Maid for Excitement

by Lilithtv

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© Copyright 2011 - Lilithtv - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; fem; dollsuits; lingerie; corset; maid; toys; sex; cons; X


Phil stared at the items on the bed with disbelief.  After a moment of stunned silence he looked at Cheryl questioningly and asked, in a tiny voice, “You want me to do WHAT?”

Cheryl’s face was split with a confident grin.  She had been going with Phil for more than five years and had a right to feel confident, as she knew exactly what his limits were.

“I want you to let me dress you up in all this,” she said cheerfully, waving her hand nonchalantly at the array of items spread out on her Queen-sized bed.  “And then I want you to do exactly what I say for the entire weekend.  Exactly what I say.  Every bit of it.  With no quibbling and no arguments.”

Phil moved to the bed and picked up the object that caught his eye the moment she had ushered him into the room.  It was a flexible unitard of sorts, made of what appeared to be flesh-colored rubber or plastic, extremely pliable yet soft to the touch. 

“Even this?”  he said, staring at the item with fascination.

She knew he was hooked.  It was clear the garment excited him, even though he was doing his best to pretend that it wasn’t.

The item in question was designed to cover the wearer’s complete body, including toes and hands -- even his or her head.   It was molded in such a way that it had large, rounded breasts like those of a naked woman, complete with nipples and aureoles.   At the crotch was a molded vagina with pink, fleshy-looking vulvae.  The fingers and toes had shiny red nails attached.  And the head was molded to look like a gorgeous female face, complete with clear blue eyes, thin, delicately arched eyebrows made or real, light brown hair, thick, dark lashes, full deep red lips and a pert and feminine nose.

Phil looked at Cheryl quizzically.  “Even this?” he asked again.

She smiled and nodded firmly.  “Even that,” she said with a giggle.

Phil turned the suit around so the bulging breasts faced toward him.  It was surprisingly heavy for its thinness and he realized that the hips, buttocks and breasts were filled out with appropriately shaped silicone-filled packets that gave them shape and weight.  In a sense, the garment was a flexible and rubbery body suit, complete with built in gloves, feet and a hood that covered the wearer’s face. There was a zipper that ran from the cleavage of the buttocks all the way to the crown of the head.  He found the fly at the back and gave it a gentle tug.  It unzipped with a slight rasp.  Closed, the zipper was virtually invisible.

Next to the rubber body suit was a long, medium blond wig, all loft and curls.  The hair would fall over its wearer’s shoulders and hang part-way down the back.  The hairpiece had a real “bimbo” look, slightly oversized and heavily teased.  He had to admit it was very sexy looking.

In turn, he picked up a black satin Merry Widow, heavily boned, a power net girdle in a light skin tone that appeared to be made of the same rubbery substance as the body suit, a pair of black, thigh-high stockings with heavy seams and a pair of black, patent leather stiletto heels of the type he had always referred to as “Come Fuck Me” shoes.

“But what gave you this idea?”  he stammered finally, his face flushing red with a mixture of excitement and embarrassment.

Cheryl shrugged, still grinning.  “I noticed how much you enjoyed it when I dressed you up as a nurse for Katy’s Halloween Party last month,” she said.  “You almost popped out of your panties when you looked at yourself in the mirror wearing makeup, a wig and that femme medical gear.  I could tell you were getting off on it.  I decided right then and there that I wanted to give you a whole weekend as a beautiful woman.  It seemed like the kind of kinky, sexy thing you would enjoy.”

He stared at the clothing and the bodysuit.  “I don’t know, Cheryl,” he said hesitantly.  “You are right of course about the nurse outfit.  I loved dressing up for that party.  It really turned me on.”

Cheryl gave him a kiss.  “I remember baby,” she said with pleasure.  “When I got you home, you insisted in staying dressed up when we went to bed.  We ended up playing doctor all night long.  And the girly clothes certainly didn’t interfere with your lovemaking technique, either.  I was sore for days afterward.”

She slapped him playfully on his butt.  “So come on, humor me,” she said with a giggle.  “Let’s get started.”

Phil frowned.  “ Right now?” he said uncertainly.

“Yes, right here, right now,” she answered with a grin.  “Let’s get you out of those boy clothes and get you all beautiful.”

Phil grinned sheepishly himself and undressed quickly, stripping off his loafers and socks, unbuckling his belt and letting his pants drop to the floor.  He pulled his polo shirt over his head and dropped it on the pile of discarded clothing and shoes.

“Underpants, too, honey!”  Cheryl said firmly with a smile.

Phil sighed and did as he was told, stripping out of his black silk bikini briefs.  When he was finished, he stood buck naked in front of her, his manhood showing his anticipation of the adventure that he was about to begin.

The anticipation was well warranted, he thought to himself.  He had enjoyed remarkable sex with Cheryl during the time they had been dating, including a variety of kinky escapades she had suggested, including some mild bondage and dominance scenes.  He had even let her penetrate him anally with an amazing dildo and harness she had found in a shop that catered to lesbian women -- and on more than one occasion.  He was surprised to find that he really enjoyed being fucked, despite the fact that he had never even fantasized about having a man inside him before he had met her.

But he had never done anything like this before, and he was thrilled at the thought of spending the weekend as Cheryl’s rubber love doll.

She pursed her lips thoughtfully and picked up the power net girdle.  It was actually a waist cincher with molded hard plastic ribs designed to wrap snugly around the wearer’s middle and give them a more feminine shape.  She fitted it around his midsection, adjusted its position, then laboriously fastened more than a dozen hook-and-eye closures at his rear, ordering him to exhale and hold his breath while she tightened the corset around his stomach and waist.  The girdle was extraordinarily tight, and Phil enjoyed the sensation of confinement as she fastened it tightly shut.  When she was finished, he could see in the mirror on the wall that the garment gave him a girlish middle at least four inches smaller than his normal waist size.

Next she powdered him all over with talcum, smoothing it over his entire body carefully to help him squeeze into the tight rubber bodysuit.    He stepped into the open back of the suit and sat on the bed as she slid it up over his legs, making sure his toes were nestled inside the molded feet.  With the smooth rubber legs covering his own, she helped him stand, then guided his arms and hands inside those of the doll-like skin, maneuvering the latex fingers with their shiny, claw-like nails over his own like tight-fitting gloves, then sliding the shoulders of the rubber garment up over his own.

The breasts of the doll body were perfectly aligned on his own chest, and were proportioned to fit the rest of the latex suit.  He smiled as he glanced in the full-length mirror on the wall.  The padded hips and buttocks complimented his new, narrower waistline with feminine curves.

Finally, she slipped the head of the doll suit over Phil’s head, tugging it gently so that his face seemed to be molded exactly into the doll’s finely molded features.  Holding the thin skin of the mask away from Phil’s own short brown hair, she pulled the zipper from the bottom of the mask all the way to the latex cleavage of the doll’s rubber ass.

The suit fit exactly.  Phil could see clearly through the doll’s staring blue eyes, which appeared to be made of some sort of plastic that was colored on the outside but clear from inside, sort of like a two-way mirror.  He adjusted the doll’s pretty, feminine features for a moment, tugging them into place with his red-tipped latex fingers.  The nose of the mask had tubes fitted in the nostrils that fit inside his own to allow easy breathing.  The doll’s shell-like ears fit snugly over his own.  He smoothed the skin into place carefully as he looked in the mirror, and then gave Cheryl a grin.  The sexy doll-like face that covered his own features transmitted his expression perfectly, although the staring eyes of the mask did not seem to reflect the pleasure shown by the doll-face’s full, bright red rubber lips.

He stared at his reflection in the mirror.  The suit had changed him magically into a busty, beautiful but bald-headed woman.  There was hardly a wrinkle or fold anyplace in the garment.  He opened his mouth and the doll’s sensuous lips parted, allowing him to stick out his tongue at his reflection.

“Now for the hair,” Cheryl said, shaking out the wig and tugging it firmly into place over Phil’s bald doll-like head.  The curls fell gently over his naked pink rubber shoulders and down his back.  Phil stuck out a hip melodramatically and placed one of his hands on it.  He raised his other hand to his face and tossed back an errant tress with a girlish gesture, enjoying the look of the look red nails attached to his tight, latex doll’s gloves.

“Wow!”  he whispered as he studied his image. 

“Double Wow!” Cheryl said with satisfaction, leaning forward and kissing her rubber dolly’s brightly painted mouth.  Phil kissed back, sliding one hand down to the small of Cheryl’s back while he placed his other behind her head gently.  Their tongues met and Phil groaned with arousal.  Although his manhood was completely concealed by the rubber body mask he wore, he could feel that it was engorged and hard as a rock under the thick latex “skin.”  It was also incredibly sensitive, as he noticed when Cheryl’s hand brushed gently against the mound of his crotch, then petted it firmly, further exciting him.

Cheryl increased the pressure on his mounded genitals and then slipped two of her fingers inside the pink lips of the molded vagina, massaging his pent up member inside its latex prison.  After a moment of delicate fingering, Phil was almost ready to climax.  He trembled with excitement and could feel his legs weaken with the intensity of his passion.

Cheryl extracted her fingers and in the mirror, Phil could see a thread of glutinous pre-cum drip from them.  Cheryl winked flirtatiously and put her sticky fingers to her lips, licking them off lasciviously with a little animal-like grunt of appreciation.

“That’s enough for now,” she said, licking the last drops from her fingertips.  “You are wet enough in your little rubber pussy so that I don’t think I will need lube when I fuck you later.  Let’s get you dressed the rest of the way now.”

Taking his cool rubber dolly’s hand in her own, Cheryl led Phil back to the bed.  He sat at the foot and raised his smooth, latex-encased legs one after the other as she slipped the stockings onto them and rolled them up.  He stood up for her to wrap the Merry Widow around his middle, placing his hands on his ample, womanly hips as she laced the garment tightly at the rear and adjusted his full breasts in the black satin cups.

He sat again to fasten the garters at the bottom of the Merry Widow to the tops of the nylons, learning to control his hands inside the snug-fitting latex gloves with their long, bright red nails, then tossed back his hair again as Cheryl guided his feet into the sexy black pumps.

“How do I look?”  he asked quietly when she was done.

“See for yourself,” she answered with a grin, turning him to face the full length mirror on the closet door.

The transformation was absolutely astonishing.  Where a distinctively masculine man had stood a short time earlier, a totally desirable half-dressed temptress looked back at him now.  The pale breasts almost spilled out of the sleek Merry Widow in high gorgeous mounds, the very edges of the nipples peeking from the satin half cups.  He placed his red-nailed hands underneath his new latex breasts and cupped them, admiringly.  Between his smooth, nylon covered thighs a pale, hairless artificial female pubis displayed itself shamelessly.  He smiled and the doll’s pouty face smiled back at him in a wanton sexual invitation.  Pursing his slick red latex lips, he blew his reflection a kiss.

“Fantastic,” he said breathlessly.  “I look sooooooo incredibly sexy.  I am soooo completely turned on!”

He turned to Cheryl and she stepped forward and placed her hands gently on his sides, just above his artificially enhanced hips.

“You look good enough to eat,” she whispered with pleasure, giving him a juicy kiss with a trace of tongue.  “And I am very VERY hungry!”

Phil giggled and pulled away, then walked back and forth in front of the mirror, watching his image as he got used to the slight weight and jiggle of his new silicone-filled breasts.  The shiny black pumps felt strange on his feet, and forced him to take tiny, mincing steps like a burlesque queen.

Cheryl went to her closet and brought out a glossy black PVC maid’s uniform with a plunging neckline.  She helped Phil wriggle into the snug outfit and zipped up its back, then clipped a lacy maid’s cap to his long curly auburn wig.

“You are going to be ‘Yvette,’ my maid, for the rest of the weekend,” she said with a smirk.  “You will do exactly as I say, do you understand?”

“Yes, Mistress,” the newly minted rubber maid said, signaling her compliance with a giggle and a girlish curtsy.  “Your wish is my command!”

Cheryl handed Yvette a feather duster with gaily colored plumes and said, “Now, Yvette, I want you to go downstairs and dust the living room while I get myself ready for our weekend of fun.”

Yvette took the duster with another curtsy.  “Oui, Madame,” she replied in a fake French accent as she turned on her heel and left her mistress behind.

Downstairs, Yvette moved about the living room slowly, brushing the duster on the counters and wood furniture, taking care to insure that she left no trace of dust behind.  After about a half hour of mincing about the room, dusting and straightening the furniture, she decided to take a little break.  Even the domestic staff got some time off, she reasoned.

She opened the large inlaid wooden box of Max 120 cigarettes that Cheryl kept on the coffee table and fished one of the smokes out with her shiny long nails.  A large lighter next to the cigarette box provided a source of flame and she took a deep puff from the cigarette and exhaled, enjoying her image in the large mirror over the fireplace mantle.

Moving to the window, Yvette opened the blinds and stood there looking out into the street silently and smoking.

After a few minutes, a brown UPS van pulled up in front of Cheryl’s house.  The driver, a tall, well-built man with curly black hair, emerged from the truck carrying a large oblong parcel under one arm and walked quickly up the path to the front door.  Yvette heard the doorbell ring.  Glancing in the mirror to make sure her costume would withstand a brief meeting with a stranger, she took another puff from the cigarette and placed it in an ashtray, straightened her petticoats under the shiny PVC maid’s skirt and answered the bell.

The deliveryman smiled when she opened the door.

“My, my!” he said with a grin, giving her a quick and appreciative appraisal.  “Domestic staff!  Package for Cheryl Cross, miss.  Sign here, please.”

Yvette accepted the package with a smile and placed it inside the door before she scrawled something illegible on the deliveryman’s clipboard and handed it back.

The deliveryman looked her over wolfishly as he put the clipboard under his arm.  “Looking good, girl!” he said with a grin as he turned to leave.  “Tell your mistress she has my compliments on her taste in help!”

Yvette curtsied with a giggle and closed the door.

She was curious about the contents of the large box, but took it immediately to Cheryl’s bedroom.

“Madame has a package,” she said in a girlish falsetto as she knocked on the bedroom door.

Inside Cheryl answered:  “Oh – good!  I wasn’t expecting it to arrive until tomorrow, but this will be perfect.  Just leave it outside the door, Yvette!”

“Oui, Madame,” the rubber maid said as she leaned the package against the wall and returned to the living room.  

Once again downstairs, Yvette retrieved her partially smoked cigarette and finished it, smoking prettily as she watched her reflection in the mirror.  When she was done, she took the butt and the ashtray she had used out to the kitchen to wash.

There were a few dirty dishes alongside the sink.  Yvette ran some hot water into the basin and added detergent, then found a pair of bright blue latex gloves hanging inside the door under the sink and slipped them over her already gloved dolls’ hands.  She put on the frilly white plastic apron on the counter, appreciating the way the white plastic looked with her shiny plastic maid’s costume.  She busily washed and rinsed the ashtray and dishes while she waited for her mistress and had just finished drying and putting away the last few items when she heard Cheryl’s voice behind her.

“Now, Yvette,” Cheryl commanded gruffly.  “Turn around and come to me.”

Yvette spun and gasped, bringing one rubber-gloved hand to her bright red lips in surprise.

There before her was a naked young man, splendidly proportioned, with a very ready member standing fully at attention between his legs.  He was on the short side, but had a nicely ripped chest, a slender waist, trim legs and arms and nicely defined musculature that gave his slight physique a powerful look.

“Come to me,” the young man said to her.  “You must do everything I say this weekend, remember – without any hesitation.”  Only the voice that came from the young man’s finely chiseled features was unquestionably that of Cheryl.

Yvette swallowed and stepped forward, her stiletto heels making a click-click-click on the kitchen tile as she approached.

Up close, she could see that the young man’s clear brown eyes had the same unblinking stare as her own blue ones.  He placed his hands on her hips and leaned toward her for a kiss of greeting.  Yvette surrendered her own lips, tentatively at first, then with conviction as she felt Cheryl’s tongue probe her mouth from between the young “man’s” thin, masculine lips.

They held the kiss for long moments and Yvette could feel the “man’s” hands caress her buttocks under the skirt of her dress and the soft-molded skin of her doll’s body.  She touched the stiff end of his protruding penis and took it gently but firmly in her rubber hand, stroking it gently.  Her own penis, trapped under its layers of rubber, gave a throb of sexual excitement.

When their lips finally parted, Yvette caught a faint whiff of Cheryl’s perfume, not quite covered up by a faint latex smell similar to that of her own rubber doll suit.  Her legs trembled with arousal.

“My God,” she murmured, nuzzling her masculine lover’s cheek and touching the stiff blond mustache on “his” upper lip.  “You look fantastic!  I didn’t recognize you at all.”

“Excellent,” the young man said in Cheryl’s own unmistakable feminine voice. “For the rest of the weekend, I am John, your master.  You are my housemaid and personal servant.  And you serve me in any way I choose, understand?”

Yvette nodded with a sigh, placing her head on “John’s” well-muscled shoulder.  “Yes, master,” she said in a quiet feminine voice.  “Then the box that arrived from UPS?”  She let the question hang.

John smiled and nodded.  “Yes, my dear,” he said.  “It was my costume for the weekend.  It came a day earlier than I had expected, but that was just fine.  It allows us to start our play together much earlier than I had thought we would.”

John led the maid back up the stairs to Cheryl’s bedroom, where the box, now empty, had been placed beside the bed.  John turned the maid around and unzipped the back of her shiny black dress.  The garment – and the plastic apron – dropped to the floor, and Yvette stepped out of the discarded clothing daintily, wearing nothing but her lingerie, high-heeled shoes and little maid’s cap.

“You are my personal servant,” John said as he led her to the Queen-sized bed.  “And right now, I need some personal service.”

The maid sat on the bed and pulled her master down next to her as she rolled over on her back and raised her shiny, nylon-clad legs up high.

“I understand perfectly, master,” she whispered.  “Your wish is my most treasured desire.”

John slipped his stiff member into her snug rubber pussy, thrusting it up so that it squeezed tightly against Yvette’s own trapped cock and balls with a delectable friction that made the rubber doll gasp with pleasure.

The master lifted his maid’s thighs up as he pressed forward and began to pump her with growing passion.  The sensation was incredible, and Yvette was soon lost in lustful pleasure as the strokes shortened and came faster and faster.  After about fifteen minutes of rhythmic sex, the maid knew she was close to orgasm.

“Oh, yes, master!” she sighed.  “Fuck me!  Fuck me, my darling!”

Suddenly both partners climaxed, almost simultaneously, gasping with delight as their bodies bucked together joyously.  John’s “cock,” now completely saturated with Yvette’s cum, continued to rock in and out of her rubber vagina for long minutes afterward, extending the pleasure.  Finally, with a shudder of depletion, the two spent lovers collapsed in each other’s arms.

For a long time afterward, the two lay together, silently kissing and caressing each other.  Finally, Yvette propped her staring doll’s head up on one hand, stroking her doll lover’s smooth hairless rubber chest with the other affectionately.

“That was fantastic,” the rubber maid whispered reverently.  “But how did you climax at the same time?”

John stretched and smiled. 

“My suit is built a little differently from yours, dear,” John said in Cheryl’s breathy soprano.  “My cock is built with an equally long shaft inside the suit that fits inside my own vagina.  As I fucked you, I was also fucking myself. This rubber suit is designed to put pressure on my clitoris every time I take a step. I almost climaxed just walking down the stairs to surprise you in the kitchen and I actually had to hold back when I finally entered your rubber cunt.  Just penetrating you almost made me come, and I wanted to wait until you were ready, too.”

Yvette giggled and placed her serene doll’s face on her lover’s manly latex chest.

“That was just wonderful,” the rubber maid said finally with a happy and contented sigh.  “Now I think I know how it feels for you when we make love.  How fantastic.  Thank you so much.”

Raising her head up so their impassive doll’s eyes met, she licked her bright red latex lips mischievously.

“May we do it again, Monsieur?” she said in her high-pitched fake French accent.

John cupped her chin in his hand with a grin.

“Why not?” he said, chuckling.  “After all, we have the whole weekend . . . “




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