Maddy’s New Lifestyle

by Sabrina Raven

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© Copyright 2006 - Sabrina Raven - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; latex; bodymod; doll; packaged; cons; X

This is a sequel to M.E.R.G.E. You may want to read the original story first. 

Maddy woke up at 10 in the morning and thought it would be the same as every day. Since she had finished college, she found herself unable to decide what to do with her life. Her grades were not good enough for university (even if she could have decided what she wanted to study) but she didn’t want to apply for an ordinary job either. So she had taken a break from everything with the money she had inherited from her parents. They had died four years ago in a car accident. It had been a rough time for her, but she managed.

Lazily she got up and took a look into the mirror, her shoulder length brown hair hung lacklustre from her head, she made a grimace. Much to her dismay nature hadn’t blessed her with beauty. She wasn’t ugly, that’s for sure, but plain. She sighed and extended her tongue to her mirror image then drew herself a bath. While the water filled the tub, she went to the door and picked up the paper and milk from outside. Once back inside Maddy made herself some coffee, "It should be ready once I am finished with bathing," she thought. She went through her morning routine and tied her hair back into a small ponytail.

When she sat down at the table to drink her coffee and have some toast she felt the urge to page through the paper. On unfolding it a pink flyer fell to the ground and Maddy bent over with a grunt to pick it up. Annoyed what advert caused such an unwanted early morning exercise she looked at the paper.

Tired of your old looks?
Tired of your old life?
New Era Beauty Spa’s.
We offer you an all new treatment to change your life for the better!
Call us at: 555-9547865 today and receive a substantial discount!
Your New Era Beauty Spa Team. Angrily she tossed it on the table. "Yeah, like if I would be dumb enough to believe their promises." She muttered to herself. But a nagging remained in the back of her head.

Listlessly she paged through the newspaper, but her eyes kept straying back to the flyer. She had no boyfriend and not being the disco queen made going out to dance single a major hindrance.

"Maybe the beauty treatment will light up my mood, who knows?"

She picked up the flyer and made an appointment for the afternoon with the friendly lady at the telephone desk. 

"If I go out tonite, what should I wear?" she asked herself and went to look through her closet. She was filing through her clothes when her hand brushed something cold. By reflex she pulled her hand back only to bring it back to take out the strange garment. It was a catsuit made from rubber. She pulled it out of the closet and thought of the time when one of her stranger boyfriends made her wear it. She wasn’t to eager to wear it, but she didn’t mind to wear it for him, as she found it was a major turn on for him. But she should have known, it was too good to be true. After a while he insisted on more and more items for bondage and such to be added. Maddy didn’t feel he was attracted to her anymore and when he came up with the idea of putting clamps to her nipples she ended the relationship. She let her hand glide over the slick material, then put it back into her closet.

"I could just sort out the old stuff while I am looking through the closet." It took the rest of the morning to select the right dress and a heap of old unwanted clothes lay on the floor, ready for the Salvation Army.

She made herself a light lunch and afterwards changed into her dress. She took her purse and after a final look into her apartment, she shut and locked the door. She could have taken her Mini but the Spa was only three bus stops away so she decided not to worry about traffic or a parking space and paid the fare.

After a two-minute walk, she reached her destination. The large building was held in pastel colors and the sign was done in the same coloration. Maddy walked up the stairway and into the hallway steering towards the information desk. The interior was decorated with pink marble and the floor showed the logo of New Era Beauty Spa. 

"Hello I’m Vicky, how can I help you?" the girl at the desk asked Maddy.

"Good afternoon, my name is Madelaine Wilbers and I have an appointment."

"Oh, yes I see. However, you are not listed for any treatment. I suppose you’d want to talk to one of our beauticians first and listen to her recommendations?"

"Yes, that would be fine." Maddy replied. At the same time she marvelled at the unblemished skin of the receptionist. The girl keyed in a few commands on the computer then announced the room number and gave her a brief description how to get there. Maddy raised an eyebrow, there were many different smells in the hallway, most of them perfumes from the good looking customers, she could also smell disinfectant and cosmetics but there was something else that she couldn’t quite place. Maddy shrugged it off, "Maybe just another cosmetic series," then went to the consultation room as directed. 

On her way, she met many good-looking patients and she mused to herself why they were here at the spa if they were looking that good. In addition, she saw some of the beauticians working for the company. All had perfect figures and their skin looked unblemished. Almost artificial, "That’s it! They look like mannequins!" She was so surprised over her discovery that she had almost missed the room she was looking for. The door was ajar and so she went in.

When Maddy entered the room she immediately notice the strange smell again, finally it connected in her brain: Rubber. It smelt of rubber. Before she could contemplate her discovery, an attractive brunette entered the room and sat down behind the large desk, which also sported a keyboard and a large computer display.

"Welcome to New Era Beauty Spa, I am Angela your beauty consultant, please have a seat," said the brunette indicating Maddy to take the seat on the other side of the desk. "You must be Ms. Madelaine Wilbers, right?" Maddy nodded. "You requested a style consultation to see which treatments you would like to take."

"Yes, that’s right. I wonder what you can do for me. Since your ad promised your treatments could alter my life I came here." 
Maddy blurted out, then realized she had said out loud what she didn’t want to tell anybody, she was dissatisfied with her life.

"Well, you refer to one of our special programs. First off, however, I need to know more about you. Would you agree to fill in this questionnaire, please? From the information gained the computer can deduce the most suitable program... err treatment for you." She pushed a few buttons and handed Maddy a small headset, turning the computer monitor so Maddy could watch it.

"Yes of course." Maddy replied and turned to the screen. The girl behind the desk watched Maddy carefully, she had completed the questionnaire herself some months ago and boy did her life change. 

Maddy was greeted by a gentle male computer voice that guided her through the questionnaire. The programme seemed to be quite sophisticated but the equipment wasn’t top-notch quality, ever so often, the screen would flicker and there seem to be some background noises in the headphones but the computer promptly reacted to her vocal answers. 

After the tenth question appeared on the screen, Maddy’s eyes started to droop. Angela had waited for this to happen. She opened a drawer and took a spray bottle and a small syringe out. Quickly she found a vein on Maddy’s arm and sprayed on the disinfectant. By routine, she took the syringe and within seconds, the hypnotic drug entered Maddy’s metabolism. The questionnaire continued now utterly sure the answers were correct. 

The brunette went to the far corner of the room and opened a hidden panel. An electric whirr sounded and a platform, large enough to carry a human figure, moved out of the wall, another panel opened and a movable laser array moved from the wall. By the time Angela had finished her preparation the questionnaire was finished as well. Maddy stood with a blank stare behind the chair.

"Madelaine, undress completely." Without blinking Maddy took off all her clothes including her underwear.

"Stand on the platform Madelaine!" ordered the beauty consultant. Maddy did as she was told without hesitation.

"Don’t move!" was the next order, while Angela pressed some buttons on the first panel. Suddenly the laser array sprung to life and took Maddy’s measurements from head to toe. This took 10 minutes, Angela went to the computer screen to check the process, but all went smoothly. A smile came to her face, she had undergone the same procedure, and she knew the girl would be happy with the outcome.

The computer bleeped and the screen said, "Completed". Angela now started the second sequence. "Step down from the platform!" She ordered. Maddy complied and the platform and laser array retracted into the wall. Again the computer screen prompted: "Completed".

"Madelaine, awake!"

Maddy shook her head and blinked a few times. It didn’t occur to her that she was stark naked in front of a complete stranger. She felt warm and comfortable as the post hypnotic suggestions told her.

"You came here to change your appearance and your life. We put you into a trance to find out your true desires. Well, according to the computer you have a dormant affinity to rubber and are quite submissive. You don’t like your body and the program has worked out the appearance you would prefer."

"Oh, did I?" Madelaine was a little groggy but her mind cleared slowly, she remembered the questions and the truthful answers she had given subconsciously. 

We can offer you a life that allows you to embrace your latex fetishism and your submissive fantasies. Also we can alter your body to become this:" she motioned to the computer screen. Maddy’s jaw hit the ground. She could see an absolutely gorgeous raven haired beauty staring at her. Green eyes, lustrous black hair, high regal cheekbones and full kissable lips. Her voluptuous figure sported D-Cup breasts, a 17" waist and 32" bottom with firm buttocks. The legs of this beauty seemed to go on forever ending in tiny feet.

Maddy blushed as a rush of pleasure went through her body and her nipples hardened. She sighed deeply. "Oh, how I wish I could look that beautiful." She sighed deeply again, this time with a sinking feeling. "But I don’t believe you could make such a dramatic change happen and if you could I won’t be able to come up with the necessary amount for surgery." 

"Well, it is possible and it won’t cost you a dime," Angela interrupted her musings, "I won’t go into details but there is a drug called M.E.R.G.E. which will contribute to your physical changes, making surgery unnecessary. The financial aspect will be covered by the spa; you will work for us if you are not being hired to our customers for more personal services. Once you have paid back your loan, you are free to leave. But I may say that nobody wanted to do that before."

Maddy’s eyes were fixed to the beauty on the screen. "What does this M.E.R.G.E. magic potion do?"

"Well, I don’t know the chemical and biological details, I just know it created my body from a worse frame than you have, look!" With that, the screen changed to show a middle-aged woman who was too short for her weight, her hair was frizzled and her face was plain.


"It is, trust me!"

"You have a deal!" Maddy said, her eyes still locked to the screen, that once again showed her incredible body to be.

"Please follow me!" said Angela and headed for a door in the back of the room. Maddy found it to lead into a 15’x15’ tiled room with a computer console and a large sarcophagus-like apparatus. The lid was open giving her a view at the rubber-lined interior. Angela pressed a button and a built-in drawer opened from the wall. She took a can out and handed it to Maddy. "Make sure you powder every part of yourself thoroughly, I’ll take care of your back."

Quickly Maddy spread the talcum over her body and felt the arousal rise. She blushed, could Angela see her lust? Yet, her anticipation to get her new body was stronger than her inhibitions and she continued. When she was completely done, Angela took a flesh coloured rubber suit from the same drawer and held it out to Maddy. The back opening of the suit beckoning her. She took the suit, which remarkably reminded her of a blow up doll, and put her left foot in. She shivered, as much from arousal as from the cold of the latex suit. Back at home when she had tried rubber to satisfy her boyfriend she couldn’t accept how good the latex felt, now her inhibitions were gone and she loved the feeling of rubber on her hairless legs. 

Angela helped her getting into torso section, the rubber felt very snug and didn’t fit right between her legs but Maddy didn’t give it a second thought. She was surprised to find something touching her lower orifices. There was an open tube with a flange in the front and from what she could feel, the same thing in the back. Questioningly she looked at Angela.

"These are for easy waste removal while you wear the suit. The flanges can be locked to prevent any leakage. Come here, let me help you." While Angela guided the tube into Madeleine’s vagina Maddy asked: "How long do I have to wear this suit anyhow?" 

"Oh, three days, after that the suit is not important anymore!" Angela answered mysteriously, proceeding to feed the second tube through Maddy’s sphincter. With a grunt, the anal tube settled into place. 

Finally, after Maddy had worked her hands and arms into the tight rubber suit and Angela told her to stand still. "I will put the mask on you, please take a deep breath and hold it for a moment." Quickly she widened the neck of the mask and pulled it over Maddy’s head. Maddy was surprised to find a mouthpiece and tubes for her nostrils in the mask but didn’t have much of a choice when she ran out of air. It appeared as Angela was really experienced with this and the mouthpiece and nostril tubes quickly found their way in.

"Chich mouch’ieche ich chtranche" she tried to get out.

"Yes, but it will come in handy later." The brunette calmed her. 

Maddy looked at the suit. It was somewhat ill fitting, her legs seemed too short, her hips too wide and her breasts too small to truly fit the dimensions of the suit. Also the added flanges at her nether self and the mouthpiece irritated her but then again: The result would be worth it. The rubber caressed every square inch of her skin and the arousal climbed again. She squeezed her legs together and the tube inside her vagina gave her one of the most pleasant feelings she had experienced so far.

"If I could only wear it until the end of time" she thought.

The brunette guided Maddy over to the ‘sarcophagus’ and helped her climb in. Once she lay comfortably Angela pressed a metal disk on Maddy’s neck and arranged her head so the disk rested on a similar disk in the apparatus.

"Sweet dreams my dear, a whole new life will await you after you have awakened!" Angela said smiling and closed the lid by pressing a button. When the complete darkness surrounded her, Maddy felt a sharp prick as the disk in her neck connected to her nervous system and some liquid entered her mouth, it tasted like cherry syrup and she swallowed it without a second thought. Within moments, she was fast asleep, dreaming of her wonderful new life at the New Era Beauty Spa.

Meanwhile Angela sat down at the computer and entered the details for shipment: "White, female love doll, destination Melbourne, mental characteristics..."

The end?



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