Lynda Gets Serviced

by SparkyMira

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Woman to Maid/Robot TF

Machines were always my favorite thing to work with as a kid and now that I was an adult I was working in a factory that designed robots! Sure I was just the mechanic and all of the machines were motorized but it was still awesome. 

My name is Lynda Caves and I am 25 years old and would call myself a fairly average girl. I have shoulder length dark brown hair, a decently curved body with a matching plump butt and moderate c-cup breasts. The main reason I was hired was because Ms. Fredrick, the manager, said I looked just right for the job.

This was an important reason for my hiring as I was consulted on how to make the robots even more like a person, specifically female bits. Why? Because we make maid bots or robots designed to do house hold chores for wealthy families. 

Now onto the action!

I knew most guys lusted after me and today was no different. One of my jobs as the mechanic was to go along with the groups of students that come here for tours to make sure the robotic guide doesn’t malfunction and I can answer questions she can’t. 

Today is worse than normal because the school I am currently on tour with has a large amount of teenagers that are trying to ogle my ass without me noticing, which I do easily. Why me?

Soon we approach the assembling portion of the factory where the robots are given shape and assembled and this is where I finally snapped. 

I had been grabbed inappropriately before but never by a student of all things! As soon as I felt the successful grope I smacked the offender in the face before storming off to an employee only area of the factory.

“Seriously, who does that dumb punk think he is. He’s probably going to be feeling the bot I sent to replace me all over her body and she will kick him out. God I hate people…” I fume stomping back and forth behind a large piece of machinery. 

I was so busy ranting to no one in particular that I did not notice the light behind me flashing red and one of the worker Maids came and grabbed me.

“Wha-?” I try and get out before I am flung over the railing of one of the machines by the maid and plummet downward. 

I land with a heavy thunk at the end of the fall. 

“Ow… what was that for…” I wonder as the belt beneath me kicks to life and whirs me forward into a large and bright chamber and I see where I am.

“Shit!” I curse and start looking for a good way off of the active belt because both in front of me and behind me are blank maid models who are here to be processed and dressed before shipping out to their assignments or stores.

I am in a panic trying to find a way to get off of the belt but I am too far off of the ground to jump and climbing has never been my strong suit. I was so distracted by trying to escape that I didn’t notice the scanner hover over me and a pair of mechanical arms reach out for me.

Both limbs grasp my arms tightly as I notice and begin to thrash. “Let go of me you stupid machine! I work here!” 

The machine doesn’t register my resistance as more arms appear and strip me of all of my clothing. As soon as my clothes were gone I was doused in a special fluid that gets rid of all dirt and grime from the synthetic skin of all of the standard robots. 

After the substance was applied to my skin all of the hair and other things that were anywhere on my body below my neck slid off of my body and were flushed down a drain. 

“Stop it. I am human!” I yell trying to escape my restraints as I approach the next station. 

At the next stop a pair of large sponge-like things popped out of the floor and started spinning. Each of them made contact with my sides and it felt GOOD.

“Mmmmm~ I moan as the brushes massage some wet and thick fluid all over my body. I guess while I was distracted in my moaning an arm grabbed my hair and pulled it back so that the brushes could attack my face. 

By the time I realized what the substance was it was far too late and the machine started on my face and back. I tried to fight back now that I was not distracted but the liquid had already started merging into my skin and hardening. 

The substance in question was a cheap to make but very powerful adhesive that makes a strong protective shell over the skin of the robots before they are provided an outfit and are shipped.

Soon enough the buffers went away and I was left there standing in a pose with one leg slightly bent and a super serious face. With two large cracks I was barely able to open my eyes but my mouth was sealed shut as I was moved to the next section. 

“Mmph mmph!’ I yelled muffled into my sealed and shiny lips as I was placed in the center of the room and another scanner dropped down to do its job.

After the bright light faded a pair of hands with some spray cans were already upon me, reposing my body into a much sexier but straight standing pose and then bringing in clothes.

The first thing to come was the standard options. A pair of white and lacy panties and a matching bra. Black and very sexy stockings and a black corset. All of these things were placed upon my perfect and shiny body before I was lifted up and placed into a pair of 6 inch black heels and a simple black top was lowered onto me. The arm holding my hair let it fall freely to my mid-back and I was lifted up again. 

I was sobbing inside of my hardened prison as I was carried to what I assume would be the shipping and packing area but instead the arms took me away from the other “bots” and into a dark room. 

I felt myself lowering down and heard a click. 

“MMPH!” I screamed as the hardened seal over my asshole was broken and a cold metal pole slid its way deep inside of me and locked into place. Another large click sounded and the air around me changed a bit. 

It wasn’t much longer after that when the lights turned on and a group of blurry figures to my unadjusted eyes walked in.

“As you can see Tour Group B, this is our showroom. A specimen from each model is here and locked in perpetual stasis. Meaning that the skin and functions of the bot are preserved until they are no longer needed and will be sold to other museums.” An older tour-bot said as she led the same group that she replaced me in leading. 

The group was released to look around and of course the first thing the dick who touched me did was approach my “display”. He smiled and walked all around, taking an extremely long time behind me to examine the ass he had only barely grazed earlier. 

“This is the JL-400. Our newest model of self-sufficient maids. They are not even released to the public beyond test models, this unit was just created and will remain here for a few weeks before her owner, a rich businessman’s son in Tokyo, will be coming to collect her for his collection.” The bot said before the lights began shutting off again.

“Our time is up. Please see yourself out and come again!” she said before shutting down right there. All of the people slowly filed out, with the creepy guy smiling at me once more before following suit. 

Once the last person had left the showroom the door slammed shut and the remaining lights, including the ones in my own and the other display cases, dimmed to a very low setting and I wanted to cry.

‘I don’t want to be a maid…’ I sob silently as my frame stays perfectly still.



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