The Magician's Assistant

by Gromet

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© Copyright 2009 - Gromet - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; MF/f; magic-act; transform; majick; lovedoll; deflated; boxed; shipped; sex; climax; cons; X


“The Great Messini and his lovely assistant Regina”, that’s what the advertising banner stated on the outside of theatres where we performed our magic act. My husband is the Great Messini and me of course I’m his lovely assistant and wife Regina. We have performed all over the world, and we seemed to be touring continuously. Finally we had a break and decided to take a holiday in Egypt, the lure of the Middle East. Dusky skinned natives, exotic locations and warm sunshine.

My husband could only think of work and the next greatest magical trick for the act and we visited several local markets in search of the next big thing for the act. Several markets later we ventured down some small alleyways and came upon a medieval looking shop front, many items seemed to hang in the fore front and stepping inside revealed an Aladdin’s cave of mystical artefacts.

The store owner seemed to pop out of thin air and surprised us both; he introduced himself as Ali Kazar and said that he was a fakir, and fellow seeker of the magical arts. He knew the reason we had visited his store, he had fore-seen our visit with his mystical powers. We both looked at each other incredulously and smirked at what he had said.

He said, “I see that you do not believe me! I will prove to you that I know the reasons you have entered my store. You Master Magician are looking for the magic act that will make your name and prove to other magicians that you are worthy. You have travelled the world looking for this.”

My husband nodded and said, “How did you know?”

“Ah!” said the fakir, “I have great knowledge of magical powers.”

“And for you his lovely wife and assistant I believe you have a secret wish that you have been longing for since your early years.”

It was my turn to get flustered at what this man was saying, “I’m not sure what you mean?” I tried to hide my thoughts as I felt he was trying to read my mind.

“There is nothing wrong with what you wish for, it is your heartfelt desire is it not?” the fakir said. “And if I’m not mistaken you could use this for your act effendi.”

My husband turned to me and asked, “What is he talking about?”

I blushed with embarrassment and stuttered, “I don’t know what he’s…”

But before I could finish the fakir said, “She wishes to be turned into a doll Master Magician. The one that you would use for sex, I believe you westerners call it a ‘love-doll’.”

“Is this true?” asked my husband.

“Y-yes”, I stammered, “but it’s just a silly girls dream and fantasy, I wouldn’t want to be turned into one permanently, I love being your wife and a real woman.”

“But you could have both,” said the store owner, “I have a talisman that when used with the secret chant can transform you into your wish and then in the morning at daybreak you turn back into yourself.”

“Are you sure that this can happen?” asked my husband and Master Magician thinking how he could use this in the act.

“I assure you that no harm will befall your lovely wife, she will experience great pleasure upon transformation and will also experience great delight when played with.” He replied.

“How can this be?” asked my husband.

“This is one of the early majicks, handed down by a long line of fakirs, the casting of the spell of transformation is one of many that I have seen performed and have knowledge of.” The fakir said.

“How could this benefit my act, how could I use it?” the Magician side of my husband asked. I could see the cogs in his mind working overtime at the possibilities of using this to his advantage.

Before I could interrupt the fakir said, “Would it not be easier to enhance the disappearance of your assistant from the stage, you place your lovely wife into a box, and then speak the transformation spell whilst she wears the talisman around her neck, the lady changes into her desire and you have made your assistant disappear.”

“Are you sure it’s safe? I don’t want to harm my wife.” He asked showing some concern for me at last.

“It is all perfectly safe, your wife will transform into her desire, and will remain that way until daybreak, no harm can befall her, only pleasure.” The fakir stated.

“You’d best give me a demonstration on how to perform the transformation.” My husband asked.

“As you wish effendi.” He said as I stood there open mouthed. Then he placed the Talisman around my neck and began chanting. Before I could remove the talisman my body began to feel warm all over and a tingling sensation rose up my body from my feet to my head, like goosebumps.

I looked down at my hand and watched as my skin started to become plasticy, the skin becoming smooth and wrinkle free, ‘Hey that’s one benefit’ I thought.

Within a matter of seconds my body went from being flesh and blood to plastic and air, my legs became rigid and spread outwards into the customary ‘v’ shape you see lovedolls have. My arms became motionless, useless appendages and again they seem to move outwards from my body. My breasts became plastic mounds, which seemed to have become a size or two bigger, I wonder who threw that part of the spell in. I could no longer stand and fell over backwards to be caught in my husbands arms. I was now just a plastic love toy, my holes ready and waiting to be used.

Luckily my clothes didn’t seem to transform as it would have left me naked in front of the store owner, mind you there would have been no way for me to cover up as my limbs where now immobile. I also seemed to have climaxed when the transformation went though my body, I remember the fakir saying that I would get ‘great pleasure’ from turning into a lovedoll.

True to his word no harm befell me, other than turning into a plastic doll, I felt fine, in fact my skin became more sensitive to touch and the mere brush of my husbands hand on my plastic skin sent delightful shivers throughout my body. It felt strange not being able to move, one minute I was standing next to my husband and the next I was being held in his arms unable to move.

I didn’t desire movement anyway I had a strange sense of contentment flood throughout my being, I wanted to be the doll, it had been my greatest desire and fantasy for many years now, something I couldn’t tell anyone, who would have believed me anyway, who in their right mind would wish to be a plastic doll. Something to be used and tossed away afterwards.

My thoughts turned to desire, I wanted my husband to take me here and now, but I couldn’t express these to him, I couldn’t even smile, my face was fixed and my mouth now open into the familiar ‘O-shape’ waiting to be used as an oral cavity for a man’s pleasure.

My husband was still transfixed at what had happened to his wife, the doll that now lay in his arms looked for all the world like an inflatable plastic version of his wife, but she was not moving, nor breathing for that matter and he looked to the fakir for reassurance that everything was okay.

“Have no fear effendi, for your wife has experience great pleasure from being transformed into her greatest desire, she is experiencing great desire that you take her and use her many pleasures.” The fakir said.

They then agreed a price for the majick talisman and use of the spell, the fakir gave my husband more details about the spell and talisman whilst they waited for the air to leave my plastic body through the tube that had appeared in my back when the transformation happened. Soon I was just a pile of plastic lying on the floor, pooled on top of myself laying in a heap. My husband picked up my plastic form and looked at the fakir not sure what to do with me.

“I will get you a bag effendi,” he said walking to the rear of the store.

Soon I was placed inside a canvas bag which my husband carried back to our hotel, on the way he managed to stop off at a couple of other shops and bought a few knick-knacks and placed them in the bag and on top of me. I was now just another item in his shopping bag. We eventually got back to the hotel and into our room, where my husband began blowing me back up again.

That night turned out to magical in more ways than one, I’ve never had so many orgasms in my life, the feeling of intense pleasure that overtook me as my husband used me for his own pleasure, several times, I didn’t know that he had it in him! That was due to one of the items he’d purchased after, he would later tell me, a sort of herbal viagra.

I lay there on the bed unable to move even if I was able to, I had spent one of the most glorious nights of sensual pleasure in my life, I had experienced my one great fantasy and become the object of love that my husband had used to satiate his desires. I was still plastic, still in the same pose as I became in the store, legs and arms spread, three holes available for use but they had been well used that night, I could still go for more. My husband sleeping soundly beside me as I could only stare at the ceiling above me, he’d left me laying on my back after the last fucking.

Soon I could see the rays of the sun start to come in through the window, I remembered that the fakir had said that I would change back at daybreak and I started to feel the same tingling feeling through out my body. My skin started to become flesh again and the blood began running through my veins, I could now blink my eyes and feel the rise and fall of my chest as I took a breath. I still didn’t want to move, somehow I thought this would break the spell and I would be back to the real world again, even though my transformation had now reversed fully.

* * *

A couple of days later we were back on the plane returning home, we had used the transformation spell the next night but not the last as we had celebrated and enjoyed a romantic evening that last night. Back home we began rehearsing for the next show season, soon we would be on the road again and our agent had booked many shows that would keep us away for months.

My husband, or should I say The Great Messini, worked on the new act and a way to incorporate this new feature into the show. He came up with a plan to use a plexi-glass cabinet, it would be see-through, I would climb into the cabinet dressed as his assistant, he would then suspend the box and cover it to hide the transformation, then would come the reveal and… that’s where the sticking point came, we’d need to transform me back but that wouldn’t happen until daybreak the next day and the show would be extremely long!

I said that we could use my nearly twin sister, we could make her look like me with a coloured wig and wearing the same skimpy, alluring and eye-distracting costume she could re-appear as me, something magicians have done for years. She would be more than willing to help out; she had seen our show many times and would know the routines off by heart.

That agreed we spent the next few days in rehearsal, my sister now joining the act, something that delighted her. We ran through the show and especially the new attraction, but without the transformation taking place, I had told my sister that we had a new act and that was the reason she was joining the show, what I didn’t tell her was the part about me becoming a sexdoll on a nightly basis.

It wasn’t until the first night before we were due on stage that I revealed what was about to happen. She stood transfixed in disbelief, then smiled and gave me a big hug. We stood there on the side of the stage looking to everyone like two identical twins, waiting for the show to start. As we got nearer to our turn I helped her into the trunk she would appear out of, this would be wheeled out on stage the same time as the clear plexi-glass one.

The MC announced that ‘The Great Messini and his lovely assistant Regina would now like to present their magical act’ and we were on stage, the bright lights lighting up the area. Doing a few warm up acts before the new act, producing doves from his sleeve, cards dancing on a table to reveal the magic card someone from the audience had been induced to pick.

The butterflies in my stomach began dancing, I’m sure that they were the cast from Riverdance in there, the way they seemed to be moving. I suppose it could have been first night nerves, but I began to think it was more the thought of the upcoming transformation and my return to being a lovedoll again, the anticipation building as we got closer to the act.

Finally we reached the last part of the show, now was the time for the new act. The plexi-glass container was wheeled out as was the trunk, all but unseen as I paraded myself around the stage to distract the audience from the movements on stage. The plexi-glass case was hung from its suspension wires and a couple of members from the audience were invited up to inspect the cabinet and to make sure that there was no way for me to escape without being seen.

Satisfied that the case could be seen from all sides and that I wouldn’t be able to escape without notice, they nodded their approval, my husband guided them to stand behind the plexi-glass cabinet so the audience seated could see them through the cabinet to ensure that I would not get out without being seen. He helped me climb the step ladder into the cabinet and lay back on the smooth surface, he closed the lid and locked it with a padlock that one of the audience had verified was genuine.

Next he moved the steps away and turned the cabinet upright so I looked directly at the seated audience, I stood there inside, dressed as his lovely magical assistant, sealed inside the plexi-glass cabinet and viewed by all around. The talisman hung around my neck, a mere charm to those that don’t know what power it possesses. The Great Messini then began chanting the spell as he stood by the cabinet, we had thought about covering the cabinet to hide the transformation but because the transformation proved to be very quick it worked out that a flash blast with smoke would hide the time of transformation.

I stood there looking out across the audience, their eyes transfixed on my body encased within the plexi-glass cabinet, when suddenly the flash-bang went off creating a flash of light and smoke, which quickly rose to reveal the now transform sexdoll inside the cabinet for all to see. My husband looked into the cabinet and remarked that the spell had worked, every man would love to transform their wife or girlfriend into an object of desire.

The audience laughed at his humour, and a round of applause echoed through the theatre. Then he said that unfortunately he could not leave me that way, and that he would return me back to my old self. We both knew that it would be many hours before I changed back but in showbiz you have to give the audience an ending, so waving his hands over my transformed, encased body he gave some incantation that he’d made up and again a flash, but this time over by the trunk, unseen by many and up popped my twin, I was now whole again to the audience.

The plexi-glass had darkened to hide the doll inside when he hit the switch. The audience members that were behind had now resumed their seat to watch ‘me’ pop out of the trunk. Again she used the distraction of her lovely looking body, dressed in a tight revealing and skimpy outfit to draw the audience’s attention away from my cabinet.

I was quickly wheeled off-stage along with the other props, I was now just another object in the show for the stage crew to look after. We hadn’t revealed to anyone the fact that I was going to be transformed into the lovedoll, only my husband, myself and now my sister knew. They walked passed me still enclosed in the cabinet as they walked off stage and went back to their dressing rooms.

Later when my husband had changed from his stage outfit and seen the fans and hangers-on that came to his dressing room, he came down to see to the props including me. Opening the cabinet he turned my plastic body over and pulled the plug in the rear of my back and I slowly began to deflate. He went about tidying the other props whilst I slowly decreased in size inside the cabinet.

By the time he’d finished I was now fully deflated and was just a weird looking sextoy, my limbs flapping about as he picked up my plastic form. He stuffed me into a bag and pushed my dangling legs and arms into the bag. Satisfied that everything was in place – including me, he picked up the bag and walked out of the theatre, my sister joining him on the way out.

They both walked over to his car and opening the rear luggage compartment he placed my bag in the trunk and closed the lid. My sister was then offered a lift back to the hotel by my husband, which she readily accepted. Well we’d arrived in the same car, so it seemed natural to leave that way. We arrived back at the hotel and he parked the car in the hotel car park, I heard them get out of the car and close the doors, I couldn’t hear what their conversation was but I heard the trunk open and my bag was then lifted out and carried into the hotel.

Once back in our room my husband laid me out on the bed and went and had a shower, I was still in my deflated form and just lay there flat on the bed. My sister had her own room next door. He returned from the shower and began to get dressed again, he picked me up again and stuffed me back in the bag, he stated that he was going downstairs for a nightcap and he didn’t want room service to find me in my doll-form, “They might think that I’m a pervert!” he said.

Shortly after he left the room after placing my bagged form into the closet. I lay there wishing that he’d come back and use me, I began to think like a sex doll would, assuming they had a mind to think with. ‘I wanted to please my owner’, where did that thought come from? I began to think that dollies should please their owners and desire nothing more.

I should have been concerned but my thoughts seemed to have been taken over by my dolly side, I thought as a doll and nothing more. I lay there in the bag, inside the closet waiting for my owner to come back and use me.

An hour or so later, my husband returned and his breath smelt of alcohol, he brought my bag out of the closet and pulled my plastic form out and placing me on the bed he began breathing into me, inflating me. Soon my body was inflated enough and he began to get himself undressed and into bed with me. Then the fireworks began, I started to see stars as he used me for his own pleasure, the doll inside me desired to be used by her owner and I was being used, soundly.

All too soon it seemed to me it was over and my husband was blissfully snoring beside my inflated body. I lay there again unable to move, perhaps more unwilling to move, my doll half still in control of my mind and body. I relished being a lovedoll and being used just as I had been by my husband and owner.

The daylight filtered through the curtains of the hotel room and my body returned to normal, my mind still had dolly thoughts but they were gradually receding as sleep overtook me. I awoke in the hotel bed with the sounds of my husband taking a shower. He entered the room and looked at me saying, “Better get ready for breakfast.”

Reluctantly I moved my body and headed for the shower to wash my sticky body, his spending running down my leg as I walked over to the bathroom. The warmth of the shower felt great on my body, I wasn’t sure but I felt that my body was getting smoother and more sensitive, maybe some after effects of the transformation process.

Breakfast over we headed over to the theatre for more rehearsals and to refine the act. A couple of run-thoughs and we were set for tonight’s performance, we headed out for a late lunch before we had to return to get ready for the show. My husband seemed to be paying more attention than usual to my sister, but I thought nothing of it, just him being kind and attentive.

Back at the theatre we made ready for the next show, this would be the last one before we changed cities for the next one. All the props would be loaded straight after the show to ship to the next theatre. Again our act hit the stage, flash-bang I was transformed and my sister popped out as me. I was left in the plexi-glass cabinet as it was hauled off the stage. As before they went passed me and into their dressing rooms like last night, but this time he reached in and popped my deflation valve.

But before my husband could return to the cabinet I was in, it was loaded into its travelling carrying case by the stage hands, this was needed to protect it whilst moving, as you couldn’t get a replacement one in a hurry if this one broke. My world went dark as the outer case was closed, sealing me inside. I felt movement as the case was moved and then loaded on the truck bound for the next gig. I had been left, forgotten by my husband, I was just as I always wished a mere object to be used when her owner desired.

They returned to the hotel and would follow on the next day, as I was whisked away through the night with all the other stage props. My dolly mind telling me that my owner would use me soon. Unbeknown to me he was using my sister back at the hotel, they made love whilst I lingered in the boxes on the truck.

One thing that the fakir didn’t mention, to me at least, was that fact that I couldn’t change back whilst in my deflated state, I would remain a dolly until inflated and then I would change back as long as the sun had risen since my transformation. This ensured that I couldn’t come to harm whilst flat or folded and transform back, and that I wouldn’t remain as a doll once the re-inflation happened.

I must have drifted off because it was the jolting of the box as it was unloaded that awoke me, I suddenly realised where I was but didn’t seem concerned as dollies await being used by their owners, their desires don’t come into it. The box was wheeled into the next theatre and placed near the side of the stage. I remained in the box until my husband/owner released me, and hopefully use me too!

* * *

It wasn’t until early afternoon that I again felt movement outside the box and light stream in. I looked up to see my husband smiling down at me; he opened the clear cabinet and lifted my limp plastic body out from its confines. He carried me into the dressing room and began to inflate me, as soon as I was fully inflated I reverted back to my old self and the inflation tube disappeared whilst still in my husband’s lips. He stood back amazed at how quick the reverse transformation was, after all this was the first time this had happened with me left in the deflated doll-state after sunrise.

Now back to my normal self I asked him what had happened, he said that the theatre crew had loaded the trunk into the truck before he realised what had happened and he couldn’t chase after me without giving the secret away. I was just a doll as far as everyone was concerned, not a fully grown woman that had been transformed into an object of plastic desire.

I could see his point and remarked about the fact that I hadn’t transformed until after he had reinflated me, was this something the fakir had told him about? He admitted that the fakir had indeed informed him about the fact that I couldn’t transform back whilst uninflated.

“What would happen if I stayed that way?” I asked.

He said, “I wouldn’t allow that to happen, I may like you as a dolly but prefer you as an actual woman.”

“What if something happened to you?” I replied.

“Well your sister now knows about the fact that you turn into a doll on stage, so she should be able to free you.” He answered.

“But does she know that I cannot re-form unless inflated?” I asked.

“No but we can let her know what to do in case of emergency.”

“Did the fakir tell you anything else?” I said.

“Not a great deal more.” Was his caged reply.

I then got dressed, slightly disappointed that he hadn’t used me, but due to the time restraints we really didn’t have the time. We got dressed for rehearsals, my sister joining us on stage as we ran through the act for the benefit of the stage hands, lighting and stage director. After three run-throughs they were satisfied with their plans and we headed off to get a bite to eat.

Over a late lunch we spoke about the show, how things were going and finally I got him to explain to my sister about the transformation that I went through on-stage every night and the process required in case something happened to him whilst I was still deflated. She said that she understood and would help me if required.

We got into a routine, we did the show at night, we retire to the hotel and my husband used me every night after his shower and time spent in the bar getting a night cap. I could do nothing but lay there waiting for him to come back to use me, I got used to being stashed away in the bag and hidden awaiting his return from the bar. He’d used me for his pleasure then in the morning I would revert back to my normal form.

Things went well, the act was getting good reviews and the audiences seemed to like the act. We even moved up in the billing and seemed to be moving up in the world. My sister was becoming a greater part of the act and had started doing more on stage, albeit without the wig to look like me, she was placed in the trunk off-stage by the stage hands just prior to the last act of the set, then I’d be transformed and she’d pop out as me and the show ended.

It happened again that I was left off-stage inside the plexi-glass cabinet and then placed inside the travel case when we moved theatres. This time I didn’t mind, I was kinda getting used to being an object, just another prop, indeed I would have to ask my magical husband if I could travel this way in future between gigs.

My dolly thoughts seemed to be taking over more and more, the longer I spent as the plastic lovetoy. This would have been one of the side effects that the fakir would have told my husband surely, though I didn’t seem to mind anyway, I was happy when in my doll form, even happier when being used by my owner.

A couple of months later and we were still on the road, we had a day off which happen to occur the same day as my birthday. We celebrated by dining out, the three of us having a great time. Back at the hotel after opening a bottle of bubbly, I began opening presents, I got more jewellery from my husband but my sister handed me a small parcel. I wondered what it could be, it felt light. I pulled at the ribbon and the wrapping fell off to reveal the contents inside.

There before my eyes was a box, the type you see in sex shops that lovedolls are sold in. This one had my pictures on the cover dressed in my stage outfit, with the banner stating ‘Regina – Lovedoll’ on the cover in gold lettering. The box also stated the features of the lovedoll and the great pleasure the owner would receive by using the doll inside.

I was stunned, clearly she had gone to great detail to make the box, but she must be joking, would I really want to be placed inside this box. Strangely my mind quickly accepted this as a great present and an overwhelming desire to try it out. I smiled at my sister and thanked her for her thoughtful gift, she wasn’t sure how I’d take this present, maybe she’d made it as a joke, after all it wasn’t everyday that your own sister turned into a lovedoll overnight.

Well a couple of glasses of bubbly later I wanted to try out the box, and asked my husband if he wouldn’t mind if I did so. He didn’t seem to hesitate when I asked, maybe it was the drink or maybe it was something else but at that stage I didn’t seem to care I just wanted to be in the box as the lovedoll awaiting its owner. And it was my birthday after all and I can get one wish granted surely.

The talisman was always around my neck at this stage, it just seemed to be part of me and he began chanting the spell of transformation. Shortly thereafter I was again the lovedoll I desired to be, my mind accepting that I was now just a dolly. He reached around my back and pulled on the tube to deflate me. I was soon flat, my sister joining in to help the air escape quicker.

I was overjoyed she was joining in, the sooner I was in the box I would be happy, not knowing that the sooner I was out of the way she would be happy too. Once flat I was folded by my sister, my legs seemed to be bent in several directions as she prepared me for the box. My arms were placed behind my back and folded into my body as she continued folding me. She must have practised this I thought as she seemed to be very good at getting me down to just the right size for the box with my face left on top of the plastic pile my body had now become.

My sister smiled down at me and said, “I hope you like your present? I had to practise really hard to get you folded just right.”

With that she pushed my folded form into the box, my vision temporarily obscured as the box closed over me. Soon I dropped down into the box with the plastic window and could see out again. My sister continued to push me into the box making sure that I fitted inside and that for all intents and purposes I looked just like a doll bought off of the shelf.

Closing the lid and sealing me inside, my sister said, “I hope you enjoy yourself in there and that your birthday was something special.”

My husband came into view and placing an arm around my sisters shoulder said, “Enjoy yourself my love toy, have a happy birthday, not sure when we’ll let you out though, it may be sometime!”

They both smiled at me as the box was placed in his luggage, my vision was now obscured by the lining of his suitcase and then darkness as they closed the case sealing me inside.

* * *

I’m not sure how long they left me inside the box, inside the suitcase, but I felt movement as the case was carried and loaded inside his car trunk. The car drove off with me firmly encased inside, not sure where or when I would be released. My dolly mind again coming to the fore and thoughts of being used by my owner and the pleasure I could give becoming paramount in my thinking.

A week had passed before I was removed from the box, it seemed that the show had been put on hold due in part to my incapacitation. They had told our agent that I had injured myself and would need time to recover. The truth was that they had gone on holiday together; with me safely in the box they could cement their relationship without interference from me. I had been left in the trunk of the car at the airport as they jetted off to the Caribbean for a week away.

It was only after I was taken out of the box and reinflated that they revealed their love affair. I was shocked and heart-broken, I had been betrayed by my husband and my sister, they had been getting together behind my back and I had no inclination that this was occurring. In my dolly mind I began to accept that maybe my owner didn’t want me or maybe he didn’t want to use me everyday, after all dollies only desired to be used, it was up to their owner if they wanted to use them.

I suppose it was my own fault, I’d become obsessed with being a dolly and was not there for my husband, and my sister was there for him, they had shared a closeness over the time we’d been on the road and now they had fallen for each other.  It looked like our marriage was over.

I began to retreat more and more into my doll life, either in plastic form or real life I began to think of myself as a dolly awaiting her owner’s use, and if he didn’t want to use me at the moment then I would wait, like all good dollies do, after all we are made just for our masters desires.

On the road again, we continued with the show, but now my sister took over more of the act and assisted him with the magic. We still closed the show with the transformation of me back into my plastic doll form and my sister popping out of the trunk. I would be deflated and placed into my box, neatly folded and then stored away, sometimes just left in the dressing room and sometimes taken back to the hotel and placed in a closet or luggage.

I travelled between shows inside the plexi-glass cabinet, the crew would place this in its travelling case and load it onto the truck. Sometimes I would travel in the car, folded and stored in my box, stashed away in the luggage in the trunk of the car. I preferred being the doll-in-the-box and wanted to spend more time in there than being outside, I suppose it was to protect myself from the hurt and pain.

Then came the day that changed things, it was during one of our rehearsals, we’d just moved to another theatre, we were going to perform here for the week and we had just started running through our act. I was standing on the sideline and my sister and husband were running through the magic tricks when there was a loud crash. One of the overhead lights had crashed down onto the stage hitting him. He was quickly rushed to hospital, he would live but unfortunately he wouldn’t be able to walk or do much else, let alone continue the show.

I began to see just how much my sister loved him as she took care of his every need, I just seemed to be walking around in a daze and she took over everything, making sure that things were done and that everything would be in place for his return home. I spent more time on the computer, leaving them to get on with their life. I would surf the doll chat rooms and forums, talking with like-minded people.

It was there that I met ‘DollyMaster’, he seemed to have a collection of dolls which included his wife, who liked to play at being a dolly, dressing up and posing for him. I chatted with ‘dolly-girl’ as she liked to call herself and we spoke about our feelings about being a doll for our owners. After many messages, emails and chats I let them know about my doll abilities, the transformation and the state that left me in. I don’t think they believed me, many on the chat room and forums all seem to think that they are dollies, but that’s really just a mindset, mine was real.

Seeing that my life here was over, the show was cancelled and my husband was being looked after by my sister, I thought it was time for me to move on and arranged to meet ‘DollyMaster’, maybe I could become another dolly in his collection and he might even use me, I couldn’t remember the last time that had happened.

I spoke with my sister and we had a heart to heart talk, I said that I felt that I was in the way and that I should move out and let them get on with their lives. She didn’t want to see me go, but she could see that I was very unhappy and she said that she wished I could find my own personal happiness. That agreed I set about arranging meeting with ‘DollyMaster’.

I managed to get his address, in the guise of sending him a gift of some sort and set about making my plans. We would meet in a week or so, but my plans would make this sooner. I again spoke with my sister and outlined what I wanted to do and she agreed to help me.  Then I spoke with my husband and let him know my plans, he then gave me the words to the spell, I still had the talisman, it never left my neck.

Returning to my sister, she said that she was ready and held my box in her hand. I gave her the spell with instructions to include this with the card I had written for ‘DollyMaster’. She spoke the words and I quickly transformed back into the plastic dolly I loved to be, my flesh and blood becoming plastic and air, I was again just a lovedoll for someone to play with.

Reaching behind me she pulled my plug and the air started to leave me, deflating me as the plastic body started to fall to the ground. Once fully deflated she took great care in folding me, my arms and legs were placed just so, my face looking up at her atop the plastic pile I had become. She gave me a kiss on my lips, something I could not reciprocate but felt deep in my being.

She then began placing me inside the box, making sure that I faced outwards and could see outside through the clear plastic. Finally closing me inside, she carried me over to the table and began wrapping gift paper around the outside of the box. Satisfied that I looked presentable she finished off with a ribbon, not that I could see from where I was, but she told me as she continued what she was doing, speaking to me just as if I was in the room.

Next she brought out the second, outer box this would contain me, the card and the note explaining about the spell and the talisman. Placing this on top of the inner box, she folded the flaps down and sealed this with tape, leaving it looking for all intents just a brown cardboard box awaiting delivery. Soon the courier arrived to collect me, she handed over the box and I was placed in the back of his van and taken away for delivery to my new owner.



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