Looking for Love

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2008 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; wish; magic; transform; lovedoll; nc; X


Janice walked up and down the aisles of the flea market looking for the odd knick knack she could use to decorate her home. A collector of items that ranged from old Barbie dolls to miniature houses patterned after the mansions of 16th and 17th century European mansions, she often frequented places like this as well as the local auction houses with an eye for something that sparked her interest.

As she strode past the numerous tables looking over china plates and various types of pottery, she was disappointed to find there was nothing of interest for her that day. She was about to head home when she noticed a table at the far end of the market that seemed to be a bit unusual in appearance.

When Janice walked over to the table, she saw it was piled high with bizarre sculptures and paintings that seemed to have South Pacific look to them. She picked up one small statue that appeared to a granite figure of some sort of demon with large eyes and protruding tongue with claws extending outwards from the figure. The only part of the figure that wasn't gray in color were the eye pupils which seemed to be made of red glass.

"Are you interested in that item, ma'am?" a young man that looked to be no more than 17 inquired as he pushed his thick eyeglasses back on his nose. He looked to his left and right as if something or someone was missing from his area.

"Yes, this statue has certainly captured my eye. How much do you want for it?" Janice said glancing at him while looking over the figurine for any flaws or cracks she could use to drive the potential price down. Finding none, she braced for some lengthy haggling which she had done in the past.

"Ummm.. well.. lemme see... how about fifty bucks?" he said scratching his head as if he was trying to remember something but failed to do so. The young man continued to look around in an anxious manner though who or what he was looking for remained unsaid.

"Sold!" crowed Janice as she handed the man the money and hurried off with the item before he had a chance to change his mind. The black haired woman hurried outside and into her nearby parked car which she sped off in mere moments later.

No more than thirty seconds or so later, a woman with a bright white streak in the middle of her black hair approached the young man and the two engaged in a conversation that became louder and more animated by the second. After a minute, the bespectacled man started running around frantically looking for Janice who was long gone. The woman he was talking to was shaking her head in a sad manner as she followed him around looking like there was something terrible about to happen....

Later that evening.....

Janice moaned out loud as her lover's hand roamed up and down her semi-nude body paying particular attention to her heaving tits and inviting pussy which was wet enough to show its' dampness through her sheer black pantyhose. After several minutes, the two sagged back on the couch looking into each other's eyes with naked lust.

"Well, Janice, what do you say we have a little drink before we head off to the bedroom, hmmm..?" Jack said as he pulled himself to his feet.

Janice nodded in agreement as she put her hands under her breasts in an enticing manner. "Let's make it a quick drink, huh ? I have a feeling these babies need some special attention tonight." she said while running her fingertips over her breasts and erect nipples.

Jack grinned broadly and was about to head into the kitchen for a bottle of wine and glasses when he noticed something on the coffee table which made him stop and pick it up.

"Where did you get this hideous thing? It looks like a leftover from some old horror movie set." Jack said as he turned the statue over in his hands trying to find some indication who made it.

"I picked it up for a song this morning at the local flea market. I think it dates back to the 1500's in central Europe judging by the craftsmanship. Now if you want to handle something a little more sexy for the next little while, put it down, get the drinks and come back to handle ME!" Janice purred as she stroked her torso and thighs before returning her hands to her ample breasts.

"Hmmm.. yeah... I wish I could have you as my little sex toy for the rest of my life, you insatiable.... OUCHHH!!!" Jack said before suddenly dropping the statue to the floor and sticking the edge of his left index finger in his mouth. The statue shattered into a million pieces when it hit the linoleum as Jack hopped around.

"Damn thing bit me! Just a second there, darling, I'm going to go soak this in cold water before the drinks and some more passion." Jack said before dashing to the bathroom with a thin trickle of blood running down his chin.

Unnoticed by Jack, Janice made no acknowledgment of what Jack had said or even the breaking of the figurine. A second or two after the figurine was dropped, Janice felt her whole body tingle as if her whole body was awash with electricity. She felt her body changing from living flesh and blood to inanimate plastic as her ability to talk and breathe ceased. Her breasts shimmered as they became taut mounds of rigid plastic capped by bright pink nipples with seams forming around them as well as up and down her body. Her pussy slightly parted allowing probing by anyone who wanted to with any item they so chose.

Janice's thoughts were changing as fast as her form was . " A DOLL... A LOVE DOLL !!... CAN'T MOVE... CAN'TTT.. PLEASE... NEED TO PLEASE... NEED TO BE USED... OWNED.... NEEDDDDDD.... " were her thoughts before they dissipated like the rest of her into nothing more than the air that filled her latex body. She laid there passively waiting for its' owner to return and caress her painted face and use her like a good love doll.

Several miles away...

A brown Silverado truck sped down the deserted road with the woman behind the wheel staring straight ahead. A look of anger and concern was clearly visible on her face as she gripped the steering wheel tightly.

"I'm sorry, Aunt Betty, if I had known about that item's ability to grant desires and wishes, I would have.. OWWWW!!..." the young man muttered before receiving a cuff across the shoulder by the driver.

"Known ?... Known???....I told you not to add anything to that table till I came back. Lucky for you, someone recognized the woman and gave us directions to her home. As long as she hasn't used the item by mistake or destroyed it after the holder's desire comes true, this won't be a huge problem...." she muttered in anger.

"And if not...?" the young man inquired .

"Well, for starters, you don't get paid for today. After that, well, you better be able to restore broken items for your sake..! " the woman snarled as they headed to the house hoping to be not too late.....

Judging by Jack's stunned look when he discovered the new doll, they very well could be...



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