The Maid-bot in Me Part 4: Changes

by Gromet

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Part 4: Changes

The next couple of weeks went by fast; he spent a lot of his time at work learning about the new role, Jackie-bot meanwhile, was loving being controlled by her Mistress Jackie, now happy that her deeply held secret was out with her husband, and with him playing along during their time together, giving her orders and commands, her Mistress now set at a higher level was even meaner and nastier to her, she was loving it.

Then the weekend was approaching, Jackie-bot knew that she would soon be switching places with her Mistress, in a way she was looking forward to it to spend some time with her husband, but she also always felt the pang of disappointment that her session was coming to an end, and that she would have to return to the real world. Her Mistress ran the house like clockwork, in between socialising with her friends and organising events, so all the old Jackie had to do was follow instructions that she received upon their change over as to what was happening.

But Friday lunchtime came and went, her husband had spent the morning working on his computer from home, she had served him breakfast and now lunch, she wondered what had happened to the changeover. Not that she really minded, her thoughts on her being a maid-bot and not on her becoming Jackie again. The other Jackie meanwhile was busy getting things ready, she had ordered several new dresses for herself and was busy trying them on with one of the other maid-bots in the bedroom.

The afternoon turned into the evening, her Master & Mistress had been upstairs for a while now, she was still unsure what had happened, she was expecting to change back but that didn’t happen. Then she saw her Master walk down the stair dressed in his tuxedo, she admired the way he looked when dressed like that, a glimmer of arousal at how handsome he looked, she caught glimpses of him as she went about her duties, the system telling her what to do and controlling her movements.

Then she spotted her Mistress, dressed to the nines in an elegant evening dress, showing off the curvature of her body underneath, she look drop-dead gorgeous and Jackie-bot was jealous and envious of how she stunning looked. She even had Jackie’s favorite earrings on. ‘She would certainly be turning heads wherever they were going’. She thought, and then realised that they were going out for the evening, the changeover had not happened, she was confused.

Her Master summoned Jackie-bot to his study, once there she curtseyed, “You called Master?”

“Yes Jackie, I wanted to talk to you.” He said.

“Yes sir.” Jackie responded, unsure as to what he was about to say to her.

“I know that you love being a maid-bot Jackie, but this weekend I needed a wife who would charm the board of directors, one that had the required programming to handle the old men who control the company. This is important to me, I hope that you understand.” He asked.

“Yes sir,” was all Jackie-bot was allowed to say, but inside she felt that she had let her husband down, he was no longer happy with her, no longer desired her as his wife.

“The new Jackie is much more capable than you in that regard, she’ll have them eating out of her hands.” He said, “In fact I think that the new sex-bot version of you is more suited to meet the needs of my wife in the eyes of the company, I need a wife that knows how to twist and please a man. You on the other hand now just want to be nothing more than a submissive maid-bot, so I’ve decided that I’m not going to keep switching between you, she will be my wife at all further social events and you will remain here as another one of the maid-bots.”

All Jackie could respond with was, “Yes Sir, will that be all?” But inside she wanted to curl up and cry, she had played at being a maid-bot for her own fun and now it seems that it had turned on her and she no longer had any control over her own future, she was now in the hands of her Master and his cruel wife, just another maid-bot.

“Best you return to your duties maid.” He said, dismissing her, he was saddened that it had come to this, but he knew that deep down she was enjoying this, he wanted her to say stop, but he knew that she was now no longer his wife but just another maid-bot around the house. Something that she desired more than being his own wife.

Jackie-bot stood impassively by the door, holding it open for them and handing them their coats, inside she was a broken woman, her desires had turned on her, she had gotten exactly what she had asked for, and she was now going to be nothing more than the maid, her place taken by the sex-bot who looked like her, in a way deep down she realised that this was why she ordered the sex-bot to look like her, to eventually take her own place.

They returned late in the morning laughing and looking like they had had a good time, they were also all over each other, they were slightly dishevelled from the ride back in the limo, they had been making out it seems like school kids on a prom date. They entered the house, handing their coats to Jackie-bot, who stood there holding the door open for them, then they walked upstairs, the bedroom door closing and sounds of their love making soon drifting down to jackie-bots ears.

The morning ritual continued, dresses as a maid-bot, breakfast cooked and taken upstairs to her Master & Mistress in bed, knocking on the door, she entered when they bade her come in, she served them their food and started to pick up the clothing, cleaning up the room after their night of love making. Robert watched his wife maid-bot go about her duties without regard to them laying there naked in bed, his ‘wife’ teasing her by talking out loud about how incredible last night was.

Jackie-bot just returned from cleaning the ensuite bathroom when she saw her Mistress kneeling over her husband, his erect member in her mouth, her head bobbing up and down pleasuring him with her mouth. Jackie couldn’t take her eyes off of the scene, her Mistress knowing that as she had commanded her to watch them. Her mind now in turmoil, she felt the ultimate act of betrayal or one of displacement as she watched them make love in the bed.

She in turn felt something inside her head and her mind go blank, she couldn’t cope with the scene in front of her. She had accepted that they had made love or had sex, whatever you call it between man and his robot, but to actually see them performing the act in front of her was too much for Jackie’s mind. Once they were done her Mistress dismissed her, but she didn’t respond. She ordered her again but still Jackie-bot didn’t respond.

Her husband now worried about her, also ordered her to leave the bedroom, but again she couldn’t carry out that command. He jumped out of bed and approached her, her Mistress now berating her for her failure to follow commands. “I think that she’s broken?” he said.

“Broken, no she’s just being stubborn, report to your charging pod maid.” She ordered. Again with no response.

Unable to communicate with his maid-bot wife, he grew concerned, he didn’t want to hurt her, this was what she wanted he rationalized, this was the game that she wanted to play and he’d joined in. He was unsure as to what had happened but felt guilty that he seemed to have caused this breakdown in Jackie. He turned to his new wife, “What can we do?” he asked.

“Take her down to the charging pod, I’ll contact the company to see what has gone wrong and see if they’ll send someone over to see to her.” She said and reached for the phone.

Robert carried his now still maid-bot wife downstairs, she not moving in his arms as he carried her. He then placed her in her pod and waited for the other Jackie to come down with news.

“Okay, the technician is on his way,” she said, “He’ll be able to sort her lazy bucket of bolts. Leave it to me.”

Robert left unable to look at his wife, her body unresponsive and her mind seemingly blank.  Mistress Jackie walked over and stripped her of her uniform, “No point in wearing that if you’re not going to work.” She sneered. “Time for a new maid-bot I think.”

The technician arrived and looked over the naked Jackie-bot, plugging into the system and connecting to the program that ran Jackie as a maid-bot, he discovered what had been happening, the original settings for the sex-bot to control Jackie was set at 70%, it was now at 95%, someone had changed the settings and the system had overloaded Jackie’s mind with what she had been forced to watch.

“WE need to return her to her charging pod.” The technician said, and picked Jackie-bot up like he would any other bot and placed her in her pod, and then he connected the tubes for her waste and food supply. “I think I will need to reprogram her.” He told Robert who admitted changing the settings on the sex-bot.

“Will that alter her?” he asked. “I just wanted her to enjoy herself.”

“It may affect some of her short term memories, her longer term memories are stored deeper in her mind, so they shouldn’t be damaged.” He replied, “But it may take me some time.”

“I’ll leave you to it then.” Her husband said, leaving them just like he was fixing a broken appliance.

The technician worked hard, he connected to her internal memories, and he found the cause of the problem and had to eradicate that from her mind. A certain part of her was now it seemed just a maid-bot, he found out that she had switched herself over to the more passive maid persona that had been buried deep in her subconscious, her submissive self over ruling her more rational mind. She had retreated deep into this subspace of her mind after witnessing a traumatic event it seem to him, leaving the program running he returned to find Robert and the sex-bot Jackie in the kitchen.

“What’s the diagnosis?” Robert asked.

“Time to replace the maid?” Jackie asked cheerfully.

“No, she can be fixed, it’ll take time, she has witnessed something that pushed her deep into her sub-conscious self, her mind traumatised by something, do you have any idea?” he asked.

Robert blushed, coughed and looked away.

“She witnessed us making love.” Mistress Jackie stated, “she stood there as ordered and watched as I screwed my husband, I can’t help that her mind is so weak that she could not cope with it.”

“Well that must be what pushed her over the edge,” he replied, “though there must be something else?”

Robert couldn’t speak, he felt guilty inside about what he told her the night before, he was playing along with her game he thought, she should have enjoyed being told that she would remain as a maid-bot and be replaced by the new sex-bot version of her. “Just fix her.” Was all he could say.

“Or I’ll replace her.” Said Jackie, cruel as ever.

The technician spent the entire day working on Jackie, her mind still stuck deep in her subconscious brain. He had managed to extract the last two days of her memories from her mind; he stored these onto a hard drive for further analysis. He left her in her charging pod before leaving he said, “She needs to rest, keep her in the pod overnight and we’ll see how she is in the morning.”

That evening they had another social engagement to attend to, so left jackie where she was, the event went well and everyone enjoyed themselves, Robert even managed to forget about his maid-bot wife and enjoy the company of his new wife, one that was gradually growing on him, she working her charm on him as well as others in their social circle.

The weekend turned into another week, Jackie-bot had spent the entire time inside her pod, her brain being reprogrammed and her stored short term memories returned, the technician had been there most of the weekend and was now back on Monday morning to restart the maid-bot Jackie. He had also dialled back on the sex-bot dominance of her to the original 70%, hoping that this would fix the problems she’d been having.

Jackie woke up in her pod, the tubes still connected, she looked around the room and saw the technician looking at her, she felt exposed but comfortable with him being in the room with her, he was a familiar, friendly face. She removed the tubes and stepped out of the pod, her mind felt a little fuzzy and weak. Her movements were jerky and she felt a little stiff. She still wondered why he was here, was there something wrong.

“HI Jackie,” he said, “How are you feeling?”

“I’m a little woozy, like I’ve been out drinking.” She replied, trying to gather her thoughts.

“You had a bit of a problem.” He told her, “But I’m hoping that I’ve fixed it.”

“Problem, but I feel okay.” She responded, “What problem?”

“You had a bit of a turn on Saturday, you froze.” He said.

“Froze, oh my I’m more maid-bot than I thought.” She laughed.

“Well I’m glad that you seem to be okay, I need to run some tests on you before we do anything else.”

“Okay, test away.” Said Jackie, still naked in front of him but happy to be so.

“Best get dressed first.” He said, handing her some of her clothes.

“Oh no I can’t wear those, I’m a maid-bot, I need to dress like one.” She said, and proceeded to get dressed as a maid. “There much better, I feel much more comfortable in this.”

“Alright, I need to check out your motor functions before you become a maid-bot.” he said.

“Yes sir,” she responded automatically, and began to march herself out of the room. “How’s my motor doing?”

“Please just act normal Jackie, not your maid self.” He asked.

“Sorry just teasing you.” She laughed, “I couldn’t resist it, you look so serious.”

Jackie followed his instructions, walking this way and that, climbing stairs, at the top she was met by Mistress Jackie, immediately jackie-bot became more submissive in her presence.  “Nice to see that you’ve finally deemed to join us.” She stated. “I would have replaced you if you remained broken.”

“Yes Mistress, my apologies for breaking down.” Jackie meekly said.

“Jackie could you return here.” The Technician asked, surprised at the reaction Jackie had to her Mistress. “We need to run a couple of more tests.”

“Best get going maid-bot, or I’ll have you reprogrammed.” Mistress Jackie said.

Jackie returned downstairs, the technician ran her through a series of tests, some to see if her memory had been affected. Satisfied with the results, she seemed to working okay. He finished the tests and began to pack up his equipment.

“Jackie what is the last thing you remember?” he asked.

“I can recall being a maid-bot last week but then nothing, it seems that I missed the entire weekend sleeping in the pod. I must have been tired.” Jackie said.

“Yes you must have been working hard, all those weeks as a maid-bot must have caught up with you”. He said.

He spoke privately with her husband Robert, “She seems to be okay, she thinks that she spent the weekend sleeping in the pod because she was tired. I haven’t told her anything else.”

“Thank you.” Robert said.

“That’s okay, just call me if you have any problems.” The technician stated. “She’ll need to be monitored for the foreseeable future.”

“Oh, okay.” Robert responded, not revealing his future plans for himself.

As soon as the technician had left her Mistress summoned her to the maid’s room. “Well time to get back to work then, lazy, better pick your act up or back to the factory you go!” She then hit the keyboard to turn her back into a maid-bot.

Jackie felt her body control go, her mind clear and the commands enter her mind as to what she was required to do today. “Yes Mistress,” she said, curtseyed and walked out to commence working. Her mind a little fuzzy but once connected to the system she felt a lot better.

Robert called his ‘wife’ into his study, “She seems to be fine now, though he said that she needed to be monitored for some time.” He said.

“What about your plans and moving overseas?” she asked.

“Nothing I can do about that, that’s fixed, I’ll just have to go and leave her here.” He replied.

“WE can both leave her here, you’ll need me in the new posting, you have many people and clients to charm, persuade and manipulate, you’ll need my assets there.” She said, holding her breasts in her hands and wiggling her hips. “The company expects you and your ‘wife’ to be there for them, not some maid-bot submissive. She’ll be fine here, the program can run 24/7 keeping her as a maid-bot, she’ll love it.”

“I know that you’re right, it just that…” he started to say.

“She will be fine, the system will look after her, she’ll even have someone else to serve when the other executive moves in.” she replied. “You cannot turn this down or back away.”

“Yes dear.” He said, knowing when he was beaten.

Jackie continued as just another maid-bot in the house, she even helped them pack their bags when they were leaving, helping them with everything they needed, she was pleased to be of service to them both. Each night she returned to her pod for recharging and then continued her day as a maid-bot, taking instructions from the system.

Robert tried to speak with her to explain that he was leaving, that she would remain her as just another maid-bot, and that he was taking his new sex-bot wife with him rather than her. This stirred old memories that were once forgotten, but she was happy to remain as a maid-bot, she had no desire to head off to another country, she was happy in her little domain, under the control of the system.

Then one day the house seemed empty, there was no one to order her around, no meals to make or people to serve, just keeping the place clean, all of the beds were stripped and covered as was the furniture. Only one maid-bot was needed at the moment as there was little to do inside the house. The other maid-bots stayed in their pods shutdown. Jackie-bot continued as per normal, waking, dressing and cleaning as instructed, there was no one to bother her or look after.

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