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by SparkyMira

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Woman to Mannequin TF - MoK

The Misadventures of Kim

“I already told you I am not going to buy my own ticket to that stupid gaming convention. Our store was supposed to provide us both tickets but somebody just had to be a smartass and only say we had one employee available to go…” I said grumbling as I tucked a loose strand of long brown hair behind my ear and glared at my friend and manager. 

My name is Kimberly Gloss, a 20-year-old college student who works at the local game shop to pay for classes. I am about 5’4, long brown hair that went past my shoulders, C-Cup breasts and some pretty nice curves, most people say I’m the full package. 

“C’mon Kim… I just need you to go along with this.” my manager and friend Andrew Henderson said as he chased me around to the back room of the store.

“I told you Andy, I am not comfortable being the get out of jail free card just because you forgot to do your job,” I said placing a hand on my hip as we arrived in the store room and glared at the man walking in behind me. 

Andrew was a tall lanky man with short black hair that was a good half-foot taller than me. He was a geek in all but appearance though and that is why we are such good friends.

Our job at the store was simple. We managed the front store portion of the shop and restocked the inventory. We also placed all the orders. One of the orders and our current point of argumentation is the fact that not only did Andrew forget to book my pass for the upcoming convention where our booth was a staple for the past five years, he also forgot to order a new mannequin like our manager wanted for the booth.

“Look just use the one from the display we have, I am not helping you after you fucked up my chances of getting into the biggest con of the year!” I shrieked from the opposite counter.

“That’s why this is going to help you! I have a way to get you in without your pass!” he said grabbing my shoulder.

I looked up to him and gave him a questioning look. He seemed to get what I meant and led me into the very back of the storage room where we kept all the mannequins and other display products. 

Grinning he dug around through the boxes, tossing random pieces of clothing and memorabilia to and fro until he finally pulled a blue, pink and white jumpsuit from the box.

“Tadah!” he said triumphantly as he held the outfit near my face.

I just left the silence hanging as I waited for an explanation.

“Ok look. I know I screwed up really bad but here is how we get you in.” he said gathering a few other articles that looked like they went with the outfit before he walked towards a partially opened shipping crate. 

Once we reached the crate he handed off the clothes to me as he removed the lid and a cover piece of protective Styrofoam that was under it. 

He peeled that layer off and revealed an extremely detailed mannequin whose chocolate brown eyes seemed to resonate with my own. Her full lips and dainty nose were perfectly framed by her long brown hair due and soft face. 

It was only when I took in her whole body did I let loose a slight gasp. She was wearing the same jumpsuit ensemble that Andrew had placed into my hands mere moments ago. 

It dawned on me now that this was the mannequin replica of the D.Va or Hana Song that we had recently shipped back to the manufacturing company because we no longer needed it.

“This little thing is not only my ticket to saving my bacon but also your ticket to getting into the con.” He said matter-of-factly as with a little effort he removed the plastic model from her case, leaving a distinct indent in the packaging. 

He walked off to the side for a moment and I took the time to inspect the plastic shell closely. It was nearly inch for inch the same size as me and her body type was nearly identical to mine. Her skin as was standard with all the expertly detailed mannequins we used was made of extremely realistic silicone that emulated the human skin and warmth almost perfectly. I was mesmerized by the detail until Andrew returned with a full-length mirror.

“Originally we sent this one back to the factory so we could make room for a new display but the case is just perfect for her size and with the new Overwatch league happening soon we sent back for her.” He said placing his newly acquired supplies down.

“So this beauty is supposed to be out on display by the end of the day and then tomorrow after closing time I will tell our almighty owner Jarod that D.Va will be the display at our booth.” He said patting her should affectionately. 

I raised an eyebrow at this. “Ok that makes sense but how does this help anyone but yourself? I am still down a ticket to the show and you still owe me.”

He seemed to smile manically at my comment before grabbing the outfit from my hands and holding it up near the mannequin.

“You see the fine folks at Life-O-Plastic were kind enough to send an extra outfit for Ms. Song here since we said we would be keeping her this time. Meaning if someone who was, oh I don’t know, roughly the exact same size as her wanted to try it on and cosplay as her it might be okay.” He said with a lot of emphasis on the last part and my eyes locked with his.

“Explain.” I said simply. I was very intrigued by where he was going with this and by his grin he was glad to see my curiosity. 

“We are going to dress you up as D.Va and I am going to put you into the crate to be shipped with the other mannequins being delivered to the convention center, where soon after delivery you will be placed at our company’s booth and can then freely roam the con.”

My mouth dropped at this crazy plan… I was going to be property of the company for an entire weekend. Was I not going to question this? It sounded full proof. I would just need to act like a mannequin for the transportation and then I was home free. 

I nodded. “I swear I have no clue what goes on in that head of yours Andy but when we need a plan you are just crazy enough to find a wild solution.” I giggled as we laughed together before placing the mannequin on display and closing up for the night.

The Next Day

We both arrived early to work the following morning in order to enact out crazy plot. I had woken up even earlier to get my hair in the proper style and my makeup just right to match the mannequin. I now had some light eye shadow and four jagged ping triangles on my face.

I met up with Andy in the storage area where he was busy placing the doll behind a dusty shelf so it wouldn’t be found. I gave a quick hello before grabbing the spare costume and walking to the little girl’s room.

The outfit was a major pain to get on seeing as how it was mainly comprised of latex and it was skin tight, but after some struggling. I managed to fit into the snug costume. Now came the actual hard part. 

Upon exiting the room, I stopped and stared at what Andrew was holding. In his hand was a replica of her blaster and a set of matching headphones. 

“Hey there good looking you ready to serve some justice?” he asked holding the articles of the costume. 

I gulped and gave him a halfhearted glare as he handed me the blaster and stuck the headphones into position over my ears. 

“You sure I look close enough to the actual thing?” I asked before waddling over to the mannequin he had pulled out from its hiding spot. 

He gave me a light push before giggling to himself. Immediately I felt something change as the headphones I had just been given gave a slight vibration and my body began moving on its own. 

At first it was just one leg bent slightly forward as I leaned onto the left side. My left arm straightened out and my hand was placed above my thigh and my fingers being the only thing actually touching at the angle I was at. 

My right hand, while holding the bright colored pistol, wrapped around the back of my head leaving the gun upside down pointing away and my arm under my long hair. 

I thought I was done but I felt my face start moving. My lips were pulled into a cute, close-lipped smile and my right eye closed into a suggestive wink. 

At this point I was panicking on the inside but I couldn’t move or talk anymore. I looked to Andrew who just looked me up and down before giving me a thumbs up and walking away.

I wanted desperately to call after him or cry out to someone else but I simply could not. Thankfully it wasn’t long before he returned with the full-length mirror to which I inwardly sighed in relief as to what he was doing.

Soon I was no longer scared or mad, instead I was just stunned at what I was seeing. Instead of a woman dressed as the popular Overwatch character, in the mirror stood two mannequins. I could barely tell myself apart from the original.

It was amazing how lifelike the original looked but at the same time now I realized how artificial I looked in comparison to before I put the costume on.

After some time, Andrew tapped my headphones again and I could freely move my body from the neck up. He appeared before me with a bottle of something and a rag.

“What the hell was that?” I asked in pure curiosity as he poured some strange liquid onto the rag and began rubbing it onto me.

“It is a control system built into every model. There is a point on the costume that binds them into a variety of preset poses. I was wondering if it would work on you and it did. Apparently so well that you couldn’t even speak.” He said as he continued to what I assumed was shining my body.

I nodded as if that was the only answer he needed. We just sat there in silence as he applied the polish to every part of my body, even the non-covered parts. It made them glisten like rubber and he smirked at me once more.

“I am going to freeze you again and finish polishing you before I ship you out. I am going to leave your ability to speak on but your movement will be disabled again so you will only be able to make light noises.” He said firmly.

I was about to object but he was quicker and activated the full paralysis mode again and my body moved back into the previously described pose. I made a lightly annoyed grunt at him but he just smiled and rubbed the polish into my face.

Once he pulled away I was just as shiny as my sister mannequin and it made me feel… proud? I really couldn’t tell you to be honest but so far I was having a good time with this adventure. 

I felt movement and to my shock Andrew had shoved me under one arm and was carrying me carefully away from the back room and to the loading/unloading area.

“Ok I will see you this afternoon at the con go it? Good. Later “Hana”.” He added a bit mockingly before he set me down.

“This the one?” a gruff voice said from behind me.

“Yup just let me put her in the crate and you can…” he started but never finished as a pair of large arms lifted me up.

“No need. We can just put her with the other loose ones. See you at the con.” He said before pushing me into the large truck and closing the door.

I heard Andrew say something in the distance but as the door slammed I could no longer hear him.

Thankfully with how I was placed I could examine the other contents of the trailer. There were many crates like the one I was supposed to be in and a few boxes labeled with various names.

It was the other “loose ones” as the ape who had hauled me off had but it that caught my eye. There was one of what I assumed was an anime character with long pink hair. Another was an exact replica of Wonder Woman. 

They were all very impressive and I began to look at the detail of each one. They were so expertly crafted that I couldn’t tell the difference of if they were a real woman like me or a replica.

I must have been admiring them for a long time as when a jolt of the truck caused me to lean up against said Wonder Woman mannequin I broke out of my trance. 

I waited for what felt like hours as voices came and went until finally the door behind me was opened and I was seized by another set of large arms. I was carried through a very colorful doorway with many toys and comics lining the wall. 

It was pretty impressive for a con to have so many decorations on display in this way. The gorilla holding me soon turned into a side room and I was blinded by the bright lights shining down into it.

Inside the room were piles and boxes of things labeled with tags and other things saying where they should be placed when the con opens tonight. 

The large man kept walking with me as we approached a relatively uncrowded portion of the room where he set me down in between a large stack of boxes and some bins of cords.   

He made sure I was stable and then went to do something else. I figured he would just leave me be, but a few minutes later he returned with a pair of tags and looped them around my right arm. 

I caught a bit of the writing on the tag, labeling me as standard mannequin with the name of the store being on the second one. It made me feel a bit unnerved yet a little turned on at the same time, knowing I was nothing more than a prop to bring people to our booth.

My only form of entertainment for the next several hours was the men carrying in things, at least until I was blocked from seeing them because of being surrounded by other things that were brought in. 

I must have fallen asleep at some point because I was woken up to a different pair of workers moving things out of the way and inspecting my tag. I looked at the two as they brought a cart over and loaded up a few boxes. 

“Yo, this one is supposed to go to that small ass game booth that was supposed to be in the back-dealer’s hall. Got a call saying some complications came up and they aren’t coming,” the smaller worker beside me said. 

I could feel a pit start to form in the bottom of my stomach as I heard that news. Andy wasn’t here and I was stuck here without him.

“Seriously? Then what the hell do we do with the hunk of plastic?” the big one asked as he walked over and moved me onto the cart. 

“No clue. I heard the company who made the game has the biggest booth at the con. You wanna just drop it off there and let them have it?” asked the skinny one again as the cart began moving. 

The bigger guy just grunted in response as we entered the large room where all of the con’s patrons were setting things up. We went past a lot of small time developers putting their game on display but soon we arrived at the biggest booth. 

All over the front were banners for Blizzard and all of their games including the one I was representing, Overwatch. I didn’t get to see much else as we approached the corner of the booth where some TVs are being set up for people to play the hit game. 

The area was full of posters and little stations that people could buy memorabilia. It was just missing one thing, and that thing was me apparently. The large man hoisted me up and set me down facing the middle of their booth right next to a life-size cardboard cutout of Tracer and Soldier 76. 

I wanted to protest that I wasn’t supposed to be here, but I knew if they found out I wasn’t just a simple mannequin they would arrest me for trespassing or something along those lines. So here I was, standing still and quiet as the booth was built and the Blizzard employees didn’t even spare me a second glance after first admiring me. 

I expected that the convention was about to start as the workers all started opening their doors, but apparently one of the workers noticed something about me. She approached me and pushed me around a little bit.

“Of course the higher ups wouldn’t have a stand for the only mannequin we brought…” she said before walking off for multiple minutes and coming back with what looked like a tripod, but with a larger base. 

“Now where do I stick it?” she asked herself as she felt around my nether regions, making me very hot and bothered. She continued feeling around until she found a very particular hole on my backside.

Without saying any words, she took a small tool and cut a tiny section of my suit open before sliding the long end of the base up the hole and placed it right against my puckered hole. With one fluid motion, she jammed it straight into my ass making me scream internally. 

“Much better. Nice and stable now,” she said before heading back to her station and leaving me writing in uncomfortable ecstasy. 

Soon con goers were everywhere, playing, buying and admiring games of all sorts while I was stuck watching them all as they passed by. Many of them looked at me in admiration or lust as I stood sexily posed for their enjoyment. 

‘Andy better find a way for me to get out of this, or I may be stuck forever!” I thought to myself as the hustle and bustle around me continued at full speed.


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