The Love Doll

by Playtilliwin

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© Copyright 2006 - Playtilliwin - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/m; machine; latex; doll; transform; bodymod; cons/reluct; X

It all started when a friend invited me to a party.  I thought this was going to be a regular party with drinking and dancing.  Little did I know I was in for a shock.  He told me to dress light even though the weather was a bit cold.  He told me I would enjoy myself.  So later on in the evening he picked me up from my place.   We then drove to what seemed to be some sort of plant.  I didn't know what could be inside. 

We then got out of the car and headed for what looked to be the doors.  We walked inside and a reception area met our eyes.  There was a clerk at the desk and some benches everything else was empty there were also two door in the room besides the entry doors.  The lady gave me a check list that was about 5 pages long.  I thought ok maybe this has something to do with before we get to the party.  So I took a seat and started looking at the questions. 

1. If you had a choice would your be male or female? Female. 
2. What do you like more real people or dolls? Dolls. 
3. What material do you prefer? Latex 
4. If you were held how long would you want to be held for?  4 hrs 
5. If you had a choice between a suit or undergarments which one? Suit. 

Then it continued with other questions, which you can use your mind to think of.  Then one of the final questions it asked was age, I put what I am 18.  The sheet says must be minimum of 16.  So I wondered what it was all about.  The last question says do you consent to anything sexually done to you in any way? I put yes. 

Then two ladies came out in nurses uniforms and escorted me through one of the doors.  One of them took the questionnaire and fed the papers into a computer.  Then they told me to strip down to nothing it would make it easier.  I wonder what would be easier.  Just as I had finished getting my clothes off one of the woman comes out with a needle and fluid inside of it.  She told me this would relax my muscles and help me through what was going to happen. 

I at first said no but she said it would be hard on my muscles if I didn’t take the injections so I did.  I then started feeling sleepy.  The last thing I got a glimpse of before passing out was a conveyor belt that led into the wall.  I was then out for a few minutes.  The next thing I saw was myself being put onto the conveyer belt.  I tried to move off of it but nothing moved, it was then I realized that all I could do is see what was happening to me because my muscles were completely useless. 

After this thought I felt and saw the conveyer belt move towards the wall and the passageway.  I then went through the passage on the belt.  I was now seeing latex upon latex item and or product or machine also rubber things too.   The next thing I knew I was being lifted up by two mechanical arms.  They then held my arms above my head while I was sprayed with some substance.  After the substance had been sprayed on, water was used to rinse it off in the process removing all my hair from the chest, privates and everything below the neck.  So I was there being held up hairless from the neck down, I was thinking good thing no one is in here to see me naked.  The next thing that is done is my hair is put into a skull cap. And I am continually moved on down the line. 

The next thing I saw was a large vat, tall enough to put a person inside it and have them submerged.  I also notice a magical quality in the liquid I was wondering what this was.  The arms lifted me off the belt and into the vat.  They submerge me completely under it, even over my head.  Then they pulled me out then dip me again.  They then pull me out and dip me again with time to set between dippings. 

After the third dipping I am pulled out and I start to feel very weird.  I use my eyes and look down and realize that where there should be a penis there isn't anything.  I also can feel like something is changing the insides of my private areas.  After these changes stop I am lifted past a mirror and to my eyes I see a bald skinned woman with b cup breast and a nice clean mound but no remnants of the man inside.  I was totally shocked at what happened but I couldn't really do anything to stop it.  I now looked like a latex doll you would get in a sex shop. 

I was then moved on down the line with the aide of the arms.  I then saw items upon items of sexual toys and such.  The machine grabbed a small length butt plug but it grabbed an 8 in dildo, which was made of latex.  It also grabbed a black ball gag and a hood.  At this point while being moved in the factory my body urinated just from how bad it need to and it just came out onto the floor.  Then after I was emptied in stuck a butt plug into my latex rear and the dildo in my pussy. 

I was then moved on down through the factory in till it stopped moving again this time a saw a latex catsuit, with 3 zippers in it and two were for the private area access and one was to zip me in, I was scared as it moved in towards me.  It then lowered the suit below my feet and the arms starting moving the suit up my latex body, as tight as it could up to my waist, it then lifted my arms into each suit arm then it zipped up the suit in back and put a small padlock on it.  I was now in a latex suit, with toys in my orifices looking like a female with latex skin insides of a neck to toe latex suit.  

Still being moved along the line.  The next stop was the hair and makeup applying location.  It grabbed a blonde shoulder length hair wig and then implanted the hair into the skin so in no way could it be removed.  It then applied the necessary touches to make my latex face appear womanly. 



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