The New Office Doll

by LatexSuperGirl

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Storycodes: Solo-F; job; secretary; FM/f; contract; inspection; inject; nanobots; transform; F2doll; bodymod; program; object; stuck; cons/nc; X

Isabelle Waltz is a perky semi-athletic 21 year old brunette college student. Being in college and at the moment jobless she jumps for joy when she sees an ad in the paper for a company called Advanced Living. The job they had posted was for a secretarial position. Not being the brightest person on campus she didn’t fully read the job description before going ahead and calling them to set up an interview. A couple days later after the company had time to look her resume over Isabelle received a call telling her she got the job. “Hello Miss Waltz this is Advanced Living we are calling to tell you that you have the job. All you need to do now is come sign some papers and you can start immediately.” The person from Advanced Living said.

After getting off the phone Isabelle squeals with joy and rushes off to Advanced Living to sign the papers. “Ah Hello Miss Waltz we just need you to sign the blank spaces with your name and we’ll get you started right away.” says the strange woman from Advanced Living. Not being the brightest or quickest reader ever Isabelle just signs the documents without reading them not realizing that she had just signed something that would let them do whatever they wanted to her. “Now Miss Waltz of you’ll just follow me right this way I’ll take you to our on-staff doctor who will give you a physical.” The strange woman says. Isabelle eager to start her job cheerfully follows the strange woman. A few short minutes later they have a arrived at the clinic Advanced Living has onsite. “Now I'm going to leave you in the extremely capable hands of Dr. Ivan but I’ll be back later to pick you up” the strange woman said. Isabelle thought her wording was a little weird but tossed the thought away as she walked into the clinic.

“Ah hello Isabelle and welcome to my clinic, I know what you're here for so lets get started with me taking some measurement and a blood test”. Dr Ivan says to Isabelle as he extracts some blood from her. Dr Ivan the proceeds to take some measurements of her. With her scrawny 29 inch hips, a slight beer gut that gives her 32 inch waist and her tiny A-cup boobs Isabelle was not a bombshell for sure. Even her facial features were nothing to write home about with thin lips, a small nose and squinty pale blue eyes. The only remarkable thing about Isabelle was her 5 foot 7 inch height. After Dr Ivan takes Isabelle’s measurements he walks off to get her blood test results. ”Alright well according to these test results your pretty darn healthy but I ’m going to give you a booster shot just to be on the safe side.” Dr Ivan said even though it was a bit a lie to call it a booster shot he had to say it so Isabelle wouldn't suspect anything till it was too late. He then proceeds to inject her with his new experimental serum called Office Doll Serum or ODS for short.

The serum put Isabelle into a pretty blissful laid back state so she didn't notice the changes that were about to happen to her. The changes started with her face. Her facial shape overall puffs out to a lovely heart shape similar to what you'd see on Reese Witherspoon. Her thin lips then plumps up just a bit so they looked just right on her face. Then her nose plumped up just a little to form a perfect button shaped nose. Then her round eyes morphed into beautiful slightly upturned almond eyes that were a shocking emerald in color. The eyes were slightly oversized for a human but considering she was going to be a doll soon they looked perfect. The last change to her facial features was her hair. It slowly faded to from a dull brown to a dazzling platinum blonde with brown highlights. It also lengthens from her hair from a short bob cut into a ponytail that reached her shoulder blades.

The changes then moves down to her chest area moving her shoulders out slightly to make room and support her new tits. Then her tits ballooned almost like they were filling with air to pert set of C-cup tits. The serum having done what it needed to do with her chest it moves on to her beer gut of a belly. It slowly moves all the fat causing her to have s 32 inch waist to her hips. The end result was she now had the perfect 23 inch waist models anywhere would die for. The Serum then moves down to her hips which were now quite plump at almost 38 inches which alongside the rest of her proportions looked absurd so it slimmed her hips down down to 34 inches and moves the remaining fat to her ass giver her a mixed heart shaped ass similar to what you might see on Shakira but perhaps a bit smaller. The serum having almost ran its course then moved to her feet giving them a slight arch so her feet could always accept at least 6 inch high heels.

The serum having modified Isabelle’s shape to its standards then proceeded to smooth her skin tone out to an almost alabaster white skin tone. It then proceeds to activate the nanites meant to convert Isabelle’s skin to a very flexible plastic. The plastic races across her skin smoothing over her pussy and asshole leaving smooth plastic behind in both locations. The minutes slow down briefly leaving her belly button alone for the moment. The plastic then races up to her tits encasing them in the plastic and enhancing her nipples making them slightly pronounced and puffy looking. The plastic then rushes off to her face turning her tongue and teeth to plastic while still giving her the ability to speak clearly. It then finishes by converting her hair to a synthetic plastic fiber. The serum then uses the last of its nanites to convert her very human insides to highly advanced electronics allowing said Office Doll to do whatever it's programming and owner might ask of it. Isabelle’s belly button is then converted to a charging port. The Serum uses up the last if its energy and remaining nanites to disintegrate the now poorly fitting clothes Isabelle had worn to the Clinic.

With that final burst from the Serum Isabelle is jolted back reality and looks down at her newly transformed body. Isabelle then screams “What the fuck have you weirdos done to me?”

“I’ll let the director explain since this was her idea all I did was create the serum.” Dr. Ivan said.

Dr Ivan then proceeded to call Director down to his clinic. When the Director walks in recognition dawns on Isabelle's now plastic face as this is the same strange woman from earlier. After this recognition Isabelle then screams in her new bubbly and sultry sounding voice “What the Fuck have you done to me"”

The director then says “Miss Waltz we haven't done anything that your contract you signed said we couldn't do. This was actually part of your new hire orientation according to the papers you signed.”.

“There's no way I would have signed those papers if I had know this was going to happen to me.” Isabelle muttered to the Director.

“That's why your perfect for my purposes Miss Waltz after looking at your High School and College GPA’s I knew there was almost no chance of you reading the fine print.” the director said with a smile on her face. “I've been through so many secretaries lately I was beginning to become quite frustrated. That's when Dr Ivan came to me with this serum. He couldn't get volunteers for his serum and I needed a secretary that would do exactly what I wanted. This plan served both of our purposes.” The Director said.

“But…. But how am I supposed to go back to college looking like some freaky bimbo.” Isabelle stammered.

“Don't worry about that Miss Waltz according to a local hospital you died in a tragic accident on the way here when a piano fell from a great height as it was being lifted to a rooftop. Also due to a mix up at the morgue your supposed remains have been cremated already. To everybody but Me and Dr Ivan here you are dead. No one knows you are here.” The Director said. She then handed Dr Ivan some computer chips. “Dr Ivan install these chips in Miss Waltz including this one containing false memories. And when she reboots name her Waltz for me it's such a lovely sounding name.” The director said as she walked out the door of the clinic.

Dr Ivan then followed a switch that was hidden under Isabelle's left nipple and turned Isabelle off so she wouldn't struggle while he inserted the new programming and memory chips. The programming chip would only allow her do exactly whatever secretarial duties she had to plus whatever else the director needed no matter what her mind actually wanted to do. The memory chip would not overwrite her old ones it just wouldn't let her say anything relating to her old life. Dr Ivan also installed a new voice box chip that would monitor what she said. Dr Ivan then slipped Isabelle into a tiny long sleeved crop top along with a almost skin tight knee length pencil skirt. Dr Ivan then slipped six inch leopard print heels onto Isabelle’s feet. Dr Ivan then proceeded to turn Isabelle back on. After a few minutes of rebooting and installing the new programming the doll that used to be Isabelle said, “ Please state Office Doll #0001 new name and master.”.

Dr Ivan then said “Your name is Waltz and your new master is The Director. Please proceed to her office now. “

As Waltz was walking out the door. Dr Ivan realized his serum was going to be a big money maker for Advanced Living. As she was walking the person that used to be Isabelle was internally screaming to be let out but her new programming as the Doll Waltz would let no such though pass her plump new lips.


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