Meet the Parents

by Simskin

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© Copyright 2010 - Simskin - Used by permission

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Looking back, I remember that I was dreading this moment. Meeting the parents is an ordeal for any guy. They size you up, handicapping your odds of giving their daughter the life they believe she deserves. Mom eyes you slyly, wondering if this is a serious relationship or you're just out for some cheap thrills. Dad is more blunt. He tries to keep a lid on it, but everytime he looks at you, you know he's thinking 'this is the s.o.b. who's putting it to my 'little girl'.

Funny thing is, I wasn't. Michelle & I met about 6 months ago on campus. It was a chance encounter, but it was magic from the start. At least it was for me. She showed no interest, but I was relentless and wore her down to where she said 'ok' to going out for coffee. I think she was surprised at how well we hit it off and reluctantly agreed to a real date. Well, things blossomed - in some areas. We were like soulmates, having the kind of long conversations only new couples do. But when it came to sex, or even anything overtly romantic, she was an ice queen. If it was any other girl, I would have cut bait and found more promising prospects. But Michelle was amazing. I'd never met a girl like her. She GOT me, and I got her.

Still, when I'd get worked up and passionate, she'd shoot me down. She wasn't a cock-tease ...I got the feeling that she was holding something back. I could tell she wanted it as badly as I did, but it was herself she was shutting down. She wasn't teasing me so much as frustrating the both of us. She kept asking me if I was gay. I had no idea where that came from. There was nothing I wanted more than to make love to her, and when I could see her starting to succumb to her own desires, she would throw ice water on the growing flames of passion by asking if I was gay. I figured she must have been burned in the past, giving herself to someone who later figured out that he was gay, and it scarred her. She would not commit. And she would not talk about it. But I was not giving up. I could wait and help her rebuild her trust. She was worth it.

Since we had this odd, intimate, romantic-but not-sexual relationship, I was surprised when she asked me to come home with her on the next school break. If she wanted me to meet the parents, she must feel as strongly for me as I do for her. Much as I hate meeting parents, and had avoided it whenever I could, I figured our relationship had turned a corner and begun a new phase. I had no idea how right I was.

We were met at the airport by Michelle's younger brother Dom. Michelle used to talk endlessly about her older sister Nikki, but never mentioned a younger brother. Then again, my sisters never paid much attention to me when I was a kid. I took Dom to be about 16, but he must have been older. He was about my size, and I know how small guys often get mistaken for younger - especially in their teens. He was driving us home, so he must have at least been old enough to have a license, or brazen enough to pick his older sister & her new boyfriend up even without one. Either way, I liked this kid from the start. I think it was mutual, judging by the warm way he glanced at us and his vaguely pleased smile. Michelle was holding my hand and trying to talk me down from my building panic attack. Still, I could tell she was nervous too. I guess parental approval meant a lot to her.

It was a long drive deeper into the country. I finally realized that what I thought was a poorly lit deserted road, must have actually been some sort of insanely long driveway, because we turned a corner and suddenly there was a huge mansion. Was she rich? Is that why she had that air of holding something back? Maybe she was like Sabrina, and her parents were the chauffeur & nanny. Either way, I would find out soon enough.

I was wrong on both counts. When we got to the front door, we were met by Michelle's parents. They weren't the maid & butler. They weren't Blake & Alexis Carrington either. They were more like Gomez & Morticia Addams. He was short and rather round, and she was tall and somewhat gaunt. How could these two oddballs have such a beautiful daughter? Was Michelle really Marilyn Munster? I clearly watched too much tv as a kid. Their... quirky... appearance was soon forgotten as they were gracious and welcoming. I got the distinct impression that I was the first guy Michelle had ever brought home. Little hints in their conversation convinced me that I was correct. I guess it was an honor but at the time it felt like a great responsibility.

We got settled in, then I got the grand tour of 'the palace' from Michelle's mom. We all met up for an elegant dinner and some polite… but gently probing... conversation. I knew they would size me up, parents always do. But none had ever done it so delicately, and I got the feeling - intimately - before. Judging from her parent's demeanor, I got the feeling that I was revealing way more than I thought I was. As if I was letting them know stuff even I didn't know. I felt as if I was being profiled by a behavioral psychologist. And as it turns out, I sort of was.

After our wonderful dinner, Michelle's brother Dom excused himself, and it was time for the next move. After some hushed conversation, and a nodding smile from Michelle glancing in my direction, it was decided we'd retire to the sitting room for drinks. I guess this is the way the posh crowd does it. At least they weren't so old school that the women gathered in the parlor to chat while the men went off to smoke cigars and decide which one of them was the biggest king of the world.

When Michelle's dad asked if I was a drinker, I confessed that I wasn't. A few horrible incidents in high school convinced me that at my small size and bodyweight, I couldn't handle alcohol. Still, Michelle's mom insisted that since no one was driving, and this was anything but a kegger, drinks were in order. Michelle's dad brought out the Absinthe. I thought only goths drank that and immediately began to wonder if the reason Michelle was holding out on me had anything to do with embarrassingly intimate piercings. Michelle's mom quickly started into the story of how the family had been Absinthe makers back in the old country for generations... then with just the slightest of pauses, the subject turned to the other family business.

Michelle's mom adjusted her seat, smoothed her skirt, and gave one more glance at Michelle and her dad. I could tell this was the last chance for a wave-off. Whatever it was, here it comes.

"Time to talk about the family business. Michele thinks very highly of you, and we trust Michele's judgment. Once we have this conversation, you are one of us. Family. Forever."

"Whoa. You're not organized crime ..or some cult?.." Somehow I was thinking out loud.

Michelle's mom flung back with a hearty laugh, apparently surprised and amused by my query.

"Nooo! Nothing like that!"

But what else could it be?

"You're aliens taking human form to infiltrate the planet?" I raised an eyebrow.

This time the laughter wasn't as spontaneous, and I knew I'd stepped in it. Michelle's mom looked at Michelle as if to ask 'Is this guy crazy or do I just not get his sense of humor?'

Apparently Michelle's return glance set her mom at ease.

"You know our family name? Jouet?" She probed.

"It's French" I replied - with my annoying flair for the obvious.

"And it means..."

"um.. plaything … like a toy." Those high school French courses weren't for nothing.

"Yes. Our family, we are ....toymakers... we have been for many hundreds of years"

"Clearly you've done well at it. But I don't think I've ever heard of.."

" wouldn't. We don't make those kind of toys. We don't make... Barbies..."

Nervous laughter from everyone in the room... except me, who is still trying to figure out where this conversation is going.

"We have a very select clientèle. They are wealthy, powerful, and discrete. Our family has been providing this service to the crown heads of Europe for over 400 years. We now service clients in every part of the globe. For in every part of the globe, there is a need for our services. In Galileo's day, we plied our craft with wood and gears and bellows and tubing. But now we constantly probe the edge of biomechanics, artificial intelligence, and nanotech. We create things that no patent office will ever know of, even a hundred years from now. It is a very private service for very select clients. It is our family business. Welcome to our family."

I had no idea exactly just what happened, maybe it was the absynthe. Maybe it was the obtuse nature of her mom's little speech. I felt like I had just been elected to some secret society. I only hoped there would be no hazing. I would find out soon enough.


Michelle showed me to my room. I don't know if it was the absinthe, or the fact that I don't drink, but I was clearly aware that I didn't fully have my wits about me. Still, I felt safe and at home. It seemed that a barrier had come down between me and Michelle. She seemed more open and trusting. Or maybe she was just feeling her absinthe too.

I stumbled into bed leaving a trail of clothes along the bedroom floor. I don't know if I had fallen asleep, but I was suddenly aware of the opening bedroom door.

Michelle's silhouette filled the door, her soft curves illuminated by the light from the hall.

"Hey. You awake?"

I groggily raised myself up on one elbow, and trying my best to sound lucid, replied "Yeah."

Something was on her mind, but I couldn't think straight. The sight of her perched against the door in her nightclothes, just kickstarted my libido, and I couldn't form a thought because all my blood had rushed somewhere else. I quietly groaned involuntarily, knowing the frustration to come.

She approached the bed. "I talked to my folks. They really like you. And they don't think you're gay."

"uh... O.K....?"

"It's just. ...It's complicated. You don't think I'm gay?" she asked.

"Well, it would explain a lot. Still, if you are, I'd do anything to be the woman of your dreams"

She let out a longing sigh... as if something inside were fighting to get out.

"I'm not. ....And you are. I mean... it's complicated... but I know what I want. What I've wanted for longer than I admitted - even to myself."

She coquettishly took off her top and let it drop to the floor. She then threw her head back, and letting go, began a slow sexy walk toward the bed. I began to move, but she motioned for me to stay put. This was her show, and I was the audience. Midway across the room, with a graceful wiggle, her panties dropped to her ankles. She grabbed them with her toes and deftly flung them onto my chest. When she reached the bed, she perched herself over me, and pinning my shoulders, straddled my chest. I could tell by her eyes, no reservation remained. As she slowly kissed from my forehead down my abdomen she seemed completely in the moment. Throughout our lovemaking, she kept moaning "I've never done this before", I'm not sure whether she was talking to herself or to me or to no one, but that night I believe we may have done things NO ONE has ever done before. It was as if all those months of forestalled sex were gathered together into a night of passion neither f us could ever have dreamed of.

I don't know whether it was the absinthe or exhaustion, but I don't remember the end of our lovemaking. I just know that when I awoke in early afternoon, I felt more spent, yet at peace, than I had ever felt.

When I finally staggered downstairs, Michelle's parents were waiting. There was a young woman with them, who I correctly guessed was Michelle's older sister.

"Hi. I'm Cary. Michelle's..." I didn't know what to call myself.

"Nika" she said with a Cheshire cat grin. Did she know? Did Michelle tell her? I know they were close...

"Dominique. Go get Michele" her dad commanded. Uh oh. Am I about to get busted?

"So. Have you given any thought to our family talk last night?" he asked.

"Um. Not really. That absinthe really hit me, and I.... " could I say I was drunk and I was too busy boning your daughter? His knowing smile let me know that I didn't have to, and for some reason it was ok.

"No matter. There is so much more to say and see and do. And since you're so well rested... Michele will be right down."

She came slowly down the stairs, her eyes fixed on me. I wasn't surprised she was walking slowly. I was somewhat surprised she could walk at all! I tried to read her stare. It was welcoming, but there was a lot going on in those eyes. Sizing me up. How she felt about me after last night. How she felt about herself. And maybe how I felt about her. I could just be projecting my own thoughts, but as I said before, we were in tune on so many levels, I think I read her correctly.

"Hey you." she said sheepishly.

"Hey' and as I leaned in to kiss her, her sight flinch signaled me to pull back.

"Time to get to work!" her dad clapped his hands loudly. "Time to learn about the family business. ...Michele..." He spun on his heels and briskly walked off.

She gently took my hand. "We're family now.. especially after last night..." I could feel my blush, and her eyes beamed with my reaction. "Time to learn about the family business."

We walked deep into the sprawling house, last night's quick tour hadn't come anywhere near this... it can only be called a 'wing'. She led me into a large drawing room outfitted in dark woods and warm leathers just the sort of place you'd imagine for 'old money'.

She stood in front of me, moved in close and draped her arms around my shoulders. She brought her lips to my ear. "Do you love me?" she whispered.

She sensed no hesitation as I answered "yes".

"Do you trust me?" What an odd question. Was she about to try something freaky? And how could she come up with anything freakier than last night? One way to find out.


"Come with me" she took my hand and led me to an oak panel that opened like a door. On the other side was a lavatory as bright and antiseptic as the previous room had been warm and Victorian. Michelle's tone had changed similarly. "First, an enema. Don't ask, but you'll be thankful later. We need to clean you out completely. Completely." She emphasized, "Then take a shower. As hot as you can stand it. At least 15 minutes." An odd request, but I had the feeling something freaky was coming, so I unhesitatingly complied.


15 minutes under near scalding water is exhausting, especially when you're empty and lightheaded. I felt like a soft shell crab straight from the boilng pot. She was back and very business like - but not threatening.

"Don't bother toweling off. Through here."

She led me into another room that looked like a dentist's office from a 70s scifi film. More stainless steel and tile. "Put this on" she said, handing me a large jar of some creamy substance."Everywhere but your eyes, mouth, etcetera. Any ...orifices" a shy grin slipped out.

"Yes mistress." I quipped trying to act nonchalant. She didn't smile.

It took about 5 minutes to apply the goop all over my body. "My head too?" I asked. She nodded.

I felt like I was covered in whipped cream, or marshmallow spread, but judging by the smell, I imagined it tasted.. toxic. Definitely keep this away from any openings. When I finished, Michelle gave me a thorough inspection. What part of me could she see that she hadn't already intimately explored last night? I must have passed inspection, because she nodded curtly and proceeded to leave the room, yelling over her shoulder "close your eyes!" Her order was so emphatic, I didn't think to question it. A moment later a bright flash seared through my eyelids. I didn't know what was going on , but I was glad I closed my eyes.

The white goo I had spread all over me was now a kind of mustardy brownish/yellow. The room smelled sweetly of an electrical short. Michelle re-entered with what seemed to be a large pin. "How do you feel?" she asked.

"OK I guess. What just happened?"

She poked me with the needle. "How does that feel?"

"I really didn't feel anything. Just kind of numb. Like when your hands are frozen. I feel pressure but no pain."

"Good. The anesthetic's working" she said & proceeded to poke me all over, including places where it should really hurt. She then took a large sheet of some sort of plastic sheet and wrapped me like a mummy. "You really need to be numb. No one could stand ..this!" and with that word she ripped the sheets back off of me. I only felt the force of her pull, but was startled at the deafening ripping sound.

"Good." she nodded. "Now take a quick rinse and join me back here.

Returning to the room I noticed there were no mirrors, but what I could see of my arms & legs, I was completely hairless, with skin as pink and soft as a baby's. I was too afraid to even feel my scalp and eyebrows.

"Now for the fun part. Come with me. And remember, you're family now."

We walked into an adjoining room with the same Andromeda strain decor, but this one seemed more like a dorm room, with furniture and storage.

"Sit down here" Michelle commanded. "Tilt your head back..." squeezing a couple drops of solution into my eyes. "That's to dilate your pupils. Have you ever worn contacts?"

"No. My vision's fine." I was surprised at the question.

"OK," she said, "Let me do it... you place the lens on your finger... don't blink..." Suddenly I was blinking with something in my eyes, but it quickly became unnoticeable.

"The drops dilate your pupils, making them wide as an anime character. The contacts let you see without being blinded by the light."

"But why.."

"Shhh. All in good time. ...Now let's have a look at you" She walked me over to the wall which she turned to reveal a full length mirror. I didn't recognize myself. I was hairless and pink as a newborn with eyes giant as if with wonder.

"No time for admiring. ..." she quipped. "Over here."

I tried to ask what was going on, but she kept shushing me."You said you trust me. Then trust me and let me finish. It's going to be amazing". With that she opened a closet and pulled out what looked like a skinned human!

"Oh my god!"

"No. No. No." she calmed, "It's a custom polymer that mimics human skin. Actually you'll really need it since your own top layers were dermabrased."

My mind reeled. What had I gotten myself into. I thought this was going to be freaky sex, but I wasn't prepared for ...THIS.

"OK. Lift your leg & step in. Let me pull on the feet... get the toes in... OK, roll it up like you were putting on a condom. Here. A little powder will make this easier... pull it on up to the thighs"

Why stop there?

"OK. We have some business to take care of..." she grabbed my erect penis "I remember YOU!" She exclaimed in mock joy. "OK ...put this over it"... as she did it herself

"You've done this before"

I believe she blushed.

"How many others?"

"Just one"

"Want to talk about it?" I was feeling jealous... when I should have been feeling freaked out by what she was doing to me.

"In due time"

"What's this for?"

"Everyone pees silly. Though you probably won't want to do it any more than you must."


"In due time. Now let's just tuck your business in ...there... and one more piece of business before we continue the roll up."

"If you're hinting at what I think, I'm hoping I'm wrong."

"You're not" she smiled. "Look, you've had all your skin burned off, been sanded like granite and been blinded by eyedrops so you need contacts to see. This is no big deal." she said grabbing a tube of what was obviously lube.

"What's that for?"

"You, silly." she said squirting it between my butt cheeks.


"So I can insert ...this..." I winced. "It's a sheath. Think of it as an inverse-condom"

"Do I want to know why?"

"You'll know" she smiled.

"I'm not gay"

"Neither am I" she smiled again. "Now roll up some more. Get your arms through here. Wiggle the fingers. And we're done! ...Almost."


"Can't forget THESE" as she sprayed adhesive goo on my bare chest and aligned the breast forms.

"Breasts?" I suddenly thought to check between my legs, and felt the lips part for my fingers. "Wh.. what are you doing?"

"SSsshh. Soon. Now exhale. Deep." With that she gave me a sharp Heimlich squeeze, and before I could catch my breath, sealed the suit.

"Oh my god. What have you done?" I couldn't process what had just happened.

"You'll see in a moment." She said. And everything went black.


It didn't really go black. I just wasn't expecting the mask, and the eyeholes hadn't lined up. Not being able to see or breathe made me as eager to get the mask aligned as Michelle was. I could feel the tubes in my ears and around my nostrils. The lips of the mask quickly slipped over mine like veneer, allowing me to fully open my mouth, and with a 'pffft' of a vacuum release, I heard Michelle say "Done!" Turning me around so I could look at her, she asked "How do you feel?"

"I feel like five pounds of junk in a one pound bag" I said, but stopped abruptly at the sound. The voice wasn't mine. It was thin and wispy. The voice of a petite young girl.

Michelle squealed with delight. "That's one of our newest features. Feel how the neck of the mask contracts tightly around your throat?" I nodded, unable to help but feel the vaguely strangling sensation, but afraid to talk again. "It's a vocal harmonizer built into the neck around your larynx. It changes the resonant frequency of your vocal chords to those appropriate for the doll. Pretty cool, huh? This is cutting edge technology, and you're getting to be the first to use it! Now, let's look at you. Oops. One more critical thing" I rolled my contact lensed eyes at the idea.

Actually the 'one more thing' was anticlimactic after my ordeal so far. A medium length jet black wig was placed ...glued?.. to the top of the mask.

"OK. Hold your arms out & turn around" She said gleefully.

It wasn't easy. I could barely breathe, and told Michelle so in my new squeaky voice.

"It gets easier. Trust me"

"Easy for you to say!"

She just smiled."Now. Let's get you dressed."

I didn't have a choice in my wardrobe and frankly never would have imagined such clothes existed.

"It's called 'Lolita clothing' very big in Japan. Adult women who dress up like coquettish little girls"

"Seriously? All this taffeta and petticoats? And that's way too small. That's a child's size!" I exclaimed in my nearly child-like voice.

"Oh really? Try it on." As if I had any choice. I didn't want to dress up like some 19th century glazed figurine, but I couldn't go anywhere in my birthday suit ...not MY birthday suit, but... well, you see my dilemma. I'd come this far. What could I do but comply? Amazingly it fit.

"See? Not only is the suit so lifelike no one can tell its an artificial shell, it's heat activated. Your body heat shrinks it to it's compression rate. That's why you feel so squeezed and short of breath. It should reach it's full compression in about an hour. At which point you'll start to feel normal again as you get used to it. It's really pretty amazing. My dad invented it all. The compression film, the contacts, the voicebox alterator, and the hormone infused simskin."

"What do you mean hormone infused?"

"Well, not always. But usually. And always in the case of gender opposite suits. High testosterone plus estrogen blockers for the malesuits, vice versa for the female. It makes a huge difference in getting used to the suit. Trust me."

"I think my trust is about run out. I thought I knew you. I thought I was falling in love with you. We came to meet your parents. I thought we were getting serious."

"Couldn't be more serious"

"And last night!"

She smiled wistfully. "Ahhh, last night. I can hardly wait to do it again"

"After.. THIS?"

"Especially after this." she beamed.

"Oh my god. You ARE gay! And what I said last night about being the woman of your dreams..."

She laughed and put her finger to my lips. "Shhh. Time to meet the folks."

She led me through a corridor and out a door that apparently opened on the back side of the house, because there were nothing but fields and far off woods. Off in the distance, two figures approached. I thought it was Michelle's parents, but I still wasn't used to the contacts. As they got closer, I started to wonder just what else they had done to me. I thought my eyes were focusing, but as they got closer, I could swear I was seeing the towering stance of one very high profile U.S. Senator (who for obvious reasons I won't name here) & small stout gent who looked uncannily like a notorious terrorist. What the hell was going on here?

When they got up to me, 'The Senator' checked me out up and down. I felt like a Christmas toy in a store window being ogled by a child.

"Good. Good. Excellent choice. You were right" he said to 'The terrorist'

"Of course I was right. I have an eye for these things. Dominique could never pull that off. She's too ...boxy... takes after her mother I guess" he chuckled.

"I don't understand... what's going on? Who the hell ARE you people?"

'The Senator' looked disappointed. "You still haven't figured it out?" He turned to Michelle "I expected he'd be quicker" She shrugged. I was just trying to grasp what was going on. Was this some bizarre dream? Why am I seemingly an anatomically correct girl dressed like child's doll, having a conversation with a Senator and a terrorist?

"I'm sorry. I thought I was reasonably bright, but my mind's overloading. What's happening?"

'The Senator' sighed. "I guess it's a lot to digest at once. Michele and Dominique grew up with it, that's probably why they never had any trouble. This.." he swept his hands up and down his body "is the family business".

It's amazing what the human mind can adapt to. After a while I stopped thinking about the fact that I was basically a life-sized child's toy having a conversation with someone who appeared to be a world famous politician and a linchpin of the axis of evil.

"As I said last night. My family had been in the 'toy' business for centuries. Making unique and exceptional items for heads of state & the wealthy. I studied nanotech and Michele's mom was a pioneering researcher in biotech. I convinced her to leave academia and join our little family ...and me. We created the simskin and associated tech, and it took our little family business to intriguing new places. We provide indistinguishable stand ins for distinguished figures at public venues where security precludes the real deal. It has also proven invaluable to intelligence interests who wish to penetrate ...tightly knit.. groups. And then of course, there's the original family business."

"Which is?"

"You haven't figured that out?"

Michelle interrupted, "She hasn't seen a mirror"

'The Senator' I mean Mr Jouet - her dad, seemed distraught. "How could we have made such an oversight. No wonder she's confused." He immediately grabbed my hand and led me to another room, apparently a dressing room, but unlike the one where Michelle dressed me, this was filled with mirrors.

Once again my breath left me.

I saw the petite Japanese girl standing in the mirror. With the frilly dress and the giant anime eyes. Her face was strangely childlike, but her body was that of a fully developed woman and made me a bit aroused. I just couldn't connect that what I was seeing was my own reflection. Who am "I" anyway if to the world I'm a waif-like Japanese girl in a 'fuck me' dress? I was slowly starting to wrap my mind around this. At this moment, perception meant nothing.

Suddenly the young man's voice boomed as Dom strode down the stairs "I'm going to the game. Don't hold dinner".

Mrs Jouet yelled toward the fleeing lad "Dominique Jouet - I don't want you joining your friends at that sports bar after the game!"

A hearty laugh, then in Michelle's sister Nikki's voice an exasperated "Yes, motherrr!"

My brain locked again. Michelle always talked about her older sister Nikki, but never even mentioned a brother Dom. My perception expanded with a jolt.

"Wait. Dom? Nikki? what?..."

Michelle's parent's shrugged. "It's the family business. It's like a perk. Nikki would be like honey to bears in that sports bar. Dom can just enjoy the company of his friends. Having your own simsuit makes life much more convenient. If I ran a car company, the kids would only drive the best. Same thing."

"I'm still trying to wrap my head around this. Becoming another person ...even of a different race or gender... is like getting a free car"

"I guess you have to get used to it. We all grew up with it" Michelle shrugged.

"OK This will take some time. Another question. Why these choices?" I asked looking around at two heads of state and gesturing at myself.

"Family business" Michelle's dad said. "We had a meeting and demonstration with security and intelligence organizations earlier today. Then we had to come see you!"

"What about me?"

Michelle's mom spoke up. "We have a very longtime customer coming later today with an influential client base abroad. And Dominique just had the wrong body shape for the suit."

"Wait? You're planning to use me as a SEX DOLL?"

"Of course not!" Michelle's dad interrupted. "...Well, the suit is, will probably be, is completely useful FOR sex... but you're just the model. We're selling the suit not the model."


"Of course, since you're modeling the suit, you may be asked to demo it"

"Uh. DEMO it? Do you mean that you want me to have sex with some business..."


"BusinessMAN to sell the suit?"

"Look. this is the family business. Last night we made you part of the family. Every family member has ...responsibilities"

"but.. but.." I was speechless, and not very persuasive in the young voice coming out of the mask.

"Don't worry Keiko. Dad wouldn't force you to have sex with a stranger just to demo a suit." Michele piped up.

"Who's Keiko"

"Oh, sorry. You are. I mean the suit is. It's best to inhabit the persona of the suit. The infused hormones & drugs help."


"We have a number of substances we can infuse the suit with. Stimulants and enhancers for our security models, hormones and anti anxiety infusers for our entertainment suits" said mom.

"Yeah. Turn up the infusion on the sex suits and you can bliss out under any circumstances. Even alone." Michelle smiled wickedly.

"Michele! Don't call it a sex suit!" barked dad.

"Sorry." Michelle replied contritely.. then looked impishly at me "especially now that you're wearing one" I squirmed a little.

"So" I tried to get back to the most important topic - at least to me. "I'll be modeling the suit. But I won't be ...uh.. 'demo-ing' it"

"Not with the business man no. He's just an evaluator."

"Then who? Do you expect me to have sex with someone?"

Suddenly everyone looked sheepish.


Michelle sheepishly raised a hand. "...I'll volunteer" Her parents smiled.

"Was this the plan all along?"

“No. Seriously.” Mom replied. “Michele was bringing a serious love interest to meet us. We were delighted. We just wanted to meet you & see you two together. I don't think this child has ever had a serious romance before, but couldn't stop talking about you. The meeting came up quickly, and Dominique wouldn't do. You happened to be physically ideal, and Michele really liked the idea of you joining the family"

She interrupted "I mean seriously joining the family. Like in-laws.. but not legally. Just virtually. I could settle down with you. I never thought I'd hook up with anyone... my family's not exactly the Cleavers. But you. You I felt I could open my heart to. And my life. That's why I waited so long to.... get serious. Don't let me down."

I was overcome with emotion. This girl had been alone all her life, unable to open up to anyone, and when she finally lets someone in, it's me? I was overwhelmed.

"How can I say no?" I gasped through my tears.

"I knew you wouldn't. Even though most of that is the hormones and empathy drugs. It might have taken much longer, but I knew after last night you wouldn't walk away and break my heart."

"OK. So what do we do now?"

"We wait for Kagami-san. You're OK with this if it's me helping you demo the suit?"

"Yes. OK. Sure. I guess I'm OK with THAT. ...With you."

"Good. He should be here in about an hour. Let's turn up the infusers. It will help with the anxiety."

Apparently the infusers worked, because the time flew by and by all accounts I really started to get in to the role of Keiko.

Mr Kagami was a compact man who appeared to be in his mid 50s. He was economical with expression, but seemed pleased at Keiko doll. Apparently the Lolita look was a personal favorite of Kagami-san, which is why it was chosen. I learned later that there were many anime and videogame character styles, various professional uniforms like flight attendant, nurse, schoolgirl and even geisha and ninja! As Keiko I wondered what it would be like to be all those characters. That's when I remembered the nervous laugh when Michelle's mom.. I mean dad... made the Barbie reference the previous night.

Everything was formal and cordial. Michelle's folks spoke fluent Japanese and Kagami-san replied in excellent English... which made things much easier when he directed me to model for him. I felt strangely detached, watching him run his fingers over the material in my dress, and occasionally, shyly, lifting up a part to examine the 'skin' underneath. I never got the impression that he was shy because he was doing this to a person. It just seemed that examining the 'naughty bits' of the doll made him uncomfortable. Especially since they were so lifelike.

Throughout the meeting we had been politely sipping tea. And eventually I realized that may have been a mistake for me. I had to request attention and shyly ask if I could be excused to visit the rest room. I was embarrassed that I had to do this, but my demure request in the suit's waif-like voice seemed to delight Kagami. When I was graciously granted permission to go, Michelle eagerly said "I'll take her".

I realized I didn't know where the rest room was in this part of the house, and was glad Michelle volunteered to accompany me. It turned out there was another reason.

"Remember when we inserted the ureathral tube and I said you'll only go when you absolutely have to?"

"Vaguely.." I didn't like the sound of this. Michelle opened the bathroom door.

"Welcome to Girl's World! You never knew how good you had it as a guy. Until now. At least this is a private restroom. Women's restrooms are nassty. And unlike a guy you can't just stand back from the grotiness and aim. No. You're right down there in it. And.." waving her arms up and down my elaborate outfit "there's all of this to contend with." She helped me out of the stockings, petticoats and frilly panties... which really did seem to be designed for a doll and not a human with biological needs. "OK. Just sit down and do your business. The suit's plumbing will redirect it to where it needs to go." It was a very strange feeling, peeing sitting down, with the ...'parts'.. clearly oriented in the wrong place, I felt sure I was going to pee all over myself. But everything worked as advertised and there were no mishaps. It was a bit of a challenge getting all the extra plumbing to drain. Michelle suggested that a pad or pantiliner would be handy those times when there wasn't time to laboriously let the extra tubing drain. She also promised to teach me how to do 'the hover'. Not sure what the point would be since I never imagined I'd be in this situation again.

We returned to the big room and after a bit more small talk, Kagami-san clapped his hands together and said. "Let's get down to business. Please demonstrate the suit." I didn't immediately get what he meant but everyone else did. Michelle and her mom curtly excused herself, and the rest of us retired to the back area of the house, where Michelle took me before for my unwitting transformation.

Michelle's dad spent a while explaining the tech, occasionally switching to English when he couldn't figure how to describe esoteric technologies in Japanese. Kagami-san seemed much more comfortable holding samples of the simskin than he did examining a human-like doll. I mean me. Michelle's dad was not so shy. He curtly had me remove my outfit, and had me stand there 'naked' while he showed off the anatomical realism of the suit. The simskin was not just realistic to look at, it really was realistic to inhabit. After a while I forgot I was wearing a suit. The heat transfer was uncanny. Naked in the cold lab I felt a chill from the air conditioners. Apparently this was intentional since Mr Jouet pointed out the gooseflesh on my arms and even my erect nipples - one of which he pinched. I was startled by the sensation, and he was apparently counting on my surprise because he used it to launch into a discussion of how his suits can transfer sensations from sensors on the artificial skin to the underlying nerves beneath the suit. He propped me up on an examining table, placed my calves into stirrups and demonstrated the lifelike anus and female organs to Mr Kagami who was trying to act businesslike but was clearly uncomfortable with this ...intimate... examination.

Mr Jouet had just grabbed a speculum and I was just beginning to become alarmed, when Mrs Jouet came in and whispered something to him. He quickly removed my legs from the stirrups and helped me off the exam table.

"I'm sorry for leaving you naked up there for so long and all the poking and prodding but I was trying to prolong the pitch to stall for time"

"Stall for time why?"

"So Michele could get ready to help you demo the suit"

I hadn't really thought about that. OK. the moment had finally come. I was going to have sex in public in front of a 50-ish businessman from a foreign country. This is nowhere near where I thought this parental visit would go.

Mr Jouet, Mr Kagami & I went into another room outfitted in black and teak. It was vaguely like a bedroom, but somewhat impersonal and officelike. I guess it was some sort of model of a commercial sex hotel. There was a large low bed in the center with shiny back sheets. They appeared to be plastic or rubber or something, which I guess would aid cleanup in a real sexroom. Jouet & Kagami-san sat discreetly in a dim corner and I was relieved to find it was easy to forget they were there.

Mrs Jouet came to the door and nodded. I was given baby doll pajamas and an sheer robe, and instructed to wait on the bed. Mr Jouet took some kind of a remote into his hands and the lights dimmed and soft throbbing music came up. Oh god. What have I gotten myself into? Where's Michelle?

Suddenly a shadow strode through the door and I started to relax, knowing Michelle would get me through this. Stepping into the light came a young man in his 20s and quite fit but not freakishly ripped. Who the hell was this? With a gasp, I involuntarily put my hand to my mouth. This seemed to delight Kagami-san as I heard him chuckle - the old perv. I was trying to figure out why Michelle would set me up like this and have me publicly raped by some strange guy. I didn't have time to think about it as the stranger strode over to the bed & kneeled down next to me. Taking my neck in his strong hand, he moved his head in to strike. What was he going to do, suck on my neck? Nibble my ear? He brought his lips to my ear, and I could feel the heat from his breath as Michelle's voice whispered "Showtime".

I think even with the giant doll eyes Michelle could sense my surprise. Pretending to fondle and nibble at my ear she ... I mean he... whispered, "What were you expecting? I told you I don't do gay. And Kagami-san didn't travel halfway around the world to see some hot girl on doll action!" Suddenly it all made sense. I was the only one who thought I would be having sex with the girl who I came here with. Actually, I guess I didn't even think that. I just didn't think. I knew I trusted Michelle, and when she said she would be the one demostrating the suit with me, I relaxed and didn't give it another thought. Until now.

"What are we supposed to do?" I asked, trying to hold back the panic.

"Remember last night?"


"How about all of that? Only we swap roles. Hey, I'm not asking you to do anything that I wouldn't ...and DIDN'T do..." I saw a sly smile emerge. "Oh, and I figured you might be selfconscious...."

"Nervous to terror stricken is more like it" I interrupted.

"Yeah. That's why I brought this. It's an extra infuser pack. Way more potent. While I was away at school ...with you... Nikki was making these up special. They really work. Trust me."

"At this point do I have a choice? Hit me."

"I could feel the first wave of the infuser wash over me almost instantly. I began to think maybe I could relax and get through this."

"It looks like Kagami-san is starting to get bored with this caressing. Let's put the play into foreplay."

"Okay." I replied timidly.

"Remember last night?"


"Good. Just do what I did. Starting with this." And with that he grabbed me like a wrestler and flipped me over. Suddenly I was straddling his chest, with my arms pinning down his shoulders. "What if the infuser doesn't work?"

"It will, The relaxer has already kicked in and the hormones will start to sweep you away any moment now"

"How can you be so sure?"

"Remember last night?"


"It's a bit of a haze to me. That patch will take you to primal animal lust in no time. I know it did for me. You'll vouch for that, right?"

I was trying to wrap my head around what I just heard when 'the wave' Michelle mentioned kicked in. Tsunami is more like it.

I started at the forehead, as Michelle had done the night before, and licked and nibbled my way down his face stopping for a long while to deeply probe the lips and tongue.

I kind of lost track after that. It's kind of like trying to remember a dream... but I do remember waking up the next day just as spent and satiated as the previous morning. I noticed I was still wearing the suit, but it didn't feel awkward. It felt comfortable. Like being in my own skin.

After a morning pee and a well needed tooth brushing I made my way down the stairs to find a beaming Mr & Mrs Jouet and Nikki with her Cheshire cat smile.

Rubbing the sleep from my eyes I croaked in my thin doll's voice, "What did I miss?"

"From what I hear, you didn't miss a thing!" Nikki said with a wink.

Mr Jouet spoke up. "Kagami-san was quite impressed. Extremely impressed. With the suit AND the model. He had a plane to catch so he couldn't stay for the ..ahem.. whole demo. Anyway, it began to look as if it would never end."

"Where did you learn to DO those things?"

"I guess I had a good teacher".

"It's easy to teach a natural," chirped in Michele as he skipped down the stairs.

"I see I'm not the only one who slept in the suit?"

"There's very little you CAN'T do in those suits. They're very comfortable. They become like a second skin after a while. You start to feel naked without them. Thanks for your help yesterday. You really made an impression on Kagami. I wouldn't be surprised if he acquires an extra suit for himself after yesterday."

"Did he know who was IN the suit?" I asked.

"Didn't know. Didn't care. It's Keiko doll. You were just an actor playing a role," Said Mr Jouet.

"I beg to differ. That was more than acting." Michele insisted.

"Yeah. I can't imagine old me doing any of those things. Yet in that moment. In THIS suit... I feel like I AM Keiko".

"So, you're a method actor eh?" Michele quipped. "I wonder what other suits we can cook up for you." Michele & Nikki smiled. I quivered at the thought and smiled too.

"I think this is going to be the beginning of an amazing relationship."


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