Magician's Assistant

by Gromet

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Storycodes: M/f; fpov; sex; boxed; bodybag; costume; doll; F2doll; majick; magic; transform; cons; X

Continues from

Part 3

The box containing my transformed dolly form was presented to my new owner as requested by me, by my sister. He seemed very impressed with what he saw of me when he removed his new doll from the box and took his time examining my deflated body. His hands felt nice against my plastic skin, and he turned to my sister and asked, “So, when do I actually get to meet your sister?”

“You just have,” she answered him. “She asked that she be presented to you this way.”

“No, I meant the real one, not the doll.” He stated.

“Then you’ll need to re-inflate the doll if you want to meet the real-life version of her.” She replied.

“So, this is her then, and not some joke that you’re playing.” He asked.

“Yes, that’s who you’re going to need if you want the act to work.” She replied, “So best reinflate her and then we can all talk.”

“How do I do that?” he asked my sister.

“You’ve never had a doll before,” she giggled.

“No, I’ve never needed one,” he told her, slightly indignant that she asked him that.

After he was shown the inflation valve in my back, and he eventually blew life back into my deflated plastic body, my sister then gave him the reverse transformation spell, saying that they would normally have to wait until sunrise the next day after the doll had been reinflated, this just made the process quicker.

My body then quickly changed from plastic back to flesh and blood, my body rippled with the orgasm that went through me and I let out a very satisfied groan as my body delighted in the waves of pleasure running through me.

As the first breaths of air ran through my lungs, I lay there recovering, my sister looking at me envious of my ability to climax like that, while my new owner looked down at me with a shocked look on his face.

“Yes, she climaxes each time she’s transformed, lucky bitch.” My sister told him.

“Oh!” Was all that he could muster, still not sure what had just happened, but was now looking at a naked female body where before was an inflatable plastic doll.

My sister then noticed him staring at my naked body and brought over a nearby blanket to cover me up with, and commented, “You’ve never seen a naked woman before?”

“Of course, but not one so beautiful as this.” He replied, now over the shock of my transformation.

After hearing his comment, I sat up, turned to my sister and said, “I like him.” Which then made everyone laugh, which broke the ice between everyone there.

We then sat around the table and spoke about several things, my transformations, and the stage act and then I caught up with news of what had happened since my time with my previous owners. We spoke for several hours, and at one point my new owner left us two girls to continue their chat while he got on with other things.

The show was due to start the following week, so we needed to get back into rehearsal as quickly as we could. So the next day I arrived at the studio that the new magician had arranged for us to practise in. He welcomed us both as we entered and we then changed into our new, slightly more revealing costumes. The show he explained would be more aimed at ‘adult’ audiences and that we would be touring a variety of clubs and stages during the tour, some of those would be at more “adult’ locations than we would normally perform at, but he explained that as a new act, they had to take whatever bookings that they could until he got himself more established in the theatre business.

Now dressed in the costumes that we were required to wear, I had no objection to wearing whatever my new owner required but my sister had some reservations about just how much of her body should be on display for the audience to stare at. Telling her that maybe I could do most of the act on stage prior to my transformation helped her, she later told me, just like we had done when we first started out together all that time ago.

We entered from the changing room to the main area where the props were laid out for the show, an appreciative whistle came from the magician, it seemed that he was impressed with the new costumes and how they looked on our bodies. I curtseyed and spun around to give him the full show, and he said that we looked very nice in the new costumes. But we needed to get on, without the current distractions and start to learn the new show.

We spent the next few hours going over the new acts, different from what we were used to but really it was just standard magic fare to those in the business. One thing that we hadn’t done before was the ‘sawing the lady in half’ routine, I won’t reveal just how we managed to achieve it but let me just say that it was slightly cramped and uncomfortable, especially in our tight costumes.

After several days of practising, we had managed to get the show together, all of the acts went well and we all knew them pretty much by heart by the time we had finished. There was only the final part of the act that needed to run through, just to iron out any kinks he told us.

Well, I suppose my desire to be transformed into a sex doll could be termed a ‘kink’ and laughed when he said this. I had to explain to him why I found it funny, and he agreed that maybe it was a poor choice of words, but even he did see the funny side of it.

The sight of the old familiar Perspex cabinet sent my tummy dancing, the butterflies doing a tap dance down there sending delightful signals further south and I felt the first flush of my own arousal stir, the first time since, well I had forgotten the last real time that I had been transformed by my former owners, not counting the time my sister changed me when she picked me up. I was looking forward to spending some quality time back as the doll of my dreams, though I knew that it would be short-lived now that they had the reversal spell as well.

Oh well, any time spent in my dolly form was a bonus, I thought.

Placing me inside the clear cabinet, the magician began running through what we needed to do, with direction also coming from my sister as this was his first time changing me. I stood inside as he closed the door, the talisman still around my neck, which it had been since the first day we had first bought it. I’m not sure where it went after I changed, but the thing always reappeared when I changed back, all part of the majicks I guessed and thought that one day I would seek out the fakir that we had bought it from to find out more.

Now sealed inside the plexiglass cabinet, he placed the lock through the clasp and I was now secured inside, next he started to speak his lines to the pretend audience, which was basically my sister at this point. Fluffing his lines a couple of times, I was content to stay where I was until he wanted to release me, I was just his doll in my mind, even if at the moment I was a real-life human female.

Finally managing to get the lines perfect, we got on with the next part, reading from the card the transformation spell, and soon I was deep in the throes of my orgasm as I changed back into my dolly form, my skin becoming plastic and my internal body becoming air again. I let out a contented sigh, unheard by those outside the cabinet as the climax ran through my body and lay back as best I could to enjoy the waves of pleasure running through me.

Looking in at the newly transformed doll, he looked stunned that the change had really happened, and he looked really pleased that the spell had actually worked, turning from the clear cabinet to my sister, who had seen this done many times, though not while on stage as she was usually stashed away inside the trunk waiting for her part of the show.

Leaving me where I was for the moment, they then both ran over the part where she would ‘re-appear’ from the trunk, with her explaining the whole process and the need for the flash-smoke and light to distract the audience. Something that we didn’t currently need during rehearsal but would require on stage, he told her that he had plenty of those in stock.

With that out of the way he moved back to the doll inside the clear cabinet, “So at this point should I deflate her?” he asked.

“No, but make sure that the audience members on stage get to examine the transformed doll, just to let the rest of the audience know that she really is just now a doll and not acting like one.” My sister told him, “So just unlock it and let them feel her body, and then once that has happened start the next part of the script, joking about keeping their wives and girlfriends like this, etc. Then moving on to change her back, though you’re reluctant to do so.”

“Okay, what then?” he asked.

“Send the stage audience members back, then turn towards the trunk, where I’ll be waiting for the signal. You then say the ‘magic’ words, the flash goes off and I pop out, while the audience is distracted by my return, you flick the switch to obscure the doll still inside of the cabinet. I will step out and join you on stage, and that is how the act finishes.” She explained.

The magician walked back to where I was currently still resting inside the cabinet, he pressed the switch and all went dark, he then switched it again and the cabinet went clear again. “Easy.” He said, “Let’s run through that again.”

My transformation happened several times that first day, and I was worn out both physically and sexually by the end of the rehearsals. I had climaxed so many times that I wanted nothing more than to rest and remain a doll at the end of the day.

Finally, it seemed that he was satisfied with everything, we had gone over the show multiple times until it was late in the evening, and even my sister looked exhausted and commented that maybe we could try some more the next day. He apologised for keeping everyone so late, he hadn’t realised the time and told us both that we had done really well and that he looked forward to working with us on tour.

My sister left after changing back out of her costume, and she headed home for some much-needed rest. But I was quite content to remain in my new costume, I had grown to really like wearing it and it did show off my sexy curves and body, and I stood there admiring how I looked in the mirror as the magician went about tidying up the props.

Turning to him, I walked over, a slow sexy and seductive walk, well at least that’s what I thought I was doing. He seemed to take notice of me and the change in my manner towards him. I felt really sexy dressed as I was, and my own arousal at finally being alone with this guy started to get my motor going. I needed him at that moment, and I hoped that he felt the same way about me. Long story was, yes, he did, and several times that night. It did feel strange at first making love to him as my human self, and not as a dolly, but I really liked the way that he gently used me, though deep down inside I was still just a doll, it was good to feel his skin against my own.

In the morning over breakfast at his place, I explained some more details that I thought he should know about my transformations. I told him what my sister had said to him yesterday was true, that I indeed climax each time I am transformed, and that yesterday's practice runs had worn me out, but had also turned me on and I needed to work off some of the built-up sexual energy inside of me, which was one reason I seduce him last night, the other I told him that I felt aroused when he took charge of me.

To which he laughed, and then told me that transforming me into just a doll was a big turn-on for him too. It seemed like we were on the same page at that moment. Explaining as much as I knew about the changeover, he seemed to understand how it affected me, and he told me about what he had learned as far as my changes went.

Once that part of the conversation was out of the way, I told him that I needed to tell him some of my own thoughts. Intrigued, he sat there and listened to what I had to say to him, only asking questions to clarify things. I told him of my desire to remain a sex doll when transformed on stage, and that I liked to travel between venues while still transformed inside the plexiglass cabinet, which he thought was strange but accepted if that was what I wanted, and made a joke about reducing travelling costs.

Also when I remained as a sexdoll that I was his to use however he wanted, telling him that if he wished to take me back to the hotel and use me then he could, either as a doll or otherwise, but I said that I much preferred him taking me as his sex doll and letting me change back naturally in the morning, as I needed the rest after he had worn me out.

He at first seemed to be reluctant to do this, but when we talked over some of the problems that he had we came to a mutual understanding of my needs, and my desires to be his doll. He now knew roughly everything he needed to about his new dolly and seemed really pleased, but we still had to get through another day of rehearsals and many orgasms later, I was finally left deflated in my cabinet, he had reached in and said goodnight to me as he pulled on my inflation valve.

The first show went really well, with a couple of minor mistakes but everyone loved to see the final act of me being turned into a sex doll and then my sister popping out of the trunk, her costume accidentally slipping revealing more than she and everyone expected. But the sound of the applause reached my hearing, from where I was in the darkened cabinet it all seemed to have gone well. I then felt the stagehands moving my cabinet off of the stage and wondered how long I would be left as a doll. All night it seemed as if I was left backstage inside the cabinet until the next morning.

Once the cabinet was opened, I was taken out and the spell reversed in the changing room, as it was still dark inside of the cabinet, I didn’t see the sunrise and therefore didn’t transform back, just like when the clear cabinet was stored away in its travel case, I remained as a doll until reversed by the spell or sunrise the next day. The magician told us that we needed a few run-throughs to perfect the act and that he had made some minor changes that would make things easier for us all.

Once we were dressed in our new costumes we made our way on stage, it was only when we got to the part of the act that involved me transforming did he reveal the changes he had made to this part. There were now what appeared to be restraints to hold my wrists and ankles in place, I would not only be locked inside the cabinet with several locks now but also fastened in place, this was needed he told us for the final reveal.

Now my sister and I both looked at each other wondering when he had planned for us girls, but we needed to get on with the run though, and I was looking forward to more time as the doll. Entering the cabinet he soon made short work of securing my limbs in place, I was now stuck until he finally released me, but then he closed the lid and placed the four padlocks in place, then he began reciting the spell and with a flash going off I was again my dolly self, the throes of the orgasm going through my now restrained body seemed much more intense.

Again my world went dark as he skipped the audience participation part and went for the re-animation as my sister popped out as me from the trunk. Happy with the way things had gone, the props were moved off-stage and placed next to the dressing room, the cabinet I lay in was eventually opened by him and my dolly form was carried back to the dressing room, where he transformed me back again.

Changing out of costume, we headed off for lunch and later returned and got ready to do the show all over again. Only this time during the audience participation part did the final piece of the puzzle of why he needed to secure me inside of the cabinet reveal itself to me, as he grabbed hold of the costume that I was wearing and ripped it from my body, leaving me naked and showing off to the audience that I was indeed now just a proper sexdoll, several hands were then invited to inspect my body, and they all agreed that I was nothing more than plastic and air.

One audience member was told by the magician to pull on my inflation valve and I slowly began to deflate before their eyes. Then he took the costume that I had worn over to the now modified trunk, my sister was hidden below a cover piece so the audience members on stage couldn’t see her inside, he threw the costume inside and then closed the lid, thanking the stage audience for their time and effort and while they had returned to their seats he spoke the part of the script where he reluctantly thought that he should return me to my normal self.

With my cabinet set to gradually go dark after the door was closed, and I was now forgotten about by the audience, he spoke the ‘magic’ made-up words and with another flash, my sister climbed out of the trunk again dressed in her own costume. The new parts of the act seemed to be really appreciated by the audience, who clapped and cheered, and while my sister and the magician took their bows, the stagehands cleared away the props ready for the next act.

Now fully deflated I could only lay there as I felt my cabinet trundled off of the stage and wondered how long I would remain inside of it. Finally, the cabinet re-opened and my deflated form was taken out by my sister. I was packed away inside a bag and carried out of the stage door by her. She placed me down on the back seat of the taxi next to her and we headed back to the hotel.

In the room, I was laid flat on the bed by her, and I thought that at that moment she would re-inflate me and transform me back, but it seemed that there were other plans that had been made for me. She started to fold my body up, turning my limbs this way and that, making sure to get me down to the right size it appeared, and then when she started placing me back in my box I realised what she was doing with me. She smiled at me as my face popped into place with the clear plastic window displaying the face of the dolly inside.

I was in my happy place again, deflated, folded and stored away inside my box, just as a dolly should be. She then placed my box inside a paper bag, my vision now restricted to only what I could see in front of me, and that currently was the paper bag that now contained the sexdoll version of me. Picking me up she carried me to the door where she handed me over to another person. Who this person was a mystery to me at the moment, and I hoped that it would be the magician who would take me and use me as his sex doll. But for now, I would have to wait and see...


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