Liking Privacy over Cooperative Living

by Paul G Jutras

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© Copyright 2007 - Paul G Jutras - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; transform; lovedoll; boxed; nc; X


“Nothing like a relaxing bath,” Christine said as she laid in the bubble filled tub and ran a cloth over her smooth body.

“Excuse me,” Roger said as he walked into the bathroom and began to comb his hair. “I got a date with Barbara and she’s using the guy’s bathroom to get ready.”

“Eeeek!” Christine screamed as she grabbed a towel and covered herself up in the tub. “Do you mind, I’m in the tub.”

“You wanted to room with John, Barbara and me with you in the house after high school. Sometimes privacy is not an option. It’s not like I enjoy fighting through a jungle of wet, hanging nylons to find my face in a mirror.”

“Sometimes I wish I could find a place where I can just be alone.” Christine said as Roger left and she got out of the tub. She quickly slipped into a tee shirt and jeans and went downstairs. “Hey, John.”

“What’s up?” John asked as she gave Christine as kiss. “What’s the matter?”

“I love that we were able to get this deal on a house so close to college, but I just sometimes wish I could find a place in this house to be alone sometimes.”

“We’ll be alone as soon as they leave.” John said as he snuggled up to her.

“I mean some alone, alone time.” Christine said with a giggle. “Sometimes I just want to be by myself to quietly reflect on the direction my life is going.”

“Guess you would, being an art major and all.” John replied.

“Would you rather I’d be a chemistry wonk like Barbara?” Christine asked as Roger and Barbara passed by behind them to hit the clubs.

“I wouldn’t have you any other way.” John said with a smile. “You body is so flexable. Sometimes it’s hard to believe your body can bend the way it does.”

Later after the club, Barbara and Christine had changed for bed in their room. Christine in a skimpy nightie and Barbara in a pair of two piece pajamas. “How was your night with Roger?” Christine asked as she finished brushing her hair.

“Okay I guess,” Barbara sighed. “I don’t think he’s as interested in me as he was in high school. He spent most of the night dancing with some other woman. Sometimes I wish I had fought more to keep John.”

“You had your chance in high school with John.” Christine said as she looked in her dresser. “Have you seen my night cream?”

“Oh, I think I saw it in our bathroom.” Barbara said as she turned around with a wicked smile on her face.

Christine started to rub the cream on her face, arms and legs. As she did, he legs began to feel tingly. With a almost feeling like they were going to sleep, her feet slipped out from under her.

“What’s happening?” She started to say as he mouth froze up in a O-position.

Barbara walked into the bathroom a few minutes later with a smile on her face. She stared into Christine’s frozen, painted eyes and giggled. “You never deserved a real man like John. You were nothing but his little sex toy and he never seemed interested in you in any other way. You never hit the clubs or went out in public together except for school. Now you can be his little sex toy, forever.”

Barbara took a wash cloth and removed any remaining cream off from Christine's rubberized body. Barbara wanted to make sure that John didn’t transform if he made love with his new sex toy. As the towel rubbed her, Christine felt sexually turned on and the feeling, once there, didn’t fade.

“Don’t worry about school,” Barbara said with a smile. “I e-mailed both your folks and the dean telling them that as an art student you were going to try backpacking around Europe for a semester. I said I tried to talk you out of it, as some Americans who travel to the far east are never heard from again, but I couldn’t convince you.”

“You bastard!” Christine tried to mentally cry. All her real thoughts demanded as she stared past her now over-inflated breasts and down her glossy body to her fused latex-like toes that she only really wanted John to fuck her.

“Oh, and I don’t know if you’ll enjoy this part, but I know I will.” Barbara said as she slipped her fingers through Christine’s hair and behind her neck. Christine felt Barbara touch something she never felt back there before and pull it. “The formula I created not only turned you into a rubber and latex sack of air, but gave you an inflation plug allowing you to be deflated as well. I even got a box to gift wrap you up in as 'Christine’s going away gift to John'. I’m sure he’ll enjoy you while I see about dumping Roger and convincing John I’m the woman he should marry someday.”

As Barbara returned to her bed room, she began to feel light headed. She collapsed in her vanity chair, then slipped frictionless to the floor like a rag doll. “What’s going on?” Barbara thought. She didn’t realize that when she pulled on Christine’s inflation plug that she got some of the chemicals from the back of Christine’s neck on her hand. Now, she could only stare helplessly at the ceiling as she too became a love doll. She had only hoped that either John or Roger would find her that night. The tightness of her newly enlarged breasts against her pajamas top was making her increasingly horny.

It wasn’t until morning that John and Roger went looking for the girls when they didn’t show up for breakfast. They found Barbara’s fake note on Christine’s computer about hitch hiking through Europe as well as the two love dolls. The guys figured Barbara went with Christine who must have decided she didn’t want complete privacy on her trip. Knowing they didn’t have any classes till the afternoon that day, they washed the cream they thought got on it from product testing in the tub and used the girls all morning long. Both girls didn’t know which made them feel more sexually wild, the boys or the bath.



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