Manniquinization of Lindsey Stirling

by LatexSuperGirl

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© Copyright 2020 - LatexSuperGirl - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; transform; F2doll; mannequin; display; nc; XX

Lindsey Stirling had just landed San Francisco, totally exhausted and ready to get back home after a worldwide tour she had just completed. But first, she had to pick up something she had purchased on eBay, for whatever reason the seller had told her he wouldn’t ship it, so she would be required to personally pick it up. Considering how rare the violin he was selling was, Lindsey was more than willing to personally pick it up.

Once she found the store she was delighted to see it was more of a knick-knack shop than an instrument store, she might be able to find her tour buddies some thank-you presents while she was in here. Once inside she heard the bell attached to the door ring, while she patiently waited for the shop keeper she looked around. Among some of the more interesting things she saw was a mirror with an elegant gold border, several musical instruments, and a couple of mannequins all up potted by display poles. What struck her as odd though was the empty mannequin display pole. While it was odd, she didn’t really care that much. All she really cared about was the violin she was here to buy. Just as she wandered back up to the counter the shopkeeper came out holding the violin. “Here you go my dear! I’m so glad you came here and picked this up personally, you're going to be of great help to my business just by being here!” While she thought it was odd what the shopkeeper had said, she decided to try a few notes on the violin before leaving. While playing the violin she could tend to get a bit zoned out and as a result she didn’t notice the shopkeeper slip behind her with the mannequin display stand in his hands.

It wasn’t until she heard a ripping sound come from behind her and then the sensation of something pressing against her virgin asshole that she knew something was wrong and by that point it was too late. As the display stand was shoved up her asshole she tried to squirm away but found she couldn’t move an inch. She then heard the sound of metal scraping on the floor and she knew the shopkeeper had put the stand that was inside of her on the floor finally. She hears him say from behind her “I’d say I’m really sorry about this Miss Stirling, but honestly I’d be lying. A pop star like you will help me sell instruments left and right, if I use you as the mannequin that displays them.” Lindsey tried to say something but found just like her body, her mouth refused to move. Then she heard the snip snip sound of a pair of scissors opening and closing, and felt the cool touch of a pair of scissors caress her skin as the shopkeeper began to cut through her clothes!

As her shirt and lacy bra fell to the floor, Lindsey found she could still cry a little. The tears began to stream down her face, she was beginning to realize this had been a trap. The scissors caress her ass crack as they cut through her tight fitting shorts and lacy underwear! “Well Miss Stirling, those undergarments of yours are far more risqué than I thought a god fearing woman like yourself would be wearing! That gives me some inspiration to model you with lingerie on!” Lindsey cringes mentally as she hears the shopkeeper mutter this, knowing that he’s actually quite well known and her friends will surely be seeing her like this! As her shorts and underwear fall to the floor the shopkeeper puts the scissors down and drags a mirror in front of Lindsey. He then says “Well now that all your clothes are off you’ll be able to see your transformation from popstar to mannequin happen. I hope you find this as delightful as I do.” He walks off leaving Lindsey alone to watch her transformation begin!

The first change she doesn’t actually see, but definitely feels, is her virgin asshole seems to close around the pole, until it merges with the pole, forever sealing off her asshole. She watches as the skin round her pussy changes from slightly tanned color to a very pale white color that looks like it has a plastic sheen. While she doesn’t have much pubic hair, she watches as the little landing strip of blonde pubic hair falls out dropping to the floor beneath her. Right after her pubic hair falls out Lindsey feels her crotch begin to heat up, the few times she had masturbated had felt something like this and as the heat continues to build Lindsey sees her pussy lips begin to merge together until they are sealed shut beneath her new plastic skin. As her pussy lips finally fade from view Lindsey has the most mind blowing orgasam of her life although once it’s over, she realizes that it’s also the last one she’ll ever have now that she doesn’t have a pussy!

As she continues to stare into the mirror since that’s all she can do now she notices that while she was distracted by her orgasam all of her skin has now taken on the same color as the skin around her crotch. As she looks closer she notices that little seams are developing in key places, her elbows, her shoulders, her neck, her knees and a large one around her waist. As these develop this is when it really begins to sink in for Lindsey that she’s truly becoming nothing more than a mannequin. As the seam around her neck finishes Lindsey is surprised to watch her lovely red hair fall to the ground. She would have figured the shopkeeper would have wanted to keep that since it was her most distinctive feature!

As Lindsey watches her nipples fade from view completely nullifying all of her sexual characteristics Lindsey’s hears the shopkeepers footsteps coming back her way. As she looks towards the shopkeeper she can’t quite see what he’s holding in his hands. “Well Miss Stirling it looks like your transformation is complete, I think I’ve found the perfect first costume for you!”. As he finishes saying that he gently pries Lindsey’s now immobile mouth open, and shoves a large red ball gag into her mouth. He then slips a platinum blonde wig on her head, it’s done up in a high ponytail style. He then repositions her arms and hands into the perfect violin playing position and puts the violin she was here to buy into her hands. He then slips a pair of striped pair of panties onto her, the front perfectly smooth against her nullified crotch, the backside bulging out slightly due to her display pole! After slipping all these things on she sees him whip out a camera quickly taking pictures. “Well Miss Stirling I hope you're ready for your new life, 'cause it begins once I use these pics to sell that violin!”


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