A New Me

by Liz

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© Copyright 2014 - Liz - Used by permission

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Part 1: A Strange Package

This is an account of how I became what I am: a living, breathing rubber doll with a body made of latex and a sexual appetite that cannot be satisfied. I suppose we all have a little fetish that society would consider abnormal and deviant. Mine was always latex. Otherwise I was a normal girl with normal flesh and normal proportions. Those days are gone, however, and I am writing this story to tell you how it happened.

About eight years ago, I had just graduated college and found my first real job as an online marketing manager at a small start-up. The work was interesting and I liked my coworkers, but I still felt as though my life was not quite fulfilled. I didn’t have a boyfriend at the time despite having long black hair with radiant blue eyes and an athletic build which I kept up at the gym. My breasts were rather large and perky for my frame and my firm butt would turn heads. I always had a lot of takers, but most of them were pricks and I never stayed with them for very long. The more idiots I dumped, the more I became entangled in the world of self-satisfaction through latex.

It started as a small fetish looking up images of latex-clad men and women online and developed bit by bit into more of an obsession. The first piece of latex I bought was a shiny black thong. It was small, tight, incredibly sexy and such a turn on that I was constantly wet whenever I wore it. Whenever I could afford it, I began purchasing more and more articles of latex: tights, high-heeled boots, opera gloves, a hood and even a tight mini-skirt. Most of these things I wore alone at home, but as college wore on, I became braver and started wearing things in public, but always under my regular clothes. By the end of the day, I was so wet and horny that I would have to come home and masturbate right away. I could come two or three times in a very short amount of time. After I got my job though, I could afford to purchase the latex item I had always dreamed of owning: a red catsuit with built-in feet and gloves. That combined with my hood would make for a total latex enclosure that would guarantee a night of pleasure that no moron boyfriend could ever match.

These experiences I had always kept as my personal secret and had shared with absolutely no one, so I was very surprised when I came home from work one day and noticed a package by the front door. I hadn’t expected one as I hadn’t ordered anything, but there it was all the same. I bent down to look at the shipping label while my latex thong – by now my exclusive choice of panties – pulled tightly against my anus and split my wet pussy lips under my short, tight business skirt causing me to catch my breath. My name and address were both on there, but the return address was some obscure P.O. box from somewhere in New Jersey that I didn’t recognize and no name was given which only added to the mystery. I picked up the box and headed inside to see what it was.

I set my bag down on the living room couch, then brought the package into the kitchen and set it on the table. There I got out a pair of scissors and began cutting through the tape. It didn’t take long and soon I was tearing the remainder off and ripping open the box. The first thing that struck me was the very strong smell of latex that wafted up towards me. It was a smell I had become very familiar with and it sent shivers down my spine and all the way to my pussy. I started to breathe more heavily and noticed that the smell alone had turned me on even more than I already was.

Greedily, I tore of the flaps off the box which were caught on a remaining bit of tape to see what was inside. The first thing I pulled out was a clear plastic bag with a piece of black latex inside. I pulled it out of the bag and saw it contained opera gloves. I set them on the table and looked inside the box again. There were several more such plastic bags and I began to pull them all out. They contained a latex hood, a full catsuit without gloves or feet, a corset, and a pair of knee-high high-heeled boots with seven-inch pencil heels.

All of it was made of shiny black latex. The hood, unlike mine which had eye holes and a hole for the mouth, only had two small holes for breathing where the nose belongs and a built-in inflatable gag. Otherwise, it was a single, solid piece of latex. The catsuit looked to be slightly too small for me, but I figured I could squeeze myself into it. I had never worn a corset before, so I was curious as to how it would feel and, although I had frequently worn very high heels before, I had never worn such high heels before.

I couldn’t even begin to imagine who would send me such things, but it didn’t really matter to me at that moment so I scooped them up and rushed to my bedroom to try them on. By then I was so horny that the first thing I did was strip down to my latex thong and rub myself through it until I came. It took all of about ten seconds for me to have a very satisfying orgasm as I had been horny all day. Fortunately it was Friday evening, which meant I would have the whole weekend to enjoy myself.

The next thing I did was examine the items more closely. Inside each of them was a slick black substance that looked and felt like lube. None of the pieces of latex I had ever bought had come pre-lubed, but I figured it must be a particular characteristic of the manufacturer of these garments and didn’t give it much more thought. My more pressing concern at that point was that I couldn’t find a zipper on the catsuit anywhere. I had read about catsuits whose necks stretched enough for a person to enter and when I stretched the neck, it easily opened wide enough for me to fit through it. With that concern taken care of, I slipped off my latex thong, stretched out the catsuit’s neck and stuck my right leg inside.

The lube was very slick and I was easily able to slide my leg all the way through until my foot popped out of the bottom. I repeated the process for my left leg and noticed immediately that the catsuit was much tighter than I was used to. The anticipation of being fully wrapped and caressed by that very tight material made me wet enough for a drop to run down my leg. I quickly pulled the catsuit up my legs to my hips and that was when the next surprise startled me.

In my haste to get the catsuit on, I had failed to notice that there were two large dildos built into it. I was so wet that the one in front had slipped partially into my pussy before I even knew it was there causing me to shudder and moan loudly. I reached down and felt them. Like the latex garments, they were both pre-lubed and so I worked them into me. The one in front slipped all the way into my pussy without a problem and, as I had discovered anal as a teenager and had worn many butt plugs under my old latex catsuit, I was able to push the dildo in back into my ass without much trouble. They were bigger than I was used to and I felt stuffed and stretched out, but I was so horny once I had gotten them both in and the catsuit pulled up over my hips so that they were in up to the hilt that I rubbed myself again and came hard within only a few seconds.

After I had recovered for a couple of minutes, I continued to pull the catsuit on. I pulled it up to my breasts before working my arms through the neck and then into each of the sleeves. Then I pulled it over my breasts and shoulders so that the neck of the suit snapped tightly into place around my own neck. The catsuit was incredibly tight and accentuated my every curve. I noticed that the material of the catsuit’s waist was a bit thicker and tighter than the rest of the suit and squeezed my waist slightly as though I was wearing corset.

The suit had built-in cups for my breasts, but unlike the rest of the suit, they were much too big being several sizes larger than I needed. Looking down at my shiny black, latex-enclosed body a shiver ran down my spine again. I was surprised to find there were absolutely no wrinkles other than the disappointingly empty breast cups, but I attributed that to the suit’s tightness. I was in latex bliss.

It was difficult not to go look at myself in the mirror right then and there, but I wanted to put the rest of what was in the box on first. The first thing I reached for was the corset. Unlike the catsuit, this one had hooks allowing me to easily open it and wrap it around my waist. Once I had hooked it closed around me, I could already feel it constricting my waist. It was such a turn on though, that I tugged on the lace strings as hard as I could until I was able to take off about two to three inches from my waist, then I tied them. I had troubles breathing at first, but got used to it relatively quickly. Between the tightness of the latex catsuit and the squeezing grip of the corset, I was taken to a new level of horniness I never thought possible. The two large dildos stuffed inside me were only teasing me more.

The boots were the next thing I put on. They were lying on the floor and when I bent down to pick them up, I noticed how difficult the movement was with the inflexible corset restricting my waist. I did manage to pick them up though and sat down on my bed to put them on. My feet slipped right into both of them because of the lube and it only occurred to me then that the boots didn’t have any laces. They were essentially a high-heeled shoe with a latex tube forming the upper, “boot” part.

Once I had gotten them on, they clung very tightly to my calves and seemed to stick to the latex catsuit after I had smoothed them out. While I found this odd, I thought it was convenient, so I stood up to test them out. Taking a few steps around the room proved rather challenging with such a tall, thin heel, but after a little while I had gotten the hang of it. The most efficient way was to swing my hips with every step which seemed to me to be quite provocative. I liked it. It also caused the dildos inside of me to move around which made me weak in the knees and did nothing to help me keep my balance.

Up next were the gloves. Still standing, I reached down for them on the bed. First I slipped on the right one, then the left one. These too clung to the catsuit, but again, I didn’t think anything of it. At this point, the only part of me not covered by latex was my head. Since the hood didn’t have holes for eyes, I decided to take a look at myself in my full-length mirror before putting it on. What I saw was incredible. I had become a shiny black latex creature with an hourglass shape. My legs and ass were more feminine and pronounced than ever in my seven-inch heels and my waist cinched smaller than I had ever seen it. The only thing that bothered me was the mostly empty breast cups which drooped down from my chest. My hand ran down between my legs seemingly on its own and it only took a single, light touch to set off the fireworks. I came so hard, I had to sit back down on the bed for a few minutes to recover.

The only piece missing from the whole ensemble was the latex hood. After recovering from my tremendous orgasm, I picked it up and examined it thoroughly. Like the catsuit, it seemed too small and the neck also stretched open to allow me to stick my head in. As I held my long black hair up on the back of my head, I started to work the hood over it. Once I had my hair and the back of my head in, I started pulling it over my face. The neck was quite tight, making this a challenging process, but I managed nonetheless. I pulled it until it reached my mouth where I stuck in the slightly inflated gag, then lined up the small breathing holes to my nostrils before working it down over my chin and jaw until the neck snapped shut around the neck of the catsuit, immersing me 100% into the world of latex.

It was then that the strange sensations began all over my body. The gag in my mouth suddenly filled until I thought my jaw would unhinge and it felt as though the latex was coming to life and squirming over every inch my skin which began to tingle and I noticed that above all, it was turning me on. I was being taken to a new dimension of horniness while lying there on my bed, fully covered head to toe in shiny black latex. I came three, four times without so much as touching myself. The dildos in me rocked back and forth all on their own, double penetrating me while the latex caressed me in ways I had never experienced before. I had lost control of my body and had orgasm after orgasm until I finally passed out.

Part 2: The Transformation Begins

I awoke the next morning on my bed, still wearing the things from the strange package I had received the day before. Groggily, I sat up and for a minute panicked because I couldn’t see a thing through the hood I still had on. After a few moments, the memories of the previous evening came rushing back to me and made me horny all over again. It was going to be a good day.

I reached up and felt for the seam between the hood and the catsuit. Once I found it, I managed to slowly peel it off. The gag had deflated at some point in the night, making it easy to pull out. Once I had gotten the hood off completely, I noticed that my head was covered with perspiration, making the room suddenly rather cool. My face still tingled the same way my whole body had after putting the hood on the previous night, but it was far less intense and I attributed it to having had the tight hood on all night. I then stood up on very shaky knees and walked over to the mirror.

Looking closely at my face, the first thing I noticed was that my skin had turned light brown. I didn’t think much of it though, figuring that it was probably just residue from the lube that had been inside the hood. I then peeled off the opera gloves to see that my hands were also the same color brown and had the same strange tingling effect as my face.

Next was the corset. Watching myself in the mirror, I untied the laces and unfastened the hooks, then unwrapped it from my waist. After tossing it onto the bed, I looked at myself in the mirror again. The thick latex around the waist of the suit had grown tighter, retaining the shape of the corset and keeping my waist squeezed accordingly, but without a single wrinkle. I put my hands around my waist as if confirming that it was still so small, then after a few seconds, turned around. Walking back to my bed, I sat down on the edge to pull off the boots.

Sitting down pushed the two dildos stuck inside of me deeper, suddenly reminding me of their presence. I let out a surprised gasp and a pleasurable moan as the feeling was by no means unpleasant. In fact, I was still incredibly turned on despite feeling physically exhausted from all the orgasms the previous night.

I then bent over and began to peel the boots off. They came off easily enough, but I noticed my feet had also turned brown and, as with the last bits of skin I had released from their latex imprisonment, they tingled. I put the boots to the side and stood up to take off the catsuit. A sharp pain ran through each of my calves as I stood flat-footed on the floor. I immediately went back up onto the balls of my feet and sat back down on my bed.

Figuring that my calves had probably just become acclimated to the seven-inch heels that I had worn all night long, I began to massage them and slowly tried to stretch them out by carefully bringing my heel to the floor. I managed to get part of the way down before the piercing pain shot back through my calves. This was a very strange phenomenon that I had never experienced before with any of my other high-heels and so I thought I would take it step by step by putting on a different pair of shoes with lower heels and working my way down to being flat-footed again. But first, I needed to take the catsuit off.

Still sitting on the edge of my bed with each foot still resting on its ball and toes, I stretched the neck of the catsuit open and began to peel it down. I carefully pulled it down over my shoulders before pulling my arms out. Continuing downwards, I found that the breast cups were considerably less empty than they had been when I put the suit on. Since the waist of the suit had shrunk, I thought that the cups may have also gotten smaller and didn’t give it much more thought.

Once I had my breasts out and the rest of the suit pulled down to my hips, I cautiously stood up. Balancing on the balls of my feet, I continued pushing the suit downwards. The dildos came out of each hole with no resistance, although the sudden movement followed by the emptiness I felt sent another wave of pleasure through me and caused me to let out a soft moan. Sitting back down on the edge of the bed, I pulled my legs free of the suit and tossed it aside onto the bed. Then I tip-toed my way to my closet and slipped on a pair of four-inch pumps before walking over to the mirror to examine myself more thoroughly.

My entire body now tingled as I looked at my reflection, making me strangely horny. What struck me first was that my entire body from the top of my head all the way down to my toes was a uniform, light brown. It was as though I had fell asleep for several hours in a tanning booth and it looked pretty awful in comparison to my normal pale complex.

The next thing I noticed was that my waist was thinner and my breasts were fuller than usual. In fact, my waist had retained the dimensions of the corset without so much as a fold of skin anywhere to be seen. It was as though my skin had shrunk and grown tighter around my waist just as the latex of the catsuit had done. I ran my hands from my hips up over my new waist, then cupped my noticeably larger breasts in amazement. They felt much fuller and firmer than they had ever been and almost appeared fake. I stared for a long time at my reflection in disbelief before deciding to go take a shower to try to get the brown gunk off me.

The shower felt good, but try as I might, I could not get any of the brown residue off my skin. Instead, it appeared that I was shedding. The water pressure from the shower seemed to be tearing all of my body hair out. The landing strip I had trimmed my pubic hairs into was gone and the stubble on my arms and legs and in my armpits was also gone. In fact, all of the hair from my neck down washed away by itself and with absolutely no pain. In its place, my skin felt smoother than after any shave and the electrifying feeling I got by rubbing my hands over my bare body caused me to travel to a new world of ecstasy, making me lose my balance and almost fall over as I stood in the shower on the balls of my feet.

Resting against the tiled wall, I began to rub myself again. I couldn’t control myself anymore as I grabbed a cylindrical bottle of shampoo and slammed it into my pussy without so much as a thought. I slammed it in and out, in and out, and finally back in so deep that only the cap stuck out as a rubbed myself to an orgasm that blackened my vision and weakened my legs so that I was forced to sit down on the shower basin.

After a couple of minutes of recovering, I pulled myself back up onto shaky knees. Turning the water off, I reached down and noticed that the shampoo bottle had completely disappeared inside of my pussy. With all four fingers and my thumbs, I reached in and pulled it out slowly, deliciously. I moaned as it came out, still surprisingly horny.

Putting the bottle away, I reached down between my legs and felt my pussy. It was gaping wide open and try as I might, I could not get it to close. The gape was even larger than the shampoo bottle had been which explained why I hadn’t had any trouble at all with the bottle. Reaching behind me, I pulled my butt cheeks apart and felt my butt hole. It too was gaping wide open and despite all of my efforts, I could not get it to close. I thought back to the large dildos in the suit and, with that in mind, stepped out of the shower with the intention of examining them.

I dried myself off, slipped on my pumps again and wandered back out into the bedroom. There I had a close look at the dildos in the catsuit. There were thicker and longer than I had remembered them being when I first put the catsuit on and I thought that because they had stretched me open all night long, they might be the cause of my gaping holes.

Being the kinky girl I was and with no desire to have an accident in my pants, I sauntered over to my stash of butt plugs and chose a two-inch one to fill my gaping butt. I lubed it up, then stuck it in without a problem, but it wouldn’t stay. It fell right back out. My two-inch butt plug was simply too small for my gaping hole and I couldn’t seem to clinch my butt hole tightly enough to hold it in there. I looked through my collection again and pulled out a two and a half inch one. After lubing it up, I stuck it in and it stayed, although I felt like I would lose it at any time. To prevent it from falling out, I slipped on one of my tight latex thongs, before going back to the mirror to examine myself again.

Although I was still an odd shade of brown, I thought my body had never looked so good before. My skin was so completely hairless and so smooth that it was almost shiny, my waist was smaller than I had ever known it to be, and my breasts were larger and firmer than I could have ever dreamed about without implants. The four-inch pumps accentuated my feminine curves and the darker skin irradiated my bright blue eyes.

I was horny all over again and began to masturbate through my latex thong. I stopped quickly though because I had decided to not come anymore during the day so that I could fully enjoy another night of latex and all that comes with it later that night. Giving myself a perky wink in the mirror, I whirled around and headed to my closet to get dressed for the day.

I pulled on a pair of very tight fitting jeans which only served to push the butt plug further into me and a t-shirt that used to be form-fitting, but was now too tight over my chest and too loose around my waist. Since my breasts were so firm and stood out from my chest by themselves, I skipped the bra entirely. I wouldn’t have had a bra large enough to fit them now anyway. To complete the outfit, I put on a pair of sandals with five-inch heels as I was still unable to walk flat-footed. With that, I was ready for the day.

Part 3: The Transformation Continues

The day was a very long one. I needed to run a few errands and between the butt plug lodged inside my ass and the relentless tingling of my skin, I was constantly fighting the urge to rub myself. In fact, I occasionally caught my hand unconsciously rubbing my crotch through my jeans out in public. It wasn’t the first time I had worn a butt plug out in public, but this was by far the largest and I seemed to be particularly horny all day long. My new figure turned many heads and earned many scornful looks from women who were probably either jealous or disapproving – probably mostly the former.

When I finally got back home, it was late afternoon and I was so wet I could feel the latex thong itself slipping into my still gaping pussy. No matter what I thought about during the day, my mind always drifted back every few seconds to the latex contents of the strange package I had received the day before and so I decided to put the catsuit back on when I got home rather than wait until that night as originally planned.

As soon as I had entered the house, I flung my shopping bags down onto the couch and bolted to my bedroom where the catsuit still sat in a heap on the bed next to the hood, the boots were still on the floor next to the bed, and the opera gloves still lay on the floor in front of the mirror next to the corset. In my lust, I just about tore my t-shirt off and I completely forgot to take off my sandals before pulling my jeans down. Once I had taken the sandals off and was reminded once again by the sharp pain in my calves that I couldn’t stand flat-footed, I yanked off my jeans followed by my latex thong. The butt plug fell out onto the floor without any sort of resistance whatsoever, but I didn’t care nor even pay much attention.

I grabbed the catsuit and began to step into it. The inside was still lubed and slid up over my legs easily. When I had gotten it half way up my thighs, I grabbed the dildos and started pushing the tips into my pussy and butt hole. It seemed to me that they were even longer and thicker than they had been the night before and I had troubles working them in. Once they were most of the way in, I yanked the suit up and over my hips so that they were lodged deeper in me than anything I had ever experienced before. Their girth also caused a very pleasant, but slightly painful stretching sensation in both holes, causing me to moan and shudder.

Sitting back on the bed with a plop that pushed the dildos even deeper into me, I pulled the catsuit up to my breasts then shoved my arms in before pulling it up and over them. I noticed the cups were far more filled out than even that morning, but didn’t dwell too long on it. Once the catsuit had closed over my neck, I reached down for the boots. These slipped on equally as easily, although I noticed that the heel was even higher than it had been at probably seven and a half or eight inches. The boots fit snuggly and like the previous night, clung to the catsuit.

Standing up, I walked over to where the corset and opera gloves lay on the floor next to the mirror. Walking on such high heels was much easier now than it had been the night before, although it still took a few steps to get the hang of it again. I bent down and grabbed the opera gloves. Slipping them on was incredibly easy as the slimy lube-like substance still covered the inside of them and, like the boots, they clung to the suit so that they almost appeared seamless.

Next was the corset. I picked it up off the floor, then wrapped it around my waist and hooked it closed. It now sat loosely upon my hips whereas the night before, it had been somewhat of a tight fit even before lacing it up. I slowly pulled the laces tighter, adjusting its position until I was able to get it to stay where I wanted it, then I began to pull as hard as I could. The corset squeezed my waist until I couldn’t get it to go any further, then I tied the laces.

Although out of breath, I was able to take at least another three inches off my already reduced waistline which would have put me at around seventeen inches. It seemed to me that the more the corset cinched my waist, the more juices it squeezed out of my pussy.

I stared at my latex-clad figure in the mirror, amazed at the transformation that had occurred. It turned me on more than anything else I had ever experienced. The heavenly vision of my now tiny waist with my large, firm breasts towering above it and the super high heels molding my legs into the very definition of femininity all covered in shiny black latex so tight and flawless it appeared as though it was my actual skin utterly took my breath away. It was the ultimate form of narcissism, but it made me so horny that my primal instincts had taken control of my senses and I didn’t care. I began to play with myself in front of the mirror, gyrating my hips so that the dildos inside of me could work their magic while rubbing my clitoris hard through the two latex layers of the opera gloves and catsuit.

I then stopped suddenly when I realized my head was still bare. It was the only part of me not enclosed in latex. Resolved to change this state of affairs, I walked over to the bed where the hood still lay, enjoying the movement of the dildos inside of me as I swayed my hips to balance on the high-heeled boots. Holding my hair up after having worked it into a loose, makeshift bun at the back of my head, I picked the hood up and began to put it on. Stretching its neck, I first worked it over the bun and the back of my head before pulling it down past my nose. There I stuck the gag back in my mouth and adjusted the breathing holes over my nostrils. The hood went on so smoothly that it almost rolled the remainder of the way down by itself until its neck met the neck of the suit, clinging to it as the boots and gloves had done and sealing me off in complete darkness.

My body had been tingling all day, but the sensation intensified by many orders of magnitude once I was completely enclosed in the latex suit. As on the previous night, it felt as though the latex was squirming over every inch of my skin and even slightly digging into it causing a minor burning sensation which only turned me on more.

The gag inflated again all on its own, but this time it was bigger. The girth was increased until I thought my jaw would break while it pushed itself down my throat. I felt the need to gag, but the width of it prevented me from doing anything as it stretched out my esophagus. I could feel it reach my stomach then it began to pump some sort of liquid into it. My stomach began to feel full, although there was no visual difference due to the corset. This lasted for a few minutes as I stood there dumbfounded and too panicked to do anything, then it suddenly subsided.

I could feel whatever the gag had pumped into my stomach spread slowly throughout my body as though I had drunk a glass of cold water after being out in the hot sun for a long time. This feeling gave way to raw, primitive horniness as, all at once, the tingling feeling intensified even further and the dildos came to life all on their own again, moving, vibrating, turning, twisting, pumping and growing, stretching me even deeper and wider than I had ever been stretched before. I could feel the skin of my breasts become taut as they began to grow, filling the cups of the suit even more and becoming harder and firmer.

All this happening at once left me weak in the knees and hornier than ever before. I flopped down onto the bed and came instantly. Then I came again before I had even had a chance to touch myself or realize what had happened. One orgasm after another rocked my body until I had become nothing but a latex sex machine, unable to control my urges and only living for the next orgasm.

Unlike the night before when merciful unconsciousness had driven away the overwhelmingly intense feeling of so many orgasms, I remained quite awake. By the time it ended, I had come at least twenty times before losing count.

I lay on the bed for a while breathing heavily and thinking about what had just happened. Despite everything, I was still unbelievably horny. The dildos were finally still though and the gag had retreated back into my mouth and deflated, although my body still tingled like never before and my breasts ached slightly.

Eventually I sat up and began to feel for the seam between the hood and the suit. Once I had found it, I peeled the hood off, then stood up on shaky legs and walked over to the mirror. What I discovered startled me. My face was dark brown and had begun to have a slight shine to it.

Part 4: More Transformations

The rest of the evening I kept the latex catsuit on, but I left the hood off so that I could see when going about doing what I needed to get done around the house. As startled as I was about my face, I was so insanely turned on by it that I foolishly wasn’t in the least bit alarmed. When looking at myself in the mirror earlier, I had also noticed that my breasts had become larger and even firmer than before and that they now very nearly filled out the cup completely.

The fact that the latex of the suit was still somewhat loose around them though meant that they still had even more room to grow which by now I realized was probably going to be the case. Between the dildos, which moved inside of me with every step I took, the transformation I was undergoing, and the constant tingle of my skin, I was permanently horny. In fact, it was quite literally necessary for me to rub myself to orgasm every few minutes before I could carry on with my chores, making it a very long evening.

When I finally went to bed, I put the hood back on. In fact, it didn’t even occur to me anymore that I could have left it off. It just felt so normal and so right that I did it without even thinking about it as though I had habitually done it as part of my bedtime routine for years. Although none of the other strange occurrences took place when I snapped the neck of the hood in place, the gag inflated to the same dimensions it had before, causing tears to well up in my eyes as it shoved its way down my throat and began to pump liquid into my stomach again. I went from being fully awake and horny to suddenly becoming very sleepy and as soon as I lay down on my bed, I fell asleep, the gag still pumping whatever liquid it was into me.

The next morning I woke up in total darkness again. This time I didn’t panic as I still had a very vivid memory of having put the hood on. I sat up on the edge of the bed and peeled it off my head. The gag had deflated sometime in the night, making it easy to pull out. Usually the first thing I feel in the morning is hunger, but this morning was different. In fact, I felt rather full and satisfied as though I had just eaten a good meal, but hadn’t eaten too much.

I stood up and walked over to the mirror where I examined my face. It was still a slightly glossy dark brown which caused my blue eyes to glow, but otherwise I didn’t notice any changes from the previous day. I still had the hood in my hand and I began to examine it. It seemed to me as though the latex material had become significantly thinner than it had been and my first concern was that it was going to tear if I wasn’t careful with it.

Reluctantly, I decided to take the suit off, shower and get ready for the day. Still standing in front of the mirror, I pulled the opera gloves off to find that my hands were the same color as my face. I wasn’t in the least surprised, but rather fascinated by it. My hands and face both dully reflected the light from the window to my right which enthralled me when it probably should have scared me.

Next, I untied the laces of the corset and unfastened the hooks. Letting the corset drop to the floor, I noticed that my waist had again retained the seventeen-inch diameter and that the suit’s latex had shrunk to fit snuggly without so much as a single fold or wrinkle. I gawked at my figure for a minute in the mirror with my tiny waist, large, firm breasts and shiny dark skin before whirling around and walking back to my bed to take off the boots. Needless to say, once I had gotten them off, my feet were of the same semi-glossy dark brown as the hands and face.

Next came the suit. I stretched open the neck and began to pull it down my body. Once I had it down to my hips, I felt my naked breasts. These now huge, firm, dark brown globes that stuck straight out from my chest as though they were fake had become super sensitive with the nipples stiffening instantly upon being exposed to air. I moaned softly as my pussy began to tingle.

Controlling my urge to bring myself to another orgasm right then and there, I stood up on my tip-toes and began to slowly lower myself until the piercing pain shot through my calves again. This time I wasn’t able to go nearly as far down as I had been the day before. Balancing on the balls of my feet, I then pulled the catsuit the rest of the way down to my ankles.

The dildos came out with no resistance whatsoever, but left me feeling incredibly empty. I looked at them and they had grown both larger and wider than when I had put them in the day before. I reached down and pulled one leg out of the suit and then the next so that I was completely naked. Picking up the suit, I looked at it carefully. The latex here had also become significantly thinner than it had been and, in fact, the latex of all of the pieces had become much thinner. A crazy thought ran through my mind: I wondered if somehow my skin had absorbed part of the latex material of the suit which could explain why my skin was turning almost black and becoming shiny like the suit itself. I quickly dismissed this idea as pure fantasy though.

I turned my attention back to getting ready for the day. The sandals with the five-inch heels were still next to my bed, but when I put them on to make walking to the shower easier, I was surprised to find that they were too low. Pain shot through my calves once again as I tried to lower myself onto them. Deciding to skip the sandals, I began tip-toeing my way to the shower, but not without a quick look in the mirror first. With my ballooned chest, my tiny waist, and my whole body having become a semi-glossy dark brown, I couldn’t help but run my hands down my body, pausing to fondle my new breasts.

They began to lactate a black liquid which I rubbed off my nipple with my finger. It looked like liquid latex. I moaned loudly and ran the hand down to my dripping wet pussy where I rubbed the liquid latex into my clitoris. I shoved four fingers in the still-gaping hole, then five, followed by my whole fist. I had never been fisted before, but it went in with no resistance. I stood in front of the mirror and fisted myself to my first orgasm for the day within only a couple of minutes.

Turning around, I looked at my ass in the mirror. There wasn’t much that had changed other than its color, but as soon as I bent over and spread my cheeks, I noticed that my butt hole gaped at least a good three inches. Try as I might, I couldn’t make it any smaller, much less close it. This made me instantly horny again and I began to rub myself. In the heat of the moment, I effortlessly shoved my fist up my ass and began to pound it as hard as I could before coming even faster and harder than I had the last time. This time, I dropped to my hands and knees on the floor and stayed in the position for a few moments breathing heavily before I was able to get back up and head to the shower.

Nothing of significance happened in the shower other than that the soap and water seemed to have absolutely no effect on my new skin. After I had stepped out of the shower and dried myself off, I tip-toed out of the bathroom and went to look for shoes I could wear. I found an old pair of pumps with six-inch heels I had worn once, then thrown to the back of my closet because the heels had been too high. I put these on now and found that I could easily walk in them, although it still felt like my calf muscles were being stretched more than was entirely comfortable.

Next, I went to my collection of sex toys and found a three-inch butt plug. I pushed it in without so much as lubing it up and it came right back out again so I dug a bit deeper until I found my three and a half inch plug. This one I had never managed to get in before, but now I was able to effortlessly shove it in even without lube. This one stayed in, although was a bit loose which meant I would just have to wear another one of my tight latex thongs, not that I minded of course.

Since I was feeling particularly horny, I decided my gaping pussy should receive some attention too and so I found a dildo that was ten inches long and two and a half inches in diameter and slipped it in without any resistance. I moaned and it took a massive amount of willpower to prevent myself from pounding my pussy with the dildo.

I then slipped on one of my latex thongs to hold the plug and dildo in, followed by the same tight jeans as the day before and another t-shirt. Again, I skipped the bra which would have been useless and the stretched cloth over my breasts left very little to the imagination. In fact, my hard nipples looked like they would punch holes into the t-shirt.

The exhibitionist in me was instantly turned on and this time I couldn’t help but grope my breasts. The thought that I was about to go out into public looking like a porn star while secretly being double penetrated with massive toys sent me over the edge and made me come again without so much as touching myself.

Part 5: Rubber Doll

It was a long day. I went out for a walk in the park, followed by a visit to the mall. My new body turned heads and earned scowls like never before. People also just simply stared at me, but I think that had more to do with my shiny dark brown skin than with my figure. While my breasts looked like they were about to pop out of my t-shirt at any moment, the shirt was so loose over my waist, that the extreme dimensions of it remained hidden.

One thing I did notice though when looking at myself in the one of the mirrors in the bathroom at the mall was that the large dildos stuffed inside me caused the gap between my thighs to seem excessively large. The base of the butt plug was also vaguely visible through my tight jeans which rode up between my butt cheeks. I had failed to notice those details before leaving the house and it made me all the much hornier to know that I couldn’t change anything about it now.

Despite this exhibitionism, I still felt unfulfilled and anxious to get home and back into the suit. It was constantly on my mind with every other thought I had being of its warm, sensual embrace. When I got home, I went straight to my bedroom where I paused to look at myself in the mirror again. I noticed there were now two black stains on my t-shirt where my nipples were. Yanking the t-shirt up over my head, I saw that I was lactating black liquid latex again.

My pussy tingled at the thought and leaving my t-shirt on the floor, I leaped the remainder of the way to the bed where the suit lay in a heap. With shaking hands, I yanked down my jeans and thong in a single move, then kicked off my pumps and left them wherever they fell. My holes had become so stretched open that the dildo and butt plug fell out all by themselves as soon as the tight thong holding them in place was gone.

Impatiently, I picked the suit up from the ground and shoved my feet through the leg holes. I rolled it up over my legs without even taking the time to smooth the latex out. It wasn’t necessary anyway as it seemed to form perfectly to my legs all by itself. The built-in dildos were slightly longer and wider than they had been before, but I had absolutely no troubles getting them into my gaping holes and the catsuit up over my hips.

With the dildos as far in as possible, I felt even more stretched out than I had been before and I shuddered, nearly losing my balance and falling over. I pulled the catsuit over my tiny waist and up over my large breasts before shoving my arms through its arms. After the neck had snapped into place, I hastily sat down on the bed, causing the dildos to push even deeper into me and giving me a dreamy stretching feeling which I answered with a horny gasp.

Picking the boots up off the floor, I shoved my feet into them and it was only then that I noticed that the heels had grown to such a height that only my toes were left flat on the ground. They must have been eight or nine inches tall. I stood up on these boots and was surprised to find that I could walk without much of a problem at all. I had to sway my hips even more than before though which caused more dramatic movement of the dildos inside me.

Walking to the mirror, I bent down and picked up the corset off the floor. I wrapped it around my waist, hooked it shut, then pulled on the laces until I couldn’t get them any tighter. By the time I was finished, I had managed to squeeze my waist to an absurdly tiny size, leaving me with what appeared to be a thirteen to fourteen inch waist. It felt as though my body had become infused with rubber to the point that I could cinch my waist even smaller if the corset was able to be laced even more tightly. I then reached down and grabbed the opera gloves which I slipped over my hands.

Before finally adding the hood, I examined myself in the mirror once again. The contrast between my insanely tiny waist and my huge, firm breasts was startling. This combined with the emphasized curves of my legs and butt from the ridiculously high heels left me weak in the knees with lust. I felt my primeval instinct to obtain an orgasm in any way possible surge up inside me and it was only with the greatest amount of willpower that I resisted. I wanted to be fully immersed in latex with the hood on before I let my fantasies run wild and take over my mind.

Turning around, I hurried back to the bed where I grabbed the hood. Holding up my long black hair up on the back of my head, I squeezed open its neck and began to work it on. I easily slipped it over my head with only a short pause to put the gag in my mouth and line the breathing holes up to my nostrils.

Once the neck of the hood had snapped shut around the neck of the catsuit, my entire body began to tingle far more intensely than previously. The gag inflated to even larger proportions than before and pushed its way down my throat with a force and speed that left me panicked. It immediately started pumping liquid into me which began coursing through my veins with an intensity and pressure that was very nearly painful. Meanwhile, both dildos also grew inside me in both width and girth while they vibrated, twisted and thrusted, stretching my holes to diameters I never thought possible and bringing me to one orgasm after another despite my panic.

At the same time, I could feel my breasts growing to an absurd size, now filling the cups entirely and straining the latex material of the catsuit with nipples so hard that they threatened to pierce the suit. With every slight move I made, they rubbed against the taut material, lubricated by the black liquid latex they were lactating which only served to stimulate them further. I felt the liquid latex filling the cups, then running down the inside of the suit until it had reached my feet and began to fill up my boots. From there it continued to fill the rest of the suit until it had even filled the hood, plugging my breathing holes. I panicked as I tried to feel for the seam of the hood to get it off before I drowned in liquid latex, but it was nowhere to be found. I couldn’t breathe, but after a few moments, I realized I didn’t have to anymore.

While this was happening, the suit began to grow tighter and tighter over my whole body until I thought it would crush me. It pushed the dildos in even deeper with the suit itself slipping inside of me. Still standing next to my bed, I could feel it form to my every curve and crevice, spreading my pussy lips and my butt cheeks, the cups tightening around my breasts to form perfect orbs, the hood pushing against my eye sockets, the boots forming perfectly to my feet, and the gloves even showing the outline of my fingernails. My hair began to grow through the hood and I could feel it falling down to my mid-back as the latex became even tighter.

It was then I realized I could feel through the latex. The suit had become even more sensitive than my own skin had been with every nerve becoming erogenous. I began to slide my fingers around my new latex body and brought myself nearly to orgasm simply by rubbing my glossy arm. By now, the sensations had ceased. The dildos were still, the suit had stopped shrinking and the tingling had subsided to a tolerable mild level.

I opened my eyes and could see my reflection in the mirror from across the room. I looked like a latex creature from a man’s wet dream with ballooned breasts that struck out directly from my chest and a waist so small, I could just about put both hands around it with the fingers from each hand touching each other. Every inch of my body was now covered with shiny, wrinkle-free black latex. I walked slowly and erotically towards the mirror in my high-heeled boots, enjoying the spectacle with my hips swaying and my breasts bouncing firmly. The dildos inside moved with every step causing me to moan.

At the mirror, I thoroughly examined my new body. I bent down and felt for a seam where the boots had ended, but found none. The boots had become my feet and the nine-inch heels themselves had even developed nerves so that I could feel it when I touched them. My pussy had become enveloped in the suit and was as sensitive as ever. I could see every fine detail of it etched in the black latex, but penetration was no longer possible as the suit had sealed the enormous dildo inside of me.

Moving my hands further up my smooth, shiny body, I reached the corset. It had become a distraction to my now solid latex body and so I promptly unfastened it, then let it drop to the floor. My waist retained its thirteen-inch diameter. I then got to my massive breasts which had become perfectly round, firm orbs sticking straight out from my chest as though someone had glued on two shiny black soccer balls to the front of my body. They were the only thing I could see when I looked down.

Moving in closer to the mirror, I then examined my face. My nose and lips looked as though they were a relief with the finest details carved from the very latex of my face, although they were both sealed off and couldn’t be opened. The gag was still fully inflated inside in my mouth which meant I would be permanently deep-throating it while its fully inflated bulk held moulded my lips in a seductive O shape with the opening sealed off by black latex.

My eyelids were still present and my black eyelashes had grown through the suit and were longer than they had been. There were no details on the eyes themselves as they were a solid, shiny black like the rest of me now. I had no troubles seeing though. My black hair had also grown out of the suit and hung straight down to my mid-back. It framed my now black latex face perfectly.

I checked for the seam between the hood and the catsuit, but it was no longer there. The seams where the opera gloves used to end had also disappeared. The latex had grown together in all places, sealing me in permanently. I tried to pull the latex material away from the skin on my arm, but found that I could only pinch myself. The latex had become my skin.

Turning around, I examined my butt. The huge dildo inside of me caused my cheeks to be spread permanently and I could see the details of my sphincter held wide open by the dildo which sat slightly receded inside of me cemented in by the latex. Each cheek had become perfectly formed so that they were firm, round and pronounced.

Everything that had happened was beginning to overwhelm me. It was slowly sinking in that I was no longer a normal human, but had instead transformed into a latex creature who was permanently double penetrated and horny. I was so turned on by the prospect that rather than panic, I began to masturbate.

As soon as I touched my clitoris, my new body came to life. The dildos began a fresh attack on my stretched holes, turning and pounding into me. My body tingled all over with such intensity that I collapsed on the floor as I came over and over again, my body withering and twisting on the floor in overwhelming sexual bliss.

Needless to say, in the eight years since my transformation I have adapted to my situation. My body no longer ages nor changes, although the dildos continue to grow inside me very slowly as my holes become looser and more stretched. Nor do I need to breathe, eat or drink anymore. While I can no longer lead a normal life because of my appearance and my permanent horniness, I am happier than I was before. I have become my fantasy: a living, breathing rubber doll who is nothing but a shiny latex machine for the ultimate self-satisfaction.


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