Model Mouse

by Trash Mouse

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© Copyright 2007 - Trash Mouse - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; furry; mc; oral; tranform; mannequin; display; cons; X


The mall was empty for a Saturday, it seemed like everyone else had something better to do with there time. Of course I was in one of the smaller corners of the mall, it was never that busy, but today it was like it was closed.

I crossed my arms and walked to the small storefront in the back corner. Behind the glass was a collection of mannequins, each one a different species and in a different outfit. There was a vixen, a lioness and a raccoon, but not a single mouse. Sticking my tongue out, I copied the pose of one of the plastic women, then giggled. "I wouldn't be much of a model," I said to myself, turning around to walk away.

An older looking bear was standing behind me, a small smile on his muzzle as he looked over me, then back at the women in the window. "You're very pretty, I think you would look perfect up there with the rest of them," he said.

I blushed at the complement, looking down slightly "Thank you," I said, moving to walk around him.

He moved to block me and placed a hand on my shoulder. "I mean it; you would be perfect on the eyes in a frilly piece of fabric like those."

"Thank you," I said again and tried to pull away from his grasp, looking intently down at my feet.

The bear reached out, took my muzzle in his hand and lifted my head up until I was looking him in the eyes. His eyes were a bright shade of blue, a stark contrast to his brown fur. The moment I saw his eyes I couldn't look away, there was something about them that drew me in.

"I've never seen violet eyes before, they are very pretty, they match your hair," he said, reaching up with his other hand to stroke his finger though my red hair.

I shivered at the touch and tried to pull away but I couldn't seem to move. He smiled at this then bent down and pressed his lips to mine. The warmth of his lips sent a jolt through my body, my ears perking up and my tail jutting out strait from my back. I melted against him and kissed him in return, my tongue playing around his inside my muzzle.

Relaxing against him I wrapped my arms around him, pulling myself close to his large body. He reacted back with one hand and cupped my ass through my skirt, fondling me rather roughly. My tail flicked excited as his fingers stroked over the base of it, his other hand slipping down to grope at my chest.

Whomever this bear was, I was putty in his hands. He started to undo the buttons on my blouse, one at a time as he kept kissing me. My hands reached down and slipped into the back of his pants, squeezing his large ass before I started to slip then around to his crotch. His cock was hard in his pants, and large, even for a bear. I was amazed that his pants could even hold it all in given the pressure.

Finally he broke the kiss and smiled down at me. "You are a very nice woman," he said, pulling out a small pocket knife and opening it. He used the blade to cut open the front of my bra, my breast bouncing free around the fabric. I shivered and tried to cover myself, but found that my arms couldn't move. Instead I trusted out my chest at him, my nipple hard, rising up from my fur like two small stones. If there had been anyone else in the mall it would have been one hell of a show.

"Who are you?" I asked in a whisper.

The bear smiled. "That doesn't matter, not now. Come with me," he said, taking me by the hand and escorting me into the shop whose window I had been admiring. Fear rushed through me; even though the mall seemed to be empty the shop would have someone inside. I tried to pull away from his grasp, but I couldn't manage it.

We walked into the store, the bell on the door ringing as it closed behind us. I let out a soft gasp as I saw the inside of the store. It wasn't a lingerie shop like I had though, it was an adult shop. More mannequins lined the front of the store, wrapped in glossy leather clothing. Further back I could see racks of movies along one wall, along another was rows and rows of dildos of different sizes. I could see a few other people in the shop, all of them, and the clerks, turned to look at us.

"Take off your top," he ordered me.

I nodded my head as he let go of my arm. I undid the last button on my top and shrugged it off, letting it fall to the floor. The remains of my bra followed a moment later. Once it was gone I held my arms at my side, shriving slightly under the gaze of the people in the store.

The bear smiled and came up behind my back, reaching around to fondle my breasts. "These are so nice, how big are you?" he asked.

"I'm a C-cup," I answered with a level of pride but with a touch of fear.

The bear shook his head. "No, I don't think so. I think you're an E-cup," he said in a casual tone.

I let out a cry as a jolt of power ran over my body, jumping for my cunny up to my breasts, focusing on my nipples. The flesh of my breasts started to feel flush then tight against his paws. Looking down at my chest I watched them swell around the bear's fingers, growing larger with the beating of my heart.

In a few moments my breasts were huge, larger then I had ever imaged they could be, the weight of them pulling over my chest and shoulders. My nipples were even larger, jutting hard against the rough palms of his hands.

"Now, isn't that better?" he asked, pulling his hands away then smacking my hard on the ass.

"How did you do that?" I asked, reaching up to cup my breasts, feeling the weight of them in my hands.

The bear smirked and shook his head. "Nothing you need to concern yourself with, get out of that skirt."

Without a word I reached down and undid the hook over my tail then pushed my skirt down over my hip, letting it pool around my feet. I stood in front of him, my tail sweeping behind my legs, my panties the only thing between my and the rest of the store.

He grabbed my shoulder and pulled me back through the store, towards the back where the sexy toys were. The others in the store watched as we walked past them, none of them could take their eyes off my new breasts. I found myself bouncing on my toes, making them jiggle with every step I took. I didn't want to admit it, but they looks they were giving me turned me on, I could feel the growing wetness between my legs.

Once we reached the back of the store he let go of me and leaned back slightly. "You might as well give up the panties; there is no need for you to waist such things on your pretty form."

I nodded my head and quickly slipped my panties down my hips. I could feel the wetness clinging to the fabric of the panties, teasing at the soft public fur around my cunt. I stood in front of the bear, shriving from both the cold and my growing excitement.

The bear looked me over, a smile on his face as he reached down and undid his belt. In a quick move he pulled his pants down, his cock popping free and slapping against his chest. It was a beauty of an erection. People like to joke about being the size of a can of beer, but this bear was damn close to that.

"Suck," he said, pointing to his cock.

I dropped to my knees, moving forward over the cold floor. Reaching up I grabbed the base of his cock in my hands, holding it firmly as I opened my muzzle and slurped his cock inside. My tongue played over the fat head before I slipped it down along the underside of the shaft until my nose was buried in his crotch.

Reaching up I teased my fingers over his heavy balls, rolling them in his sack as my head started to bob over his thick shaft. My muzzle was pulled tight around the massive cock, the taste of it nothing like I had ever had before. His precum was heavy and running thickly down the back of my throat. It made me warm inside, a heat that radiated from my belly and into the rest of my body.

The bear grabbed the back of my head, holding it in place as he started to fuck my face, not taking it easy. He slammed so hard against me that my nose dug against the fur of his crotch, his pubic hair catching in my teeth. It hurt my nose, jets of pain running through my face, mixing with the warmth in my belly and some how making me even more aroused.

Even as he fucked my face I continued to lick at his cock, sucking at the head while I teased his balls. I could feel them growing tighter in my hands, pulling up against his body as they grow larger in my hands.

"Oh, you're a good little mouse, you are such a hot slut, I love how you feet around my cock," he said with a grunt as he continued fucking my face. He slapped his hand over my ears, making the rings in each one jingle as they bounced.

I said nothing in return, my muzzle to full with hot bear cock.

He dug his fingers into my hair and pulled my head tight to him. Letting out a small growl he started to cum. The thick seed gushed over the back of my tongue and down my throat. It was hot, almost burning as it rushed into my stomach. It rushed out through my body, crossing along my arms, my legs, and my tail until I almost glowed.

With a grunt he pulled me off his cock, a few thick spurts of cum raining down over my head, thick gobs clinging to my fur and hanging from my whiskers. There came a smattering of applause around me as a few of the men in the shop showed there appreciation of me.

I blushed a bit, trying to cover my face, but once again I couldn't move to cover myself. Instead I flicked my tongue out and gather up one of the hanging globs of cum, slurping it down.

The bear took a couple steps back, bending down to grab his pants and pulling the up around his waist, buckling the belt. "You are a lot of fun, hon. Now what should I do with you?"

"I don't know," I said with a shiver.

He nodded his head, smiling a bit. "Stand up, and stay here," he said, turning around and walking away from me. I did as he said, climbing to my feet and collected more of the cum from my face, licking my fingers clean. My legs were soaked with my own juices which seemed to run from the quim like it was a faucet.

The bear returned, holding a pink dress in his hand. "Put this on, now," he said, throwing it at me.

I picked up the small dress and looked it over, it was skimpy and pink with laces up the sides. Without thinking much about it I pulled it over my body. It hung tightly over my large chest, my tits poking out of the fabric as I tugged the short skirt over my crotch. It barely covered me and would be indecent in the street.

He nodded, looking me over, and then took a moment to tie up the side of the dress, making sure it was tight against my skin. "Now, strike a pose like when you were in front of the shop."

I nodded my head, standing up tall, relaxing out one hand forward while the other resting on my round ass. I held myself there for him, trying not to move, trying to be perfect for him.

"Now, become a mannequin," he ordered.

A shiver ran over my body as I felt everything freeze, my skin grew stiff, my heart stopped and my weight fell as my form became plastic. I could feel separations forming around my hips and shoulders as my hair started to shift, becoming a wig resting on top of my plastic head. My fur fell away, coloring my plastic form with its old color. My tail grew stiffer, pressing close to my ass and curling at my feet.

I started at the bear in horror as my eyes froze eye open, turning to violet glass as my changes finished, leaving me nothing but a chesty mannequin.

The bear smiled and looked my over. "That is what you really should be, it's perfect for you. Put her in the window, she will be perfect there." He said, the last comment directed to the staff of the store. He gave me one last smile, grabbed my plastic breasts for a moment, than walked out of the store.

There were a few moments of silence in the store then one of the clerks came up to me. She looked me over for a moment the touched my pointed nipples. "She is pretty; I think she would be perfect in the window."

The other clerk nodded and grabbed my side. "Let's put her there, it's better then out her in the store," he said. Together the two clerks grabbed me and lifted me from the floor, carrying me back through the store. It took a few moments to place me in the window, but soon I was on the other side of the glass, with the mannequins I had so recently admired.

At the start I hoped the bear would come back and turn me back to normal, but as the time past I started to doubt it. My clothing changed, as did my hair and my pose, and every day people looked at me, usually with lust in there eyes. There came a point when I knew I would never turn back to normal, and by then I was glad. I was happy to be a mannequin and I never truly wanted to turn back.



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