Liquid latex can be dangerous

by thelatexluver

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Storycodes: Other/m; FF/m; latex; dolls; transform; encase; sex; birth; reluct/nc; X

Jonathon Meyers came home from the unemployment office. He had once again been unable to secure a job. He was so tired he neglected to notice the cardboard box on the counter. There was more and more pressure on him to find a job as he was falling behind on rent payments. He didn’t have a girlfriend and was lonely. His landladies Lyn and Kelly were going to be coming round tomorrow morning expecting rent.

Lyn and Kelly were a weird bisexual couple who were always trying to get Jonathon to join in with their kinky perverted games, but Jon always turned down the offer. He may have been lonely but he wasn’t into that kind of stuff.

After a couple of hours he noticed the box on the counter, it had a letter attached telling him not to open it for a week.

He didn’t take any notice of the note and took the parcel through to his bedroom. He took out a pair of scissors from the kitchen and opened the box. Inside the box were several bottles full of black liquid. He shrugged it off and just fell into bed.

Later that night Jon woke up he looked around for a drink but accidentally opened one of the bottles he held to his mouth but spat out the bitter black liquid.

The liquid bubbled and soon burst out the top of the bottle it sprang out onto his hand spread up his wrist, the liquid started to dry along his arm coating it in a thin layer of liquid latex. In a few seconds it had spread up to his shoulder. He stood up in a panic but could not move his feet. He had stepped in the liquid latex he spat out. It coated the bottom of feet and he lost balance and back onto the bed. The other bottles bubbled over and burst out of the bottles moving with sentient intelligence over to Jon.

The liquid spread up his other arm holding his arms out like he was nailed to a crucifix. The latex somehow started to dissolve his clothes burning away his t-shirt. He kicked his legs moving him into the corner as the liquid spread up his legs burning away his trousers he kicked his legs in a futile effort to get the latex off. The latex had spread to his hips when the latex branched out a tentacle that changed into the shape of a huge black dildo. It separated his butt cheeks and slid into his rectum. He moaned as the huge dildo violated his arse. The latex covered the whole of his lower half except for his penis. The latex covered his penis and massaged it into an erection. The latex spread over his chest and massaged his nipples. The latex spread up his neck and covered his head. The latex set rigid apart from the latex covering his penis. The dildo in his arse thrust in and out. His arms were forced to his side and more latex wrapped him in a cocoon of black latex.

* * * *

The next day Lyn and Kelly knocked on Jon’s door; there was no answer. They knocked again harder and shouted his name through the letterbox; still no answer.

Lyn looked at the clock. There was no way he was still asleep and the unemployment office was closed on that day. Kelly produced a spare key from her pocket and opened the door. They called out his name; there was no answer so they knocked on the bedroom door. After a minute and no reply they opened the door. They were shocked most of the room was covered in black latex with a large “cocoon” In the centre. Suddenly the door slammed closed behind them and dozens of latex tentacles grabbed the girls and dissolved their clothes away covering them in liquid latex. Covering their entire bodies. The cocoon the opened to reveal Jon stuck down to the bed with latex, his latexed penis standing to full attention.

The girls were covered form head to toe in latex. The latex poured into the girls changing them into something else. They were becoming latex dolls. There bodies had changed into a perfect hourglass shape and their breasts had enlarged several sizes and their skin had been replaced with black latex. Their faces were smooth, frictionless masks with no discernable features. There was a tentacle attached to the back of their necks. They were being controlled by the latex. They moved over to Jon who had regained consciousness and began licking his member. Jon’s face screwed up. Lyn mounted Jon while Kelly sat behind her and massaged her latex covered tits. Jon was close to climaxing and released his load into Lyn.

Lyn was lifted up by a tentacle as Kelly took her place. Lyn’s stomach swelled up into a noticeable pregnant bump. She was pregnant with Jon's child. Lyn’s stomach retreated in as a mass of black liquid latex that resembled a small octopus poured out of her vagina. The mass changed itself into another latex doll. Jon climaxed once again this Time inside Kelly. As she was lifted into the air by a tentacle. The new doll mounted Jon and rode him as Kelly became pregnant. Lyn sat on Jon’s soldiers and pressed her vagina into his face. Latex tentacles launched out of her pussy and forced open Jon’s mouth forcing him to lick out her pussy. As he orgasmed once more and released inside the new doll she was lifted up.

This routine continued until there were 16 dolls. He couldn’t tell which ones were Lyn or Kelly. The latex had spread through half of the living room. he suddenly moved into the air and moved out of the bedroom by the latex, still being straddled by one of the dolls.

After an hour the latex had engulfed the entire apartment. Jon had been straddled many more times and there were almost 50 dolls. They started to move out of the door. Two of the doll stayed behind and the dolls walked out of the door, covering anything they touched in liquid latex. Jon was exhausted from count less orgasms.

When the dolls came into contact with people they were converted into latex dolls whether they were man or woman.. And soon the entire building was covered in thick black latex inside and out. it started to move onto the other buildings.

After one day the entire city was completely covered in latex. After one week the entire country was converted. The buildings had mutated into completely different buildings. Jon had been moved into a giant tower to the top floor where he was fucked day and night by a harem of dolls. Soon the oceans flowed with liquid latex and the entire globe was latexed.

* * * *

A ship burned through the atmosphere. The wall of the top room of the tower opened up. The ship landed and a ramp came down. Out walked two aliens. They were women clad in smooth, shiny, black space armour that resembled latex. The dolls bowed before them. They walked into the room where Jon was kept. The first one approached Jon who was in a near comatose state. The second beckoned the dolls away. They melted away into liquid latex. The first one waved a bottle of liquid beneath his nose and he roused to life. He woke up and stared into her visor. He asked who she was. She remained silent. He asked again. She stayed silent. She held a small device and pressed a button on it. A quiet buzzing sound emanated out of it. The liquid holding Jon melted away. And he was left on the floor naked.

On his hands and knees the women picked him up and walked him to their ship. They strapped him into a chair and removed their helmets. They were Lyn and Kelly! Jon was unable to move due to exhaustion and the straps. Lyn moved towards him and whispered in his ear, “You should have joined our games when you had the chance”. The ramp closed and the ship took off. Millions of enormous ships landed on the earth picking up all the dolls and packaging them ready to be sold throughout the galaxy.

As the ships left into deep space, Lyn and Kelly turned to Jon and asked, “So then, do you like your new Job?”

Jon picked his head up and said, “Yes your highness.”

“Good girl” said Lyn.

The chair reclined into a lying down position and latex garments were placed on him giving him an hourglass body shape. A female mask with long black hair attached lowered down onto his face. The latex sealed itself together trapping him inside forever, changing him into a doll. “Very good girl Josephine.”



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