Locking in the Future

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2011 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; D/s; bond; latex; bdsm; revenge; transform; lovedoll; toys; cons/nc; X


"Hmmm, I have to admit I look pretty fucking good, if Mistress Bianca asks me, " Lily muttered quietly as she slipped on her black latex corset that complimented the matching panties and thigh high boots she was also wearing. During the week, Lily owned a flower shop that did a fairly good business selling to mostly up scale clients working out of office towers within walking distance of her shop. It was during one of these purchases that Lily first encountered Bianca. At first, Lily thought that Bianca was a fairly mild mannered woman who happened to prefer the company of women like Lily. The two women started dating shortly after their initial meeting and Lily quickly discovered Bianca had a different personality when they were not in public.

Bianca had invited Lily to her place one night and after the two women had gone through about half of a bottle of excellent Canadian wine, Bianca had broached the subject of enhancing the sexual times the two enjoyed in several ways. The first thing Bianca had brought up was tying up Lily during the foreplay part of their intimacy and ball gagging Lily. Lily resisted a little bit at first but she soon found herself reveling in the sensations. The mild bondage was soon enhanced by latex and leather outfits and Bianca starting to insist that Lily address her as Mistress Bianca when they were alone together. As before, Lily hesitated some but found that her feelings for Bianca, as well as an inner desire for the submissive lifestyle, soon had her eagerly accepting the demands. In fact, Lily was into it more than she realized and found herself referring to her lover as her dominatrix name even when she was alone.

"Ever since Mistress Bianca and I met, it seems like I've never felt more alive! The more she ties me up, the harder she paddles me or squeezes my tits, the more alive I feel! I shouldn't be thinking and acting like this but damn it, I love it! I've never felt more alive!" Lily thought to herself as she slipped on a leather jacket and silver and black collar around her neck.

Just over ten minutes later, Lily was in her silver Camaro heading towards a surprise meeting with Bianca at her home on the outskirts of the city. The two usually met for an entertaining evening for the last two months or so but Lily's mistress had told her that she had work to do that Friday and they'd have to meet up later that weekend. Showing an impulsive side that she rarely showed in recent times, Lily intended to surprise Mistress Bianca and a small part of her hoped that Mistress would discipline her for her unannounced arrival with a combination of hard spanking, tight bondage and all sorts of sex.

"Luckily, Mistress Bianca gave me a spare key to get into her place though I'm not sure why. If anything, I would have thought she would have given me a spare set of keys for handcuffs she wants me to wear during a hot session of pleasure and pain," Lily thought to herself as she slowly pulled up to the home she was looking for.

Parking her car on the street, Lily, wearing an ankle length rain coat to conceal her unusual outfit, made her way up the driveway to a side entrance where she used her key to let herself in. Peering around, Lily saw that the lights were on but there was no sign of her beloved Mistress. Pausing for a moment or two, Lily recalled that some of the "play rooms" had been built by Mistress Bianca to be sound proof so any screams of passion or other emotional outbursts might not attract unwanted attention from nosy neighbours.

"I wonder if this is one of those times where Mistress Bianca does a little flagellation on herself like she hinted just after we first met. She mentioned something about practicing a strict self discipline regimen to make sure someone like me can understand the full range of pleasure and pain," Lily privately mused as she quietly made her way to the door that led to the basement stairs.

A minute or so later, Lily was in the basement and saw that the door to the room at the far end had light shining around the edges which indicated that Mistress Bianca was inside. Creeping up to the door as quietly as she could muster, Lily inched the door and peered inside to see what was transpiring. To her shock and surprise, Lily saw her beloved mistress was at the far end of the room with her back to Lily and was in the middle of ramming a strap-on deep into the pussy of a latex clad woman that was chained to the far wall and blindfolded as well.

"You will take this and enjoy this, you miserable little slut! Mistress Bianca is all you need for pleasure and not some limp dicked asshole who claims to love you! You are lucky I allow you to lick my boots and kiss my ass after you dared to hesitate when I ordered you to submit and state your oath of obedience! Take this, you ungrateful slut," Mistress Bianca exclaimed as she slammed her latex covered pelvis into the immobile woman several times for emphasis.

"Ahhhh, yes, Mistress Bianca, I am nothing but an insignificant slut who deserves every bit of pain you choose to inflict on me! I will always do whatever you say as fast as I can possibly do! If I'm not fast, I want you to punish me again and again until this miserable excuse for a slave is worthy of you! Don't, ohhhh, don't send me away like you're going to do with your, ahhh, your previous unworthy slave!" the woman cried out as tears flowed out from under the blindfold she was wearing.

"Shut up! My plans with any one are none of your concern! Now, uhhh, after I'm done here, I'm going to put you into the vac bed for the rest of the night so you will know what it would be like to go for hours without the pleasure of my touch. If you don't whimper too much, I may visit you and let you know that I am starting to forgive your insolent behavior! Am I understood?" Mistress Bianca hissed in response as she pushed herself against the woman one final time.

Not wanting to hear or see anything else, Lily closed the door and made her way out of the house as quiet as she could muster. Back in her car, Lily drove a short distance before pulling into a deserting parking lot and stopping her car. Turning off the motor, Lily spent the next fifteen minutes or so sobbing continuously and occasionally beat on the steering wheel with her right hand. Finally, after her crying subsided, Lily rubbed away the ruined mascara around her eyes and drove the rest of the way home.

"What do I do? What do I do now??!!" Lily moaned softly to herself as she went inside her home and flopped onto the nearest couch. After a half hour of quiet contemplation, the look on Lily's face changed dramatically and she softly nodded her head as if she had come up with a revelation about her situation.

"Time that things changed a little bit in our relationship," Lily murmured with a voice that seemed to grow in assertiveness with every word and a tone that was unlike anything she had used in recent memory.

Three days later.....

Bianca tapped her right thigh with the riding crop in her hand as she waited for the return of Lily with their coffee. The dominatrix was a little surprised by Lily's invitation to join her at her home for coffee and 'entertainment' at her place. To be honest, Bianca was getting ready to dismiss Lily as a worthy slave and drink in the sorrow and outpouring of tears that was certain to follow. Maybe after they talked over coffee and chatted, Bianca figured she'd spring the surprise on the sniveling wimp.

"Here you are, Mistress Bianca. Double cream, double sugar and stirred counter clockwise as you ordered," Lily said as she entered the living room and set a cup of coffee in front of the latex clad woman before taking a seat on the opposite side of the table.

"Hmmm, this is excellent coffee and far better than any cup that you have made me in the past, you naughty slut! Have you been practicing and wanted to show off for me today?" Bianca remarked as she figured building up the ego of the wimpy Lily would make her emotional destruction that much more pleasing.

"Thank you, Mistress Bianca. I have been working very hard to make sure your coffee was unlike any cup you have ever had before. Ordinarily, I wouldn't have put that much effort into a simple cup of coffee but I figured a person like yourself deserves only the best," Lily said quietly as she took a seat on the opposite side of the table.

"For once, you stupid bimbo, you've said something that makes sense. I must say, you have a cozy little place that you call home. I didn't think you could afford a place like this on the salary you make as a shop owner," Bianca commented as she glanced around the home and saw what appeared to be several expensive looking antiques in the living room.

"Actually, my home, and just about everything in it, has been paid for thanks to the divorce I went through with my ex Blair, who's a high ranking exec at a research company. Did I ever mention that Blair has spent the better part of a decade tinkering with experiments centering on changing human DNA to other types? He even showed me a few examples of what could be done and how easy it is to replicate," Lily remarked as she gestured around briefly her home.

"You're, ummm, you're talking a little strange, Lily. Maybe I should talk to you, ummm, talk to you about an important matter. Uhhh, could you open a window please? I think I'm feeling a little flustered," Bianca responded as she brushed the back of her left hand across her forehead.

"Did you notice that you just referred to me by my name and nothing degenerating or humiliating like normal? Maybe it has something to do with that powerful sedative I added to your coffee before you arrived? You know, I would have been perfectly happy spending the rest of my life as your groveling, spineless slave kissing and licking your boots. However, when I overheard what you were planning to do with me, I decided that I had to change my outlook on the world around me. For that, that has to start with changing your outlook in life in general," Lily intoned as she stood up and eyed Biancas' deteriorating state with some glee.

"You can't do anything! I won't, I won't let you do anything to me! You are just a weak, spineless jellyfish that needs, that needs me to keep you in line," Bianca stammered as she rose to get out of her chair and move towards Lily. However, the dominatrix only managed a step or two before Bianca had to put her right hand on the table to try and keep herself from falling to the floor.

"Yes, yes, I owe my whole existence to you and the direction you've given me. I have to say, I'm not one for reveling in other people squirming at my feet but I think I'm going to enjoy subjecting you to a fate that truly befits your attitude towards me and any other men or women you've considered weak in the past," Lily intoned as she stared at Bianca's face with a look of fury unlike any time in the past.

Bianca tried to utter one last declaration of defiance but darkness enveloped her conscious mind and she sagged to the floor in an unmoving heap.

An unknown amount of time later......

"Ummm, ughhhh, what, where, where am I? Fuck!! Who, who the hell chained me to, to some sort of bondage cross?" Bianca said as she regained consciousness and saw she was locked in to what looked to be some form of wooden bondage cross. The dominatrix had considered buying a set for her private 'playroom' several years ago but figured it was too retro for her tastes and settled on items that were shiny steel mixed with black and red latex and leather coverings.

"Comfy, Mistress Bianca? Are the restraints around your arms and legs comfortable enough? Let me know if you're in pain and I'll tighten them a little more," Lily remarked as she entered the room dressed in a black leather outfit that looked fairly new.

"Yeah, yeah, you've got me where you want. Turned the tables and all that bullshit. Now, let me go and I'll let you return to my side as you've always wanted and belong," Bianca said in a way she hoped would deter Lily from whatever she had planned.

"You're starting to sound like you're a bit clueless about the situation you're in, Bianca. I always thought you were an intelligent, domineering woman but I guess I was wrong on both counts," Lily replied as she strolled across the room and stopped inches away from Bianca.

"Bitch!!!" Bianca snarled and spit defiantly in Lily's face. Lily drew back her right hand with the intent of striking Bianca's face but seemed to change her mind at the last minute and used the back of her hand to clean the spittle off her face.

"If I was you, I would try and not spit too much more in the near future. You see, I'm about to give you a little treatment that you gave me more than once in the past. See this little brush and can? I'm going to spread some liquid latex all over your body. I think you did the same to me last holiday season if I remember things right. You called it your 'holiday gift'," Lily responded as she held up a paint brush and a can that looked like it was filled with some sort of flesh colored fluid.

"So, you're going to cover me in latex and make me look like a cheap, inflatable doll? That sounds a lot more impressive than I have thought you were possible of thinking. Maybe you and I could go into some sort of equal partnership and set up our own dominatrix and fetish emporium. Imagine the men and women that we could attract to such a business and the fortunes we could both make by showing them what two dominatrixes are like!" Bianca called out with her voice more conciliatory than before.

"Geez, one minute you're spitting in my face and the next minute, you're trying to suck up to me and make me believe that we could work together. I may have been stupid enough to want to be under your thumb before but things have changed," Lily remarked as she slipped on what looked to be long rubber gloves.

"Should I cry and beg for mercy instead? I won't do that no matter what you have in mind for... HEYY!!!" Bianca started to say defiantly before she stopped talking as Lily started to deftly apply the liquid latex to her body with the brush. Judging by the steady pace Lily was going at the task, it was apparent that she had either done this task before or had been practicing it on her own for some time.

"Aren't you going to shave my pubes first?" Bianca snapped in a snippy voice before seeing, and hearing, Lilly getting out a battery operated razor and a small can of shaving foam. In what seemed like no time at all, Bianca's mound of pubic hair was completely gone and Lily started applying the latex to the bare area almost immediately.

Working rapidly with some sense of urgency, Lily soon had most of Bianca's upper and lower body covered in the substance and was starting to dabble it on the immobilized woman's neck and lower face with a smaller brush. As Lily worked, Bianca could feel the latex starting to dry on her lower parts but this was accompanied by an odd feeling the experienced dominatrix had never felt before though it was a pleasant sensation.

"Starting to feel a little strange, Bianca? Perhaps an odd sensation like your skin tightening? If you're starting to get a little worried, you should be. The substance I'm applying to your body isn't the normal liquid latex stuff we've both played with in the past," Lily remarked as she started to dabble the latex on Bianca's cheeks and facial area.

"What the fuck are you talking about? What, uhhh, what do you mean that this crap, ohhh, isn't like any other latex? It it, ohhh, is it poison?" Bianca retorted as the first tinges of fear crept into her thought process.

Lily snorted with derision as she finished dabbling the liquid latex onto Bianca's face. "Do you really think that I'd do away with you in such a manner? What's the fun in that? No, the fun for me, and you, is going to be seeing what lies ahead. Since it's a little late for you to change the fate I have in store for you, I suppose I'll tell you what lays ahead. If you were paying attention earlier, you may have heard me mention that I used to be married to a guy who worked at a research company. Well, his department was involved in experiments where organic material was changed at the molecular level to inorganic materials. In case that sounds a bit too complicated for you, I'll simplify things for you: the latex is bonding with you at a molecular level and altering it to a new purpose according to my wishes," she said with not a trace of sympathy in her voice.

"You, ummm, you're fucking crazy!! You can't change a woman, ohhh, any woman into an object of your choosing!! It's impossible!! It's the stuff of weird nightmares and badly written stories by solitary Canadian hacks!!" Bianca protested in a weakening way even as Lily finished applying the liquid latex and started to unlock Bianca from her bondage on the metal X.

"Oh, I think you're starting to figure out that what I said is not the by product of extreme emotional disturbance or the wild rantings of a woman seeking revenge for mental cruelty. Well, it might be a little a bit of the latter. This special latex dries almost immediately after it bonds with the skin, as you're probably starting to notice. This last lock and you're free of the stand," Lily said as she opened the last metal clasp and somewhat gingerly grasped Bianca around the waist.

"You, you can't do this!! Please, I can, uhhh, can make this, ohhh, up to you, " Bianca pleaded as she felt herself being carried out of the room as she if she was nothing more than a roll of carpet or something similar.

"No, that train left the station some time ago. However, in a very short period of time, you'll be more than happy to make my every wish and desire come true. For now, though, I'm going to set you down on the couch and get you a nice costume to wear for the start of your new life," Lily remarked as she set Bianca down on the furniture in question and left the room as she if she didn't have any worries about Bianca getting away from her.

"Uhhh, I'm going to, ummm, to get away from you!! I'll make you rue, ohhh, rue what you've done to me," Bianca sputtered as she tried to move and get out of the situation she was in. Despite her best efforts, though, Bianca found she couldn't move a finger or toe more than a bit and even that seemed to be getting harder as time passed.

"Ohhh, is my little play toy trying to get away from the woman she treated as nothing more than a dish rag to lick your boots. In a very short period of time, I think you're going to realize just how much things have changed in our little relationship," Lily said softly as she started to tug thigh high black high heel boots onto Bianca's legs.

"Please, uhhh, please don't do.. do.. do touch me," Bianca gasped as Lily attached a black leather collar around her neck and loosely fitted a matching corset around her midsection. Bianca's protests, as well as her voice as well, grew fainter by the second and by the time Lily had slipped the bracelets with closed locks around her wrists, Bianca had ceased to talk altogether.

"Finally decided to shut up, Bianca? Doesn't really matter as you're soon going to be nothing more than a lovely latex dolly!! With every second, flesh and blood is changed and transformed into smooth, shiny latex and before you know it, you'll be no different than any other inflatable sex doll," Lily whispered as she leaned forward and stroked the side of Bianca's abdomen.

"You bitch!! You can't do this to me!! You, ooohhh, touch me like that again!!!.. no, I'm not going to be a mindless fuck doll that she gets to torment... I'm going to... ooohh, mmmmm, I like that feeling... dolly likes it when she's touched... NOOO!!!" Bianca thought to herself as her anger and resentment over her situation became mixed with the feelings of pleasure flowing through her mind as Lily stroked and caressed her body.

"I guess I can't be totally cruel and not let you see what is happening to you. Just a second," Lily murmured as she stood up and moved away from Bianca once again. Less than a minute later, Bianca saw what looked to be a make-up mirror appearing in her line of vision. For the first time, Bianca realized that Lily was indeed telling the truth about her and she would have gasped out loud in shock, if she was still able.

"It, it's true... I, I'M TURNING INTO A LOVE DOLL... AN INFLATABLE FUCK TOY... something Lily can fuck whenever she pleases... mmmm.. please the owner.. mmmm..." Bianca thought as her anger was quickly washed away by the realization she was turning into a shiny sex doll and even this perception was mingling with increasingly strong feelings from Lily's ministrations.

Bianca could see large parts of her body now looked to be shiny and flawless in appearance and the artificiality was spreading rapidly. Seams were starting to become visible on Bianca's arms and around her breasts and waist and were becoming more evident with each passing moment. In perhaps the most startling sighting of all, Bianca saw, as well as felt, her pussy start to twitch and contort as if it had a mind of its own. Bianca's pussy closed up tightly for a split second before forming into a perfect ovular shape with the interior looking like a smooth sac of latex and rubber perfect for any cock or sex toy inserted in it.

The changes swept upwards in Bianca's body as her fingers melded together and her hands formed into featureless mittens. Bianca slowly wobbled as her arms bent sharply at the elbows of their own accord and looked ready to hold her owner or whoever might be getting ready to use her. Bianca's breasts, modest in size normally, swelled by two full cup sizes as they formed into twin orbs of flawless latex capped by bright pink nipples and aerolas that begged to be admired, fondled and suckled. Bianca's breathing slowed and stopped altogether as her insides disappeared with nothing more than air filling her hollow body.

Bianca's transformation moved to its final stages as her face started to take on a glossy appearance. Bianca's mouth twitched and contorted as it started to take on the same appearance and feeling as her pussy and anus openings. Bianca's teeth and tongue disappeared as her mouth's interior formed into a sac perfect for sucking on a cock or any sexy toy inserted into it. With her eyes changing into painted features that had a look of lust and desire etched in them and her hair changing into synthetic threads, Bianca's change into an incredibly realistic love doll was complete with an inflation plug sticking out of her back for adding or subtracting air.

"See? That didn't take long at all. Now, you'll get to truly feel what it's like to be at the mercy of others. We're going to have lots of fun over the next little while and I think we're going to start with a little strap-on and a couple of tubes of strawberry flavored lubricant. Won't that be fun? " Lily remarked as she gently patted the shiny ass of the dollified Bianca.

Bianca mentally screamed in anger and outrage... even as she inwardly shrieked in pleasure from Lily's ministrations.

And would do again many times in the future in Lily's private room.....


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