New Start

by Paul G Jutras

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© Copyright 2007 - Paul G Jutras - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; transform; machine; lovedoll; nc; X


It all started when Matt double crossed his boss Tony and had him arrested by the FBI for counterfeiting. The feds wanted to pin the disappearance of many of his employees on him, but no evidence ever came up.

That was almost two years ago. To ensure Matt's safety, the man was put in the witness protection agency by the FBI as Beverly. When Tony broke out of jail; however, the first thing he did was learn that Matt, now Beverly was working as an office assistant in a big firm.

A blonde woman in a blue sweater, black skirt, suntan hose and black pumps rang a house door bell. Beverly answered it dressed in a white tank top with a bare midriff, brown shorts that matched her toe nail polish and white thongs. The figure the hormones had given him and the plastic surgery for the face, one would never guess that she had ever use to be a he. Especially since the operation that would keep him from ever being a man again.

"You're not Jim." Beverly said with concern as she viewed the woman's FBI badge. "He was the one who set my up with my cover as Beverly."

"Male agents can't protect you in areas like the ladies room now, can they?" Veronica asked as she put her badge away. "Let's get going."

"I think we got company." Beverly said as she spotted a dark car drive up with a man in a blue suit and a woman in a pink turtle neck sweater, high heel leather boots and purse with a black mini skirt.

"Tony's hit men dressed undercover no doubt." Veronica said as she led Beverly to the car and took off. Beverly could see the man talking into what looked like a CB unit as they drove pass.

"I understand sir." The man in the suit said. "Just tail them for now unless the situation changes."

"I think we're being followed." Beverly said as she looked over the back seat while Veronica glanced in the rear view mirror.

"I was prepared for this." Veronica reassured the client. "I've set us up an appointment at a nearby spa."

Beverly didn't think it was any time for a salon visit, but choose to keep quiet as they pulled into a strip mall. Veronica hurried Beverly out of the car and into the spa where they were greeted by a young woman who escorted them into a back room.

Beverly had all but forgotten her problems with Tony as they got a full body detoxifying mud pack followed by a nice massage, hydrotherapy bath and steam bath along with a manicure, pedicure, and leg wax.

"The man must still be guarding out front." Veronica told Beverly as she guided her toward the emergency fire exit. "The woman is still having her legs done and won't be able to follow us to the back up car I left in the back alley."

* * *

"What are we doing at this abandoned warehouse?" Beverly asked as Veronica led them inside and face to face with Tony."

"Did you loose the FBI agent?" Tony asked Veronica.

"Of course, boss." Veronica snickered. "I am a professional. This dope really did believe my fake badge when I picked her up before the FBI showed to escort her to the real safe house."

"What are you going to do with me?" Beverly asked.

"When I heard of what you did to your body, I figured out the best way to handle a double crosser like you."

With Veronica's help, Beverly had shackles put on her wrists. As the motor of a machine started up, Beverly was dragged kicking into the machine. Once inside, Beverly felt a burning sensation and thought her skin was being melted away from acid. With her clothes burned off, the burning was soon replaced by the tingling numbness one gets when a limb falls asleep.

"What did you do to me?" Beverly said as she came out into the light at the other end. She looked up through fixed eyes and down at her own rubbery body. Her fingers and toes were now fused and seams ran up her body. As she ran her latex hands over her now opened ass and vagina and listened to her body squeak as they rubbed along one another.

"You're a live doll." Tony smiled. "You'll quickly find it harder and harder to move until you become an inanimate object to be sold to some adult shop, like those who built the machine and set me up here so that nobody could rat me out again. Also you'll find you'll soon get use to being in a constant state of arousal, though you'll never orgasm as your made to give pleasure not get it."

"How about the pay you owe me?" Veronica asked, at what turned out to be the wrong time. Tony who pulled a lever and caused a weighted bag to come down on her head and knock her out. Tony then dragged her over and chained her wrists to the conveyor belt.

"What happening?" Veronica cried when she came to and found herself chained up.

"As I told Beverly, I'm not letting anyone who knows my hideout this time get a chance to rat me out." Tony said as he started the machine up. Her cries were soon muffled inside by the sound of the machine doing its work and a rubber doll complete with a deflate valve coming out the other end. While Beverly had the valve on the back of her neck, Veronica had it where her belly button once was.

"You won't get away with this." Veronica said in a dare type tone of voice. When Tony got close enough, she used the last bit of her movement to kick Tony backwards to the side of the machine and hit his head. He was quickly out cold.

'Am I going to be like this forever?' Beverly thought as the Veronica doll fell on top of her. She could also feel Tony's limp fingers brush against her now open pussy that aroused her in ways she never felt before.

A short time later, the FBI did find Tony's hideout and took the machine to some government scientists to discover what the machine was for. They considered the case closed. Unfortunately for Beverly, there was no way to reverse the effect of the machine or track what other love dolls, formerly humans, that Tony had changed. While Tony would spend the rest of his life in jail, Beverly and Veronica were given some nice homes after being sold over eBay to some nice young college men who use them frequently.



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