Lifetime Positions

by Northern Chill

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Author's note: This story features several OC's of people who are members at the DeviantArt site. The characters belong to them and are used with their permission.

It was a fairly quiet day in the downtown section of Northington, a mid sized city whose economic engine was the rapidly growing tech sector. Boutiques and upscale coffee shops were interwoven with multi story office buildings housing companies founded there and other parts of the world. The largest building belongs to ST Limited, a company with a wide range of interests large and small. On this day, it was the opening of a public job fair where ST was looking to hire people for a wide range of occupations.

"Not sure why I'm here. I'm happy teaching, getting summers off and the routine I have been doing. Boredom, maybe? The site did mention they were hiring for multiple positions and looking for people who can interact with the public. I think I suit that qualification to a tee," Denise Miller thought to herself as she opened up one of the glass doors that led to the main lobby of ST. The brown haired woman strode across the tiled floor, passing several women on both sides, until stopping before the large reception desk in the middle of the lobby.

"Hello. My name is Denise Miller. I'm here for the job interview with your director of personnel, " Denise said smoothly to the bespectacled blonde behind the desk.

A few seconds of silence as the receptionist typed on her keyboard. After glancing briefly at Denise, the receptionist reached forward on her desk, scooped up a badge and handed it to her. "Ok, Denise, here's your identification badge. Head to the elevators at the far end and go up to the fifth floor. Follow the arrows to the main conference room and our personnel people will be waiting for you, " the woman intoned as she handed a laminated card to Denise.

" name and APPLICANT... looks like ST means business," Denise thought as she clipped the card above her right breast and headed for the elevators indicated. As she moved, she heard other women starting to gather around the desk.

A minute or so later, after pushing the floor button, the car door was about to slide shut before being stopped by a pair of hands. As the door slid back, a fairly well endowed blonde haired woman swept inside followed by a diminutive, brown haired lady behind her.

"You think these guys are looking for legit, high paying jobs or something that seems like a lot of temps hired to fill vacation needs in departments? " the blonde asked Denise as she tapped on her cell phone while asking.

"Hmmm, that has crossed my mind but I don't think so. They seemed to push the opportunity as one that could mean a lifelong position. By the way, I'm Denise, " she replied and extended a hand towards the busty inquirer.

"Lara Lynn. You could be right, but I've got a nagging about this place, " Lara responded as the car neared the floor for the interviews.

"I'm Bri. I kinda hope they allow me to work with wonderful people like you two. I think this will be something we'll never forget, " the woman exclaimed as her eyeballs seemed to pinball in her sockets from the excitement she was experiencing.

"Bubbly...energetic...wonder how long it'll be until that gets worn out in the daily grind," Lara thought as the car came to a halt and the doors slid open. Following the directions mounted to the auburn walls in front of the elevators, the women trudged along until they came to their destination.

"Geez, never thought there'd be this kind of set-up, " Denise muttered softly as the women saw that the room was full of individual desks that were slightly larger than the furniture the teacher saw in past classrooms. There were about twenty in all, with all but five already having women seated at them. Atop the desks were laptop computers and a large bottle of what looked to be spring water.

"Ladies, if you'll take your seats, we can begin the interview process. I would prefer to conduct all interviews on a one-on-one basis but the volume of potential candidates has determined that the company start the process with this approach. Before I outline what we'll be looking at, I should introduce myself in a verbal sense. My name is Walter Beaverton, founder and CFO of ST Limited. This company was started as a simple distributor for goods to small mom and pop stores in rural Canada and has expanded greatly over the past thirty or so years. ST now ships goods worldwide as well as researches a wide range of products for the global community. We employee over ten thousand men and women in twenty countries with a wide range of opportunities for our workers. If you're hired, you'll find the ability to grow in your role regardless of the placement exists. Urmm, sorry, throat is bit scratchy here, " a deep, husky voice intoned from a large speaker mounted to the wall at the far end of the room.

"Now, without further ado, I'd ask each of you to open your individual laptops, follow the instructions you see and start the process. There is no time limit on completion and if you wish to take a break, feel free to do so. The water next to you is there to keep hydrated as we have had people complain about the heat in the room in the past. With that, be honest with the questions you are asked and be aware that this is only the first part of the process, "Walter intoned and seconds after he finished talking, sounds of loud cheering came from the speaker and echoed through the room.

"Sounds a bit yuppy but that kind of energy certainly points to confidence in his company. Can't wait until I meet him in person," Denise thought to herself as she opened her laptop and started typing as prompted.

"Could be interesting to work for a guy like Walter. Wonder if he likes women that are well endowed," Lara mused to herself as she took a sip on the bottled water before getting into the instructions on her computer.

"Walter could be a stick in the mud. Wonder if he has a sister around my that is a bit, heh, open minded about passion in the night,"Bri pondered privately as she drank down half of the bottled water before diving into the instructions displayed.

Several hours later.....

Swinging open the front door to her home, Denise entered and quickly proceeded to a nearby table where she set down a gift she was offered after completion of the employee data forms: a case of ST spring water bottles. With a bemused look on her face, Denise put a few bottles in her fridge before taking one to the bedroom with her.

"That took longer than I figured and sheesh, some of those questions. "Are you a naughty or nice person when interacting romantically...". I mean, geez..." Denise murmured softly as she disrobed and slipped nude under the bed covers for a nap. However, after a few minutes, the dark haired beauty started feeling a bit restless. In fact, she was feeling down right aroused and with no one around to satisfy that need, she reached into a nearby end table, pulled open a drawer and retrieved an item she used on nights like this one.

"Good old Chromey..." Denise thought to herself as she palmed a silver vibrator for a few seconds before swabbing it with her tongue. After making sure the toy was lubricated to her satisfaction, Denise turned it on and started to gently massage the outer edges of her sex. Within seconds, the dark haired woman experienced a pang of deep pleasure unlike anything she had felt before.

"OHHHH...!! " Denise exclaimed even as she plunged the vibrator deep inside her. As waves of intense pleasure rolled through her mind and pleasure, Denise writhed and moaned as she pushed the sex toy into her as far as she could muster. In what felt like no time at all, an earth shattering orgasm rippled through Denise but her desire for pleasure remained as heightened before. For the rest of the night, though her exact memories were cloudy, Denise experienced a seeming endless amount of orgasms with her vibrator pushed into her mouth and ass as well as her sex.

"Pleasure....need... mmm...need the pleasure..." Denise murmured as she finally drifted off to sleep. As the dark haired woman twitched and moaned ever so slightly, Denise was unaware of the small artificial looking glossy pink patches that were visible on the small of her back and around both of her ankles.


A light breeze blew through the curtains of an open patio door in a modest sized home in the city. The deserted interior was quiet until the sound of a light THUMP! on the patio followed by a silver bodysuit wearing woman entering through the patio door and strolling into the living room in a search of a light switch.

"Can't believe I had to fight a bunch of goofs dressed in bad beaver costumes that claimed they were members of the Beaver Liberation Front. Betcha they learned the hard way not to mess with the Mighty Spectra," Lara mused to herself as she turned on the lights before removing her cape and thigh high blue boots. A bit weary from the night's activities, and the job interview she had during the day, Lara retrieved a bottle of spring water she had received from ST and drank the entire contents in several big gulps.

"That hit the spot. Mmmm, before I wash up and hit the hay for the night, might try a ride with my favorite toy, " Lara murmured as she went into her bedroom, flicked on the light and disrobed. After shuffling a few things around, Lara retrieved a large item and placed it next to her bed.

"The Stallion Extreme 3000... oh, you've given such a fun time in the past," Lara thought to herself as she stroked the pink phallus atop the sybian. Retrieving a white tube of lubricant, Lara dabbed a generous portion over the phallus before turning the device on. Straddling the sybian between her legs, Lara lowered herself downwards and let out an audible sigh as the phallus entered her womanhood. As her eyelids started to flutter and a tiny bead of perspiration appeared on her temple, Lara reached down with her trembling right hand and turned the sybian's power up to a maximum setting.

"OHHHHH....FFUUUCCKKKK!!!!!!!.... "Lara exclaimed as she rocked up and down ever so slightly in reaction to the waves of pleasure passing through her. As the waves of pleasure passed through her body and washed over her mind, Lara mentally saw herself in torrid erotic visions where she was having sex with faceless men and women again and again. As seconds turned to minutes, the images grew more intense with one thing being constant: Lara was giving pleasure to others and that seemed extremely important.

"Mmmmmmm... " Lara moaned after her Stallion session came to an end and she switched the sybian. Feeling a bit weary, the blonde haired woman staggered to her bed, laid down on her back and fell asleep almost immediately. As Lara twitched and softly moaned, she was unaware that on occasion, her legs spread wide and her arms jutted upwards in a odd way.

Several hours earlier.....

"Never saw so many questions about personal stuff for a job app before... if I didn't want the job so bad, would have told 'em where to stick that crap," Bri thought as she entered her modestly decorated apartment and placed a case of ST spring water on a nearby table. Shaking her head slightly, Bri removed her blouse before grabbing a bottle of spring water and heading to the living room. Plopping herself down on her leather couch, Bri took a deep drink of water before turning on the TV and DVD player in anticipation of the enjoyment to come.

"Nothing like kicking back and watching 'Invasion of the Nylonians' again. May be a bit on the cheesy side and made for the horny male nerd but those aliens... fucking hot...." Bri thought as she settled back and watched the images of buxom alien invaders capture screaming women with the aid of their menacing beaver warriors. As she sipped on the water and watched the part where the Nylonians put the Earth women into glass tubes for experimentation, Bri started to slip her hand under her nylons and stroked her sex with vigor.

"Ohhhh, that is sooo fucking hot. They make the women into mindless pleasure slaves.... living sex dolls.... mmmm....all they want is give pleasure.... fuuuck....mmmmm...." Bri mused even as her thoughts grew harder to focus with her fingers rubbing against her wet vagina with increasing vigor. As time passed, Bri's head lolled back and her eyes took on a glassy appearance. Her hand continued to caress her vagina and her left hand cupped one of her breasts in a manner that seemed almost automatic.

Later, as the closing credits rolled, Bri fell into a light sleep though her eyes seemed to be slightly open and her fingers continued to massage her breast and vagina lightly.

The next day.....

"....have to say, last night was the, hmmm, energetic night I've had in some time, " Denise murmured as she rode in the company elevator with Lara and Bri. The other two nodded in silence and fidgeted in silence as the floors passed by.

Lara glanced at Denise and a puzzled look crossed her face. "Ummm, I don't want to get personal, but why are you wearing nylons? I mean, you told me yesterday that you wouldn't wear anything like that even if they offered you bonuses and raises for compensation, " the blonde inquired and gestured towards Denise's legs for emphasis.

Denise's cheeks turned slightly red in response to the query. "Yeah, I know. I just, well, had this feeling this morning when I was getting around. I, well, I thought I might look good in them and, ummm, a bit more, " she said softly and lifted up her skirt to let Lara and Bri see what laid underneath.

"Oooohhh..." Lara and Bri both cooed as they saw Denise was wearing nude pantyhose under her skirt and no panties. It was also clear that she had removed all pubic hair as well and was bare around her sex.

Lara winked at the others and reached for the EMERGENCY STOP button on the car panel. After pushing it, Lara turned and hiked up her skirt. "You're not the only who's going commando today, " she purred even as she stroked her nether regions with her fingers.

"God, you two, I just, just want to... " Bri stammered as she moved towards Denise and without warning, kissed her fully on the lips. After a few moments, Bri slid downwards, deftly unhitched Denise's skirt and slid down her pantyhose so it exposed her shaven vagina.

"Bri, you can't do...OOOHH!!..I...Mmmmmph..." Denise started to say before a sharp pang of pleasure caused her to moan softly as Bri started to massage her vagina with her moist tongue. At that same moment, Lara, who had disrobed from the waist up, pressed her big breasts into Denise's face and mouth. Startled at first, Denise quickly expressed her enjoyment of Lara's impetuous action by making sounds mimicking an outboard motor before turning her attention to one of Lara's swollen nipples.

For what seemed like an eternity, the trio writhed and moaned as they proceeded into a sexual frenzy that left their bodies dripping with sweat and other fluids. After things subsided, the women quickly redressed and after each made sure their make-up and look was as ordinary as could be done. When the women emerged from the elevator on their desired floor, they were relieved to see no one gave them more than a glancing look.

"Change room is to the left at the end of the corridor. When you're ready, put these tags on and head to the testing room as indicated to the right. Have a great day, " a receptionist intoned as she handed Bri, Denise and Lara photo ID's and large bottles of ST water.

A few minutes later, the women took their places in front of lockers bearing their respective names and started changing into the exercise outfits contained within. Looking around briefly, Denise saw that they were the only ones present in the room. Grabbing the outfit in her locker, Denise made her way over to where Lara and Bri were standing, outfits in their hands.

"Look, before we head out for the physical tests, maybe we should talk about what just happened. Ummm, I don't about any of you but I, uhhh, don't do that kind of thing normally, " Denise said somewhat nervously as she set down her bundle on the nearby bench and looked at the others quizzically.

Lara removed her top and skirt before sitting on the bench and gazed around. " Denise, it's, ummm, it's hard for me to explain as well. I mean, I've never done that with, well, with any woman. Still, when you started sucking on my nips like a good Owner, it felt so good, "the blonde haired woman said as she slipped off her panties, damp from the sexfest in the elevator.

"Huh? What did you say? " Denise asked, puzzled by Lara's words and expression that seemed decidedly off, for some reason.

"I said, I loved giving those tits of yours some action. Geez, my bra isn't fitting too well, for some reason. Huh. ST has spare sports bras in the locker for the workers, even for my big boys, " Lara said smoothly as she struggled to unhook her bra before eyeing replacements in her locker.

Bri slipped on a satin blue sports bra and a new set of pantyhose before focusing on her exercise wear. " These ST folks seems to want to cater to our every need. If they give me enough time during a typical work day, I know I can have some fun, "she said before standing, tying her sneakers and heading towards the exit. Stopping next to Denise briefly, Bri leaned in and kissed the statuesque woman on the lips even as she squeezed one of Denise's breasts briefly.

"Let's get physical, "Bri cooed before turning and leaving the room humming softly.

Denise and Lara looked at each other in silence for a few seconds before following Bri out of the room.

A short time later.....

The exercise/fitness room was a hum of activity as Lara and the others entered though the din was not from men and women working out. Rather, there were a number of technicians performing several tasks in different parts of the room. On a treadmill in the far left hand side of the room, a dark haired woman dressed in what appeared to be an exercise outfit made of leather or latex was jogging at a measure pace. A technician next to her was glancing up every second or two to check the readout on the front panel as well as monitor whatever was indicated on the blue and red headband she was wearing. To their right, a somewhat buxom Asian woman was seated in front of a table and was blowing into a tube every few seconds at the behest of another technician.

"Ahhh, ladies, welcome. I know the information you've been given has been perhaps too brief for some of you so allow me to elaborate. My name is Theresa Nilsson and I'm head of the physiological department here at ST. The company sends its employees to locations throughout the world and these locations vary in terms of climate and environment. To that end, ST wants to ensure that all of our workers can withstand any substantial changes in surroundings without enduring unforeseen physical hardships. So, for today me and my associates are going to conduct a series of tests that will calculate your physical abilities on a variety of levels. I will say in advance for some of these tests, you will be asked to remove some or all of your outfits. However, I want to assure the three of you that these tests will be done in a professional manner at all times and the times where you are requested to remove garments to a nearly nil state shall be oversaw by my female technicians only, " the woman intoned as she gestured towards the machines, tables and workers around the room.

"Huh...lots of odd sounding talk... still, the money sounds good and I do like to travel.. even as a civilian..." Lara thought to herself as she went over to a treadmill assigned to her by a technician. To her surprise, the tech reached over and fitted what seemed to be some kind of oxygen mask over her mouth and nose before telling her to commence using the treadmill.

"Must be measuring our lung capacity for some... OH COOL!!.. I love that machine!!" Bri thought before her focus shifted to the workout machine she was being guided towards. Recognizing it as one used to strengthen the inner thighs, Bri, with a slight smile crossing her face, sat down on the indicated bench and was about to start working out when the tech motioned for her to stop and wait. Raising up her top, Bri watched as the tech reached down, pulled aside her left bra cup and deposited a large metal disc atop her nipple. After repeating the process with the other nipple, the tech motioned for her to redress before affixing a third disc to the middle of Bri's forehead.

"Odd selection of equipment for this fitness stuff... uh... this one looks to be the strangest of...yeah...." Denise mused as she followed the tech assigned to her over to what looked to be a regular weightlifting machine. However, two things caught her off guard, to say the least. First off, she was requested to strip down to her underwear by the middle aged tech. Secondly, she was given two silver rods measuring several inches in length, asked to step behind a privacy screen nearby and insert the rods into her vagina and anus. Initially repelled by such a request, Denise was reassured by the technician that the rods would cause her no pain, there would be no harm to her physically and she might find their presence to be quite stimulating.

A few minutes later, after the three had made all adjustments as requested, the trio settled in and started exercising as the techs tapped furiously on tablets or wrote on oversized clipboards....

Interlude #1

"Pfff...that was the hardest, and most strenuous, workout I think I've ever done. On top of that, I'm so horny right now...mmmmm....." Lia thought as she closed the door to the private room ST had provided her after the tests to relax and unwind. She had asked about her garments she had left in the locker room and was told they had been moved to her room ahead of time.

Removing her sweaty exercise outfit, Lia took a quick shower and paused momentarily stepping out when she noticed how her skin felt so smooth and tingly when she toweled off. Heading to the bedroom area, Lia was amused to see what appeared a full black catsuit, with boots and gloves, draped over the edge of the bed. Picking up the outfit, the dark haired woman was about to slip it on when she saw what looked to be a matching sex of latex panties next to it along with what looked to be instructions underneath it.

"Huh... quite the little item. Black latex panties that have two built-in vibrators that activate upon donning and expand inside the owner's openings. Ooooh, this sounds fucking hot. Don't care if it's a phony promise...even a little bit of stimulation will make me feel better," Lia mused to herself as she discarded the towel wrapped around her and reached for the bottle of baby powder conveniently located nearby. After dabbing a generous amount around her waist, hips and elsewhere, Lia re-read the instructions to make sure she was not missing anything. To her amusement, the paper noted that the catsuit would cover the wearer completely from head to toe and would change color depending on length of time being worn.

"Mmmmm, love the gloves and boots, they seem so easy to put on... .mmmm...the hood, it, it covers my head so snugly..... mmmm...." Lia pondered as she slipped the latex over her body with an eagerness that surprised ever herself. As she tugged the hood ever so slightly, and noticed how it covered everything except her eyes, mouth and nostrils, Lia felt a wave of intense pleasure surge through her sex and spread outwards rapidly.

"Ooooooohhh... mmmmmm.... oooohhh.... "Lia murmured as she sagged onto the bed on her bed and experienced another wave of pleasure floor through her. After briefly closing her eyes, Lia opened them and found she was staring into what appeared a ceiling mounted mirror. Figuring it was an odd yet acceptable thing, Lia started to rub her chest and stomach area in response to the sensations. Lia closed her eyes as the intensity seemed to grow stronger and more frequent as the minutes passed. In what seemed like very time, her caresses grew more and more intense and Lia moaned a little louder as she felt what seemed like an orgasm building within her.

"OOOOOOHHHHHH FUUUUUCKKKK!!!! " Lia screamed loudly as she arched her back and rose an inch or two off the bed in response to the orgasm that rippled through her mind and body. After what seemed like an eternity, Lia sagged back to the bed and fell into a light sleep. Even in this state, though, Lia's mind was filled with images of a highly erotic nature. Images of intense love making, of steamy, hot sex with men, women with every intimate act imaginable acted out. The one thing that was consistent in all of these visions was that Lia was allowing her faceless partners to control every aspect of the intimacy.

"Mmmmmmm....mmmmm....feeel so good.... mmmm...wh, wh, that, that's odd... my suit....mmmm...." Lia pondered to herself before opening her eyes and seeing her reflection in the mirror. To her surprise, Lia saw that her catsuit had changed color, as the note indicated it might, and now looked to be some kind of light pink or fleshtone color. Oddly, though, she could see what looked to be seams appearing along her limbs and around her breasts...seams that Lia knew weren't there before.

"Th, this I better sit up and take this off before... HEY!! I CAN'T MOVE!! HELP!! HELP ME...ooohhhh....I....." Lia thought before realizing that her body was unresponsive to her thoughts. Her pleas for assistance quickly went silent as more waves of intense pleasure went through her body. As her eyes fluttered and Lia tried to figure out what was going on, she glanced upwards and saw that the catsuit and panties were disintegrating quickly. This revelation was followed by the sight of her nude body, taking on the appearance of her catsuit. As she saw blemishes and other imperfections disappearing rapidly, Lia realized what was happening to her.

"A LOVE DOLL!! I'M BECOMING A LOVE DOLL!! A SEX TOY FOR SOMEONE... SOMEONE...need help... Owner... need to please Owner.... NO!!" Lia mentally shouted even as her thinking was being clouded by simple wants and desires. As her mind tried to fight the changes threatening overwhelming, Lia's physical body was undergoing a radical change in appearance as well. Lia's limbs moved as if they had a mind of their own with her legs slowly spreading into a V shape with her toes fusing together into a solid shape dotted by red spots where her toenails would have been. Her arms drew to her sides even as they bent sharply at the elbows with her forearms jutting into the air and her fingers merging into a solid blade of plastic save for her thumbs. Even at this state, the partly transformed Lia found her mindset going from trying to figure a way out of her predicament to a simple desire to hold her owner in a passionate embrace.

The changes swept into Lia's intimate areas, increasing the levels of pleasure she was experiencing to an unimaginable level. Lia's pussy twitched and contorted before clenching tight for a few seconds as if a sex toy or large cock was filling it before opening into a perfect O with the interior changing into a smooth rubber sack. Although she could not see it in her mirror image, Lia could sense that the same thing was happening to her ass and the sensations would have had her screaming out loud in ecstasy, if she was still capable of such an action.

Lia's breasts, modest in size normally, swelled in size like balloons until they attained D cup in size. The twin mounds of glossy material were capped by bright red nipples that were several inches in length that Lia longed to have suckled or nibbled. Seams formed around Lia's breasts even as her chest became motionless. Even in this state, though, a slight breeze from the room's air conditioning passed over Lia and caused her inflated boobs to wobble ever so slightly.

"I'm not a love doll.... I'm Lia....Lia... Luscious Lia... I hope Owner uses me soon... I exist to make him happy... I want him to fuck me.... I am a good love doll..." Lia thought as the simple desires and needs of a sex doll overwhelmed her mindset. At the same time, her physical transformation swept into her head area and Lia would have gasped out loud, if she was still capable. Lia's mouth twitched and contorted before forming into the same O shaped opening like her other two. Her eyes changed into painted features that had a frozen look of lust etched in them. Lia's hair changed to blonde in color and merged with her hollow head to give the appearance of a cheap blow-up doll. With the sensation of an inflation plug growing out of the small of her back, Lia's transformation into an inflated love doll was complete.

For several minutes, the room was silent save for a tone coming from an unseen phone. The doll remained motionless on the bed, with Lia's mind trying to stay focused even as its' form wanted simply to give pleasure to an owner or user. After several more chimes/tones sounded, a burly man dressed in a dark clothing with a bluetooth device in his right ear entered the room, walked over to the bed and loomed over the dollified Lia for several seconds before tapping his communication device.

"Boss? Yeah. Yeah, the first one is all done. Orders? Uh huh. Uh huh. In the closet? Ok. Ok. No usage. Gotcha. Be about, hmmm, 5 or so minutes, " the man intoned before signing off and picking up the doll. Without a word spoken, the security officer picked up the doll, reached around to its inflation plug and pulled it open.

"I'M DEFLATING!!... NOOO!!... I WANT TO BE HUMAN AGAIN... NOT A DOLLL... good please..." Lia thought as her artificial body start to rapidly lose form and shape. As air rushed out of her hollow frame, Lia's thoughts dissipated just as quickly and her mindset descended into darkness.

"Huh. Too bad the boss wants her right away. I wouldn't mind showing her what big old Jake can do, " the man muttered as he squeezed the last of the air out of the dollified Lia. After retrieving a cardboard box out of a nearby closet, Jake removed a clear bag from it and set it down next to the flattened Lia. He proceeded to fold the doll carefully until it was in a bundle with Lia's face on top. Jaken proceeded to slide the doll into the bag and placed the bag into the box. The box itself had a clear plastic window into it and if Lia had seen the box's writing earlier, she might have realized what was intended for her.



With that, the man tucked the box under his arm and headed out to meet his boss. "Another day, another dolly..." Jake thought as he headed off to meet his employer.

As for Lia? She was now an inflatable doll...thinking was no longer important...or anything beyond pleasure.

End Interlude #1

"Huh...never thought I'd get a chance to catch a breather. These tech guys are really interested in making sure that I'm physically fit. Maybe after al of this is done, I can get one of them to give me an outline of these tests so I can use it on my exercise machines at home. It's been a while since I slipped on a leotard," Denise thought as she dabbed seat off her forehead and face with a towel provided to her. Handing the towel to a nearby tech, Denise signed a clipboard letter handed her that acknowledged her participation in the testing and the date. After receiving directions from a tech for a room where she could dress and relax, Denise headed off to catch her breath and talk a bit with Bri and Lara.

Once inside her room, Denise took off her garments and headed for the room's shower without a moment's hesitation. As the hot water trickled down her body, Denise felt unusually pleasant sensations emanating from her lower back and thighs. These feelings built to to such an intensity that without really thinking about where she was, Denise started rubbing her right hand against her vagina in motions that grew quicker and faster with each passing moment.

"Oooohhh...oooohhh.....FUUUCKK...FUUUCKK MMEEEE!!!! " Denise shrieked as she felt an incredibly intense orgasm ripple through her body. The experience was so intense that Denise sagged to her knees for a few moments and she lost track of everything for the past few minutes. When the pleasure subsided, Denise stood up, turned off the shower and stepped out.

"That, that was wild. I mean, I've never done that kind of thing in the shower before... the pleasure.... it felt....mmmmm...." Denise thought to herself as she staggered to her bed and leaned on it for a second or two. In that instant, she remembered that she had failed to remove the rods she had inserted earlier. With a ginger touch, she looked to extract them but was puzzled to discover there was nothing to extract from either orifice. Even worse, when she put her hands to her bottom, her whole body started tingling and it was like her mind went blank for that time.

"This, this is so strange. Better look and see if I picked up some kind of weird infection. It doesn't... WHAT THE HELL??!! " Denise started to think as she posed with her back to a large mirror and glanced over her shoulder before shrieking in surprise. Denise's lower back looked to have changed color to what seemed to be a somewhat glossy pink and the look was spreading up and down her body.

"This, this can't be happening. I, uhhh, I better call for an ambulance or someone to help, mmmm, me now, " Denise gasped as she walked unsteadily over to where she had left her purse with her clothes. Before she taken more than a few steps, though, Denise tripped and fell to the floor. Stunned, Denise laid motionless before regaining her senses once again and pulled herself to her feet.

" back. Nothing wrong with it now at all. Maybe it was some kind of weird reaction to something I ate or drank and the workout. Better lay down for a bit and regain my senses, I reckon, " Denise muttered as she saw her back was back to normal in the mirrror image before going to the bed and laying down on her back.

"Mmmmm, feel pretty good....I, OHHH... th, that was strange... I touched one of my breasts and WHAT THE HELL??!! MY BABIES, AS BIG AS A CALF HEAD!! " Denise mentally mused with her eyes closed and her hands brushing her stomach and up against her breasts before a sharp pang of pleasure caused her eyes to open instantly. Looking downwards, Denise could see that her breasts now resembled twin pink mounds of molded plastic or latex capped by inch long nipples that were surrounded by bright red circular aerolas.

"Can, can't deal with this. Have, have to check these tables and see if there's a phone in...OH!!...OHH!! " Denise moaned as she rolled onto her side to check the table but discovered that this motion caused her breasts to rub against the bed fabric. This action caused her to moan and tremble uncontrollably for a few seconds before she focused on the table's contents. To her shock, she saw it contained what appeared to be a long, ribbed vibrator with multiple setttings.

"Ohhhh, this, this looks so bad but gawd, I am so horny right now. Let's fire up this bad boy and see if I can get my need for a good fuck under control, " Denise murmured as she clicked on the sex toy and rolled onto her back once again. Hearing aBZZZZZZ!! noise, indicating the vibrator was in working order, Denise lowered it towards her vagina. Caressing it around the edges of her sex, Denise caressed her mid section with her left hand as her sexual need grew stronger by the second.

"Mmmmm, yes, need to fuck.... fuck owner... please...mmmm... need to pleasure.... horny..... horny dolly.... goood dollyy... .uhhhh...mmmm... FUCK ME..FUCK OWNER... FUUUUUCKKKKK!!!!!..... " Denise moaned in a voice that grew louder and louder as she plunged the vibrator into her body and started pistoning it in and out with increasing speed. As she did so, her left hand rubbed up and down her twitching body and caressed her artificial tits, in spite of what that action triggered in her. As the speed hit a feverish pitch, Denise screamed out loud as the most powerful orgasm she had ever experienced rippled through her mind body.

"Th, that was incredible... I had better...wait.... I CAN'T MOVE...CAN'T TALK... WHAT IN TARNATION IS GOING ON??!!" Denise mentally wailed as she realized she was immobilized with her eyes half closed and head tilted downwards looking towards her sex. To her shock, she saw that the artificial look she had seen earlier with her breasts and back was now visible around her mid section and spreading up and down her body. The vibrator Denise had been using slipped out of her vagina on its own even as her sex twitched and contorted from some unseen forces. Moments later, Denise's vagina formed into a perfect round O shape and she could fel the interior forming into some sort of smooth sac. At the same time, Denise could see what looked to be seams starting to appear around her midsection and her thighs.

"This, this can't be happening!! ...I...I CAN'T BE CHANGING... mmmm... CHANGING INTO A LOVE DOLL!!... I write stories about this fantasy, it can't be..... mmmmm....mmmmm...." Denise thought even as her mindset flipped from intense distress to exultation to concern and confusion as the changes proceeded. Denise's legs slowly spread apart into a V position that all love dolls had with seams appearing alone them as well as around her feet. Denise's toes fused together into two solid forms with red spots indicating where her toenails might be.

Denise moaned softly out loud in spite of her predicament as the pleasure she was experiencing was growing more intense with each passing moment. Even though she couldn't move at all, Denise could feel the change that transformed her pussy was now affecting her anus and if she could turn over, she would see that it had shifted upwards by several inches before forming an ovular opening like her vagina.

"It, it's happening and I can't... can....can hope to please Owner..... mmmmmm....." Denise thought as the artificial glossiness swept upwards and turned everything around her bountiful bosoms to shiny, perfect latex and plastic devoid of imperfections. Denise could feel a growing sense of lightness in her body, as if she could have air added or removed in a matter of moments.

"I...mmmm...not a dolly... I'm Denise...mmm... D...D...Double D Denise.... dolly wants... wants to please owner... my fuck holes ache to be filled... I'm....mmm...I'm a good dolly...." Denise thought as her mouth twitched and contorted before forming into an O shaped opening like her other two oval entrances. Her eyes changed to painted features with a look of wanton lust etched forever in them and her hair changed to synthetic threads that were woven into her hollow doll head. With an inflation valve growing out from the small of her back, Denise's change into a blow-up sex doll was complete and the shiny sex toy laid in silence on the satin sheet covered bed.

After an unknown amount of time passed, the door to the room swung open and a burly man wearing a black business suit walked into Denise's room. Standing directly in the doll's fixed line of vision, the man moved his head slightly to the left and right though he remained where he was standing as the minutes ticked by. Finally, after satisfying questions known only to him, the man pulled out a silver cell phone from a suit pocket and tapped out several numbers even as he continued to eye the dollified Denise.

"Boss? Gordon here. The broad in room four is in her new form. Instructions? Uh huh. Uh huh. K. Both sets? K. Can I, ummm, test her? Oh. Ok. Yep. No problem, just asking. K. She'll be ready to go once I gather everything up like you want. Ok. Your office, no problem, " the man said before closing up his cell phone and moving purposefully towards the nearest closet. After rummaging around for a minute or two, he extracted several items from it and carried them to the bed where he set them down next to the Denise doll.

"Yeah, I bet you'd make for a real fun time, sweetie, but the boss has orders and I ain't one to break 'em, " the man said as he patted and caressed Denise's right leg and mid section briefly.

"Oooohh.... is, is that Owner touching me? I, I...feel goood... want to... tell him I'm....I'm... a good dolly... use....mmmm...." Denise thought as pleasure flowed through her and washed away thoughts of any protests she might have if she was still flesh and blood. Moments later, the love doll was startled the sensation of the man reachind behind her and tilting her up into a sitting position. Without a word spoken, the man closed his right hand around the doll's inflation valve and pulled it open.

"DEFLATING!!.. I'M DEFLATING...NO... I'M NOT A DOLL... NEED TO BE USED... MMMMM... NNNnnnoo....." Denise thought frantically as air started to rush out of her hollow body. As the doll started to flatten and lose shape and form, Denise's thoughts faded into darkness with feelings of pleasure, desire and diminishing despair dissipating as well.

Pressing on the doll's form with his right hand, the man forced the remaining air out of Denise's body. After pushing the inflation valve back in, the man started to fold the dollified Denise into a neat pile with her flattened face atop it. Smiling slightly, the man proceeded to slide the love doll into a clear plastic bag and placed the bag into the cardboard box he had got with it from the closet.

"Hmmm, a cheerleader outfit, a heroine costume that, hmmm, looks like that chick Wonder something, a vibrator, a dildo, handcuffs and a spreader bar. Looks like the boss wants to see how this sexy dolly will look with various things. Can't say I blame him, to be honest, " the man said before putting the items into the box next to the deflated Denise.

After placing a transparent plastic cover atop the box, the man tucked the box under his arm and headed out of the room... with thoughts of perhaps being a lucky "product tester" filling his head.

Interlude #2

"Come in, Nina. I want your input on the new product line ST is introducing in the third quarter. The execs say the test groups have reacted favorably but want input from select company personnel, " Kelsea said as she waved the dark haired woman to a nearby leather covered chair.

"No problem at all, Kelsea. Flavored spring water, eh? Sounds like an item for a fairly saturated marketplace, if you ask me, " Nina replied as she took a seat and picked up a red colored bottle on the desk in front of her.

Kelsea nodded as she took a seat behind the desk, plucked a bottle of orange colored water from a nearby mini fridge and set it in front of her. "Oh, I had the same thoughts when I did a vid conference with the Euro and North American execs yesterday. They think the water can be marketed as a product exclusively for adults and make profits by the final quarter of year two. As usual, they're not listening to me, " she said with a small sigh before uncapping the water bottle and taking a drink.

Nina looked on with a sympathetic look before taking a big sip from her own bottle. "Are you still thinking of taking that offer from the corporate headhunter and going to that German company? Maybe that Czech one you were also pitched? Mmmm, good tasting water, " Nina responded between sips of water.

After another drink, Kelsea stood up and walked out from behind her desk with the water bottle clutched in her right hand. "Mmmm, I have to say, the offer that was pitched to me wasverytempting. The ST execs around here are kinda tight, hmmm, tight lipped about my future around here. Geez, it feels warm in here, " she murmured as she took a big drink of from the bottle before setting it back on the desk.

"Hmmm, feeling a little warm myself....mmm...and good..." Nina thought as she stood up and guzzled down the rest of her bottle in several consecutive drinks. Within seconds of putting down the empty bottle, a feeling of exultation flowed throw her body and she started removing her blazer in response to what felt like a wave of intense heat coursing through her.

"I, I need to cool down a bit. Feeling so warm...... so warm..... " Kelsea said as she started to unbutton her blouse in a rapid matter before moving to her knee length skirt. After kicking off her skirt and shoes, Kelsea started walking towards the door very slowly.

"Ummm, I, hmmm, I feel, ohh, warm too...goood and warm..." Nina responded even as she finished disrobing completely. Unlike her boss, though, Nina made no move towards the door whatsoever. Instead, the dark haired woman started to straighten up and assume a pose only she knew.

"I have to get help.... have to...mmm... wh..what's... hap...happening... getting... sluggish..and..mmm...feel... feel something.... uhhh... thing my.... uhhh...back...wh... what... what is THAT??!!" Kelsea thought as her motions slowed and she saw her reflection in a wall mirror. To her shock, she could see that in her partly bent over state, there was what looked some sort of key growing out of her back. She knew it couldn't be possible and probably some illusion but it was there and growing more defined by the moment.

"Wh...what is going on? I, I need... need... need to salute... mmmmm..." Kelsea pondered as she abruptly straightened up with her legs pressed tightly together. Her right arm straightened out and brushed her side and her left arm bent and formed a saluting gesture at her forehead. Kelsea thrust her breasts outwards, causing them to jiggle slightly, and a broad smile crossed her face.

"Kelsea.. she.. she's turning... mmmm...need to pose...display...display for Owner...belong to Owner....mmmmm...." Nina thought before her thinking started to shift as her body did the same. Her right arm bent and her her right hand rose up and cupped the back of her head, which tiled upwards and turned to the right slightly. Nina's left hand moved over her abdomen and hovered an inch or so above her exposed sex. With that, her pose settled into a rigid manner and Nina's mind slowly faded away as she was content to pose as a mannequin indefinitely from that point on.

With that, the room was silent with two shapely, naked women standing motionless waiting for individuals to move them and content to remain where they were in the meantime indefinitely. Just under thirty minutes later, the door to the room swings open and two men enter with boxes tucked under their respective arms.

"Whoah, this is quite the sight. I don't think I've seen this kind of thing in an exec office before, Don, " the dark haired man said as he closed the door behind him, walked over to where Kelsea stood and placed his box in front of her. After gazing into her eyes for a few seconds, the man reached out with his left hand and cupped one of the immobile woman's breasts. Hefting it and rolling his fingers across the surface with the occasional pinch of the nipple, the man noted that there was no reaction whatsoever to his action other than the nipple hardening. Repeating his action with the other breast and achieve the same result, the man nods slightly before opening his box and pulling out a black, red and silver uniform.

"Wh, what...dressed...uniform...I...must...yes...salute...I must salute...wind meeee...."Kelsea thought as she felt a set of nude pantyhose slipped over her legs followed by a form fitting black latex and leather top with silver buttons. A pair of black high heel boots were affixed to her feet followed by matching gloves. A furry hat, with a matching chin strap, was put upon the motionless Kelsea's head to complete the new costume she was wearing.

"One final thing to complete your look, my sexy guard. I'm not great with this stuff but I don't think you'll complain, " the man intoned as he pulled out a small brush and a jar of red facial make-up. With some patience, the man painted two circles on Kelsea's cheeks that made her look even more like a life size wind-up doll.

"There we go. I think you're all set. Now, for the testing part, " the man said before returning the paint and brush to the box and closing the lid. Reaching behind Kelsea, the man grasped the key jutting from her back and started winding it with several twists.

"OH! OH! OH! OH!" Kelsea moaned as she felt a strange wave of energy flow through her body. If she was still a woman, Kelsea might have equated this feeling to the best, most earth shattering orgasm she had ever experienced. However, in her present state, she interpreted this energy as the ability to carry out orders given to her.

"Kelsea, march to the door. Stop. Turn around. March back to me. Stop. Salute," the man intoned as he stood to one side of the shapely woman.

"I. Obey," Kelsea intoned before marching forward in a very stiff and exaggerated manner with her arms bent at forty five degree angles as he moved. Reaching the door in question, Kelsea stopped, pivoted with several herky jerky motions that caused her bosoms to quiver and marched back to the man in the same stiff manner. Stopping inches away from him, Kelsea raised her hand and saluted. Her smile remained and there was not a trace of emotion anywhere on her face,

"Carl gets to have all the fun. I get tasked with dressing Nina and making sure she's ready to go," Don thought to himself as he opened up his box and set to dressing Nina. A black satin bra and matching panties went on the motionless woman followed by a sheer blue nightie on top of it. Don added a red necklace around Nina's neck and seven inch silver high heels were slipped onto Nina's heels.

"Hmmm, according to the work order, Kelsea goes to the main lobby to join the display that greets visitors to ST Limited. Nina gets crated and shipped to a private buyer on the East Coast. He's got connections, it seems, as it states here he has already figured out a place for her in his place. Odd, huh? " Carl intoned as he stared at his phone and thumbed through the text on it.

"Could be worse. We might be part of that order, " Don responded as the two left the office to make arrangements.

End Interlude #2

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