the store's owner, a hunched old woman covered in a black shroud.

"I have what you are looking for, my child."

"Really? I didn't see it."

"You're eyes can deceive you... don't trust them."

She motioned for Marissa to follow her. They went to the back of the store, and the old woman handed her a dusty book.

"This has everything you need to fix your problems."

Marissa looked down at it. It was very old, but she figured it couldn't hurt.

"How much?"

She smiled. "Consider it a gift, from one woman to another."

"Thank you so much."

Marissa smiled and raced back to her apartment. She plopped on her bed and began to read, trying to find a way to save her marriage. Her husband wouldn't be home for several more hours, so she wouldn't be disturbed.

After a few hours of reading, Marissa sat up and rubbed her eyes. What sort of book is this, she thought. Runes and lines of force? Incantations? She thought a moment. Wait.... this is a book of magic. She closed the book and started to cry. How was a magic book going to help her with her marriage. The phone rang, and the machine picked it up before she could get to it.

"Honey, it's me... work is going to keep me here all night. Sorry."

Yeah right, she thought. That slut is keeping you there all night. They're probably going to fuck on the boss's desk. Her mind went back to the book. Wait a minute... if I can learn to do it, I can magic Don back to me.

She ran back into her room and opened the magic book. She read more thoroughly, and began to understand what she had to do.

* * * *

Marissa sat in the middle a secluded wood, surrounded by red and purple candles, the book open in front of her. She was nude, as the book suggested she be, the soft candlelight playing off her smooth skin. She wasn't as unattractive as she thought she was, just not super-gorgeous. Her long hair was smooth and shiny, and her skin was perfectly clear. Her body was well-proportioned, with a layer of womanly fat in the right places. She was quite cute, but she didn't want to be cute.

Marissa picked up the book and stood in the circle of candles She began to chant in an alien language, and the air started to move around her. She got further into the spell, and the air created a vortex around her, spinning leaves into the air. She could feel the earth's power being drawn into her feet and legs. She yelled the last of the spell over the whirling wind, and the magical power exploded into her body. Marissa screamed with ecstasy as the energy filled her and caused an orgasm.

Marissa woke up the next morning as the sun was coming up, naked and cold. She found the book lying beside her and grabbed it. She went back to her car and drove back into town, hoping no one would see her. She got back to her apartment and sprinted inside. She shut the door and found her husband standing naked staring blankly at the wall.


"Yes, Mistress..." he said rather monotonously.

She thought for a moment. Mistress?

"Get on your knees, Don."

He silently kneels in front of Marissa, awaiting her command. She noticed her was only inches from her furry crotch. She smiled.

"Slave, lick my pussy."

His tongue reached out and grazed her flesh. She smiled and shuddered as pleasure ripples up her spine.

"Keep going, slave... eat my pussy."

Don latched himself onto her sex, mouth pulsating wildly. Marissa's legs slowly turned to jelly, and she lowered herself to the floor. Don positioned himself between her legs and pressed his face into her sex, his only thought on making her come. And she did with a great moan. She lied on the floor for a moment, basking in the glow of her orgasm.

"Slave, go put on a catsuit and hood."

Don got up and silently did as he was told. A few minutes later, he returned a glistening latex slave. The catsuit was her favorite. It had attached feet and gloves and penis sheath. The hood covered his entire head except for his eyes, and had short tubes in his nose. Marissa walked over and, with a big smile, impaled herself on her slave's erect rubber cock. She rocked her hips back and forth, and felt another orgasm building. She exploded, squeezing her slave's cock tight with her muscles. Don's face was impassionate, like a doll's.

"Hmmm... now I what I am going to do with you, Don... you've been a bad boy lately."

She ran her hands over his body, and the rubber seemed to become even shinier, almost wet-looking. She pressed against his crotch, and felt it give ever so slightly. Curious, she pressed again, and watched as part of Don's rubber sheathed penis was absorbed into the rubber suit. She giggled and sculpted his manly crotch into something smooth and featureless. She moved up to his face and pushed his facial features into his head, creating a blank, black rubber globe. She laughed at her husband's predicament, an androgynous, black rubber statue.

"And now for the final touch."

Marissa walked around behind the black doll and placed herself firmly against his backside. She reached around, and slowly pulled his body toward her. The black rubber oozed around her body, forming a shiny coating. She pushed Don's legs against her's, and the catsuit began to form around her body. She smoothed the latex along her arms and breasts, leaving only her head uncoated. She could feel her husband's rage as he became the catsuit. She silenced him and absorbed his life-energy, leaving him a mindless slave catsuit. She pressed the head to her face, and coated her head in rubber. She smoothed it over her face, and the rubber became tighter and tighter, creating a perfect replica of her face. She did the same with the rest of her body, causing the catsuit to shrink and hug her form. Her nipples stood proudly out from her breasts, and the folds of her sex were well defined. She finished with her feet, each toe perfectly separated in shiny black latex. Marissa looked in the mirror and smiled with black rubber lips. She looked shrink-wrapped in black latex.

"Hmmm.... it need something."

She went into her room and grabbed her only pair of heels, and put them on. The latex flowed around the 3-inch shoes, making them a seamless part of the catsuit.


Her hands went down to her crotch, and she began to caress it. The latex shifted, forming a solid rubber dildo. The dildo grew into her wet pussy as she fondled herself, and she felt herself getting weak in the knees again. She smiled when she felt the dildo throb inside her, as if her husband's cock were trying to come to life. She dropped to the floor and massaged her sex until she came, thrashing around the living room. Marissa took a few moments to regain her senses, then stood up and ran her finger down the middle of her back. The catsuit came apart, starting at the top of her head and going down to the top of her round butt. She reached up and pulled the hood from her head, and the catsuit sort of slipped off her body into a pool of shiny latex on the floor. Not a trace of sweat was inside the rubber. She stepped out of the suit and carefully folded it and put it in her dresser, then called the police to report her husband missing.

* * * *

After three months, the police declared Don dead. For all intents and purposes, he was. He now only existed as a latex catsuit to pleasure Marissa. The life insurance check came, and Marissa fell to her knees, crying. $6.2 million. I'll never have to work again, she thought happily. She moved out of the apartment and bought a condo, and began her new life as a latex sorceress.

Part Two - The Latex Sorceress Strikes Again

Marissa had been living well on the insurance money brought by the supposed death of her husband Don. Only she knew he had become a fetish latex catsuit by her new, magical powers. She had set herself up as a mistress, catering to the latex fetish community in the city. Marissa had a vast collection of latex clothing, but only one living catsuit. She wanted more.

There was a young, quiet couple who came infrequently but regularly to visit Mistress Marissa and indulge in their latex fetish. The young woman, Tammi, liked to dress as a latex mannequin and let her husband have his way with her, and the male, Carson, liked to become a white latex slave doll for his wife to use and peruse. Both fantasies were possible because of Marissa's magic, and the two fit her plans perfectly.

That night, the couple returned to Marissa's condominium of latex. The woman's husband requested that he become the latex doll to satisfy his horny wife. Marissa was more than happy to oblige, and handed him a pure white latex catsuit, complete with closed hood, gloves, feet, and penis sheath. The man put on the catsuit and zipped it up, then allowed the mistress to change him into his wife's favorite toy. Marissa placed her hands on his head, and the latex seemed to come alive and flow around his face, becoming tighter and tighter until his face seemed to be made of white latex. She swiftly ran her hands over the rest of his body, and the latex shrank on his form.

"He's your to command, child."

"Thank you, my mistress."

The woman began to pleasure herself with her latex doll, and Marissa went to her private room. The entire room was done in shiny black latex. She had taken her old, antique, queen-size post bed and, using her powers and some latex sheeting, coated the entire thing into a Victorian-style rubber bed, complete with thick rubber sheets and a long, firm rubber pillow. She had taken up the carpet and replaced it with soft foam padding covered with black latex. The walls were all covered in black latex sheets, permanently bonded to the walls by her magic. She went over to the closet and stepped inside. She had taken the door off and replaced it with a thick, black, rubber sheet split down the middle.

She took from the closet a long, tight, black rubber mistress dress and her catsuit/husband. She could feeling it getting warmer, as if what life-force remained in the suit anticipated her. She lay down on her rubber bed, breathing in the wonderful smell of the latex, and started to slip the catsuit over her feet. It went on as if it were lubricated, and she was soon coated from head to toe in wonderfully tight black latex. She took the mistress dress and slipped it over her head, and it too went on smoothly, the shiny catsuit underneath being perfectly frictionless. It only compressed her lithe body even more, and she felt wonderful. She stood up on her three-inch heels and slowly walked back into the playroom, where Tammi was riding her doll husband to climax.


Tammi looked up, worried.

"Have I done something to displease my mistress?"

"No. I want to play a new game. Stand."

Tammi released herself from her husband's white latex cock with a wet pop and stood up.

"Doll, stand behind Tammi and enter her."

A look of happiness crossed her face, and she tried to keep herself under control. The doll stood up and walked around behind Tammi, then thrust slowly into her soaking pussy from behind. Tammi shuddered with delight and barely could remain standing. She lowered her hands to her crotch.

"I didn't say you could move, Tammi!"

Tammi froze and looked pleadingly at Marissa. The black latex face smiled and placed her latex hands on Tammi's face.

"You will become like a mannequin until you come."

A blank stare came over Tammi, and her limbs froze as the doll continued to pump her. Love juices ran down the inside of Tammi's leg.

"Doll, move closer."

The doll pressed its body as close as it could to Tammi and kept on fucking her.

"Closer, doll."

The doll move closer, and the latex began to ooze around Tammi's body, slowly at first. The doll kept moving, and more latex encased Tammi, until she could no longer be seen inside her husband's larger form. His penis had disappeared, and he seemed to be pumping backwards, as if his cock faced inward into Tammi's pussy. Marissa laughed and started to run her hands over the doll's body. The white latex shrank, and started to hug Tammi's stiff body. It grew tighter and tighter, until she really was a white latex mannequin, covered by her own husband/catsuit. She felt the mannequin shudder and slowly come out of the trance. Her eyes opened, and were instantly coated with latex, leaving her sightless. She tried to form words with her mouth, but it too was sealed closed by the white latex. Even her nose was sealed by the catsuit, and she was kept alive by its magic.

"You are now mine, my dear. My own toy mannequin."

Tammi shook her head, and the rubber squeaked as she moved. Marissa took Tammi's arms and slowly pressed them into her sides, melding them into the latex catsuit. She could no longer move them. Tammi screamed in her throat.

"Quiet, my dear. I think you'll enjoy your new life. I know your husband does."

Marissa grabbed Tammi's ass with both hands, and opened a hole around her hole in the latex. She picked up the mannequin stand Tammi loved using, and spread k-y jelly over the butt plug at the end. She positioned it under her hole, and slowly jacked it up. It pressed against Tammi's ass, and slowly went inside her. Marissa jacked it up more, and Tammi was forced to stand on her toes to maintain her balance. Marissa stopped jacking and tightened the stand so it wouldn't slip back down. She found a pair of white 5-inch heels and slipped them on Tammi's feet. The latex flowed over the shoes, making them a seamless part of the suit.

"And now, my new toy... become a mannequin."

Tammi stopped squirming around and froze stiff, her arms melted partially into her sides and wrapped around her body. Marissa put her hand on the mannequin's crotch, and a long, white rubber dildo appeared just above Tammi's crotch. Little warts formed on the underside of the dildo over her clit. Marissa opened her crotch and slid down the dildo, wet with her own juices. She smiled when she noticed Tammi had also become wet again. Marissa rode the mannequin until the orgasms washed over her. She got down and caught her breath, then carried the mannequin into her room and admired her new functional decoration.

Part Three - The Latex Sorceress takes more

Mistress Marissa was quite pleased with her new, black rubber toy. A handsome, well-built young man had come in desiring to be subjugated by her. He had heard about the wonderful things she did with latex, and was prepared to become her rubber slave. He had no idea what she would do with him, though. She had him dress in her tightest male catsuit with penis sleeve. She pulled a black hood over his head that left only his mouth open. He stood motionless, feet slightly apart, and Marissa changed him. She pushed his black, latex arms into his sides, obliterating them, then erased his eyes , nose, and ears. She left his mouth open, and created latex lips and a tongue for her pleasures. Finally, she slipped a hollow, black rubber sleeve over his cock and melded it to his cock, adding three inches to its length and doubling its circumference. The boy had become the ultimate female pleasure toy. She absorbed enough life-energy to enslave him, but left enough to let him think only on how to best pleasure her, and had just walked him into her chambers beside the white latex mannequin.

Marissa stood and admired her room for a moment. She had made several improvements in the past few months. The posts of her bed were now tall, black rubber slave girls, each with a black rubber dildo hand deep inside their pussies. Marissa had made sure each would feel unending and unbearable pleasure. No doubt they had already lost all conscious thought. She had a few male, black rubber statues, each with their own spotlight, against one wall. All were permanently erect, ready for Marissa to pleasure herself on them whenever she wished. Her pillow had gained some decidedly female curves, as Marissa had taken to sleeping on a well-endowing woman's chest. Her pillow also had arms and legs, each ending in a dildo molded from her hands and feet. But, her masterpiece was a rubber sculpture she was so proud of.

A latex-loving couple had come to her and asked her to make them into a work of art. Marissa was only to happy to oblige. She had made the husband enter his wife from behind, and left their genitals bare, so they could enjoy their eternity as art. She melded their bodies together, creating a four-armed, four-legged creature of black latex. She erased the man's features, and moved his latex mouth down just above his wife's pussy. She took his head and shaped it into a long, thick, solid rubber dildo and placed it just under the rubber mouth in the woman's crotch.

The husband's hands she molded into dildoes, as she did the wife's feet, pressing them together to form one dildo. She turned her legs up and around, so that the feet dildo was pointing up and inward, so Marissa could sit on it and be butt fucked and have her pussy eaten at the same time. She took a swipe of latex and covered the couple's genitals, so they could continue to pleasure themselves without making a mess of Marissa's artwork. She thought the wife was rather pretty, so she left her black latex face alone, as well as her hands, in case Marissa wished to be fondled. She drained some of their life-energy, enslaving them and subjecting them to eternal pleasure, and placed her new work with the doll and mannequin.

Marissa wanted ever more. She wanted to be surrounded by living latex at all times. She had already taken to wearing her husband/catsuit all the time, taking it off only to bathe. She even slept in it, and wore other latex garments on top of that. One day, a gay couple came in and professed to her that they wished to become latex men forever. She agreed to help them, smiling. She dressed one in a one-piece, total coverage catsuit of heavy, black rubber, and the other in a thinner catsuit with a hood with open eyes.

She told the first man to wait outside, while she worked with the second in her chambers. She told the man to lie down on her bed and she got on top of him and stroked his cock stiff. She then impaled herself, and began to ride her rubber slave. He's certainly enjoying this for being gay, she thought. Midway through her ride, she started to change him. Slowly, she started to push his chest into the rubber sheet, until he was halfway buried in it. He started to climax, and she pushed him the rest of the way in. Now his head, arms, and bottom half were sticking out of the rubber sheet. She reworked his face, ridding him of his nose, mouth and ears. She watched with glee as the stricken look in his eyes turned to amazing pleasure as she pushed his head under. His bottom half responded, pumping Marissa fast and hard, and she too had a wonderful orgasm. She finished by pushing his feet into the sheet, so that two bent legs and a waist stuck out of the lower half of her sheet, and two glossy black arms out of the top. She collected herself, and went back outside.

The other man could not see or hear, so he could not have known of his lover's predicament. Marissa ran her hands all over the man's rubber body and slipped her lips over his erect manhood. He shuddered and started to pump her face. He came quickly, too quickly for Marissa, and she decided he should be punished.

She went around behind him and, still wearing her husband/catsuit, pressed herself into the gay man, turned him into a catsuit as well. The rubber of the two suits flowed together, and compressed Marissa's body ever more. The black rubber flowed inside her pussy, forming a perfect latex replica of her flower, and deep inside her ass, like a hollow butt plug. By her command, it flowed deep up her nose, into her ears, and around her mouth and tongue and down her throat. She was becoming the perfect rubber woman. She increased her bust, and thickened the latex around her waist, forming a seamless corset.

The transformation ended, and Marissa was now the ultimate rubber mistress.

She was beautiful.

She was rubber.

Part Four - The Latex Sorceress returns

Marissa was bored again. After a year of creating wonderful rubber and latex slaves out of people, she was bored of their mindless state. Every time she created something new, she had to absorb some of the victim's life-energy to enslave them. That same process also robbed the victim of their will and creativity. She wanted someone who would willingly give herself (for Marissa had grown to like women more than men) to her to become a rubber slave, someone who she wouldn't have to enslave, someone whose imagination could be set free to send her to new heights of pleasure.

The latex sorceress lay on her bed, thinking. her shiny, black rubber skin reflected the dim light coming from her bathroom. She didn't even know why she kept it. She hadn't needed to use the bathroom or shower in months. Indeed, she hadn't gotten out of her living catsuit in two months. It was too much a part of her to want to take it off. She had long forgotten what she looked like without it on, but she really didn't care. Latex and rubber were her life and joy. She sighed as the numerous shiny black latex hands caressed and massaged her body, and other arms ending in dildo hands filled all her holes. A few weeks ago, she found out her pussy could stretch farther than it ever had, and she delighted in sticking arms and heads in her silt and feeling shrink back to its normal size. In fact, she had become tighter, as she had been before she lost her virginity. Her anus was the same way, able to stretch outrageously, and return to her pre-sex tightness. She loved being filled with large dildos.

As the hands and dildos slowly pleasured her, she thought about which one of her clients would make the best slave. Tiffani acted submissive, but she was very domineering with her boyfriend Mark. Candace was a nymphomaniac. She only came to Marissa for the mind-blowing orgasms she could give. She wasn't a true latex lover. And then there was Andrea. She came alone, unwilling to express her sexual nature outside of Mistress Marissa's condo. And what a submissive nature is was, she thought. Yes, Andrea would be perfect. The wheels started to turn as her body shuddered from its first orgasm of the day.

That night, Andrea showed up for her weekly session with Marissa. As always, she greeted her mistress by kissing and licking her latex toes.

"Rise, Andrea," she said smiling.

The girl, who was really no more than 18 or 19, stood up with her eyes cast down in submission.

"You may look at me, slave Andrea."

Marissa looked into her eyes and saw the sexual hunger and love for tight, black, shiny rubber in them.

"Andrea, how would you like to become my slave on a full-time basis? You may speak your mind."

"I....I don't know, mistress. My work...."

"You would never again have to work. All your needs would be taken care of. All I require is that you become my slave totally."

Andrea looked away and thought for a moment.

"I know this would be a big decision, Andrea. You don't have to answer now."

She turned back and looked Marissa straight in the eyes.

"Yes, mistress. I want to become you slave totally. Take me and mold me into your perfect slave."

Marissa smiled. "Thank you, Andrea. I must prepare you. Follow me."

The women went into the bathroom. Marissa pulled out a small black latex bag, filled it with warm water, and attached a long rubber tube to it.

"Lie down on your side, Andrea," she said as she lubed the end of the tube. She knelt down in front of Andrea's round ass.

"Just relax, Andrea."

Marissa pushed the tube into Andrea's ass. It made a sucking sound as her muscles drew the tube inside her body. Marissa slowly squeezed the bag, filling Andrea with the warm water.

"How do you feel, Andrea."

The girl smiled. "Warm and full. I feel like I really need to go," she giggled. Marissa laughed too.

"You must hold it in as long as you can."

Andrea nodded and closed her eyes tight. There were a few minutes of silence.

"Mistress, I can't hold it anymore. Please, let me go."

Marissa knew Andrea would hold it until she commanded her to release. Since the first day, thus had been their relationship. Marissa lifted her onto the toilet.

"You may go, Andrea."

A look of utter relief spread over Andrea's face as her bowels expunged their contents. Marissa cleaned her and repeated the scene twice more, until the water ran clear.

"Now that I have cleansed you, we will move on to the next step."

In Marissa's bedroom, hanging from the ceiling, was a shiny rubber mummy bag created from a rather arrogant male latex lover. Marissa lowered the bag and commanded it to open. Inside were three dildos, one for each hole, pointing into the bag. The breast cups had little warts of rubber in the nipples, and the area around the clitoris, just above the pussy dildo, also had the same warts.

"In you must go, Andrea."

Andrea took a deep breath, and wiggled her leg into the bag. It was a very tight squeeze, and there was an audible plop when her foot was seated properly. She worked her other leg in, and stood up. Marissa worked the two lower dildos into her pussy and anus as Andrea slid her arms into the tight rubber sleeves. The fingers at the end of each sleeve were splayed out and incredibly tight, so Andrea could no more move her fingers than she could the rubber statues across the room. Marissa gave her a quick kiss, and slipped the tight, form-fitting hood over Andrea's head and slipped the dildo in her mouth. She made sure she could breath and, with Andrea moaning contentedly inside, sealed the mummy bag closed and hoisted it back above her bedroom. Every so often, the bag would squirm and wiggle as Andrea came inside it. The mistress's next clients show up just as she finished hoisting the bag. Two couples who loved latex and love sharing each other. Marissa knew exactly what she would do with them.

A few hours later, the two men were now mindless rubber zombies, and the women were a living rubber frame for Marissa's new slave to rest in. Marissa took her slave down and fished her out of the bag. Her eyes were glazed over and the biggest smile was on her face.

"Mistress? Can I go home now, Mommy?"

Marissa laughed. Her mind had been melted by sex.

"Andrea, it's Marissa, your mistress."

"We're not in Kansas anymore, Toto," she replied dreamily.

Marissa leaned over and kissed her slave deeply. The life began to return to her eyes.

"Oh, mistress.... I've never felt so good before in my life."

She smiled. "It only gets better from here. Come. I must finish your preparations to become my perfect slave."

She commanded the black rubber zombies to take Andrea, one in her pussy and one in her anus. Andrea moaned and writhed as Marissa pushed the two zombies together, the thick latex flowing around Andrea's body and engulfing her. Soon she was completely encased, and Marissa began to shape her new slave. She made the latex flow deep into her soaking pussy, replicating each fold of her flower in perfect detail. She formed a hollow butt plug, and drove it deep into her ass. The latex flowed up her nose and in her ears and into every crevice. Slowly, her face became apparent again, growing more and more detailed as the latex shifted and adjusted. Marissa stopped her molding and stood back to admire her new rubber woman.

"You can look at yourself, Andrea."

She slowly walked toward the wall mirror and gazed at herself in total excitement. Her entire body was a gleaming, black puddle of rubber. She grinned, and the rubber stretched and pulled at her face. Only her deep brown eyes were apparent. Even her teeth and tongue had been coved by the liquid latex.

"I'm.... I'm prefect... a perfect rubber woman..... a perfect slave."

Marissa walked up behind her and started to pinch her rubber nipples. She soon stood proudly at attention, and Andrea shuddered in delight.

"And now, my new slave.... pleasure me."

"Yes, my mistress. I love only you," she said as she got on her knees and licked a black rubber pussy with her black rubber tongue.





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