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by SparkyMira

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Woman to Rubber/Bondage TF

When working in a factory that specializes in molding large amounts of rubber into different objects you learn to be careful. In my time working here, which is about 2 years, nothing has happened but I knew how dangerous these automated machines could be.

My name is Lynda Caves. I am 25 years old and would call myself a fairly average girl. I have shoulder length dark brown hair, a decently curved body with a matching plump butt and moderate c-cup breasts.

This had been my dream job after graduating from college with my degree in mechanical engineering. I was being paid a small fortune to maintain and create new machines that the company used to better itself. It was perfect. 

I came to work on a Friday to run basic checkups on all of the machines. The first on my list was the ball maker. As the name suggests it makes those giant rubber balls that exercise joints use and are sold at supermarkets for kids.

After I fixed the wiring on its faulty conveyor belt I moved on to the clothing machine. It was used to turn rubber into all sorts of kinky clothing for those interested in it to purchase from our online catalogue. 

It was running fine as usual so I kept on going with my normal schedule to a machine that produces… well the more personal toys that we made. Women or men could custom order sexual items from our store and we would personally see to it that they were perfect for them. I had actually used my employee discount on this option quite a few times. 

Other than a few misplaced dildos that missed the chute on the end heading to the packaging section of the factory everything was running just swell.

The last stop on my afternoon maintenance route was a machine that made rubber sex dolls. This was actually the most complicated machine in the entire factory seeing as how the machine needed to steadily fill itself with the proper amount of what we called blanks, or latex doll bases that were shaped and some even looked like various women. 

We had shelves upon shelves back in the storage room of blanks that were systematically placed in different categories and columns based on their looks. Each afternoon a mechanical scanner would sort through each new deposit of blanks that we ordered and place them on racks to be cleaned and then used when the order came for one of those specifications. 

My boss Ms. Fredrick told me yesterday that she had to cancel the last order because the machine was jammed or something along those lines. So hiking up my jeans I entered the tunnel portion of the machine with my flashlight and began searching for the problem.

I searched high and low and eventually came out at the end of the machine in the storage area. I didn’t come in here that often but when I did the sight still astounded me. 

All around me there were rows of large amounts of rubber items or pure rubber. Then off to the left directly next to the doll machine there was a large wall stacked at least 12 rows high of different looking blank dolls, divided right down the middle by if they had a face or not and then sub sectioned off after that.

I turned my head slightly at a buzzing noise and immediately knew what the problem was. The robot, a female looking one that was dressed like a maid that we called Janice, looked to be short circuiting while sorting through the newest order of blanks.

Laughing I walked over behind her and swiftly powered her off, giving me the opportunity to fix the wires that had become tangled after weeks of no maintenance. Sighing I switch her back on and she begins moving as usual. 

“Do you feel better now Janice?” I ask as I take a seat on one of the storage crates. This was one of the perks of this job. I had programmed Janice to be the best friend at work I wouldn’t get in a factory like this.

She only had a basic AI but it was enough to have conversation and mess with her to make it worth the work and interaction. She turned to me after depositing a blank that resembled a black woman.

“Why yes Lynda, thank you for fixing me again. It is a pain trying to work through malfunction.” She said finishing with a robotic laugh as she went back to work. 

It wasn’t long before the speedy little robot had finished placing all of the blanks in their proper spots but seemed to still be looking around for something.

“What’s up Janice? You still looking for something?” I asked approaching the robot.

“Yes Lynda. The order brought in was of 50 blank doll bases and 50 with varying faces and other details. I have finished placing 99 of the ordered products into holding but it seems one of the detailed blanks has been misplaced.” She said with synthesized panic. 

“Don’t worry Janice. I am sure they either forgot to put it in the order or you might have put it away when you were still malfunctioning. I did see you carrying a few when I walked in.” I said patting her metallic shoulder.

“Negative. I would have still have records of the storage. My programming must be complete before I can be placed into rest mode.” She said sounding rather glum.

I heaved a mental sigh. “Yeah I can’t go home either… wait Janice! Can you just place me into one of the scanners and then come and get me off of the hanger right after? I have the body type of a blank so the machine would totally buy it! Then we both get to leave work!” I say happy with my brilliant plan.

She seems to perk up at this too. “Yes Lynda that is a splendid idea. I will do so right away!” Janice cried lifting me off the ground over to the deposit slot for new blanks. “You must first give me all of your clothes. I would not want them being ruined when the process starts.” She said awaiting my clothes with her chest compartment open to store them. 

“Can’t you just like place me in front of the scanners and then come get me? Is me going through the whole process necessary?” I asked placing my purse and jacket into the compartment before moving onto my under layer of clothing.

“Negative! All blanks are scanned multiple times during the process so that the online record of stock updates and shows the blank on the options form for checkout. This is a necessity.” She said firmly as I placed my shoes, shirt and jeans into her now standing in only a red bra and matching panties. 

She seemed to raise an eyebrow at me and extended her metal arm. “All clothing must be removed Lynda. The process will remove them by force if you do not.” 

I grumbled a bit as I stripped completely nude and placed my remaining clothes into the compartment and she closed it. 

“Satisfactory Lynda. Now you need to…” she started explaining something until another voice resounded through the metal room.

“Janice? Lynda are either of you two in here? I came to check on the stock!” the voice called.

Ms. Fredrick was back here?! Why now!? I practically screamed in my head as both Janice and I panicked.

Janice calmed down first and clamped a hand onto my shoulder. “Go ahead into the machine I will tell Ms. Fredrick what is happening.” She said firmly as the footsteps approached our position.

I nodded rapidly, not wanting my boss to find me naked in fear of being fired and having Janice dismantled, I lowered myself into the slot and went sliding down the cold metal chute.

On my way down I distantly heard Janice and Ms. F talking about how the last blank had been sorted before I hit the bottom of the chute and landed in a pile of blanks.

Looking around from my latex cushioning me saw I was in a bin filled to the brim with different blank dolls all lying there still. A green light flashed overhead and a pair of mechanical arms came from above and grabbed the same black doll I had seen go through here earlier. 

More buzzing about happened and doll after doll was picked up and taken to the belt I knew lead deeper into the machine. Yelping as a set of arms came to my area I dived underneath a purple haired doll I had landed on as it was taken in my stead. 

Deciding it was safer to buy my time so Janice could release me sooner I began digging towards the bottom of the bin hoping to escape the inevitable for a little longer. It wasn’t meant to be however as the doll above was taken before a set of cold metal hands grabbed my shoulders and hoisted me into the air. 

I was harshly laid upon the belt laying on my back next to a different black doll and a blank one. I decided it was best to just go with the flow at this point and I adopted the same position as the dolls next to me. 

The belt was moving rather quickly and before I knew it I was scanned a few times by a green light with a grid pattern. I heard a kind of spraying noise and turned my head to see hands grabbing dolls and giving them a thorough cleaning.

I gave a slight squeal as I was sprayed with extremely warm water all over and was then roughly picked up and scrubbed with fiber brushes. Soon I was covered in soapy bubbles and being relentlessly scrubbed from all angles before a final spray of water cleansed me off.

As I was dried off by a long session of hot air I got to see my next destination to which I nearly screamed. When Janice told me to get in here I expected to be scanned and then escape not have to be cleaned and then dipped in a hot vat of rubber!

I cried and squirmed for all I was worth but along with three other completely blank dolls, which at this point I guessed the machine classified me as, I was lowered into the pit head and all as it began churning as if going through a rinse cycle.

As my air slowly ran out under the hot and thick liquid I knew I was going to die. My body may never be found because I was sold as some rubber slut doll in my own store. With that thought I lost consciousness.

Little did I know at the time that my cells were slowly absorbing the rubber and melding with it? My skin taking on a pitch black and shiny look to it as my hair became the same way. My body was becoming living rubber. 

After about an hour of sitting in the vat my body was removed but now I was just as unmoving as the other similar dolls and the only thing different between us was my rubber coated hair and the features of my now rubber face. 

We were held in the air and dried again before being placed on another belt that lead to the dressing room. 

Without even a motion from me, I was tightly placed into a maid outfit made of more rubber before being moved along. 

If I had been awake at this point I would have seen the terrified looking Janice wheeling about the dolls being placed in another bin trying to find any hint that one could be me. 

I was dropped into a pile of fellow rubber dolls as Janice rolled up to my pile. She looked at each other doll before picking me up and scanning me. He eyes widened even further before she wheeled me off to her private quarters, a quaint little bedroom sized closet that she was allowed to keep to herself. 

Quickly after entry she shut the door and began trying to get responses out of me. After smelling salts and water, where she got them I don’t know, she tried pulling my arm only to find it stretched just like normal rubber would do. 

Slowly after she continued stretching my body in amazement I started coming to.

“Uhh… Jan why does everything smell like rubber? And why is my arm on your bed?!” I yelled seeing my arm a good five feet away from me in Jan’s arm. 

“Upon further inspection Lynda it appears your body has somehow become that of a rubber doll. Meaning you retain all properties of rubber while also being sentient.” She deduced in a more mechanical tone. 

I was going to respond until a red glow overtook her eyes. This only happened when an order needed to be filled and she was programmed to take care of it. 

“Unit T97-Janice operational. Order confirmed! Seeking appropriate product!” she said before zooming out of the room leaving me to stumble after her with my wobbly rubber legs. 

“Jan come back!” I yell stumbling after her and failing miserably at catching her. 

At this point I was lucky enough not to trip until I caught up with her. Unfortunately for me as soon as I reached her she disappeared into a sealed door and I was left with two options. 

Head back to her room or try and get in. Obviously I was stupid enough to try the latter and somehow managed to climb onto the belt leading in there with my tight outfit and limited mobility. 

At this point I knew I was in trouble when the belt jerked forward causing me to fall off and into another bin. This one was an automated cart labeled faulty goods. I was designated to the cart goods deemed unfit of selling to Ms. F for inspection after a certain limit was met, but since Ms. F left for the night at around for and it was probably close to 9, it was programmed to dump them into the bargain bin in the store section of the company. 

I tried to call out but pretty soon it was too late. I was whisked away before entering the store which was closing for the night. The store was run solely by robots similar to Jan named Terra and Vicky.  

Oh this was not what I signed up for when I started working here!

(To Be Continued)



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