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Storycodes: F/m; bodymod; fem; mannequin; reluct; XX

I received a telephone call a few days ago whilst at home. At first I thought it was a standard survey until some unexpected questions came up. The next thing I know the woman at the end of the phone is arranging an appointment for me to meet someone next week. The woman on the phone gave me a name and address and told me to meet this person at 2pm next Thursday. I did enquire as to the reason for the meeting but was unable to get any more information out of her. After the phone call I tried a 1471 but was advised that the number had been withheld so I could not trace the call.

As the day grew closer I became anxious as to the reason for the meeting. I had checked the address I had been given and it appeared to be a good 30 minutes bus ride away from my home so it shouldn't be too much of a problem.

The day finally arrived and I decided to dress casually, I picked up my keys and headed down to the bus stop in good time. The bus arrived at 1:15 which gave me plenty of time before my appointment. I arrived at the address well before 2pm. I walked up to the house and rang the doorbell.

After a short wait a young woman opened the front door, she was wearing a black and red corset which also had a very short PVC skirt attached and black PVC tights, she asked me for my name and then ushered me inside before closing the door.

She took my coat and then asked me to sit down on the sofa before offering me a cup of tea. I declined her offer of a cup of tea explaining that I had already had a cup before leaving the house.

The woman accepted my declination and proceeded to explain the reason for the meeting.

She started off by explaining that this would be an adult to adult conversation and that I should not be ashamed of anything she and I was going to say. She had originally heard about my “experiences” from a message she had read which I posted on a adult orientated newsgroup many years ago. She had tried to contact me on several occasions but her e-mails were bounced back to her. It was only recently she had been able to locate me courtesy of one of my own working colleagues which had unknowingly disclosed my address to her.

She took my hand, pulled me up from the sofa and led me towards a door in the corner of the room, stairs led downwards, I resisted at the top of the stairs but she tightly held my hand and led me down the stairs locking the door behind her. When we had reached the bottom of the stairs she pressed a button on the wall the some lights came on. I noticed several ropes hanging down from the ceiling, a large steel cabinet sitting in the corner of the room, a few tables here and there, a wooden bench over one side of the room and  and several bags on the floor over the other side.

She told me to remain where I was whilst she walked over to one of the tables and pulled it across the floor towards me. I looked down at the contents of the table and noticed what appeared to be a leather hood and an electric shaver on the table. She picked the shaver up and plugged into into a power socket, she pressed a button on the shaver and started shaving all the hair off my head, I looked down as the hair fell to the floor. She continued shaving until I had no hair left on my head. She ran her hand over my shaven head and smiled to herself. She unplugged the shaver from the wall and returned it to the table. She then picked up the leather hood and asked me whether I'd seen one before, I shook my head. 

She smiled and said “That this particular hood has a leather neck corset attached to it, she continued talking about the hood, explaining that the hood zips up at the back of the head from the top of the head downwards, and the corset laces up around the back of the neck. She moved closer to me unzipping the leather hood and removing the laces from the neck corset, then she told me to kneel down on the floor.

She pulled the hood over my head and lined it up properly before zipping it up around the back of my head, the hood felt tighter and tighter as the zip was pulled closed, then she starting lacing the neck corset up around the back of my neck. What she failed to tell me was that the hood contained no mouth holes, so I was now unable to speak, all that came out were muffles. The neck corset contained one metal ring at the front to which she attached one end of a chain, the other end was attached to a ring on the wall. She walked away from me and over to the bench at the other side of the room, that's when I lost sight of her. I heard the noise of screeching which was due to her pulling the bench across the floor. She told me to remain on all fours as she unlocked the chain from the neck corset and led me over to the bench. She pulled me onto the bench telling me to lay on my back with my legs together. She walked over to a bag and pulled out several leather straps. She walked back over to me and placed one strap across my forehead and secured it so I could not move. She placed another strap around my waist securing both my arms beside me, again she made sure that the strap was secure so I could not move an inch, another strap was secured around my knees so I could not bend my knees and finally another leather strap was secured around my ankles.

I was now secured to the bench from top to bottom by thick leather straps. From the small eyelets in the hood, I could just about see her as she walked over to another bag on the floor and picked up a large plastic bag. The bag was clear and when opened up was very very large. She placed the bag close to the bench and walked away, I was unable to see where she had gone and what she was doing but I heard a banging sound in the distance, the banging sound happened 4 times, I was not sure what she was doing.

A short time later I heard something being pulled across the floor. I tried to see what was going on but could not see anything. A short time later I felt a sharp pain shooting up both of my feet, the pain was incredible and like nothing I had ever felt before.

The woman re-appeared above me.. “Oh I almost forgot to mention, steel spikes have just shot into each of your feet and up into your legs, the pain should die off soon, I just thought I would let you know that you are secured by your feet to a specially designed table, before the spikes entered your feet I also I covered the table with an industrial strength solvent which means your feet are secured to the table in two ways. Oh, and I also forgot to mention, they will never be released”

By now I was screaming in pain, the woman was still leaning over me and said “I'm not finished with you either, I am borrowing something which belongs to a great friend of mine, it is a special type of oven, you might have seen it when you first came down here. From the outside it looks like a steel cupboard but on the inside it's a completely different world” - That's when I remembered seeing the steel cupboard in the corner of the room, the first time saw it I did think to myself that it appeared to be much larger than cupboards I've seen in the past.

She walked away from me and I heard the noise of the clear plastic bag which I remembered seeing earlier, I did not know what she was doing, but unknown to me she had planned to encase my entire body within the plastic bag. She removed the chain from the metal ring on my neck corset and then I felt the bench slowly tilting upwards, as it moved upwards, the pressure on each of my feet became more and more intense, finally the bench stopped moving and I found myself in a standing position, I was mounted on top of a small table by industrial solvent applied to the table causing each of my feet to be firmly bonded to it, my feet were also secured to the table by long steel spikes which had been forced up though a couple of small holes in the bottom of the table and into each of my feet and up into each of my legs. 

The woman walked back to the another corner of the room, and was fiddling with what appeared to be a small step ladder, she carried it over to where I was standing and stepped up the ladder, she began to remove the leather strap securing my forehead to the bench,  she removed the clasp and the strap became loose, she pulled the strap out from behind the bench and threw it down onto the floor. She stepped down from the ladder and walked over towards the wall pulling a thick heavy chain back towards me, the chain was in a pulley system and moved across the ceiling on a rail as she pulled it. She stepped back up onto the ladder and connected a metal hook on the end of the chain to a large metal loop on the end of the bench just above me head. The stepped back down from the ladder and walked over to the wall, she pulled the chain downwards a couple of time and then padlocked one of the links in the chain to another steel hoop which was sticking out of the wall, she tugged on the chain a couple of times to ensure that the bench remained in an upright position.

She then walked back over to me and started to release the leather strap around my ankles, again she removed the clasp and the strap became loose, she pulled the strap out from behind my ankles and threw it down onto the floor.

She walked from me and it was a little while before she returned. Whilst she was gone I took the opportunity to another look around the room and take in as as much as the eyelets on the leather hood would allow me to see.  I glanced over to the metal cupboard in other corner of the room again and noticed a large handle on the side and a small dial just below the handle which I had not noticed before, I was now assured that I was not looking at any normal cupboard.

She walked back over to me carrying the plastic bag which she had removed from another bag on the floor earlier. She stepped onto the ladder and moved the plastic bag towards my hooded face, “this bag isn't made of your normal ordinary plastic by the way” she said, “it's made of a very thin plastic which moulds to things under medium heat”

Although what she had just said had sent a shiver down my spine, it had also excited me too. I started trying to put 2 and 2 together, firstly she mentions a thin plastic bag which moulds to things under medium heat? I didn't take me long to come to the conclusion that at some stage I would be taking a trip to the metal cabinet in the corner of the room. She lifted the bag up above my head opening it up, and then pulled it down encasing my entire body within the plastic bag.

She got down from the step ladder and carried it back over to one of the corners in the room, and picked up something from one of the tables in another corner of the room. She walked back over to me carrying what appeared to be a roll of tape, she knelt down at my ankles gathering the bottom of the plastic bag together and winding tape around the bottom of the bag several times until she had at least 10 layers of tape around the bottom of the bag securing it firmly.

She walked away from me placing the roll of tape back down on the table and then proceeded to walk over to the steel cupboard in the corner of the room. She looked at the dial underneath the handle on the side of the cupboard and then pulled the handle down. The heavy front door of the cupboard began to open slowly, whilst the door opened she continued to check the dial on the side. Eventually the door was now fully open, revealing the inside of the cupboard, at the back was what appeared to be the plastic shell of a human figure, after examining the front of the door from where I was standing, it appeared that there was also another plastic shell of the human figure within the front door. It appeared the plastic shell was in two halves, the back of the shell was in the rear of the cupboard and the front of the shell was within the large heavy door.

The woman walked back to me, “it's a good thing this table is on wheels” she said to herself, as she walked behind me and started pushing the table towards the metal cupboard, as I was moved closer I was able to make out that the plastic shells were slightly off the floor and all the way around the bottom of the cupboard was a small ridge. She continued to move me closer towards the cupboard, just as she was about to push me into the cupboard she turned the table around, so I now had my back to the back of the cupboard, She slowly eased the table into the cupboard ensuring that the edges of the table slotted into the ridges around the bottom of the cupboard. I felt the back of my body squeezed slightly into the plastic shell behind me as she forced the table further into the cupboard, until she could not push the table any further.

She walked away from the cupboard, and started pulling the big heavy door closed, I noticed within the plastic shell on the back of the door slight indentations, firstly a few facial features, eyes, nose and mouth, the thing which startled me the most was that this shell appeared to be female as it was complete with breasts. Slowly the amount of light I could see became less and less, the big heavy door continued to close until the plastic shell in front of me started to squeeze the front of my body until the door was completely closed and I was entirely cocooned within a plastic shell.

I heard a loud clank from the side of the cupboard as the mystery woman locked the front door closed. Suddenly I started hearing whirring sounds and began to feel the temperature rising. What I didn't realise is that the plastic cocoon I was encased in had heating elements running throughout it and as the elements started to heat, the plastic bag encasing me was going to mould around my entire body and as the plastic melted and moulded all over me, the plastic cocoon would start pressing tighter and tighter against the front and back of me, and could feel the temperature rising all the time.

I don't know how long I was standing there, but the next thing I remember, was that I was still standing encased within the plastic cocoon, but was no longer feeling any heat around me, in fact the temperature was completely the opposite and I was feeling quite cold, I could still not see anything and could not move a muscle. I heard a loud clank again from the side of the cupboard and slowly the big heavy front door started to open. As it opened the pressure in front and behind me eased off slightly but I was completely unable to move. The door eventually opened, and I could see light again, although it was very blurred. I tried to move my fingers but could not. The woman was still present, or at least I think it was the same woman, but this time a man was present as well. The woman started pulling the table out of the cupboard, once she was clear of the cupboard the man helped move the table as well. They both pushed the table into another room which I had not seen before and in the middle of the room was a large plastic enclosure with several pipes located in different places, some above the enclosure some on either side and some at the bottom. The man walked over to the enclosure and opened the door, then he walked back to the table and helped the woman push the table into the middle of the enclosure.

Once they were both happy with the positioning, they both walked out of the enclosure closing the door behind them.

“Well” the man said.
“What colour shall we go with?” the man asked.
“How about a standard skin colour?” the woman responded.
“Perfect” the man exclaimed.

The man and the woman both walked over to a console beside the far wall and pressed a few buttons. Within 5-10 seconds hissing noises started and liquid started spraying out of all the pipes around the enclosure, covering my entire body from head to toe. Even if I could have seen something before entering the enclosure, I could not see anything now. The spraying continued for what seemed to be hours before the hissing stopped and I could feel the table being moved again.

I heard tapping noises all over me, the plastic had solidified whilst I was cooling down in the cupboard and now I was just a plastic object, a mannequin, like any you would see in a shop window or in a store display.

I could hear muffled noises around me, breathing was starting to get difficult since coming out of the cupboard, the plastic had covered my nose and the spraying had hardened over the plastic. I heard a scraping noise and then air filled my nasal passages again. I could breath again.

The spray had completely obscured my vision, and now I could not see anything at all. I visualised myself as a naked plastic mannequin waiting to be dressed for display.

I faintly heard the sound of another woman, she sounded quite young, I could tell she was talking to a man, possibly the same man I had seen earlier on. I could tell they were walking towards me as I could hear what they were saying a little bit clearer as they got closer.   

“Here you are” the man said

“I have a brand new female for you today, recently sprayed” the man continued.

“Female?” I thought to myself, then I dawned on me, the shell which cocooned me was female, I remembered seeing the breasts just before the front door closed.

“Thank you so much”, the young girl replied.

“If you put it out the back with the others, I'll get it dressed later today” she continued.

“Fine” the man responded, and wheeled the table into the back room

The man returned to the young girl moments later, “oh yeah I forgot to mention, just a couple of things, the legs do not detach on this model so I thought I'd just let you know in case you tried removing the feet” the man said.

“Thank you for telling me” the girl replied.

“And finally, this model is made with a new type of plastic which is much heavier than the plastic used on the old style mannequins, this makes them tougher so that they last longer, so you will probably need some help when moving this one around, the mannequins base is mounted on wheels so you can move it about” the man continued.

“That's great, thanks very much for all your info” the young girl replied.

“Your welcome” the man responded, he placed the relevant delivery paperwork in front of the young girl, which she signed, the man gave her a copy of the paperwork for her records before he walked out of the shop.



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