Matsuri Trap

by Monkey Steals Peach

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© Copyright 2014 - Monkey Steals Peach - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF; asian; fairground; ride; stuck; majick; transform; M/ff; lovedoll; inflatable; toy; fleshlight; insert; sex; climax; cons/nc; X

Note: This story is heavily based on some Japanese style doll fetish stuff. "Dutch wife" is the Japanese term for love doll (derived from a term for body pillows), and "onaho" (short for "onanism hole") basically refers to a fleshlight or any other kind of artificial vagina used for masturbation. In Japan love dolls and onaho are often sold separately, to be used together.

The local summer festival had thus far been fun, in a cliche, predictable kind of way. One way or another their other friends hadn't been able to make it, leaving Ayumi as Midori's only company. They made the best of it, playing carnival games, eating cotton candy and yakisoba, and so on. It was like they were kids again. The lack of any male company wasn't great, but they made do.

At Ayumi's insistence they tried the haunted house. Midori wasn't afraid herself, but she didn't want to deal with Ayumi screeching her lungs out at every little thing. Even so they went in. There was the predictable dry ice, a girl in a kimono with lots of fake blood, eyeballs hung on strings, that kind of thing.

Then they found themselves in a room with no way out. At first the room seemed to have nothing but featureless blue walls, with a floor and ceiling to match. A blue cube.

"I hope something interesting happens here," said Ayumi.

"I hope we can get out soon," said Midori.

After an uncomfortably long pause, the room seemed to shudder, and strange symbols glowed on the walls in white, ominous and occult. Ayumi let out a cry, while Midori was on guard, ready for whatever might be coming next. As she was trying to make sense of the symbols on the walls, Midori found she was overcome with a feeling of fatigue that made her slump down against a wall.

"What's...?" She could just barely move.

Ayumi was making to check on her, but she too slumped to the floor.

She couldn't tell how long it was before a door opened and a man stepped in. He was wearing nothing but boxer shorts and a cheap carnival mask, an Ultraman mask covered in spidery calligraphy.

"It's working," he said, grinning.

"What's... working...?" Midori managed.

"My hand..." Ayumi feebly held up her hand, and it had started to turn an unnatural pinkish color. Midori could see it happening to Ayumi's other hand and her feet as well, and it kept creeping up her limbs. "What's happening?"

"You're going to make the most adorable pocket pussy."

As the change started to creep into Ayumi's torso, her limbs began to shrink into it. "But—" She cut herself off with a groan of pure pleasure.

"You won't get away with this," Midori growled.

"Oh, but there's a different fate awaiting you."

For Midori the changes started with her toes. They fused together into one solid lump, and then ballooned out a little as the transformation began to work its way up from there. Her legs took on a uniform, cartoon-like flesh tone, with seams running down the sides, every inch making them a little more puffy and unnatural, with the faint wrinkles of inflated plastic. And she hated to admit it, but every little twinge of the change felt good, like a lustful caress. As her legs spread out wide, bending at the knees, she risked a glance back at her friend, and saw Ayumi had shrunk down even further. They really were turning Ayumi into an onaho, and she was moaning with pleasure every step of the way.

Nothing had prepared Midori for what happened when the transformation hit her crotch though. Something rubbery pushed its way out of her vagina, pinkish like whatever Ayumi was turning into, and with a molded opening like a vagina. And she could feel it as though it were a part of her.

Ayumi's cries finally subsided, leaving a plastic sex toy sitting on the floor. The man picked it up and stroked it, and there was a faint, high-pitched moan from it. It had no limbs, but it had Ayumi's head and breasts in miniature, the face contorted with pleasure.

Midori meanwhile had the changes creeping up her torso. As it got over her belly button, an air valve popped out, making the air-filled lower half of her body shudder, and there was no doubt what was going to become of her. "You're really turning me into a Dutch wife?"

"Yeah. And you're going to love it."

When it got to her breasts, she felt them expand, at least a cup size bigger than before, and felt the nipples push out, forming two more air valves, but colored pink. She was breathing hard from the sheer pleasure of it, even if it was blended with a heavy dose of fear. The change forced her arms up to her sides, leaving them bulbous and ridiculous-looking, with puffy paws instead of hands. But, curiously, it seemed to stop at her neck, leaving her head human, for now at least. She looked down at her bizarre body, then looked up into her assailant's mask. "Now what?" Some part of her wanted to be fucked, and hard. She needed something in her pussy right away.

She could detect a grin behind that mask as he reached out, took hold of her pussy, and started pulling it out.

"Wh-What?! Don't!"

The sensation was so strange, so intense, that the least movements elicited little cries and moans from her. Finally, it came free with a little popping sound, and wobbled a bit in his grip. He now had an onaho in each hand, one a plain cylinder, and the other that was Ayumi. And she had an empty hole where her pussy should be.

There had been days when Midori would've rather not had a vagina, when menstrual cramps made her want to wish it all away, but to have some masked weirdo just pull it out of her body was beyond strange. Then he slid Ayumi inside of the empty hole. As the pinkish onaho slid into place, she started to be able to feel through it. It felt different somehow, and there was something indescribably Ayumi-like about it.

The man took off his boxers. He was already fully erect, and in any other situation she'd have found him thoroughly average. He set Midori on her back, and the pulled out a little bottle of clear liquid. He squirted a little onto her pussy, carefully set it down within arm's reach, and then started to fuck her. She was no virgin, but the intensity of this was unlike anything she'd felt before. "No... Stop..." she protested feebly. "Nnnngggh!"

The force of his hips moving up and down rocked her whole inflatable body, and as it went on she started to feel something strange happening to her face. "Mfffffb," she said through cheeks that were unnaturally puffing up. Something was pushing out of her mouth, another silicone fuck hole. As he came inside of her, she came in unison with the force of a freight train, and Ayumi seemed to shudder inside of her. Her whole face seemed to push outward and smooth out, and her head became another inflatable part of her body.

Finally, he rolled off of her, gasping, and put his boxers back on. He sat up, and lifted Midori to a sitting position. She could feel his breath on her shoulder, on her neck and breast, and even that faint touch was arousing.

He gestured at a wall, and it became a mirror. She could still see and think, somehow. She could see herself, an inflatable Dutch wife with legs in an M pose, silicone inserts for pussy and mouth, eyes painted on.

She expected him to deflate her first, but instead he took hold of her hair, and carefully pulled it off, leaving her inflatable doll head bald. In that state she barely recognized herself. Then he pulled the onahole out of her mouth, leaving a gaping plastic hole, and then pulled the dribbling Ayumi out from her crotch. If she still had the ability to talk, Midori would've moaned the whole while. When that was done, he opened the valves on her nipples, and her breasts deflated. Then came the valve in her belly button. At least it would be the last thing, for now. As the air came out of her, she flattened, and he very neatly folded her up and put all the parts into a box.


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