Latex Doll Sarah

by Merc_Silver

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Storycodes: Solo-F; M/f; latex; conditioning; mind-control; mast; climax; fist; boots; hood; gag; toys; insert; transform; F2sexdoll; used; sex; stuck; cons; X

Sarah lay on her back, as the person fucking her came inside her, filling her pussy with cum, causing what was left of her mind to spark with pleasure. She would have reflected on how she came to be in this situation, but that was a bit beyond the brainless, latex, fuckdoll that she had become.

It had all started a few weeks ago when her boyfriend had left to go work overseas with his collaborators in experimental research. Before he left, he had given her a small black and silver box, containing a pair of latex bra and panties. She was intrigued as she had previously expressed her desire to wear them, and this would mean she could get used to wearing them before he came home.

Having gotten back from dropping him at the airport, she got home, showered, and slipped on the latex wear, taking a few pics to send to her boyfriend to tease him. She loved the ways they hugged her body, almost like a second skin.

After spending the day in latex, with the occasional touching and stroking of herself, she changed for bed, wiping some moisture off her body from where the latex had sat.

The following week she was busy with work, but was able to leave early on the Friday. Getting home, she showered and was about to get changed into comfy clothes, when she came across the latex undies. Slipping them on, she marvelled at just how well they fit her compared to the last time.

Grabbing her phone, she began taking a few more pics for her boyfriend to add to the ones she'd already sent him. Half an hour later, phone forgotten, she was on her back, gasping as her fingers worked their way deeper and deeper into her slit, while her other hand pinched her nipples. As her orgasm rocked through her, she had a vision of herself coated in latex, before she passed out.

Waking up later, she slipped out of the latex, and again was puzzled at the presence of liquid on her skin from the latex. Shrugging, she put the undies away, changed for bed and went back to bed. That night, her sleep was troubled by images and thoughts of latex coated bodies and her boyfriend fucking her as she lay motionless beneath him.

The next morning she woke, showered, wrapped herself in her robe and sipped at her coffee. Walking back into her bedroom, she caught sight of her latex undies sitting on her bed, causing her to moan slightly and her sex to moisten at her dreams from the night before.

Dropping her robe to the floor, she picked up her undies and was curious at the strange liquid on the inside. She shrugged, and slipped them on anyway, again surprised at just how well they fit her body.

Checking herself in the mirror, she was a little surprised to see that apparently the undies had changed slightly, seeming to have covered more of her body. Making a mental note to ask her boyfriend about it when he called her next, she started doing some chores around the house.

Around midday her boyfriend called, his deep voice immediately putting her at ease and making her wish that he was home and that she could hug and kiss him once more. As they talked, her hand slowly made its way down her body to slowly stroke herself through the latex. Her boyfriend was saying something to her, but she wasn't really aware of what he was saying. Something about latex, and fuckdolls, and how she needed to relax and not think about things so much. As he talked, her responses became breathier and more akin to moans than words, her mind filling with the idea of herself being covered in latex and fucked for hours until she came loudly, moaning her boyfriends name.

She came to later, stretching as her body complained about her passing out on the couch. Stripping off her latex undies revealed the same liquid on her skin from the last few times she'd worn them, which she began rubbing into her skin. She didn't really know why. Something about it being important to do every so often.

Slipping her undies back on, she went and collapsed into bed, falling asleep, her dreams were once more filled with vivid images of herself in latex being fucked by her boyfriend.

She awoke the next morning, moaning and gasping as she fingered herself to an orgasm at the thought of being encased in latex. Catching her breath, she slipped her undies off, rubbing the liquid into her skin before she slipped her undies back on. Lying in bed, she stared at the ceiling, hand stroking her pussy through the latex as she imagined what it would be like to lay still as her boyfriend slid his cock into her and treated her like a fuckdoll.

Monday rocked around, and she found herself out of habit waking up to her alarm, undressing, rubbing her skin, showering, dressing, and making breakfast which went uneaten. At work, she sat and stared at her computer. She knew she should be working, but for some reason she couldn't work out what she was supposed to do, or why it was important.

At lunchtime, she sat with her work mates as they ate. Her supervisor came to talk to her and after a conversation, she was sent home for the day.

At home, she stripped down to her latex undies, unaware that she was even wearing them, and lay on her back in bed, hands touching her breasts and pussy through the latex, immediately feeling better as she lay there doing nothing.

She was surprised when her boyfriend called her that night, completely unaware of just how much time had passed, but hearing him talk to her made her feel better as she lay there, touching herself while he spoke to her, telling her how much better she'd feel being mindless, and that she should call in sick to work for the week and stay home.

The next morning, she called in sick to work, promising that she'd try to get back as soon as possible, but secretly thinking about staying in bed forever as a latex fuckdoll.

That task done, she pulled out her laptop and checked her emails, finding one from her boyfriend, read it, then downloaded the attached file. Grabbing her headphones, she watched the video he had sent her, calmed by the sound of her boyfriends voice as it talked over a number of images, while her fingers stroked her pussy.

As the day wore on her fingers began to press more and more against her pussy while her mind filled itself with images of being her latex vagina being filled with cock and cum, until she felt the latex seem to stretch under fingers, beginning to fill her pussy and making her cum harder than she'd ever remembered.

When her boyfriend called her again that night. She had been waiting for his call since she had talked to him the night before. She was aware that he was talking to her, then that she was talking to him, but couldn't make sense of the words either of them were saying. His words soothed her mind, and made her at ease, while her words seemed to impress him and that pleased her.

As they talked, she felt a desire to feel herself being filled. She'd already managed to get two fingers into her new latex pussy, but his voice made her want to feel more inside of herself, and she began working a third, and then a fourth finger into her sex.

By the time he hung up, she had her entire fist inside of herself and had sent him a picture of herself in this lewd position before she came not for the first time that day before finally succumbing to sleep.

She awoke, yet again from dreams of being a latex fuckdoll, and her boyfriend fucking her, to an itch deep in her pussy that her fingers just couldn't itch. Digging under her bed, she pulled out a box that she had completely forgotten about until something in her dreams had reminded her. Inside the box were a number of various toys that she and her boyfriend had collected over their months together, including one that had originally been a comically oversized dildo but now had her licking her lips with pleasure.

Grabbing the dildo, she knelt on the bed and positioned the head at her moist latex pussy lips, moaning as she slid the dildo into her hungry sex, until she had taken the entirety of it. Rubbing her clit, she took a pic of herself reflected in the floor to ceiling mirror sitting opposite the bed for her boyfriend. Her skin was a shiny black latex that covered all but her head, and below her knees and elbows.

As she rode the giant dildo, she felt a similar itch begin to form deep in her butt. Reaching behind herself, she began stroking her smooth latex behind, hand beginning to press firmer until the latex began to press into herself, like it had with her vagina.

Her boyfriend called her again that night. He spoke to her, while she rode pair of dildos that she had stuffed into her pussy and ass. She didn't know what he was saying, she had stopped caring anymore. She just wanted to hear him talk to her, hear his words numb her mind further, wanted him to be there so he could fuck his doll like he was supposed to.

The next day she was wrapped in her robe as she answered the door for a delivery man. He gave her a black box, and it took a moment for her to remember what her name was, before signing as "Fuckdoll". The delivery man bid her a good day, and left, while she took the box inside and stripped down to her black latex skin once more.

Inside the box was a pair of long gloves and knee high heels, both made of black latex, which she immediately put on, enjoying the feel of being encased in shiny black skin. The next item was a black leather harness and a pair of vibrators that seemed to go together and hold them inside her pussy and ass. Working quickly, she attached the vibes and slid the harness up her legs, slipping the toys into her holes and cinching the belt tight.

Moaning slightly at being filled, she removed the last items from the box. Holding the gag and hood in her hands, she bit her lip as she had a small orgasm. She seemed to remember texting her boyfriend, getting comfortable on the bed, and slipping the hood onto her head.

The latex hood cut off all sight and sounds, leaving her in darkness, and the sweet scent of latex. Picking up the penis gag that sat in her lap, she put it in place between her lips, forced open by the hood itself, and buckled the soft leather behind her head, the head of the gag reaching the back of her throat..

Laying back, silent and immobile, she sighed in contentment before she felt the vibes in her holes slowly buzzed to life.

Time became meaningless to her. Laying in her bed, covered in latex, she had originally been moaning into her gag as the toys in her pussy and ass vibrated on and off, causing her to cum and cum, until she could no longer cum anymore, while thoughts of a life of latex and being used flooded through her head until everything seemed to become blank and she could no longer move or think.

She didn't hear her boyfriend finally return, nor could she respond, even if she wanted to. Running his hands over her new form, he made a few notes, before removing the harness and exploring her latex holes. Seemingly satisfied, he removed his pants, knelt between her legs and inserted his hardness into her.

Her body moaned at the intrusion, relaxed, and went still. Above her, her boyfriend thrust into her, grunted, and came. Satisfied, he went to have a shower, leaving his new latex fuckdoll, cum oozing from her pussy, in the middle of the bed that they had once shared, but that she would no longer be leaving.


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