My New Position

by Gromet

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© Copyright 2013 - Gromet - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; M/f; latex; catsuit; caught; corset; boots; hood; armbinder; gag; collar; bfold; bond; straps; display; rubberdoll; storage; bagged; cartrunk; sex; climax; fpov; cons; X


It was turning out to be a normal day like any other in the office, that is until the courier arrived at my desk carrying a parcel. You see I work as a Personal Asssistant to my boss, or secretary in the old terms. He runs a successful engineering & manufacturing business, our office is at the front of the building with the factory located below and behind the main offices.

The parcel in question arrived damaged, that is that the corner had been ripped open during delivery and part of the inner contents were showing through, a sort of black material, slightly powdery and slick. I signed for the parcel and the courier took off in a hurry before I could blame him for the damage to the package.

Returning to my work I had several letters and invoices to complete, but the parcel sitting on the edge of my desk kept drawing the attention of my eyes. Finishing up as much as I could I thought I’d better check over the package to see what and how bad the damage would be to the contents inside.

We are always receiving packages by courier, samples, products and new designs are delivered most days, but not usually to my desk, they normally go down to the shop floor and the production office or the loading dock and receiving but this one was addressed personally to my boss Mr. Rodgers.

The package was small, about 15cms square or 6 inches in the old school, the tear was on one side in the corner and the interior contents were spilling out slightly. I touched the black material and was surprised to find that it felt like latex, now I must admit I have worn latex clothing recently when out partying, a skirt and top hang in my wardrobe at home, so I wasn’t shocked at the discovery.

I decided to open the package to check the contents for any damage and get back on to the courier company and blast them for the damages they must have caused by their incompetence. Slicing through the tape the cardboard packaging gave way to reveal the contents inside; it sure was latex, black in colour and cold to the touch. I picked the material up by one corner and flipped it out to open up what this product was.

To my surprise it was what looked like an item of clothing, there were arms and legs and the main body part, looking at the back there was a zipper the length of the main part of the suit. ‘This must be what they call a catsuit!” I thought. Looking over the item in my hands, running my fingers over the black material and examining it for any signs of damage. ‘Well I can’t see anything wrong with the suit’, I thought, ‘maybe if I try it on, just to check for any damage of course!’

My wicked side had come over me, sure it wasn’t my catsuit, maybe it was destined for some lady friend of Mr Rodgers, ‘or even maybe himself’ I thought with a smile on my face. I wanted to try this suit on, I didn’t think at the time what it would lead to but my tummy was tingling as was somewhere slightly lower down, I usually feel this way when thinking sexy thoughts, my desires running through my mind. ‘But no I couldn’t’ I thought, trying to fight the urge to try this suit on.

‘The suit belongs to someone else, I shouldn’t be even thinking of trying it on and what if someone comes in and sees me?’ I reasoned with myself. ‘But no one usually comes up here unless they ring first and Mr Rodgers is away at a business meeting, so he’ll be gone most of the day.’ My wicked self thought, trying to out-reason my inner conscience. ‘You’ll only have this one chance and you really only want to check out the suit for any damage.’

Well readers my wicked self won that round, I made sure that I wouldn’t be disturbed by placing the phone on the ‘Do not disturb’ feature, that way the people downstairs knew not to come up and annoy me, they knew that the boss was out and therefore had no real need to come up here. I walked into Mr Rodger’s office, he has an ensuite bathroom attached and I thought that that would be the best place to try on the suit.

Entering the ensuite I closed the door, switched on the light and started to strip off my work clothes, the suit I left on the counter top, it seemed to be calling for me, my attention focused on being inside the black latex confines of the catsuit. You may think that I’m crazy, trying on the suit like this with the chance of discovery certainly high should anyone visit the office, but the more I looked and touched the suit the more I wanted to see what it felt like on my body.

Of course when wearing latex the clothing is usually very tight, even more so when the item is new like this one, I found out from wearing my own latex that either lubrication or talcum power will be required to ease the suit over the lumps and bumps of a curvy female body like mine, I’m only small, just under 5 feet tall, my figure is slight and my breasts could have been larger, but overall I’ve never had any complaints from my former boyfriends, and I do look good in a bikini, or so the many stares I get from men tell me.

I found a can of talc in one of cupboards in the ensuite, strange place to keep it at the office but who am I to judge. Sprinkling the powder over my limbs and body, so I was satisfied that I had enough on me and began pulling the suit over my legs, my feet slipped down into the black maw of the interior of the suit and emerged into the enclosed feet of the suit and with a quick push down they popped into place. Now my feet and lower legs were covered and whilst initially cold the suit soon warmed.

Pulling the suit up and over my waist, wriggling my hips to ease the passage of the latex material, I soon covered my rear in the inky blackness, the material conforming to the curves of my rear cheeks and separating them at the same time. The touch of the suit against my sex sent delightful shivers throughout my body, the feelings washed over me as I stood there with the suit only half way on.

Next up came my arms, I thought I’d best do these next as it may be more difficult when I have the suit higher up my body, my hands slid down into the sleeves one at a time, they popped out the ends of the sleeves and the suit seemed to close around my wrists sealing my arms inside. Then I pulled the suit up and over my shoulders, enclosing them inside and finally getting my body inside the black latex catsuit.

The suit had a collar at the top that went part way up my neck, the suit had definitely been made for a woman as the front had areas for my breast to fit inside and the suit was cut in on the waist, ‘not something that you’d find on a male’s suit!’ I thought and wondered who the lucky lady was who this suit was destined for.

Reaching behind me I grabbed the zip pull and slowly drew the zipper closed from my bottom up to my shoulders, adjusting the suit and pulling as I went along. The suit getting tighter on my body with every inch of the zipper closing. Soon I had the zipper all the way up to the rear of my neck, sealing my naked and now hot body inside, the black latex becoming like a second skin. Looking in the half-mirror in the ensuite I looked very good in the suit, my curves enhanced by the outer skin.

I could only see the top half of my body in the ensuite mirror but I knew that there was a full size mirror out in the bosses’ office; he keeps a wardrobe of clothing in case he needs to change for meetings etc. So I padded out into the office itself and walked over to the wardrobe, enjoying the feeling of the latex on my body, the tight grip against my flesh sending delightful feelings through my body. But that was about to be magnified when I got to see the full package in the mirror, my body looked fantastic, the catsuit enhancing the curves and showing them off to maximum effect. I was enjoying wearing this suit and also running my hands over the outside too.

Maybe I was too lost in what I was doing, overcome with sensations or just didn’t hear, but my boss Mr Rodgers had returned early and had just walked in behind me and was watching me admire myself in the mirror.

“My you do look good in that my dear!” he said.

I turned startled at him being there, I’d been caught trying on the suit and not only that it was my boss that had discovered me. I tried to cover myself up, my hands didn’t know where to go and it seemed that I’d lost the power of speech as I tried opening my mouth the start explaining what I was doing.

“That suit seemed to be made for you!” he stated, his eyes never leaving my latex clad body. “Where did you get it?”

“I… I… It came via courier…” I stammered.

“Say again.” He said.

“It... it came via courier today.” I answered. “It was delivered for you.” My face turning red with embarrassment.

“And you thought that you’d try it on, do you usually go around opening parcels that are not addressed to you?”

“No, no not at all… It… it was damaged…” I trailed out.

“So what were you thinking?” he said.

I thought at this point the ground would open up and swallow me whole, I’d been busted trying on the suit that my boss had ordered and caught red-handed.

“I... I was checking if the suit was damaged… sir,” I muttered. Lowering my head and looking down like a naughty schoolgirl.

“And is it?” he enquired.

“It doesn’t seem to be, but I haven’t checked it thoroughly, I’ve only just got it on.”

“Come over here and let me see” he ordered.

I meekly walked over towards him, my face blushing bright red and my hands trying to cover my crouch. I’d given up trying to cover my breasts and my hands had finally started to work properly and going where I wanted them to go. My panic starting to ease.

“Okay stand there and turn around” he asked.

I stood in front of him, slowly turning myself around and letting him get a good look at my latex covered body.

“Very nice…” he commented, “ahm, well there appears to be no damage to the suit.”

He adjusted the suit to fit better at the shoulder and top of the arms, he also adjusted the neck collar too. “There that’s better”.

I continued to stand there in front of him, waiting to hear those words ‘You’re fired!’, my head hung slightly in shame and any feeling I had about wearing the suit now completely gone. But he surprised me with his next response.

“There’s more to that outfit if you wish to try it on.” He said.

“So… you’re not angry about me wearing it?” I asked.

“No, just surprised to find you like this in my office, and as you said that you were checking it for any damage, just the thoroughness I’d expect from my assistant.” He smiled.

“But what about your lady friend, wouldn’t she mind…?” he cut me off.

“No there isn’t one for this suit, well there is but…” he trailed off. “Do you like wearing the suit?”

“Well yes, I’ve not worn anything like it before, I have a couple of items of latex clothing at home but nothing like this, the feeling I got when trying it on was amazing!”

“Well it certainly fits you well and you look wonderful in it.” He continued, “As I said there is more to this outfit if you’d like to try it on?”

Relieved that I wasn’t about to face the job queue, I would have done anything he asked to try keeping my job, so the prospect of trying on more wonderful latex and exploring those tingly feelings again would be not too stressful. I agreed to try by nodding my head and saying, “Yes of course”.

I didn’t realise what was about to happen, nor what the other items of clothing there was but with my heart now no longer in my throat and the fright of being caught now subsiding, I thought that by doing this I would be pleasing my boss and also keeping my employment.

He walked over to his drinks cabinet, I should say at this point that his office is decked out with custom built cupboards and furniture, the cupboards and doors go all the way to the ceiling. There are several cupboards arranged along two walls, with a conference table along one wall and a lounge setting next to that. Let’s say his office looks the part of a successful business owner.

Opening both doors revealed the shelving inside the drinks cabinet, with bottles, glasses and other sundries you’d expect to find in a well-stocked drinks cupboard. I first thought that he was getting a drink but he reached down and touched under one shelf, there was a click and the shelving opened to reveal another cupboard hidden behind. He switched on the light and inside the cupboard was something covered with a cloth.

He pulled the cloth covered item out of the cupboard; the stand below had wheels on that made it easy to move. Once out in the office space he pulled the cloth back to reveal what was underneath. There standing in front of me was another woman dressed in latex, she had straps holding her to the pole behind her, the pole itself went down to join the base plate with the wheels attached. She was wearing a latex catsuit like mine, except that she had a hood covering her head and face. She was also wearing a corset, thigh high boots and something was holding her arms behind her. I didn’t know whether to run and get out of here or try to help free her. But my fascination with how she was dressed held me fixed to the spot.

“Is she okay?” I asked.

“She isn’t really a she as such,” he said, “she is a life-size doll. She’s not flesh and blood like you or I.”

“But she looks real” I said.

“That’s part of the idea, life-sized dolls like this are supposed to look like they’re real, otherwise they wouldn’t call them ‘realdolls’” he answered.

“But why is she here?” I asked. Looking more closely at the doll.

“Well it’s difficult to find any female who’d be interested in wearing latex like this, let alone want to play!” he said.

“So you use the doll instead. But what about your wife?” I enquired.

“She left a while ago, she didn’t like the latex and thought I was sick and perverted, she took up with someone more suited to her needs.” He said, “And I started acquiring dolls…”

“So you have more than one?”

“Several, though only this one here.” He answered, “the rest are back at my home. This one is just here if I feel like playing when working late or just to admire whilst working.  You must think that I’m strange!”

“Well I must say that she does look good there, and I did love the feeling that this suit was giving me before being busted by yourself, so I can see why you like this, it certainly does show off the female body well.” Posing and running my hands down my body as I said this. “So no I don’t think that you are weird, a little strange maybe but no more strange than me enjoying wearing this suit.”

“Oh that’s a relief!” he said, his body relaxing now that his guilty secret was out.

“So you said that there was more to this outfit?” I asked, trying to make him feel at ease.

“Sure is, do you want to try it on?”

“Okay, well I’m already part dressed anyway, let’s see what else you have.”

“There’s the corset first,” he said excitedly, “then the boots…”

Reaching up he started to remove the corset from the doll, he also took off a couple of straps around her waist to allow access. Once removed he came over to me, “Here wrap this around your waist.”

I took it from him and placed around me, holding it in place as he went behind me to fasten up the hooks that held it in place. Then he started on the cording, pulling them through the eyelets and closing the corset tighter around my waist. “Are you ready for this?” he asked.

“Sure go ahead, it’ll be interesting to feel this around me, I’ve never worn one before.” I stated.

He continued with the lacings pulling and tugging, getting the corset tighter and tighter around my middle, the corset itself went from the top of my hips up to and under my breasts, they started to stand out more now that the corset was doing its job of reducing my waistline. My breathing becoming more difficult, he told me to take shallow breaths and to use my diaphragm to help with breathing.

Soon he had it as tight as he could and was tying off the cord behind me, my waist seemed to be smaller now and my breasts more prominent that before, my hips looked larger and overall I looked great. I stepped over to the full length mirror to check myself out and was astounded by what I saw; there was a vision of a beautiful woman clad in latex, with her waist tightly held in by the corset. The feelings running through my body had now returned and magnified ten times by the addition of the corset.

“You look great!” he said as he looked me over, “like you were made to wear it.”

He started to remove the boots from the doll next, once he had gotten one off I took it and started to try putting it on myself. It was difficult to bend in the corset and he told me to wait and he would dress me in them. Soon after he had the second boot off the doll and bade me sit down on his couch, he knelt down and started by placing my feet inside the boot, then running the rest up my leg and doing up the fasteners as he went. He continued with the other foot until both feet were clad in the boots.

He then started the lacing and this tightened the boot as it climbed my legs, tugging and pulling at the strings, each turn getting tighter. Soon he had laced the boots all the way to the top, now my legs were covered from my feet all the way to the top of my thighs. I’d gotten some very interesting feelings when he was lacing the top of the boots, and once or twice his hand ‘slipped’ and touched my crotch ‘accidentally’. I just smiled down at him, too lost in my own feelings to care if he got himself a cheap thrill.

He then held my hands and pulled me up off of the couch, I stood for the first time in these heels, the boots holding my legs straight, I found it difficult to walk in them and walked stiffly at first, they held my legs straight and bending my knees was almost impossible. I walked like Frankenstein’s monster, my legs not bending and placing one foot in front of the other in short steps, he aided my walking until I could stand on my own, then he went back to the doll whilst watching me walk.

“They certainly feel tight!” I said, “and walking in them would be difficult”.

“They’re supposed to be like that, and they’re not meant for walking!” he laughed, “you’ve heard the expression ‘fuck-me’ boots before haven’t you, well they certainly yell that!”

Looking in the mirror I had to agree with him, turning around they showed off my ass, the height of the heels adding to my physique at the rear. The corset and the boots framing my posterior and enhancing its look. Overall my body looked and moreover felt wonderful, I was working up quite a head of steam on the sexual front, I’m sure that my pussy covered as it was in latex was brewing away nicely down there, I half expected to see steam rising!

I turned back and joined him over by the doll; he seemed to be enjoying the show judging by the bulge that was in his trousers. I swayed my hips more on seeing this and slinked over to him, now finding it easier to walk once the boots warmed to my body. I think we were both getting turned on by the events happening here and I was wondering what would happen next.

“Okay” he said, “that’s the easy part, do you want to try on some more, the hood perhaps?”

“Okay”, my judgement somewhat clouded by my lustful desires.

He eased the hood off of the doll and I bent my head towards him as he started to place it over mine. It was tight and he struggled at first to get it over my head, the hair in the way didn’t help. But soon he had the hood down over my face and was pulling it down around my neck. He lined up the holes, ones that I hadn’t noticed on first look, with my nose, mouth and eyes. Then he undid the zipper on the suit slightly and tucked the ends of the hood inside before refastening the zipper closed.

I was now covered from head to toe in latex, with only my hands showing any flesh, and he walked back into the cupboard and brought out a pair of black latex gloves that soon covered my hands, and now I had a second skin all over. Then he brought out a cloth and a spray can, he started spraying the latex and used the cloth to bring out a high shine to the catsuit, corset & hood. I stood there whilst he did this enjoying the feeling of him rubbing all over my body, feeling more like a rubber doll with every touch.

Whilst he was busy with the polish, I started re-examining the doll itself, more over what else that she was wearing and the position that I’d first saw her in, that being bound and on display. And the first stirring thoughts started coursing through my brain, my wicked side taking over again and a plot started scheming inside my head, what would I look like in her place?

Mr Rodgers had now finished and had stepped back to admire his handiwork, touching up here and there where he thought was necessary. I looked just like the doll beside me, both dressed in latex, though I was now head to toe and she just in her catsuit.

“There how does that feel?” he asked.

“Wonderful, I’ve never felt anything like this before and I look great,” turning around and catching my reflection in the mirror. “But you haven’t finished yet…”

“Well you’re wearing the catsuit, corset, boots and hood just like the doll was. What else do you want to try?”

“Well I look just like your doll, so therefore I must be just another doll and as you like playing with dolls and putting them on display, maybe… well, maybe you could put me on display like the other doll was.”

“You want to try the armbinder?” he asked.

“If that’s what it’s called, then yes please” I smiled under the hood.

“Okay,” he then went behind the doll and removed the straps that held the armbinder on, then he came behind me. “If you’re ready, place your arms behind you” he asked.

I moved my arms behind me and he started working the sleeve up my arms, it started getting tighter the lower my hands went and soon my arms were firmly inside the armbinder, the straps he started working around my shoulders to hold it in place. Then he started tightening the straps on the armbinder, pulling my arms together behind me and my arms soon were touching from my wrists to my elbows. Adjusting here and there as he worked, finally satisfied he polished the latex until it was shining as brightly as the rest of my outfit.

“There, how does that feel?” he asked with a beaming smile on his face.

“It feels tight, but a good tight.” I answered, wriggling my arms behind me, experimenting with my bound arms. And looking down my breasts now stood out more, giving him something to look at.

“It’ll be easier the longer you wear it, though it may hurt after a while, just let me know if it does.”

“Okay” I said still moving my arms, hips and whole body about trying to get more of the lovely feelings I had been experiencing. “What’s next?”

“Well you basically have the whole outfit on, except for the gag and blindfold that is!” he stated.

“And the straps on the stand!” I answered.

“Are you sure you want that?” he asked.

“Well I’m just another dolly for you to play with, I look like one, I’m dressed like one, so therefore I must be one, and dollies need to be displayed.”

“Well okay, you certainly look like just another doll now,” he said, “I can put you on display if you wish.”

“Yes please.” I said, my heart leaping at the thought, my sex getting more moist. “Dolly wants to be played with and displayed.”

“Then let’s get you on the stand then.” He said.

He helped me onto the base of the display stand and soon my back was pressed up against the rear pole. He went behind me and did something to the pole and then he had the top half removed. “Got to get your armbinder the other side of the pole”, he explained. He then placed the pole between my back and the armbinder and relocked the pole into the lower half.

Next he started with the straps, around my waist, thighs, feet, knees pulling each one tighter, the straps slightly pushing into my flesh as he did so. Satisfied with those he worked up my body with straps around my lower chest, above and below my breasts, one more around my shoulders and soon I was welded to the pole and couldn’t move. I wriggled as much as I could and each time I did he tightened any straps that appeared loose.

“There,” he said, “another dolly on her display stand. Just one or two more things” and he left again to return to the cupboard. Soon he was back standing in front of me, “Here I forgot the posture collar.” And he placed this around my neck, it held my head in place and I found that I was unable to move my head around or up and down.

“How does that feel?” he asked, “not too tight?”

“No it’s good, I certainly cannot move now, I’m trapped here on display.”

“Gag next I think,” he said, “as dollies don’t speak.”

“Okay, but when you do that could you wheel me over to the mirror I’d like to see what I look like.”

I held my mouth open as he placed the gag inside, then he tightened the straps around my head. Now I was silenced, bound and on display, looking for all the world just like the doll I’d replaced. He wheeled me over to face the mirror, and sure enough I couldn’t tell the difference either, I was now a bound, displayed rubberdoll on its stand waiting for its owner to use or otherwise play with.

As I looked at my bound body in the mirror I caught sight of him picking up the other doll, now only wearing the catsuit, she looked naked compared to me. He carried her over towards his couch, pressing on a button on the side revealed a storage cavity inside; he placed her inside and closed the seat down sealing her inside. I thought of me inside there instead of her.

“Okay, enough play now dolly I have work to do” and he wheeled me back towards the cupboard, he turned me so I faced him and he left me there on display whilst he went back to his desk to carry on working.

I was left there and ignored, just another object on display, I could be just another part of the office furniture for all he seem to care. He occasionally looked up and admired my bound, displayed form then he would return to his paperwork. It was only when he took phone calls did he spend time looking at me, I wriggled and squirmed as much as my bondage would allow, just to tease him.

It started getting dark outside, so I knew that the workday was nearly over, the workers downstairs would soon be making their way home. I wondered what I would be doing, but it was out of my hands now. The telephone rang bringing me out of my thoughts; he answered it and looked at me whilst he spoke.

“Sure… okay… yes come on up.” He said.

Someone was coming up to the office; surely he wouldn’t let me be seen like this.

“Well dolly, Bill, the production manager is coming up for a meeting, looks like I’ll have to get you out of the way whilst he’s here, I don’t have time to get you loose, so you’ll have to stay like that for now.” He said as he began pushing the display stand backwards and into the cupboard.

“Time for dolly to be put away”, he said. And I was pushed right back inside the cupboard, he placed a blindfold over my eyes. “Now don’t forget dollies don’t make any noise, we don’t want Bill finding out our little secret do we! Once I close the drinks cabinet it may muffle some noise, but I’m not too sure on that, my other dollies don’t make any sound.”

“Be quiet and stay still”, he said as he closed the drinks cabinet inner door sealing me inside the cupboard just like his other doll. Then he closed the outer doors to the cupboard and you’d never suspect that there was a latex clad, bound female on display inside. He went to the ensuite and removed my clothing and placed it with the other doll inside the couch.

Bill arrived shortly thereafter and they got down to discussing business, I couldn’t hear them from inside the cupboard, other than a faint murmur, it was only when he opened the drink cabinet and offered Bill a drink could I hear them clearer. It scared me at first when he opened the cupboard, I wasn’t expecting it. Lucky for the gag being in place, though I’m sure that my boss had heard me.

Closing the doors again, they both settled down for their meeting. I was enjoying being bound, clad in the latex catsuit and strapped to the display stand, being kept as an object certainly started ringing some bells for me, and I found myself getting more turned on being left like this than when I was out in the open. Maybe I had a secret closet fetish.

The meeting must have dragged on for a few hours, it seemed so to me inside the cupboard and at one point I thought that he’d gone home for the night and left me in here on my own, in fact they’d gone down to the factory floor and Bill’s office to look over some paperwork. I wondered how I’d cope with being bound for so long, my feet were starting to hurt inside the tight boots, not too bad but they would be a relief to get off, like heels at the end of the day.

I was shaken out of my fantasies when I heard the sound of the outer cupboard doors opening, soon followed by the inner door revealing my bound latex form on display inside. I felt hands grab hold of me either side and pull me out of the cupboard.

“Are you okay?” I heard Mr Rodgers ask.

“Mmmm!” I nodded as best I could. I was blinded as he removed the blindfold from over my eyes, and then he reached for the gag and soon I was able to speak.

“I’m fine, I was enjoying being another one of your doll collection, treated just like you treat your other doll, bound and on display, just an object for your pleasure.”

“I’m pleased with that” he said, “sorry the meeting took so long, I’ll have you out of there as soon as I can.”

“No, please don’t…” I pleaded. “Dolly wants to be played with.”

“Mmm! So dolly wants her owner to play with her!”

“Yes please.”

With that he started to undo the straps holding me to the stand, he then took the pole apart to remove the armbinder from behind the stand. He ran his hands over my body as he did so, I loved the feeling of his hands as it sent delightful shivers throughout my body.

“There we are all untied,” he said as he lifted me down from the display stand.

I walked over to his desk, spread my legs and bent down face first on top of the desk. “Dolly wants you to use her”, I said as I wiggled my behind at him. “But dolly needs to be re-gagged first; otherwise security will be up here investigating my noise.”

He walked over and replaced the gag in my mouth, “There dolly all silenced again.”

He then ran his hands over my rear, moving ever closer to my enclosed delights and soon I felt the zipper opening allowing cool air to enter and my steam to escape. Next I felt his hands either side of me pressing me down onto the desk top, and then something enter my pussy from behind. His shaft felt exquisite inside of me, long overdue and more than welcome as he invaded my insides. I shouted and screamed into my gag as he pounded into me, our sexual passions on high as we made out on his office desk.

I reached my first climax quickly, after all I had been building up for hours now and finally I could let off steam, soon he too joined me as he pushed himself deeper within me and we both orgasmed together. He lay on top of me not caring to move, both of us stunned and our muscles unable to respond to our commands. Eventually he withdrew from me and I felt empty inside, but satisfied with the result.

I lay there on the desk face down for a while longer as we both recovered, he in his chair. Once I started showing signs of life he began removing the armbinder, my arms felt like lead when they were released and I just laid there as he continued removing the boots. I felt stiff and sore but in a good way and I had really enjoyed my experience as his doll. I didn’t want it to end, but what could I do.

“Okay it’s late dolly and it’s time to go home,” he said.

I had stood up by now and had gotten the feeling back in my arms and legs, I was still wearing the gag and the corset, plus the collar and hood too. I reached behind me and removed the gag from my mouth and said, “Dolly thanks you for showing her what she’s made for. Dolly loves being on display and being played with by her owner.” I smiled as I said this.

“Well I’m pleased too, I like my new dolly and want to play some more when we can.” He said.

“Well this dolly doesn’t have anyone at home to go to, maybe you could take this dolly home to play with at your pleasure.”

“Are you sure you want to?”

“Dolly is sure, dolly loves being owned and used, played with and displayed. How do you take your dollies home from the office?” I asked.

“Well I have this sports bag”, he said as he retreated into the cupboard, “I usually place the doll inside and carry her down to the car and take her home.”

“Well you’d better get this dolly packed away inside,” I said as I lifted the gag back up to my mouth, “one thing though as I’m just an object, another dolly of yours I’d expect that you’d transport them in the trunk of your car.” I hoped that he’d get the message, and tightened the gag straps in place.

He opened the bag and helped me inside, he said that it was much easier with a more flexible doll that the others, he tucked me down inside with my knees up against my chest, my arms down at my sides; soon I was a tight little bundle inside the bag. He started closing the zipper sealing me inside.

“Well dolly time to go home,” he said, as he closed up the zipper and locked me inside.

I felt him pick up the bag and carry me downstairs, then out through the front doors and out to his car, I then heard the trunk open and he lifted me inside, without another word he closed the lid and it closed with a clunk, the finality of which secured me inside, just another doll inside a bag. He left and went back to the office to clear things away and came down half hour later, climbed into the driver’s seat, start the car and drove away.

I was totally ignored, I was just an object in the trunk and he would deal with me when he arrived home, until then I was left to my fantasies and wondering what else could happen to me in my new life as his rubber doll.


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