Latex Bondage Doll

by Lilithtv

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© Copyright 2014 - Lilithtv - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; F/m; D/s; catsuit; latex; mask; wig; boots; corset; bodyform; club; bond; xframe; bdsm; cbt; toys; insert; denial; oral; climax; cons; X


Karl unpacked his suitcase on the motel bed as soon as he checked into the room. He wanted to have everything just so when he finished his shower and was ready to dress for his evening at “Bondage A Go-Go.” He carefully unfolded the soft, glossy black PVC cat suit, unzipped its top fly (the crotch had a separate hidden zipper that unfastened from below) and laid it out full length on the bedspread, ready to wear.

He took the opera length black plastic gloves from their flat box, unfolded them and undid the small zippers at both wrists, then stretched them out carefully next to the plastic body suit. He unfolded the corset and placed it at the foot of the bed, then placed the thigh-high zippered black vinyl boots with their shaped, six-inch heels next to the bed, removing the tissue paper he had stuffed into them to help preserve their shape.

The upper body came next: a pullover, sleeveless vest made of latex with large, well-formed silicone breasts that jiggled provocatively as he placed the garment on a chair. A pair of charcoal gray thigh-high nylons was still wrapped in its package from the department store. He broke the seal and removed them, enjoying their silky feel as he hung them over the chair’s back.

Finally, he opened the large hatbox and pulled out the long blonde wig and rubber full-head mask stretched over the foam wig stand it contained. He placed the mask and hair – which looked like a beautiful woman’s severed head – on the dresser. Next to it, he set the posture collar, an elaborately formed leather corset fashioned to tightly buckle around the wearer’s neck and hold his or her head in a rigid erect position, eyes to the front.

His preparations finished, Karl stripped, hung his clothes in the closet and took a warm, soothing shower. As the water rinsed over him, he smiled, anticipating the pleasures that awaited him as a female bondage doll at the BDSM party that night. After drying thoroughly with a fluffy towel, he set to work getting ready for his evening of adventure.

First he powdered his upper body with talcum and a large puff, then wriggled into the tight-fitting rubber torso by pulling it over his head. Entering the garment wasn’t easy, since the latex had been molded from the upper frame of his former girlfriend, Livia, a woman who was about four inches shorter than Karl and weighed about 40 pounds less than he did. It took about15 minutes to stretch and slide the tight rubber torso into place completely.  The garment ended just below his navel and came all the way to the base of his neck, with snug openings at the top for his head and at the sides through which he could slip his arms. Studying his image in the mirror, he twisted and contorted his upper body until the soft, jiggly silicone-filled breasts were precisely positioned over his own cleanly shaven chest.

Fortunately, Livia had a mammoth bosom for a small woman, and the torso gave him female breasts that were almost exactly proportionate to his chest, weight and height. He shook himself slightly and smiled as the breasts bobbled naturally with the movement.

“So far, so good,” he said with satisfaction.

Next he wrapped the light pink satin corset around his waist and carefully cinched the lacings from the top and bottom toward the middle until the busk was completely closed. Besides trimming his abdomen a breath-taking six inches – two more than recommended – the stiff, heavily boned garment also molded his hips and upper chest and lifted his latex breasts into a voluptuous 43-30-42 hourglass.

He sat for a few moments to catch his breath and adjust his respiration to the extreme confinement. He actually enjoyed the restraint, but then it fit precisely into his fantasies of bondage and confinement. After a few moments, he rose to finish donning his costume.

He rolled the nylons onto his smooth legs expertly and clipped the stockings to the eight garters that dangled from the bottom of the tight corset. He stepped into the cat suit and pulled it over his legs and hips, then shrugged the upper part of the garment over his shoulders, tugging it until it covered his upper body perfectly. He pulled the front zipper up only as far as his prominent latex breasts while he worked his hands into the arms of the vinyl suit, then he closed the zippers at the bottoms of the legs and arms snugly, leaving the front open so he could put on the mask.

The PVC boots slipped smoothly onto his feet and he stretched the tops up over his thighs before he zipped them shut at the sides. Standing up, he walked around the room for a few moments to get used to the towering six-inch heels.

Finally, he stripped the straight blonde wig from the wig stand and pulled the rubber mask off the plastic foam head that supported it.

The mask was made of very soft latex so that a wearer could – with considerable effort – pull it over his or her head. Karl smoothed his own hair back, placed the bottom of the mask over the crown of his head like a watch cap and slowly, carefully, pulled it down, taking care to keep the painted and molded face lined up with his own features.

When he had the rubber hood far enough on his head to cover his eyes, nose and mouth, he felt a slight sensation of claustrophobic panic. But as the mask slid the rest of the way into place with the soft rubber hiss of escaping air, his own lips and nose filled the doll-like features molded exquisitely into it and he was able once more to breathe normally.

He centered the mask’s ears over his own after using them as pulls to lift the latex face sufficiently so that the air tubes in the nostrils filled his own and his eyes were aligned with the ¼-inch holes that had been drilled in the “pupils” of the porcelain prosthetic eyes glued inside the rubber doll’s face.

Karl had molded the mask – like the pullover torso – from the same remarkably pliable flesh-colored latex. As a model, he had used the life mask and head and shoulders bust he had made of Livia when they were still together. Livia, who had also been a bondage freak, had worn the mask and torso herself to fetish events several times during stints as Karl’s latex fetish doll. After they split up, he had closed off the breasts and filled them with silicone so he could wear it himself, since he was not as favorably endowed with mammary material as his ex-girlfriend.

Livia had been allergic to most cosmetics and never used them herself because they made her eyelids swell and gave her a slight rash. To compensate – and make the mask a bit more stimulating – Karl had painted the latex face with a highly detailed and rather exotic “make-up” treatment using liquid latex with various colorings added, including black for mascara and highly arched brows, a dark pink “blush,” several gradations of “eye shadow” in shades of lime-green, olive brown and shock white. He had finished the lips with a dark, glossy red that bordered on burgundy. For a shocking final touch, he had mounted the prosthetic porcelain eyes with sea-green clear transparent plastic lenses that gave the doll-like features a look of wide-eyed amazement.

Karl adjusted the neck of the mask, smoothing it over his own throat, then zipped the cat suit all the way up to the top of its turtleneck collar. He wrapped the posture collar around his throat and cinched the four roller buckles at the back as snugly as possible. The collar dipped low in the front and back to force his head stiffly erect, and had a slight curve under his chin that lifted his face at an attentive angle. The high sides ended just below the doll’s molded rubber ears and kept him from turning his head to left or right. Instead, the collar forced him to turn his whole upper body from his tightly-corseted waist in order to see either direction.

Finally, he fitted the long straight blond wig over the bald crown of the latex mask and tugged it gently into place before brushing its bangs down to the mask’s high, thin brows and at the sides and back so the glossy hair hung draped over his shoulders.

He studied his image in a full-length mirror on the closet door with satisfaction before pulling the shiny, long black gloves over his hands and arms and closing the six-inch zippers on the insides of both wrists. In a little less than an hour, he had transformed himself from a very conventional looking man, 5’8 “ tall and 155 pounds, into a voluptuous and sexy female doll clad from head to toe in shiny, black vinyl or lifelike latex. Every square centimeter of his body was concealed under his sex doll costume. Aside from his bizarrely shocking plastic clothing, from a distance he appeared to be a garishly made up young blonde, with jutting, jiggling breasts, a slender waist, pouting lips and a bedroom face, mincing in front of the mirror in high-heeled fetish boots that turned her into a 6’3 “ Amazon.

He opened a package of Misty 120’s, fumbled one free with his glove-bound hands and lit it with a small butane lighter. Standing before the full-length mirror, he smoked silently, exhaling through the mask’s feminine nose. He smiled and the doll, unblinking, smiled back, showing his teeth inside her dark red lips. He opened his mouth as far as he could and the doll’s lips formed a perfect “O”, allowing him to blow two large smoke rings. No part of his male face could be seen, regardless of how he distorted his latex doll’s features. The mask – except for its wide green, staring eyes – looked completely natural. Not to mention extremely erotically stimulating.

After parading back and forth in front of the mirror and admiring his new feminine body and head, he sank gracefully into a chair, crossed his long, vinyl covered legs and sat smoking, lost in thought.

“I look pretty damned sensational,” he said, smiling, in a breathy deep soprano he had practiced privately for several weeks with a hand-held recorder. “In fact, I look better than sensational. I am a fetishists dream girl, all woman and dressed specifically for erotic pleasure.”

He used a gloved hand to rub the smooth space between his legs were his masculinity was pinioned, feeling the throb as his swollen, trapped penis tried unsuccessfully to escape from its nylon and vinyl prison. He was completely turned on by his costume, which squeezed every part of his head and body tightly in a rapturous luxury of confinement.

Karl’s elaborate girl suit was virtually air-tight, and he began to feel a dewy layer of light perspiration forming on his skin under the overlapping layers of vinyl, leather, boned satin, rubber and acrylic hair. He took another deep drag from the cigarette, enjoying the glow, and let the smoke drift lazily from his dark red lips and delicate rubber nostrils before rising, picking up a tiny shoulder bag that already held his room key, driver’s license, some money and another package of Misty’s. Slipping the open pack and lighter into the small purse, he gave himself a last once over in the mirror and headed out into the night.

A middle-aged couple chatting in the hotel lobby fell silent and stared as Karl – now “Karla” – strolled gracefully past, swinging “her” hips in an exaggeratedly feminine manner that was partly dictated by her tight corset and the mechanics of walking in her breathtakingly high-heeled boots.

As she stood on the sidewalk outside the lobby door, two passing taxis nearly collided responding to Karla’s upraised, black-gloved hand. She slid into the back seat of the first vehicle, glanced at the driver’s staring eyes in the rear view mirror and smiled.

“Take me to 1643 Jackson Street,” Karla said in her well-practiced feminine purr. “The fetish club ‘Eye Candy,’” she added, though she was certain the driver had never heard of it.

The driver hung a tight U-turn, his eyes never leaving her face in the rearview. “Bondage A Go-Go, eh?” he said with a smile. 

“I dropped a woman there earlier tonight,” he added, flicking his eyes back to traffic. “Of course, she wasn’t anywhere near as . . . striking . . . as you are.”

Karla smiled, locking eyes with him in the mirror. “Mind if I smoke?” she asked.

He grinned. “Go ahead,” he answered. “I wouldn’t mind having one myself, but I am out right now.”

She fished two of the ultra longs from her handbag, inserted them in her bright red latex lips and ignited them with the butane lighter.  She handed one up to him through the opening in the plastic shield that separated the driver from the passenger compartment. “Here,” she purred throatily, exhaling a cloud of smoke. “Have one of mine. Hope you don’t mind smoking a lady’s brand…”

His smile broadened as he accepted the smoke and inhaled from it hungrily. “Not at all,” he said, exhaling. “A pretty cigarette from a pretty woman.”

She smiled as she smoked, her long legs crossed daintily, holding the cigarette up next to her latex face with her other gloved arm crossed under her large, soft bosom.

“You going by yourself tonight, or meeting somebody there?” the driver asked after a few minutes of silence, making a left turn in the direction of the city’s waterfront.

“I’m on my own,” she said through another stream of smoke. “But I hope I don’t go back to my room that way, if you know what I mean.”

Crossing traffic to make a right, the cabby glanced at her in the mirror and fished a business card from his jacket pocket. He handed it back to her.

“Well, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding somebody there,” he said. “Lots of very sexy-looking people were in front when I left off my earlier fare. Looks like there should be a good crowd. That’s my card. Call dispatch if you need a ride and mention my name. They will radio me to come pick you up. I would love to see you again, even if it is just to bring you and a boyfriend back to your hotel.”

He grinned again. “And be sure to call me if you don’t meet anybody you like at the club,” he added. “I get off at 2:30 a.m. – just a half hour after the bars in town close. I would love to spend some time with you myself, if you are interested.”

Karla smiled as he pulled over in front of the nightclub. “I will keep it in mind, honey,” she purred, opening her door and handing him a ten. “Who knows? Maybe we will both see more of each other later.”

Two attractive men dressed in skintight leather pants and jackets were standing just outside the club as Karla walked up the short flight of stairs to the door. One of them gave an appreciative whistle.

“Well, well,” he said with a grin. “Looks like I made the right choice when I decided to go out tonight. The view just got a whole lot better.”

Karla smiled appreciatively and crushed her partially smoked cigarette out with the toe of one high-heeled boot. “Thank you, honey,” she said as she swung open the door and strode through it. “Look me up when you come back in. I am dying to dance with a good-looking man.”

Down at the Nightclub

The interior of “Eye Candy” was as dark as a tomb and it took a moment for Karla’s eyes to adjust to the gloom. She showed her male ID to the doorman and he glanced at the birth date and her boy’s picture before handing it back to her with a toothy grin.

“Oo-whee,” he said. “Looking good, baby. Best looking she-male in the club tonight – and believe me, there are loads of them.”

Karla smiled, putting the card back in her purse. “Thanks, honey,” she purred. “Any good looking men here? Besides, yourself, of course.”

He laughed. “Take your pick, girlfriend,” he said. “Everybody who’s arrived so far seems to be solo tonight. No couples.”

She handed him a five-dollar bill for her cover. He declined the money. “No charge, honey. Gender-fuckers get in for free. We like to see them here. Big attraction for lots of the fetish guys – especially when they are as beautiful as you are.”

Karla murmured her thanks with a smile and passed through the chain-link entryway that separated the front lobby from the main club.

Inside, customers in leather, latex and vinyl were lined up for cocktails at the bar, while exotically costumed dancers bobbed to the thudding beat of industrial rock on the dance floor. Overhead video screens featured a variety of kinky movies, including an old Betty Page reel and several bondage loops featuring scantily clad men and women using a variety of disciplinary instruments.

In the rear of the main room, two couples were on stage, demonstrating bondage techniques. One of them involved a naked man in a leather hood strapped to an Iron Cross who was being flogged gently by a raven-haired woman in a leather corset, seamed stockings and a pair of platform boots with six-inch heels. The man shuddered silently each time the cat of nine tails slapped against the rigid cock that protruded between his splayed legs. 

The other consisted of a girl in panties, stockings and high heeled pumps bound to a wooden chair while a stocky woman with spiked fuchsia hair and a leather bustier dripped wax on her exposed breasts with a black, flaming candle. The girl in the chair writhed as the wax dribbled over her nipples and dripped onto her naked stomach, but could not moan with either pair or pleasure because of the red ball gag strapped firmly between her bright red lips.

The girl’s eyes rolled helplessly as she twisted, making guttural grunts into the rubber ball gripped tightly between her teeth. Even from a distance, Karla could see the sheen of perspiration on the bound woman’s face as she arched her back and swung her head.

Karla lit a cigarette and smoked as she casually watched the two women play. She checked out the other fetishists in the crowd. Most of the women seemed to be loosely grouped on one side of the main room. Many were obviously lesbian lovers into leather and several groped each other openly while one couple French kissed dramatically as a type of performance art. 

The men were congregated on the other side of the room. Many were engaged in similar activities. Some of the revelers chatted together in the easy manner that comes from familiarity, renewing old acquaintanceships, making dates or sipping cocktails and simply making small talk. Stray men and women were scattered throughout the establishment, admiring each other’s kinky costumes or looking for a chance to join in one of the conversations.

Karla bought a gin and tonic and moved closer to the kissing lesbians in the center of the dance floor, sipping her cocktail while she watched the women with approval and growing excitement. 

The two women who had been doing the candle wax scene finished up. The stocky woman undid the other girl’s gag and released her from the chair as her slave kissed her and whispered her thanks. They stepped down from the stage and joined the crowd. The slave stopped to chat with several other women, her front completely coated with rivulets and patches of shiny black wax, while the woman in the leather bustier walked over to the bar to purchase a drink.

A few moments later, the raven-haired woman who had been flogging the hooded male slave handed her cat-of-nine-tails to a well-muscled man in a leather loin cloth and climbed down from the platform while the man took up the flogging.

Karla finished her cigarette and ground it out in a tray on a small table littered with empty glasses and beer bottles. She sipped at her drink and ogled a pair of rubber-clad androgynous girls as they ground their pelvises together to the throbbing industrial music coming from the massive sound system. One ducked her head forward and slid her pink tongue up the front of the other’s neck as her partner tossed her head far back, her eyes unfocused and her lips slightly apart.

Karla felt a hand on her shoulder. Turning, she saw the black-haired woman who had been wielding the cat on stage.

“Are you here to scene, girlfriend, or just to watch?” the raven head said with an inviting smile.

At close range, Karla could see she was an older woman, probably in her late 40s or early 50s, but with an exceptionally trim body that was beautifully enhanced by her leather corset, shiny black stockings and her rakish high-heeled boots. The woman’s jet-black hair was cut in a severe pageboy bob that left her long neck and well-formed shoulders open for admiration. She had the heavy makeup of a dominatrix, with airbrushed raccoon-like eyes, dark blush in the hollows of her cheeks and large, square flame-red lips.

Karla sipped and smiled. “Well, I came to see and be seen,” she purred, “but what I really want is to be topped by a master or mistress who knows how to subjugate a slave – somebody a lot like you, in fact.”

The black-haired woman put her hand on Karla’s waist with a grin. “I think that can be arranged,” she said, taking Karla’s drink from her hand and sipping at it herself. “Have you done this before sugar, or are you a first timer?”

Karla put her gloved hand on the woman’s tiny, heavily corseted waist and slid it down until it rested on the flare of her hip.

“I’ve done scenes, but always as a top,” Karla said. “I’ve been wanting to enjoy submission for a long time, but my ex-partner always wanted me to be the boss. In fact, that’s the main reason we aren’t together anymore.”

The woman with the shiny black helmet of hair laughed. “I am a switch myself, honey, but tend to domme,” she said, taking another swig of Karla’s cocktail. “I will domme you sugar, and if you decide it really isn’t your thing, we can change roles.”

The helmet hair looked around. Two new couples had ascended the stage and were beginning to play, one with ropes, the other with straps and a black leather-covered paddle.

“It looks like the public area is already in use,” she said. “Let’s go downstairs to the dungeon and find one of the private cells.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Karla breathed, bowing from her waist. “As you command.”

The two women descended the dark narrow staircase at one side of the main room, squeezing past other customers who were climbing back up after enjoying various games. They located an empty cell and helmet-hair closed the door behind them and latched it. A barred window in the wide wooden plank door allowed curious passers-by to peep in and watch as they played.

“Your safe word is ‘Roxy,” slave,” the domme whispered to Karla as she fastened her arms up to a pair of manacles attached to the wall by short lengths of chain. “If anything I do to you is too intense and you want to stop, just say that word. My name is Mistress Rosa. And you are . . .”

Karla gasped as the domme spread her legs and cinched them into heavy straps attached to the wall. “Slave Karla, mistress,” she murmured obediently. “I understand.”

Rosa gripped Karla’s chin in one of her black leather gloved hands and gave it a squeeze that was moderately painful. “It’s Mistress Rosa, slave, not just mistress. Do you understand?”

“Yesss. Mistress Rosa,” Karla breathed with excitement. “I understand.”

Rosa released her jaw. “Good, I like a slave who knows the rules – and follows them,” she said with a smile. “What’s your safe word, Slave Girl Karla?”

“R-Roxy, Mistress Rosa,” Karla stammered quietly.

Rosa grinned. “Let’s start with a little cat action,” she said, unclipping her flog from a D-ring at the side of her leather corset. She snapped it in the air, gave it a twirl and began switching Karla’s jiggling breasts in little circular swings.

Karla could barely feel the straps lashing her bosom under the PVC and her latex breasts, but she was thrilled by the discipline. She murmured a moan of excitement as her pinioned genitals swelled inside their plastic prison.

Rosa took the handle of the flog and ran it up between Karla’s shiny, black clad thighs, rubbing the cylindrical handle back and forth in the slave’s crotch with considerable force. Karla could definitely feel that! She moaned loudly and licked her latex lips lasciviously.

“Oh, My God, Mistress Rosa!” she sighed. “Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!”

Rosa dropped the flog and gripped Karla forcefully between the legs. “Oh, my!” she said with a wicked smile. “Girl, what have you got down there inside that PVC cat suit? Mistress Rosa is beginning to think you aren’t a girl at all – what about it, slave? Are you really a slave girl or are you something else?”

She increased the pressure by half and Karla strained against the manacles and squealed with pleasure. Inside her rubber and PVC costume, she began to perspire with sexual excitement.

“So, it is really slave BOY Karla, eh?” Rosa asked, showing her teeth in a sadistic grin. “Well let’s see what we have to work with down there, baby.”

She squatted and pulled the zipper open at the crotch of Karla’s PVC cat suit. She slipped her black leather covered hand inside and groped Karla’s pinioned genitals inside her panties, pulling one leg open and fumbling the stiff penis out of its bondage.

“Oh, yes, slave-thing,” Rosa said, stoking the member with her gloved hand. “Very, very nice, honey. Do you want me to play with this?”

Karla strained and tossed against her bindings. Her legs were trembling with excitement.

“Oh, yesssssss, Mistress Rosa,” she said in a voice that was barely more than a whisper. “Please punish me for dressing as a girl, Mistress Rosa!”

Rosa took her cat and began to flog Karla’s man clit with the same little circular switching motions she had used on her breasts, speeding up as she increased the force of the blows.

“Oh, my God! Mistress Rosa,” Karla squealed, her legs trembling even more violently. “Oh, God! Punish me Mistress Rosa! I’ve been so hideously bad?”

Rosa began to use longer strokes, softening each blow of the soft leather straps just before they lashed Karla’s jutting cock. After a few more strokes she stopped and hung the cat on its D-ring.

“Slave, you stay put,” she said softly, crushing Karla’s chin in her powerful grip. “I will be right back with some special toys to use on that lovely little man-clit of yours.”

With that the mistress wheeled and walked out, closing the screen on the window in the door so that passersby could not see in. From the outside, the screen said: “Slave in discipline. Do not disturb!”

Karla hung limply, suspended by her bound arms and legs. Her fully engorged penis jutted from the opening in the cat suit like a a branch of an oak tree, rigid as rock and throbbing with stimulation. She could just see its tip through the eyeholes of her rubber doll-face by tilting her upper body forward against the chains.

She was now quite damp inside the doll costume. She was certain that by the end of the night, her foundation garments and the inside of the cat suit would be completely plastered to her with dried perspiration and salt.

Rosa returned in about ten minutes, hefting a large nylon carryall that obviously was quite heavy. She dropped the carryall on the floor with a mechanical rattle and stood before Karla sternly, arms akimbo.

“Slave thing Karla, you obviously tried to fool Mistress Rosa with your sexy girl face and body and your sexy girl voice,” she said. “You will have to be punished for that. And since you are trying to be a girl, I am going to punish the part of you that you went to such trouble to conceal.”

Karla hung in her bonds. “Yes, Mistress Rosa,” she said in a tiny girl’s voice. “Please discipline me for my male vanity, Mistress Rosa. I should never have tried to fool my mistress by dressing up as a doll.”

Rosa stepped forward, looking at Karla’s face in the gloom carefully. She reached out a gloved hand and touched a finger to one of Karla’s unblinking eyes. Then she smiled.

“Is that a mask, slave-doll?” she asked with an appreciative grin. “It’s very good. I didn’t realize it was made of rubber until I squeezed your chin. In fact, that’s part of the reason I thought to work on your little clitty and balls. When I lashed those big girly breasts, you didn’t even blink. You would have to be a very tough girl not to blink when I use the cat on your big, beautiful titties.”

Karla would have hung her rubber-encased head except for the tight corset that braced her neck. “Yes, Mistress Rosa,” she said quietly. “It’s a rubber face that I made from my former girlfriend. I am so sorry I misled you.”

Rosa moved in close, looking into Karla’s eyes. It seemed she could see through the mask that completely and snugly covered Karla’s masculine face. She pressed her lips to Karla’s and let her tongue slide inside the slave-doll’s soft rubber lips, giving her a passionate French kiss.

Karla’s penis, which had been wilting, jerked back to attention and she could feel the domme’s gloved hand stroke it gently, making it even harder. Then, almost before she realized it, Rosa clamped a hinged four-inch long stainless steel sleeve around its length, snapping it into place with a metallic click of finality. She followed the sleeve with a smooth, highly polished stainless steel ring that snapped tightly around the base of Karla’s scrotum, holding her rock hard testes firmly a half inch out from the mound of her pubis.

Karla knew that the metal devices would keep the blood from flowing back out of her genitalia, prolonging her erection for as long as they remained in place. She could not see either device because of her stiffly bound neck but she could feel their cold constriction and weight on her rigid rod of masculinity. She thrilled at her powerlessness and the clever way that the mistress had found to lock her stiff clitty into a permanent state of arousal. She thrashed against her bonds without success, glorying in her abject feeling of helplessness.

Rosa drew out a length of chain with a shiny screw clamp at either end and held it up before Karla’s impassive rubber face. The doll could see the metallic object through the small holes drilled in her porcelain eyes. She shivered with anticipation, recognizing them as nipple clamps.

“Normally, I would fasten these to your hard little titties, slave doll,” Rosa said solemnly. “But they really wouldn’t do much good there, would they?”

Karla licked her latex lips nervously. “No Mistress Rosa, they wouldn’t,” she said in a tiny, childlike voice.

The domme squatted again and Karla felt her gloved hands wrap around Karla’s stony balls. After a few seconds, she felt the pinch of each clamp as Rosa screwed them relentlessly onto the loose folds of skin that held her hard testes.

The pain was delicious and Karla grew dizzy with excitement. “Ah-h-h-,” she keened as her mistress clipped a lead weight to the chain and let it swing like a pendulum between the slave-doll’s pinioned legs.

“That’s just ten ounces,” Rosa said, smiling as she rose back up and squeezed Karla’s chin again cruelly. “I’ll add some more in a few moments. We will stop after we get a few pounds of weight hanging down there.”

She nudged Karla’s groin with a knee. The sensation was exquisite and Karla’s imprisoned penis jerked involuntarily as blood squeezed down into it through the tight steel devices clamped around it.

“Oh, God, yessssss, Mistress Rosa,” Karla breathed in a ragged whisper, unable to maintain her feminine voice in the excitement that gripped her body.

Rosa took a length of inch-wide amber rubber tubing out of her carryall and worked the end of the hose over the swollen glans of Karla’s penis. She managed to slide the tubing up until it completely covered the steel sleeve, with about 12 inches of the soft, flexible tube hanging free from the slave’s clitty. Next she drew a small battery powered vacuum cleaner out of the carryall and snapped its plastic nozzle to the end of the amber hose.

“You should find this a pleasurable type of punishment, slave-doll,” the domme said with a cruel smile as she switched the machine on with a muffled electrical hum.

The pressure on Karla’s clitty became intense as the vacuum cleaner sucked at the imprisoned member savagely. A high-pitched shriek escaped from the doll’s rubber lips. It felt as if the machine was going to swallow her clit entirely, sucking it right out of her body with its powerful pull. Rosa placed the vacuum between Karla’s legs so that it sat on the floor, the rubber hose fully extended to reach the slave-doll’s groin.

“That little baby has enough power to pick up a bowling ball, slave-doll,” the mistress said as she hung another weight on the length of chain clamped securely to Karla’s scrotum. “You will probably find it quite uncomfortable at first, but you will get used to it after a while.”

Karla could not respond verbally. Her body was rocked with spasms as the machine gave her the most incredible blowjob she had ever experienced. She thrashed uselessly against her bonds, her tightly gloved hands opening and closing involuntarily as the machine gobbled at her crotch. Inside the tight rubber mask that concealed her head, her eyelids fluttered uncontrollably. A trickle of drool slowly dribbled from between her latex-covered lips, dripping down onto the shiny black vinyl that covered her jutting latex breasts.

“Unghhh!” she grunted in a guttural voice that was decidedly unfeminine. “Unghhhhhh!”

Rose clipped another weight to the chain and Karla – somewhere in her mind where she was still capable of conscious thought – realized that her scrotum must have stretched out several inches from the lead ballast screwed tightly to it. She wondered whether the screw clips could even hold any more of the weights.

As if to answer the unspoken question, Rosa hung two more lead slugs on the chain. “That’s a total of 40 ounces,” she said with satisfaction as she surveyed her twitching slave. “I would put on more, but I didn’t bring any extras with me.”

Karla was now sweating freely inside her latex and plastic costume. She knew her corset, panties and nylons were utterly soaked with her perspiration under the PVC cat suit, and she could feel water trickling down inside her PVC fetish boots. She gloried in her helplessness and her mistress’s cruelty.

Even though the pressure on her penis was intense, Karla knew the ring around her testes would keep her from reaching orgasm. Indeed, the devices hanging from her trapped masculinity kept her on the very edge of climax, and her body was racked with spasms as she bucked and twitched involuntarily, chained to the wall so securely that she could not even collapse if she passed out.

Rosa drew a package of cigarettes out of her bag and fired one of them with a silver lighter. She sat on a stool with her legs crossed casually, French inhaling smoke as she watched her slave writhe with a mixture of agony, frustration and unimaginable erotic pleasure. What seemed like hours passed as the machine between Karla’s legs gobbled at her swollen clit and the weights hanging from the chain attached to her loose genital skin stretched the little sack relentlessly. Karla had never known such incredible excitement. The scene was more fabulous than she had imagined in her most perverse fantasies.

Actually, Rosa kept her dancing in her chains only long enough to smoke three of her cigarettes. Stubbing out the last butt in a metal ashtray, she stepped to her panting, babbling slave and switched off the vacuum. She took her time removing the latex tubing from Karla’s imprisoned clitty and she removed the weights equally slowly, unhooking them one by one and replacing them in her carryall. Finally, she unscrewed the clamps and put the chain back in with the other items.

Karla hung limply from the wall, laboring to breathe, her penis still pinioned in the metal sleeve and cock ring.

Rosa stooped and tucked the swollen member with its metallic appendages back into Karla’s sodden panties, then carefully zipped the crotch of the vinyl cat suit so the slave’s masculinity was once more hidden away. She squeezed Karla’s jaw again, tenderly this time, and gave her a gentle kiss on her lush, latex-covered mouth.

“You are mine, now,” she murmured quietly as she mopped trickles of perspiration and spittle from the glistening surface of the slave’s shiny PVC costume with a cloth from her bag. “You are my slave from now on. I have decided I like you as a rubber girl doll, now that you have been broken in properly. You will wear my collar.”

Karla was limp in her bonds. “Y-yes, Mistress Rosa,” she murmured, once more regaining her girlish voice. “I am yours to command, my beautiful mistress. Your will is my own.”

Rosa undid the bonds on her exhausted slave’s arms, replacing them with a pair of anodized steel handcuffs with four inches of chain that held her gloved hands helplessly in front of her. She unstrapped Karla’s legs and steadied her as she nearly toppled to the floor. She broke a capsule under Karla’s nose and the nitrous fumes it released revived the slave and gave her new energy.

“Now we will go back upstairs and parade so I can show my beautiful, well-trained doll off to the other dommes,” Rosa said.

Karla wearily smiled. “Yes, Mistress Rosa,” she replied in a rapture of sexual bliss. “I am your property.”

Rosa helped her slave hobble over to a bench along the wall where she sat slumped wearily, shoulders against the synthetic stone siding, while she regained her wind. The domme gently reached behind the slave-dolls rubber face and undid the buckles on the posture collar and pulled it free. Released from the corset that held her head so cruelly erect during the cock-and-ball torture session, Karla’s head lolled forward weakly.

“Thank you Mistress Rosa,” the doll murmured in a near prayer as the striking domme pressed Karla’s face into the cleavage of her ample bosom and kissed the top of her head gently.

“You won’t need that now, my love doll,” she cooed as she replaced the high-sided restraint with a thick, two-inch wide strap of leather and buckled it gently in place.

“This is your new collar, my slave,” the domme purred, lifting the doll’s face with her gloved fingers and gently pressing her lips to Karla’s eager mouth. “This marks you as my personal slave. You will wear it for the rest of the night. If you are very obedient, you may keep it as a reminder that you now belong to me, and nobody else.”

Karla bowed her head in supplication, happy to be freed of the more severe restraint.

“Yes, Mistress Rosa,” she said reverently. “I will try to be worthy of your care and protection.”

Rosa lit another cigarette, took a deep drag then placed it between the doll’s lips. Karla took a weary puff and exhaled it gratefully with a sigh of pleasure.

“Now – on your feet, slave,” the domme said firmly. “Bend over with your beautiful ass up in the air with your feet wide apart and put your hands on the bench.”

Karla did as directed. She could hear Rosa unzip the bottom of the cat suit again with a rasp. She felt the domme pull her damp panties out of the crack of her buttocks and smear a liberal dollop of lubricating gel in the cavity, working the sticky material up into her anus carefully with the fingers of one hand. In a moment, the mistress gently probed Karla’s bottom with a larger and more rigid cylindrical object and the doll gasped as Rosa began to thrust it deeply into her bottom.

It took nearly two minutes for the domme to fully insert the plug into Karla’s tight rectum. When she was done, she gave its end a full twist and the cylinder, a fleshy dildo of jelly latex that housed a powerful electric vibrator, began to hum inside Karla’s bottom. The slave-doll gasped with pleasure as the vibration throbbed through her groin deliciously. The sensation was intoxicating. Her steel-sheathed clitty, trapped under layers of fabric and PVC, swelled even more with excitement.

Rosa stretched the panties back over the dildo’s end to hold it in place, then zipped the bottom of the cat suit tightly shut over it. She helped Karla stand, then turned her and directed her to sit down on the bench again. The doll complied carefully, feeling the last inch or so of the device seat firmly in her anal opening as her weight settled on the bench. She groaned with pleasure as the vibration swelled inside her. She stretched her long, vinyl clad legs out in front of her and leaned her head back against the wall in bliss, her dispassionate rubber face brightened by her smile of rapture.

Rosa took another puff from the cigarette and handed it to Karla, who held it to her doll’s face with both hands chained together and took a long pull. She let the smoke drift lazily from her latex nostrils as she enjoyed the mechanical fucking machine embedded solidly inside her tight bottom. Rosa rummaged in the carryall again while Karla finished the cigarette, smoking languidly. 

“You doll’s staring eyes give you away, slave,” Rosa said finally. “We need to make it harder for people to see your eyes while I show you off.”

With that she held out a sleek rubber gas mask with attached black latex hood in both her gloved hands. “You will wear this for the rest of the evening while I parade you,” Rosa said.

Karla stared at the mask with fascination. It had round, insectile goggles embedded in its slick rubbery front that gave it the appearance of a creature from outer space.

“Yes, Mistress Rosa,” she said obediently, inclining her head to let the domme fit the device to her face.

The mask seated firmly in place over Karla’s doll-like latex features, and Rosa drew the flexible rubber hood back tightly over Karla’s long blond hair so that the tresses hung out under the bottom of the mask. Before she zipped up the back. As she did, the mask stretched over Karla’s head snugly, turning it into a perfectly smooth black oval.

Karla found that she could breathe easily inside the mask, although the tight black hood left her virtually deaf. A mouthpiece inside the face wedged between her teeth like a snorkel as Rosa zipped the back closed, and Karla accepted it without resistance. The front of the mask had a short stiff black tube protruding from it. Rosa fitted another cigarette into its end and ignited it with her silver lighter. As Karla inhaled, the inside of the mask filled with cigarette smoke, forcing her to take a deep drag of smoke with every breath. The spent smoke escaped from the gas mask’s filter in a gray cloud as she exhaled.

Rosa helped the slave-doll stand up and Karla swayed slightly as she regained her balance, her head light from mild hypoxia. The domme attached a leash to a D-ring at the front of Karla’s new leather collar and gave it a tug. Forced to smoke constantly, her head now that of a shiny black rubber insect, Karla mutely followed her mistress as Rosa led her out of the cell.

It was an extraordinary procession as the pair moved up the stairs and onto ‘Eye Candy’s’ main floor: in front was the striking dominatrix with her shiny black helmet of hair, her provocative leather gloves, corset and high boots, loosely holding the leash; Tottering along behind her subserviently was her tall, ultra feminine slave, all shiny black vinyl in her cat suit and boots, her ovoid insect’s head staring through blank round eyepieces that looked like compound eyes, her gloved hands manacled helplessly in front of her and the glowing cigarette jutting from her bug-like proboscis like a small torch.

Karla was both stimulated and dazed by the steadily whirring vibrator deep in her bottom. As she minced along behind Rosa, the cylindrical sex toy slid slightly up and down insider the canal of her ass, intensifying her pleasure. Like the sucking vacuum cleaner, the anal stimulation she felt kept her penis and balls at the brink of orgasm, locked inside the metal cock sheath and ring. Each step made the skintight cat suit rub her imprisoned genitalia provocatively. She wanted sexual relief terribly and her frustration at not being able to come only may the experience more devastatingly blissful.

Occasionally, Rosa would stop to introduce her mute slave to another domme in the crowd, pulled down on Karla’s leash to force a bow of submission. When each cigarette protruding from the slave’s latex insect face burned down to the filter, Rosa would replace it with a fresh one. Inside her tight-fitting latex helmet and snug rubber face, the doll was becoming dizzy and somewhat confused for lack of pure air.

Finally, after about an hour of showing off her new toy, Rosa, towed her slave to the door. To admiring glances from men and women in front of the club, Rosa led her trophy to a large sedan and bade her enter. She climbed behind the wheel herself and drove Karla to her loft in a converted warehouse about a half-mile away.

Once slave and maitresse were both inside the flat, Rosa led Karla to a large bed fitted with black satin sheets and sat her at its foot. With a deliberate pace, she unzipped the gas mask’s hood and slowly pulled it from the slave’s head. Karla took deep gulps of air in an effort to clear her head.

“You did very well tonight, Karla, my love,” Rosa said as she dropped the gasmask and hood on the floor. “You submitted to my discipline beautifully. You know I punished you because I love you, don’t you slave?”

Under her passive latex doll’s face, Karla’s eyes filled with tears of gratitude. “Yes, thank you, Mistress Rosa,” she whispered. “It was all so incredibly beautiful.”

Rosa straightened Karla’s long blond locks with her fingers, a sweet look of tender passion on her face. She pushed her life-sized rubber doll back onto the bed and slowly unzipped the crotch of her shiny black plastic suit. Using her gloved fingers expertly, she slipped Karla’s swollen, throbbing genitals out from under the soaked panties and touched the dark purple head of Karla’s clitty tenderly.

Karla signed with joy, the vibrator still buzzing away inside her bottom. Rosa fondled her doll’s rock hard penis gently, and then unlocked the metal sheath. Then, with a quick smooth motion, she unsnapped the metal ring that choked the base of the organ. The cock swelled even more as blood once again flowed freely into Karla’s swollen member. The doll gasped at the sensation, and Rosa massaged the stiff organ gently and kissed it tenderly on its end. She flicked her tongue against it slowly. Karla groaned and shivered with excitement and fatigue.

Closing her eyes, Rosa slipped her glossy red lips over the head of the penis and slid down the shaft with her mouth. The vibration from inside Karla’s ass made her whole lower body tremble slightly as Rosa began to slowly and methodically stroke the slave-doll’s rigid cock with her mouth, her lips just tight enough to give a smooth, pleasurable friction.

Karla sighed heavily, feeling the juices that had been trapped inside her groin beginning to surge toward release. After a few moments of Rosa’s steady mouth, Karla came in a massive spurt that made her squeal girlishly, followed by another and another. Her back arched involuntarily with the spasms of her long-delayed orgasm and her vinyl clad legs twitched uncontrollably as she came again and again into her mistress’s soft hot mouth.

Rosa never slowed up for an instant. She continued to pull hungrily at Karla’s cock with her mouth until it was completely spent and began to go soft again. The human doll relaxed and became limp, giving a long, eerie moan of pleasure that ended in a racking sob of bliss.

Rosa slowly unzipped the doll’s vinyl boots and undid the zippers on her cat suit’s thighs. She pulled the boots off Karla’s soaked feet and dropped them on the floor. Then she undid the doll’s vinyl gloves and slid them wetly off her sweat-soaked arms. Pulling down the zipper at the front of the cat suit, she exposed Karla’s bulging latex breasts to the warm air of her apartment and stripped off the plastic suit as the doll lay still and spent on the bed.

The corset, of course, was soaked through with Karla’s sweat, and the tight lacings in its front required considerable effort to undo. When she had loosened the garment completely, she slid it down over Karla’s lower body and legs to remove it. 

Rosa helped Karla onto her side and slid her sodden panties free, dropping them and the wet nylons onto the pile of soaked clothing she had removed from her exhausted doll’s body. She gently shut off the vibrator and extracted it from Karla’s tortured bottom very slowly, to murmured sighs of pleasure from her doll’s dark red latex lips. She used a warm washcloth to clean her slave’s bottom, then snuggled behind her and placed her arms around Karla’s torso.

The slave sighed happily, her breath soft inside the rubber doll like features of the rubber mask that still enclosed her head.

“Sleep now, darling,” Rosa murmured gently to her human toy, still half female, half male. “When you’ve rested for the night, I will dress you as my maid and you can prepare my breakfast. Eventually, I want to see you as a man – to see what’s underneath that beautiful rubber face you wear. But I want to keep you my little girly rubber plaything for a while longer. I trust that will be to your liking?”

Karla wriggled her bare bottom in the hollow of her mistress’s crotch lovingly and signed with pleasure.

“Yes, Mistress Rosa,” Karla whispered happily. “I am yours completely. Do with me as you will.”


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