The Lovedoll

by Kaiso

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© Copyright 2013 - Kaiso - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF; F/f; dollsuit; encase; toys; strapon; sex; climax; cons; X


Denise slammed the door when she came home after a unsuccessful shopping trip. She directly went to the bathroom for a warm bath to set her disappointed thoughts aside. After about an hour she came out of the tub feeling a lot better, she walked over the mirror and started to brush her long blonde hair.

Denise was a beautiful young lady in the early 20's with lot's of attention from guys, but somehow she was still single. She did have some boyfriends in the past but nothing serious.

*trrrring* *trrrrring* 'oh shit' Denise said, she totally forgot she was supposed to go out with Kate.

She rushed to the door to answer it, in her rush she forgot to put her bathrobe on.

When Denise opened the door there was Kate "Well hi there beautiful" Kate said, she couldn't help it to blush.

Denise realized she forgot to put her robe on. "Oh I'm terribly sorry Kate", Denise blushed out of shame and ran to the bathroom to get her robe.

When she came out of the bathroom Kate was already in the kitchen making some coffee. "Do you want some Denise?" she asked. Still a bit ashamed Denise answered "Sure"

Five minutes later Kate entered the room with two cups of coffee. Denise had used the time to put on some jeans and a messy old shirt.

"Well aren't we sexy tonight, have you forgotten we agreed to go out tonight?"

"Of course not silly" Denise replied.

"Then why aint you dressed yet?"

"Psh, it's not that you are dressed already" Denise said with a grin on her face.

Kate stumbled a bit but recovered herself quickly "Because I wanted to borrow a dress from you"

"Fine then let's get dressed" Denise said while walking to the bedroom.

Denise opened the closet and revealed a huge variety of dresses.

"Pick one" she said while she took a short black dress for herself.

Kate took her time to find the perfect dress for herself, when she finally picked one Denise was already dressed and started with her make-up. She saw Kate take her clothes off in the mirror and could not help it to feel a little aroused. Kate was a young woman about one year older than Denise. She had long brown hair and the same body shape as hers. While she continued to undress Denise stared at her breasts almost hypnotized by them.

After a few minutes Kate changed into the dress, Denise quickly continued with her make-up.

"Almost done there?" Kate said.

"Uh yes give me five minutes" Denise responded.

Ten minutes later Denise entered the livingroom. "Five minutes you said" Kate said with a huge grin on her face.

"Yeah yeah but I'm done now let's go"

They left the apartment and went to town. They spended the first few hours inside some random bar's. Took a few drinks, met some boy's but nothing special. After the 3rd bar Kate said "This is boring let's go home"

Denise agreed and they went back to the car. Denise started the car and drove down the street.

"Wait" said Kate when she pointed to a store with bright colored lights.

Denise looked at the store and stopped the car. "The pleasure shop?" she said.

"Yes let's take a look, we're here anyways and quite frankly I'm not too keen to go home already"

"But you're the one that said let's go home remember?"

Without a word Kate got out of the car and walked towards the shop.

"Wait up!" Denise parked the car and ran towards the shop.

When she entered she saw a huge assortment of sextoys and leather/latex clothing. She walked slowly threw the store with a shy feeling but still a little aroused of all the different kind of items on the shelves.

"Ah there you are Kate why did you rush in like that"

"Nothing I was just curious and didn't want to go home yet"

"Oh but you could have...."

"Can I help you two?" a nice looking lady entered the store from what appeared to be a small office.

"No were just browsing" Denise replied.

"Uh yes" Kate said, "we were looking for something extraordinary to spice up our life's"

"Excuse..." Auch! Kate stepped on Denise her toes.

Kate winked to Denise and she understood she just wanted to make some fun.

She decided to go with it. "uh yes were looking for something to spice up our life's"

The lady looked at Denise and Kate with a confused look, but snapped out of it.

"So are you two a couple?"

"Yes we are" Kate replied.

"Okay so what would you think is extraordinary?"

"We are not sure yet do you have some recommendations?"

The lady walked with them around the store showing them a variation of sextoys and kinky clothing. Denise and Kate were aroused by the idea of using the items. After about ten minutes of browsing the lady said, "have you seen anything you liked?"

"Uh yes we did" both girls said at the same time.

Kate added "have you got anything special somewhere?"

'Something we could both like?'

"Well there is one more thing" the lady said.

"Show us" Kate said with a loud enthusiastic voice.

"Well it's not officially in store yet and I haven't seen or tested the quality yet"

Denise got a little curious now and said "can we see it please?"

The lady noticed both girls wanted to see the item.

"Fine I'll get it for you"

The lady went to the office.

Denise and Kate looked at each other both with a nervous smile.

After a few minutes the lady returned with a box.

She gave it to Kate "THE LOVE DOLL" she read out loud.

"What is this thing" she said.

"It's the love doll" she replied. "Since you both wanted to see this so bad I have a little deal for you. I haven't tested this for quality yet. And I only want to sell the best items so my client's are 100% satisfied. So I want you to take this home test it, tell me about you're experiences."

"You want to give this to us?" Denise replied with a confused voice.

"No I want you to test this for me"

Kate still with the box in her hands was trying to figure out what it would be.

The love doll she thought to herself this can't be that bad. Her curiosity took over, "Fine I will test it for you"

Denise looked over to Kate and just when she wanted to say something the shopkeeper said: "You will test it? no,no,no I want you both to test it together"

Kate looked at Denise and said: "Do you want to test this?"

Denise doubted about it, since she didn't know what to expect.

"Well what will it be do you both want this or not?"

Denise wanted to say no because she was not sure about this. But she became so curious about it she had to know what was in that box.

"Yes we will test this for you" she said.

"Fine than it's a deal. Please try this at home and report to me tomorrow."

Before any of the girls could say anything she walked away leaving them alone in the store. Denise and Kate looked at eachother briefly and walked back to the car. On the way home they didn't say a word to each other. They were both curious what the content of the box will be. After about a thirty minute drive they were back at Denise's apartment. They entered without a word and went to the livingroom.

"Do you want some coffee" Denise said.

"Yes please I'm quite thirsty" Kate replied.

Denise entered the kitchen to make some coffee, leaving Kate alone in the Livingroom.

"Hey Denise make it a lage one" she jelled towards the kitchen.

After a few minutes Denise entered the livingroom with 2 big cups of coffee. She sat down next to Kate and they both took a sip of there Coffee. Almost at the same time both girls looked at the strange box at the table.

"Well that was weird in that store" Kate started.

"Yes how can you say we are a couple?"

"I just wanted to browse around and make some fun" She answered with a smile.

"Still you got us in a strange situation there"

"I know but I just wanted to know what's inside that box"

Haha, "Quite honest I'm a little curious myself I hope it's nothing too serious"

"So do you want to look what's inside the box"

"Well maybe we should wait until tomorrow"

"But the lady said we had to test this tonight"

"Hmm we made a promise that's right"

Denise slowly reached for the box.

"THE LOVE DOLL" she read out loud. "This can't be that bad I guess, do you want to open it together or use it one at a time?"

"What do you mean open it together or use it one at a time?" Kate replied confused. "The lady said we had to test it together."

"That made sense", Denise opened one side of the box.

She pulled out a fleshtone rubberlike skin.

"It's just a blowup doll" Kate said disappointed.

Denise unfolded the skin, on first impression it looked like a expensive lovedoll. It had a realistic vagina, Nipples and the very distinct O-shaped mouth and long blonde hairs. Both girls looked at it and didn't know what to think. When Denise turned the skin aside both girls were surprised to find a small zipper that went from the back of the head to the hips.

"What's this?" Denise replied shocked

"I'II guess it's a suit?" Kate said confused but aroused at the same time.

Denise inspected it more closely. "it is a suit" she stumbled.

"What are you waiting for put it on" said Kate with a seductive voice.

"Wait why do I have to put this on you're the one that got us into this!"

"Yes I did and you said you wanted to test it to."

Denise couldn't help it to feel a little aroused and carefully opened the zipper. The inside felt soft and warm.

"Well will you put it on for me?" Kate said again in a seductive voice.

Kate was very aroused by the idea of Denise in  that suit she couldn't help herself and started touching her. Denise shook as Kate touched her breast but did not resist, she wanted this somehow.

"Fine" said Denise "I'll put it on". Kate looked at her with desire as soon as she said Fine.

Denise started to undress slowly. Kate could not help herself masturbating on looking at Denise' beautiful body. After Denise undressed herself she took the suit and forced her legs inside of it. It felt warm and somewhat sensual, once the suit was at her hips she felt a tingly feeling around her private parts. The suit seemed to vibrate out of itself. She continued pulling up the suit, forced her arms in the gloves. They felt somewhat stiff. Once the suit was on she wanted to pull over the mask over her head, but she noticed a somewhat strange mouthpiece. It seemed it was designed to keep her mouth open so she couldn't talk

"Kate could you help me with this?"

Kate looked at her almost dollyfied friend, and walked over to her. When she saw the mouthpiece she became aroused and could not wait until Denise was totally enclosed in this suit. Denise opened her mouth and Kate carefully pulled the mask over her head. Somehow the mask seemed to fit like a glove, the mouthpiece seemed that it was made for her mouth and the mask covered her head without any seams.

"Hmm hmmmm" Denise stumbled, and pointed to her back.

Kate understood she had to zip her up. Kate closed the zipper and almost immediately the suit seemed to take hold of her, it shrunk to exactly her body shape, it pushed her breasts up to almost the perfect shape. Kate couldn't do anything but look at the transformation. Denise could only mumble of pleasure the warm feeling felt so sensual that she could not help herself.

Once the suit shrunk to her size she already had two orgasms. Kate stood up and pushed her now dollyfied friend on the couch. She spreads the dolls legs and saw a almost realistic vagina. She couldn't help herself and started to force het tongue inside the vagina, underneath she felt the wet warm vagina of her friend.

Denise felt the moist tongue of her friend inside her and was paralyzed by pleasure. Kate continued to pleasure her friend in numerous ways. After a few orgasms Denise was exhausted. She pointed at the luxurious chair in the corner of the room. Kate took a seat while the dollyfied Denise slowly walked towards her.

Denise forced her tongue out of the mouthpiece and started to pleasure her friend. Kate aroused by the feeling of pleasure and the look of her hot friend inside that dollsuit screamed of pleasure. She felt the soft warm dollsuit against her legs she rubbed the back of the doll. Kate stood up and pulled the doll with her to the bedroom. Denise didn't resist the will of her newly found lover.

She felt the soft touch of Kate pushing her on the bed, and crawling on top of her. Kate started to rub the breasts of the dollyfied girl, again Denise mumbled in pleasure and didn't want this to stop. They continued to pleasure each other the entire night.

The next morning Denise woke up, she noticed she was still wearing the dollsuit but Kate was nowhere to be found. She tried to get to the zipper but her new stiff arms couldn't reach that far. She was trapped inside the suit. Depending on her friend to come back.

The phone rang, she tried to pick it up with a lot of trouble.

"Yes hallo" she heared from the other side of the line, "It's miss Devote from The Pleasure Shop".

Denise mumbled.

"I hear you tried THE LOVE DOLL"

"hmm ghmmm hgmm"

"If you're still wearing it I assume you enjoyed the suit"

"Hmm ghmm" Denise stumbled.

"I wanted to ask you if you could come by tonight to tell me all about it"

Denise knew that she couldn't come unless her friend came to free her.

"Gmm hmg gmm" She stumbled again.

"I don't want to disturb you any longer enjoy the rest of your day" Miss Devote hang up.

Denise now frightened but still aroused by the feeling of the suit went back to the bedroom. She couldn't do anything else then wait for her friend to come back.

Hours went by while Denise was still trapped in the dollsuit. She did pleasure herself a couple of times she couldn't help this, it felt so amazing. Then all the sudden she heard the door unlock and heard the clicking of high heels on the wooden floor.

Kate came back, Denise mumbled "gmh hmg hmmmg"

Kate walked into the bedroom and said: "Sorry sweetheart I had to go to town to buy us a present."

Denise mumbled and tried to point to the zipper.

"No not yet Kate said I've got a little surprise"

Kate quickly undressed and got on top of Denise.

Denise tried to fight back for a moment, but Kate didn't respond and took something out of the bag.

It seemed like a long rubber.... "DILDO?!?!" Denise thought to herself.

She stopped fighting and got aroused by the idea of the toy pleasuring her and her friend. Kate softly pressed the toy inside the vagina of her dollyfied friend who mumbled in pleasure in response. Once the toy was inside her she took the other end of it and roughly put it inside her own vagina. Kate roughly moved up and down on the rubber toy while Denise couldn't do anything but mumble in pleasure.

Denise pulled her friend towards her and forced her tongue through the mouthpiece again, she started to kiss her friend passionately while she still was being fucked by her best friend. After a few hours Denise pushed her friend off her signing that she had to unzip her.

Kate didn't want this to end yet but she unzipped her trapped friend. Denise stood up and slowly removed the mask from her face, she didn't say anything but winked her friend to come towards her. Kate commanded and walked towards her. Denise started kissing her friend again. She also didn't wanted this to stop yet but she promised Miss Devote to drop by.

She started to slowly removing the suit, each bit losing a bit of that tingly warm feeling. The suit seemed to stay in the shape of Denise' her body. It was truly made for her.

About an hour later after she had a big meal and of course some coffee. They got in the car and went towards town.

*ting* the shop bell went when Denise and Kate entered The Pleasure Shop.

Once again they were in the small shop full of shelves with the toys and kinky clothing. After a few minutes Miss Devote came from her office.

"Welcome back" she said.

"Thank you" both the girls said in choir.

"Did you enjoy my gift?"

"and especially you" She pointed to Denise.

"How do you know I wore it?" Denise asked

"Well I did spoke to you on the phone didn't I?"

"Yes but" Denise decided not to ask too many questions. "It felt amazing warm and tingly and it shaped to my body"

"I'm glad it worked like it had to"

"How did you experienced it?" She asked to Kate.

"I enjoyed it very much it looked amazing and her touch felt amazing" responded Kate.

"It's only a shame I can't try it. I saw Denise in so much pleasure and felt a little jealous to be honest"

"I see what you mean" said Miss Devote. "Maybe we could change that...."

"What are you saying?" said Kate.

"Well I'm saying I have got another one of them, and I decided not to sell them."

"Why aren't you going to sell them?" asked Denise.

"Well for one they're very hard to get a hold of. They're quite expensive and not a lot of costumers are willing to pay that much for it"

"So what is it going to cost me?" Kate said quickly knowing she desperately wanted the suit.

"One day a week" Miss Devote said.

"One day a week?"

"Yes I'm getting older and I need someone to run the shop for me one day a week."

"And maybe even longer in the future"

This strange request shook Kate a bit, but since she has been out of work for almost two years why not?

'It's a deal" Kate responded.

Miss Devote walked to the little office, and came back with another box. "The LOVE DOLL" it said.

"See you next Monday" she said.

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