Linda's Secret Desire

by Kaiso

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© Copyright 2013 - Kaiso - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; strip; suit; helmet; gag; encased; mannequin; dress; display; toys; stuck; climax; reluct/cons; X


After a long day at work Linda came home, to find her boyfriend Ben not at home. She wondered where he could be he's usually home since he's done at 5pm, and she's finished work at 6:30. After she got something to drink she sat down on the couch to find a small letter at the coffee table. ''Dear Linda, I'm just running some errands won't be home late Love ben.''

'Well I guess I'm home alone for a while', Linda thought. She decided to order a pizza, and watch some TV. After about half an hour the pizza came, but still no sign from Ben. Linda took the pizza and watched tv for a couple of hours. She looked on the big clock in the corner of the room. "11:23 were could that man be", Linda said annoyed. Unfortunately she had to go to work the next day so she decided not to wait for him and went to bed.

The next morning she woke up, finding Ben's side of the bed has not been slept on. She got dressed and walked to the living room, finding Ben asleep on the couch. 'Well at least he got home', Linda thought to herself with a grin. She started her standard morning ritual, and went to work. That evening she came home finding Ben missing again. Annoyed she walked over to the coffee table to find another letter. "Dear Linda, I'm sorry things got a little late yesterday. I don't know what time i will be back. Love Ben".

Linda annoyed by the sudden disappearing of her boyfriend for two nights in a row, took a long shower after which she went to bed. The next morning she found Ben sleeping next to her in bed. Still annoyed about the mysterious disappearing of him she woke him up. Directly asking, "Where have you been the last two nights?"

Ben still half asleep answered noting more then "What?"

Linda restated the question. On which Ben's answer this time was: "I'm preparing a surprise for you hun".

She tried to state another question on the so called surprise, but Ben already fell asleep again. She decided to let it be for now.

That evening Linda came home, and Ben was waiting for her with some coffee. 'Finally' she thought, 'some time together!'

She sat down next to Ben and she drank her coffee with him. After a while talking about some random stuff Linda asked, "You mentioned a surprise this morning?"

Ben answered, 'Yes but you have to wait till friday because it's not ready yet."

Linda curious what it could be started guessing what it could be. But everything she named Ben answered "No".

After a while Linda gave up, "well i will see it friday then".

"You sure will", Ben replied.

The rest of the week went by slowly, Linda couldn't wait for the surprise Each day she asked Ben something about it. But Ben said nothing more then 'You will see hun'. She knew it had to be something special because it took quite a bit of time to get it. But had no clue what it could be.

FinaLly it was friday. That morning she woke up and noticed Ben was already gone. "That's weird" she said, "he's never up that early". But she figured it could had something to do with the surprise Linda started her morning ritual and went to work.

The entire day she couldn't focus, she was too busy figuring out what the surprise could be. At 4pm she decided to call it a day and go home early. Once home she noticed Ben was not home from work yet, she knew he would be home at 5:15 when she looked at the big clock she saw it was 5 o'clock already. She decided to change before Ben came home, when she entered the bedroom she noticed a few boxes next to the bed. Immediately she knew they had to contain the surprise

The box at the top was already opened and Linda couldn't help herself to take a peek. when she opened the flaps of the box she heard the front door unlock. Ben was home a bit early. She took a glimpse of something that looked skin toned. She quickly closed the box and got to the living room just in time before Ben entered the room.

"Hey hun your home already", he asked with a slightly surprised voice.

"Yes", Linda said, "I decided to go home early today so we could have the entire night together".

"That's good", Ben said, "because I've got your surprise ready but first lets get some dinner".

After dinner Linda started doing the dishes. While Ben walked towards the bedroom, to take the mysterious boxes. Once Linda was ready with all the dishes Ben was already waiting for her. "Well this is it!" he said.

Linda looked at the boxes and asked, "What is it?"

"Take a look", Ben said with a grin.

She opened the box she opened before and saw the skin toned thing again.

"Well take it out", Ben said.

Linda took the thing in the box and looked at it. "It's a torso of some kind?" she asked.

"Yes it is", Ben replied, "it's a full scale mannequin costume".

"A mannequin costume?" Linda asked.

"Yes remember a few months ago you said you would love to be a mannequin?"

" Yes but..." Linda turned red, and aroused.

"Well here is your chance", Ben said.

Linda didn't know what to say and she unboxed the rest of the suit. The material was something like a hard but flexible plastic. When she unboxed it all she looked at it and asked, "Do I really need to get in this?"

"Well yes", Ben said, "you wanted to be a mannequin. I made it happen so be one".

Linda obeyed and asked how to put it on. Ben explained she had to start with the legs, and she would need something of a lubricant. Ben walked to the bedroom and came back with a tube of Vaseline. "Now get undressed" he said with a firm tone in his voice. Linda obeyed and started to undress herself.

Once she was completely naked she looked at herself in the mirror. She was a young lady in her mid-twenties, with long brown hair and a good body in her opinion. Of course she wasn't a Beoncé or one of those other starved out artist. But she had nothing to complain about. Ben handed her the tube of Vaseline with the command to rub it on her legs which she did.

"Sit down", Ben commanded with a firm tone in his voice. When she sat down Ben took one of the upper leg parts and shove it up her leg. It seemed to fit her like a glove.  He continued with the other side and the lower leg parts. "Now stand", he said, with her new legs stiffly into place she couldn't stand up herself. So Ben lent her a hand. Once she was standing Ben took the plastic like crotch part. "Insert it", he said. 

"Insert it?" Linda asked while she took the part from him. She immediately knew what he meant, it had some sort of built-in vibrator mounted on it.

"That's for your pleasure', Ben said with a grin. Linda turned red but did what she was told to. One the crotch part was attached. Her lower body was totally immobilized by the suit.

Ben took the torso part and shoved it over Linda's head. This torso fitted like a glove, even her breast size was exactly the same size of that of the suit. He secured the torso to the lower part with a loud sounding click. Linda now completely immobilized except for her head and arms started to get aroused by the suit. Ben now took the arm parts. "Are you ready hun? After this you won't be able to move anything anymore".

Linda nodded on which Ben shoved the arm parts with attached gloves over her arms. These also snapped together with the torso making her totally unable to move any of her limbs. Ben took the last part, a mannequin head. Beautifully formed as a young lady in her early twenties. He inserted some sort of key in the side of the mask.

"Wait why does it need a key?" Linda asked.

"Well once the helmet is on you can't get any of the parts off", Ben explained.

"What do you mean Ben?"

"Well the helmet secures the torso, and since the torso is securing the legs and arms. you won't be able to take anything off except by removing the helmet. So are you ready to become the complete mannequin?" Ben asked.

Linda started to regret the decision to get into the suit, but could not move a muscle. "No Ben I want out of this I'm not comfortable with a lock on the mask. I want it to be taken off without any problems!"

Ben sighed. "Linda don't worry you can trust me".

"No Ben!" Linda shouted. "Let me out of this thing!"

Ben opened the helmet, revealing a smooth inside with some sort of the mouthpart. He said, "Once your in it you won't be able to talk or move. You have to trust me on this".


But Ben didn't listen he forced the helmet on the struggling Linda. but she could not move a muscle. The helmet locked with a click silencing Linda. She was now completely immobilized and at the mercy of Ben.

Ben went to the bedroom and took a bag of clothing with him. He dressed her up in the most beautiful dress he had ever seen. Linda still immobilized and afraid of what will happen. Still tried to shout but the mouthpiece gagged her completely. Days went by and Linda was still trapped inside the suit. Ben did pleasure her at least a few time's by turning on the remote vibrator. She started to get used of it, and even started to like the feeling of being the mannequin. Powerless to her boyfriend that dressed her up in a new outfit every day.

Tuesday Ben finally came to her with the key in his hand. "Well hun I had a great time playing with you. I hope you did too".

He inserted the key in the keyhole on the side of the helmet, and removed the helmet. Linda loved the mannequin by now, she loved the feeling of immobility, all her fears had turned into pleasure. Ben helped her out of the suit. Once the suit was completely off Linda kissed Ben and said, ''I can't wait till Friday''

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