Licked to Doll

by SweetAngiedoll

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© Copyright 2010 - SweetAngiedoll - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; transform; latex; lovedoll; oral; deflate; nc; X


Jake was the type of guy that would do and say anything to get some pussy no matter how weird it was.  Little did he know that tonight he should have refused.

Jake was at his usual bar when he saw a beautiful blonde bombshell walk in with breasts that must have been a size DD.

Jake walked over to her and introduced himself.  “Hi, I am Jake the man and what can I get you tonight”.

She giggled a girly laugh and said. “I am Sue and I will have a beer”.

They dranked some and talked and then Sue asked Jake, “So, do you like dolls”?

Jake thinking he may get some said yes, “I love dolls”.

“Do you some times think of what it would be like to be one and played with” Sue asked.

Jake was a little puzzled but, hey if a guy loving dolls would get this chick turned on then fine, “Yes, I have a few times, thought about it and if a girl as pretty as you was to play with me.”

Sue smiled and then popped the question, “You want to go back to my place for some fun then and maybe if you're a good dolly, I will play with you”.

Jakes penis got hard right there and his mouth said yes before his brain could respond.

Moments later they were at Sue’s apartment. It was very girly like.

She asked Jake to strip down and lay on the bed with his eyes closed.  Jake did so, before she could finish telling him to.

His man hood was rock hard and about three inches in length.

Sue then started to lick Jake, Jake opened his eyes to look at her.  “Close your eyes or this is all over and you will have to leave”.  With that Jake closed his eyes.

It tickled a little but, Jake was enjoying it.  Little did Jake know that where ever Sue licked him, his body hair melted to nothing. 

Once Jake had no more body hair she had him roll back over on his back again and started to suck his penis and lick his balls.  This felt great to Jake and he loved it when women sucked his penis.

Little did Jake know that the more Sue sucked and licked Jakes penis and balls the smaller they got until they were gone. 

Jake noticed that she was no longer sucking but, licking hard in one place but, he did not dare open his eyes.  Soon Sue’s tongue had carved out a pussy.  She then started to lick Jakes waist down to size. 

When done she placed his whole right foot in her mouth and sucked it down about four shoe sizes and then did the same with the other.  Jake knew this was weird but, he was getting very turned on more and more by this. 

When she was done with Jakes feet she sucked his hands till they were smaller. 

She then used her tongue to sculpt Jake face more female like.  When done she went back to his now very wet pussy and started to blow hard.  Then Jake felt his hips pop.  He then looked down to find that his hips were larger like a women’s and all of his body looked like a women’s except for his chest.

He started to get up but, felt weak and fell back on the bed.  Sue then climbed back on top of Jake and started to suck on his nipples until they were four times their normal size.  Then she placed the nipples in her mouth and blew into Jakes chest and before long his left breast started to expand to a size B, then a C, D, DD and finally an E.  Sue then did the same to Jakes right breast. 

She then smiled and told Jake that she is a demon who gets her strength from turning men into female sex dolls.  Jake tried to speak but, lost all movement even in his vocal cords.  Sue then turned Jake over and with one of her nails drew a circle in Jakes back.  At once a plug appeared and Sue opened it to let the air out.  She placed Jake on the bed as he slowly deflated and got dressed.

“Soon you will be deflated, in that state you will have no concept of time or life.  Once inflated for the first time you will turn to latex and be forever an inflatable female sex doll.” 

“Hope you enjoy your new life. For while inflated you will feel everything sexual by 100 times stronger, you will see all and hear all until you are deflated again.”

Before long Jake’s air was all gone and everything went dark.

Next thing Jake knew, he was being inflated again and could see.  Within minutes he was fully inflated.

He was turned over to see a 200 pound pimpled face teenager climb on top of him and insert his penis into Jakes rubber vagina. 

Jake was now and forever a fuck doll.



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