Mirror of Desire

by Redneck Rubber

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© Copyright 2018 - Redneck Rubber - Used by permission

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It was late a few nights after my long time girlfriend had broken up with me. I guess she had had enough of me asking for random blowjobs, anal sex and latex clothing. I had a girlfriend in high school that liked random blowjobs and the occasional anal sex. Had latex clothing been around then, oh I’m sure she would have loved it. She was one kinky girl and I liked it a lot. This last one though just didn’t go for any funny business. She said, "I’ll set you up with someone just like you" when she stormed out. "You kinky ass sick bastard." I was thinking, you have no idea what goes through my head!

Something in the shadows caught my eye, so over I go. It was a dimly lit full size mirror that had a old blurry neon sign. It said "Mirror of your Desire". What could this mirror tell about anyone’s desires. I killed the rest of my drink and just looked at the thing, it was just my goofy looking self looking back at me. I have another beer tucked in my jacket, so I pull it out and open it, "Here’s to you mirror". With that it shot out an oversized ticket. Red with black red letters, "YOU’RE DESIRES WILL BE ANSWERED". Hell, I didn’t even remember thinking anything. The lights and neon sign flickered out just before I noticed the damn thing wasn’t even plugged in. Holy shit, I hope I didn’t have any crazy shit running through my head. I just tucked the ticket in my coat pocket and made my way home.

I need something stronger to drink, so I poured a glass of whiskey on some ice and sat down on the couch. Maybe it knows I want someone as kinky and crazy as me. I thought about that ticket the mirror gave me and retrieved it out of my coat pocket. It felt a little strange, kind of soft and pliable. And fairly thick. "This is some strange shit going on here", I said to myself out loud. "I better get to bed". I grabbed the ticket and my glass and headed to my room for some sleep. I sat my empty glass on the night stand and picked up the ticket. "My desires will be answered, right". 

I must have passed out or fallen asleep or something. I guess about an hour later, I woke up and could not move freely. I was able to look down and see that black ticket laying on my belly. I was able to grab it but did not have the strength to pull it off. My arms fell back by my sides and it began to expand all over my body. Inch by square inch it covered me as it seemed like it also was pouring into my body through my belly button. What the  hell is happening to me? What was my desire, I panicked. I panicked at all the stuff that ran through my mind. I had been looking at a bunch of crazy stuff online. Man I hope that damn mirror didn’t pick that up. 

All I could do was gaze up at the mirror on my ceiling and watch what was happening. The rubbery ticket had covered my entire body and head up around my neck. I could only think about suffocating. The rubber covered my head and face, but nose and mouths openings came just as I thought I would die. In the mirror, I was covered head to toe in thick black latex and felt like my insides had become rubber as well. Then the suit I was encased in began to grow very tight. The sensation was overwhelming to say the least.

A band of the latex about ten inches wide began to shrink around my waist to about 18 inches. It pushed my belly up to form two large breast, and also down to  my ass. My legs and arms began to lengthen and take perfect female shape. 'What is going on?' I screamed in my head. My face was taking shape of a beautiful woman’s, the latex was still tightening around my body. My eyelashes grew as did my finger nails. My hands looked like I had on red latex gloves but real finger nails on them. Red knee boots with super high heels began to form on my feet.

As I looked up in that mirror, I saw the perfect thing that I desired. I had always wanted my girlfriend to play a latex covered sex doll, but I looked way better than any sexdoll I had imagined or seen on the internet. Finally I was able to move. I stood up and was able to walk effortlessly in my new boots, after all, they were my new feet. I walked over to the full length mirror to see what my desire had created.

Oh my, there was not a blemish or wrinkle as I turned and moved my glorious new body. I tried to get a finger in between my gloves and suit, but that they were one. Even the black laces on my boots could not be untied. As I’m looking in the mirror my head and neck turn to glossy red latex to match my boots, gloves, and red waist. A black tube forms on the top of my head as to make room for my new long strands of black latex hair.  As I began to rub myself all over with my slick hands, I realize that I do not have a pussy where a fuck doll should have one. I kept on rubbing myself everywhere, my ass, my crotch, my boobs, it was so great.

As I’m watching my self in the mirror, my lips begin to get extremely poofy and round just like a fuck doll. Oh it was so hot, those big puffy black lips outlining my mouth fuck hole. I wanted to suck something. A zipper appeared as I began to have a throbbing sensation from my groin almost to my wonderful new tits. I stood there I front of the mirror watching as I unzipped the magical new zipper. I remembered looking at a female catsuit on Rubber Eva’s website. It was her in a black catsuit with an attached monster dildo. I remember thinking how I wished I looked like that only with a cock long enough to suck myself. I had also watched a number of videos of men self sucking and wishing I could do this. So I knew what was about to happen! 

I placed my right hand at the top of the zipper and kept pulling the zipper down with my left hand. I thought I was about to explode, I was shaking so hard. I was so damn hot and horny.  When the zipper bottomed out it disappeared and there I was holding a 35 cm long and 22 cm in girth. It was rock hard as I started stroking from head to base. My rubber hands slid up and down the super slick shaft like they were self lubricating.  I stopped just in time to cum. I kept turning different ways, bending and flexing in front of the mirror. I could feel my gigantic cock twitching as I kept looking.

My perfect "O" shaped mouth was almost swollen shut from excitement. I could feel the silicone like lube web in between them when I closed them and opened them. I frantically started looking for a chair to pull in front of the mirror. I even took the time to set up my phone to record it. I was so hot, temperature wise and looking. To me of course. After some more looking at my wonderful new self I sat down in the chair facing the mirror. I could lean over a bit and tit fuck myself too.

I didn’t have time for that though. Oh my fine looking cock was hard as it could be. Even the head was swollen more than the shaft. I leaned over to put my made for cock sucking to the head of it, teasing myself. Then I just put the head in and out of my mouth a few times just to see it in the mirror. Each time it made a plopping sound when I came off of it. This is so much fun. Now let’s see how far we can bend over and get as far as we can down that 35 cm shaft.

At first it was just a little ways and then it became more and more. Each time I came off and went back down, I was going down further until I was able to take all of it. It was easy after my rubber body began to bend easier. I wanted this to last forever, but I stayed down one too many seconds that last time. I came off of it to watch the ropes of cum go everywhere, but it was like a triggered action. I put about half of my cock back in my mouth and just kept up and down to the head until I could feel my mouth and throat begin to fill with cum.

My cock was throbbing, I was shaking so bad it was silly. I could feel the cum going down into my body. Something was happening. I almost choked there was so much of it. I was rubbing my huge cock and cleaning the cum off of it. I remembered wanting my ex girlfriend to swallow, but she never would. Hell she probably didn’t give over five blowjobs the whole time we dated. That won’t be a problem now.  My new skin had grown so tight, that it made me shiny as a new penny.

When I got up to move and wash myself up, I almost fell over. Oh it felt so good. Even though I had just cum, my cock was still rock hard but kind of flexible at the base. I felt a sensation my backside where an anus fuck hole should be. I bent over in the mirror just in time to see it take shape. It looked just like my mouth fuck hole. Ready for something to be stuck in it. As I thought about what I was about to do, my cock grew another 10 cm. I guess I needed a little more to reach my own ass fuck hole. I rubbed my rubber fingers in it just to make sure it was lubed enough. I let out a groan that could have been heard next door. This is gonna be the best yet.

Able to have the pleasure of ass fucking and the pleasure of being fucked. I positioned myself where I could see my ass in the mirror. At first it did not want to fit in there, but a little rubbing of the head on those lips produced enough lube to go.  I put the head  in and out just to watch it slip between those engorged lips. Finally I could take it no more and just shoved it in as far as I could. This sent me into convulsions almost. I found that I could sit on the bed and just kind of bounce a little to make it great. I stood up to get a better position and found that my cock did not want to come out of my ass fuck hole. It was almost like a vacuum on it. It was so wonderful, the more I tugged ,the more it seemed to want to stay there. So I just started to walk around and move, the more I did the more intense the need to cum became. Not only that, I guess I was feeling what a female orgasm must be like.

Everything finally had to be released. I could feel my cock throbbing and cumming into my quivering ass fuck hole. I sat in the chair only shoving my huge cock further into my ass. When I finally quit shaking, my cock was released and it came up right in between my tits for some more attention. I naturally had to go down on it to see if I could get those extra 10 cm in. I slurped all the cum and lube off and stood up look at my self again.

All of sudden the zipper appeared from my groin to my chest and my cock just stood straight up and disappeared behind it, and then it too disappeared. Next, my super puffy ass fuck hole disappeared too, just slick shiny rubber from head to toe. I watched as my puffy round mouth hole regained its normal shape too. I’m back to looking like a super sexy latex goddess.  I hope I can enjoy myself some more before I change all the way back to my old self.

I heard someone in a very low voice, "That’s something she doesn’t have to worry about."

Holy shit, someone is watching me using my phone camera. "Yes I am watching you Jamie."

"Who is jamie, my name is James. "

"Not anymore. I told you I would find you someone just like you for you, and I did. You got what you always wanted in a girlfriend! It seems you enjoyed every second of it too."

" I certainly did, Jamie is just what I’ve been looking for."

"Since you like it so much Jamie, I have a job opening for you."

" I’ll be glad to check it out."

" I’m gonna cut the phone off for now so I can play some more. I see this zipper coming back. Oh boy!! Come get me tomorrow!!"

Part 2

After I turned off the phone for some "private" time. I set about admiring the perfect body I had always wanted. Flexing and bending and rubbing myself all over. My magical zipper reappeared only for me to unzip it and release my wonderful cock. Only it was about 25 cm long and 18 cm in girth. I just stroked it and sucked it again and again. I was having so much fun. When I woke up my cock had disappeared again and I was just lying there hoping this was not a dream. I looked down only to see my shiny body from head to toe. I can’t believe this was not a dream. My doorbell rang just as I remembered someone was gonna pick me up this morning. I didn’t know what to do. Who was it? What would they think of my appearance.

"Relax in there, is it Jamie?"

"Yes, it is now."

"Ok, I’m a driver here to pick you up for Mr Phillips. I have seen and driven girls that look like you, so don’t be worried. May I come in?"

"Right this way."

"Well Jamie, I must say that you look amazing. Turn once for me please. I’d like to keep you for myself, but we have something else for you to do. Put this overcoat and hat on so we can get to the car without being too noticeable."

"Where are we going now?"

"Not far, our brand new facilities are right outside of town."

"As you recall, last night your ex girlfriend Beth said she was gonna get even with you."

"If this is even, I’ll take it."

"Well we are aware of that. You see, Beth is also my ex-wife. She doesn’t like latex and fetish stuff because of me. I came up with technology that you were the first to experience. The Mirror of Desire was hatched by me."

"What does this have to do with me?"

"Well Jamie, Beth was able to break into this facility and modify some of the technology that can replace human tissue with rubber/latex."

"Go on then."

"Mr Phillips had already perfected the process to make just living sex dolls, but I wanted more than that. A companion as well as a sex doll. I’m getting off track here Jamie. Beth walked by the mirror of desire and the reflection in the mirror looked just like you. Except she had no male abilities like yourself. She still denies her true desires to this day."

"Still where do I come in?"

"Right here. I was not gonna pursue her or anything, but the woman used the mirror and the process to test it on you. Even though all parties are pleased, it pisses me off that she would do this. She has taken some kind of anecdotal cream to keep the process from turning her into true desire from external forces. She doesn’t know that the process is not permanent if she underwent the original one. You should have been warned not to ingest any of the cum that came out of your cock. This made your new body permanently like it is now. Only I doubt you would have objected. Well, your cum swallowed or otherwise "injected" into a female will cause the same effect. Their true desires will become permanent. This will be the first test to see if it works."

"If it is her true desire I’ll be glad to help. If she likes it only half as much as I do she will be overjoyed."

"Ok, Jamie, let’s get you in the lab with her. Beth has been given a drug to relax her a tad. She is encased in a latex suit just like in her mirror of desire look. Pewter with all black accessories. Her eyes and mouth outlined in black too."

"Oh my, she looks so hot."

"Once in do not talk or act like anyone is in the building."

I’m thinking what fun this is going to be for me and her. I walk over the table she is strapped to and begin to rub her slick body with my latex hands. That feeling is coming back in my belly and my zipper is beginning to show. Beth looks over at me and says, "What are you waiting for?" So I unzip the zipper to release my throbbing cock. I stroke it some then roll her head over to the side so she can take it in. I stop just before it enters her mouth.

"Let me release you from the table I don’t think you are going anywhere."

"I don’t know how I got here or who put me in this wonderful suit. It is the one I love the most."

"Kneel down Beth so I can watch you."

When she put those lovely lips around my rubber cock, I thought I would pass out. She knew what she was doing. The closer I got to cumming, the deeper she took it. The black lips on the hood she wore began to turn into her lips. Becoming perfectly round and puffy. When I finally did come, Beth grabbed my butt cheeks and went all the way down on my cock. It seemed like I came for a minute.  When she came off my cock her mouth was webbing over with cum  when she opened and closed her beautiful made for sucking lips.

"Oh Jamie, I can feel my ass fuckhole forming. Do the same to it.  Fill it with cum. I would not let anyone do it before because I didn’t want to think I was like that. That’s all I want, is to be ass fucked now".

She backed up to me on the table and I did just as I was told. Filling her ass with cum until she moaned, and started to shake and quiver. Beth said, "it’s really happening, I’m being turned into a rubber fuckdoll. It’s so amazing. Why didn’t I listen before. My ex husband begged me to try it. Oh I wish he could see me now."

"I can see you now, Beth. You look amazing. Your entire body permanently made in pewter colored latex. Your black boots, gloves, corset, eyes, and those luscious lips. Both pair. Mouth and ass. Your mouth lips will regain regular shape when you calm down as well as your ass will disappear too."

"Oh my Roger, look at me, no wrinkles no blemishes no nothing."

"I can’t quit looking at you dear."

"Let’s get you out of here so we can make up for lost time."

Part 3

"Before you leave, I would like to know more about this job opening Beth mentioned?"

"Oh yes, that is real reason you are here Jamie. We here at rubberdolls inc. have decided to experience and our line of clientele. We were running out of candidates to go into the rubberdoll program."

"What kind of program is that?"

"We take women who are willing to undergo this transformation for money. Only we have not had to pay any of them, because when they come back to be returned back to human form. They all want to be turned back into rubber sex dolls."

"All of them?"

"Without fail!!! They only want to be back in doll form. So we do as they ask."

"So how does this qualify me for this job?"

"Howard take over this conversation, Beth and I must leave now."

"Jamie, I am Howard Phillips, the founder and the one who has discovered most of this technology that turns women into latex covered sex dolls. Living latex dolls just as you. The Mirror of Desire was all Rogers idea. You were accidentally the first one for it to be tested on. It looks to be a great success. But as you can see your male abilities have been altered somehow."

"I don’t get it."

"When a female ingests your cum from either their anus or mouth or pussy they have ability to wish themselves to be a latex covered rubber sex doll too. When they are done with their appointment shall we say. They must walk by the Mirror of Desire. If they look into it and see themselves as one they will undergo the same process as you. We are not forcing anyone to do this. Only to just become a female one."

"It seems so simple, how do we get the women in here?"

"Well our business here is a massage and day spa. You may or may not be surprised at how many men come here for massages. And quite a few ask for the "happy ending" part."

"Oh, the blowjob afterwards."

"Exactly right."

"Still not seeing where I come in."

"If the client gives the right signal or request for a happy ending they will be rolled into another room where you will be waiting."

"Me? I’ve only sucked my own cock."

"This is the bad news or good news either way. Male semen is the only thing that will keep you alive and producing the stuff you cum into women for their changes to take place."

"Well if that’s the case, that’s what I’ll have to do."

"From watching your home made film, It looks like you are an expert at it."

"When do I start?"

"We open after lunch. It’s 11:45 now."

Well I’m all alone in this fancy ass room, waiting to suck some guys cock to get all the cum ingested that I can. Great. Actually after a little while, I was getting aroused thinking about it. I just hope my zipper doesn’t show up. A knock came to the door and the assistant asked if I was ready for the client. "Yes and dim the lights please." The guy was rolled in and the lights were almost dark. He asked if anyone was in here. I brightened the lights just enough to reveal me sitting in the corner. He almost jumped off the table. I walked over to him and told him to lay back down and just relax. I walked around the room and turned the lights up just enough to make me shine and glisten while I moved around. This guy was not gonna take much to get him off. His cock began to rise under the towel that was covering it. I drug it off to expose it fully. My mouth had taken its perfect O shape and my teeth and tongue formed that lovey latex sac. As I stroked and teased him a little his cock grew to about 18 cm.

He asked why I was dressed like this and said how hot I was. I put my finger up to my lips signaling him to shush. My lips webbed over just before they touched his cock. I teased him just like I like to have it done. Stick the head in a few times just to watch it go in those super puffy round lips. Actually just one round lip. Then all the way down, up and down head to base. I feel this guy about to let it go. It was feeling so good to me too, like I was getting fucked instead of just giving this guy head. I never stopped until his cock went soft. I cleaned every drop of cum off of his cock. With my lovely mouth hole. We was still kind of shaking when my lips went back to normal and I could talk.

"That is the most amazing blowjob I have ever had."

"I’m so glad you liked it."

"What is the rubber suit for?"

"Oh, it just makes me feel great, and I know it really turns the clients on."

"It sure as hell does that. I wish my wife would wear something like that. I also wish she could give head like that."

"Thanks for the compliment." I licked my lips just to tease him. "Is your cock getting hard again."

"Well I’m afraid so, but I only paid for one session."

"Don’t worry about that yet. Would you like to have some more fun."

"With you, oh hell yes."

I leaned over the table to reveal my now perfect O ass fuck hole dripping with slick stuff. His dick was throbbing again. "Your not gonna hurt me, fuck me." He made about 25 strokes and he was done. I was tightening my ass hole every time he went backwards, almost sucking the cum out of him.

"Man I wish my wife was like this".

"Make an appointment for her at the day spa."

"For what?"

"Maybe we can show her a thing or two. Provided you don’t mind her having a live lesson or two."

"If you can show her how to do this, I’ll make the appointment with them when I leave. Maybe they can even get her to wear an outfit like yours."

"We will see what we can do."

Guy gets home. "Hey doll I have a day spa gift certificate for you, the new one they just built down the road".

Part 4

I think that guys name was Mark. I have to see Mr Philips. I knocked on his door to see if he was in.

"It’s me Jamie Mr Phillips, I hope I didn’t screw up a bit a go. My first happy ending guy wanted to send his wife here for some 'lessons' and maybe see if she liked my outfit. I told him to make an appointment for her."

"You did perfect doll. That’s how we’re going to get our new clients."

"Wheww, I was worried."

"Is there anything else doll."

"Well I had a few minutes before this guy came in and was looking on the internet. I saw this latex hood website called maskco.com. They had some really hot sexy lips that didn’t need to change to round because they were so puffy already. It made me want some like that."

"Oh Dollie, I failed to mention a few things to you. You are one of a kind right now. The ones you help create will have some of your abilities."

"Just what are you talking about Mr Phillips?"

"Please call me Howard, Jamie. Well, you can change your features if you like. Boob, waist, hips, lips, and cock size whenever you like. You don’t even need that damn zipper anymore, you control that too now. Your color, accessories, eyes, nails, hair and all. You may not want a ponytail or hair at all. You can change your boot color, but not the shape and look of them. Permanent six inch heel knee high boots."

"I have no desire to take them off anyway. What do I do when this guy Mark sends his wife here?"

"He called earlier and made the appointment for tomorrow at 3. After her spa and massage treatments, she will be relaxed enough to see you. Then you take it from there. If she makes sexual advances to you do not stop her. But don’t force your self on her. We don’t want to force this on anyone. This woman is about 25 pounds overweight, skin sagging a little on the face and neck. About 45 years old. She’s perfect for this project."


"Don’t worry doll, you will do fine. If you are lucky enough to get some of your semen in her, be sure to walk her past the mirror and see what her true desires are."

"Sure thing Mr, I mean Howard."

"One more thing doll, does that bother you, me calling you doll."

"Not at all, I like it."

"You are one hot sexy rubber doll. If I didn’t have my own I’d keep you for myself. Are you blushing doll?"

"I guess I am since I can change colors now."

It’s almost three, it’s showtime. Again, I’m sitting in my chair in the same dimly lit room, when Mrs Smith is rolled in on her message table. "Ohhh, something extra I guess. That husband of mine is the best." I heard her say. I take a look at this woman and think, at one point, this was one hot sexy woman here. Is anyone in here with me. I brightened the lights just a bit so as not to scare her.

"Yes I am here for your last treatment."


"I’m going to rub you down and get you all relaxed."

"My your hands are smooth as silk, almost tingling as you rub that oil in."

I’m like what oil, to myself.

"I’m getting so hot. What kind of stuff is that."

"Oh it’s a new process we do only for our special guests."

"It feels like it did a long time ago, when my husband and me couldn’t get enough of each other."

"Really", I said.

"Oh yes, don’t stop." I reached to get a hot towel and must have accidentally turned the dimmer switch up. "I used to have a body like that. I used to be hot and sexy, oh I used to drive my husband crazy. He always wanted me to wear some spandex or pvc stuff. What is that you have on?"

"It’s latex."

" It’s so shiny, and sexy. Let me touch it."

"I guess you can."

The instant she touched me, I thought she was gonna attack me. She couldn’t keep her hands off me.

"You are so soft and slick and incredibly hot to the touch."

I was not sure who was getting the rub down here. She was rubbing my crotch, my ass and my boobs. Shit, I was getting hot.

"Oh, I’m so horny!" she said.

Howard said not to stop her.

"Oh I wish you had a dildo or something to use on me. Did I say that out loud. Oh I’m embarrassed now. No I’m not, I want to suck something or fuck something."

I decided that this was my chance. "Will this do?"

"Oh my goodness you have a strap on dildo."

"It’s not a strap on Mrs Smith."

"Whatever, my name is Judy."

"Slow down Judy. Don’t try to suck the head off of it. Use your lips and tongue. Slow down that’s it. Like this, let me show you." I leaned over and sucked my whole cock in my mouth. I kept it about 8 inches so not to scare her. Up and down slowly I went. I came off of it and said, "You try it."

"That was the most erotic thing I’ve ever seen."

"Suck it Judy." I was helping her by raising and lowering her head. "Oh I want you to cum in my mouth. My husband always wants to but I don’t let him. But I want you to." I pulled her head back down and held it there and filled her throat with never ending ropes of cum. I thought she we would choke.

"That was the most amazing blowjob ever, it even felt great to me. Like you were fucking me."

"Yes I know exactly how it felt."

"Gee, I feel so sexy now."

"What is going on?"

" Let’s get you showered off and on your way Judy."

"Boy you sure turned me on with that hot sexy ass body covered in latex. I wish my husband turned me on like that still. Holy shit I wish I looked like you."

After Judy cleaned up, and was getting ready to leave, I watched her stop in front of the mirror. I already knew what I was about to see. An almost identical twin of me. She, let out a small squeal, and blushed.

"Is this a trick or what?"

"No trick at all it’s called the Mirror of Desire."

"That’s some bogus crap."

"Ok. Judy. Have a good rest of the day!"


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