New Profession

by SparkyMira

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Woman to Sexdoll TF

It had been a crazy last couple of weeks around London for me as the first of two business conferences finally died down. After nearly two straight weeks of mind-numbing work I was finally able to go out and relax at this nice bar my friend I was currently staying with had recommended me before leaving for her own conference in a town close by. 

My name is Jayden Watts, a 23-year old business manager for a rather large company based in Seattle, Washington. I was currently in London, England for a period of three months so that I could attend the two largest conferences that my bosses were involved in and then work with a pair of local companies on a deal that would benefit all parties. 

My job was fun but rather dull in the friendly people department so I pulled my long, light brown hair out of the bun it had been in for far too long before stripping out of the grey and blue business dress I was wearing. I quickly slipped a much more appealing pair of matching red lace undergarments over my plump rear and C-Cup breasts before selecting a very tight and fitting black party dress with similarly colored heels to wear on my night out. 

The bar was just a hop around the corner from my friend’s place so it wasn’t long before I was sitting at a rather crowded bar with people sitting around talking, laughing or watching the big soccer game on the larger TV in the back. It was refreshing really to be in such a friendly environment compared to the drab and grey rooms I had been in the past few weeks. 

I was just finishing the third of my house beers when a man that looked relatively close to my age with short black hair and a handsome face took the empty seat next to me and ordered two of the places famous drinks, a very bitter beer with copious other things tossed in that made it sweeter. Moments later there was another drink in my hand and a question coming from the man’s lips. 

“Haven’t seen you around before. You a tourist or someone knew to the area?” He asked in a friendly tone with a very clearly British accent. 

Smiling lightly, I turned my head to face him and nodded. 

“Business actually. My company is interested in some deals with a few companies around the area so I was sent to attend all of the boring meetings and things that are happening over the next few months.”

He grinned into the slowly draining mug as he took a swig. 

“Seems like someone as beautiful as you are wasting away in those dull meeting rooms. You would be better served as a model with that body.”

I raised a finely plucked eyebrow at that comment.

“What? You feel as if I can’t handle myself in the rough world of marketing?” I ask feeling a little saddened and angry that this man I thought nicely of was putting me down. 

He shook his head as he polished of his drink. 

“On the contrary. I feel like it suits you just fine. Merely observing that you could do other work too. Where exactly is your company based?” he asked while getting a refill. 

After taking a long moment to savor the bitter and tasty drink I responded. 

“Seattle, Washington. About as far into the city as you can get. The traffic is killer.” I stated simply. 

“Ah I have been there once for my own business. I own a large chain of stores that span both England and the United States, just a novelty store really. Focusing on books, movies and other hobbies that people have,” he answered the last part as if knowing I was about to ask his specialty. 

We continued to talk like that for hours, drinking, laughing and learning more about one-another. By the time we finished our chat both of us were deep in on the drinks and I could just barely stand under my own power as he placed an arm around me and helped me walk away. He paid for both of our tabs and as we stood at the now closed bar’s door waiting for his ride to come and get us. We spent that time in light conversation before he finally asked the question I knew was coming. 

“Well then Jayden, how about you come to my home? I don’t need to be at work tomorrow and would love to get to know you bett-” I didn’t let the man finish as I crushed my lips against his and we both melted into the moment. 

We didn’t break apart even as the limousine arrived and we fell on top of each other in the back seat and continued our playful makeout session all the way to his large bedroom.  The playing escalated and before we knew it, the world just vanished as we pleasured each other with many kinds of sexual acts. 

Normally after sex I was used to being left alone in the bed, but unlike the other men I had stayed with, Henry, which is this wonderful man’s name by the way, cuddled with me afterwards as our bodies remained glued together under the sheets. I drifted off into my drunken lulled sleep with a goofy grin on my face as I snuggled closer into his chest. 

The next morning Henry woke me up with gentle prodding and told me he was going to get dressed and make us some breakfast downstairs. He left me a white bath robe on a chair and said to take my time. I did just that and showered, using one of his razors to make sure I was bare of hair, which he appreciated during our long night of passion, before I grabbed the robe and headed to meet him. 

Breakfast was just as enjoyable as the night before, we sat at his table and ate a nice simple breakfast of eggs, bacon and toast while conversing. We talked about last night and how much we both enjoyed it and he even offered to house me for the remainder of my trip if I would be willing to have some more fun, to which my response was another passionate kiss that led the two of us having another round right there on the floor of the kitchen. 

After we finished and recomposed ourselves I was still in shock that he wanted to see more of me, but it just made me happy to have met him. As we cleaned up our mess he started to give me a tour of his large almost mansion-like home. 

Our first stop was the large backyard with a pool that he said I was free to use at any time. The living room was large and furnished with comfortable furniture and a homey feel. We went through multiple rooms around the house, avoiding a few he said were specifically for personal projects that he worked on in his spare time for his company. 

On the way back to the living room to lounge around and enjoy more of each other’s company I spotted something through a lightly cracked door. Curious, I split off from Henry and opened the door all of the way very quietly. When I entered the room, I gasped at the thing I saw. 

Laying perfectly still on the bed was another woman, dressed in a pink sundress with a floral pattern. Her long blonde hair was laying behind her head and she appeared to be sleeping. As I took a step closer, Henry appeared behind me, curious as to where I had gone and what I was up to. 

“Oh sorry Henry. I thought I saw something and then I found her laying here asleep…” I trailed off, saddened that he would knowingly two-time on someone else, let-alone with me. 
He scoffed at that and walked over to the woman. Roughly he turned her over towards me and my mouth dropped open. I was staring at vacant yet realistic eyes that seemed to gaze deep into my soul. This wasn’t a woman at all, it was a very realistic doll. 

“I had hoped to avoid you finding her… this is one of the many products my company produces, a lifelike doll with all of the features of a normal woman…” he said while sheepishly rubbing the back of his head.

Walking closer, I reached out and poked the breast of the doll, gasping a little as I felt the realistic movement of the fake flesh below the dress. I kept messing with her and giggled aloud, which caught the British man off-guard. 

He watched me with wide eyes as I turned to him. 

“So is she yours or…” I trialed off as I stood back up and we stood still. 

“Uhm… I do collect them yes. Her name is Kennedy.” 

“Wait? You have more of them?!” I asked excitedly as I got into his personal space. 

He jumped a little bit but nodded quietly, a slow blush dusting his cheeks. 

“Can… can I see them?” 

This time his blush came full on and his mouth dropped open a little. 

“You want to see my collection?” 

I nodded emphatically and practically pushed him out of the room. I had heard about these kinds of dolls from friends of mine in the business industry and even seen a few, but never in a scenario like this. Eventually he lead me down the hall and into one of the rooms we had previously passed. Opening it up he allowed me to step in before he himself did. 

Inside the room were multiple different shelves or stands. On each were upwards of three dozen dolls. Some in colorful boxes with names and slutty or beautiful pictures near the clear plastic they were displayed in, others were being held up on stands that gave them the wither sexy poses or the standard spread legs appearance the dolls were known for when they were being used. 

I was mesmerized by the sight and walked around the room, inspecting all of the dolls. As I was doing so I could feel my mind start working on a few dirty thoughts and felt my pussy start to drip at them. With a sly grin on my face I kept walking until I was back near the dolls that were posing on stands. 

All the while as I was looking around he was explaining about the uses and different types of dolls he had accumulated over the years and how he gave each one a name and used it when he was using them. While he was talking I kept moving and looking around until I found what I was looking for. 

An empty stand.

It was around this point I noticed he had stopped talking and I turned to face him. Smiling I stepped up onto the stand and dropped my robe. With one fluid movement I posed in the same pose as the doll next to me, legs spread apart at shoulder length, arms bent at a 90 degree angle and pointing towards him and standing straight.

“So then Henry… what do you think of having me as one of your dolls?”

“Huh?” he got out as his jaw was still hanging from my display. 

“Well you said you collect dollies. I don’t have anything to do for the next two days or so and I really liked the sex last night…” I left the statement open ended hoping he would take my hint. 

He didn’t respond immediately so I continued. 

“I don’t know exactly what you do with all of your dolls but we can start with more sex and then I guess go from there.”

He approached me and I stepped down from the stand to look up at him, still naked. 

“Are you sure?” he asked with his expression relaxing even more since I showed interest in his hobby. 

“I mean I liked the sex and was hoping for more today… Plus I think the best way to understand why you like these dolls is to try being one…” I said while blushing a deep crimson to match his own. 

“I… but… I have no idea where to even start! We can try it I suppose but…”

Deciding I had to get the party started I looked around the room. In the corner, I spotted an open box and ran over to fetch it. 

“Ok! This is how we start!” I lay the box on the ground and slide myself into the cardboard to where I am looking at him though the clear plastic. “I am your new dolly that you recently purchased from the factory. You are going to open me up and take me to break me in Master!” I said happily despite the nervous feeling that meshed with my arousal. 

At this point I think he put together that I was actually serious about this idea. With a shy smile he reached in and carefully pulled me out of the box and into his arms bridal style. He carried me down the hall and back into the bedroom that was the site of our passion the previous evening. He laid me down on the bed before stripping off his own clothes and joining me on the bed. 

He would frequently stop his fun and ask me if I was ok, to which I would whisper back with yes while trying to remain as still as my orgasm rocked body would allow me. I felt his hands all over my body and his tongue taking me to places I had only heard about from others. It must have been hours later when he collapsed onto my silently panting body as we were both spent. 

“That was great,” I said before realizing what I was supposed to be imitating. He just smiled at me and laughed. “This doll has the special ability to speak when spoken to.” He said as we both laughed. 

I gave him a peck on the lips and smiled. “Thank you Master.” I said teasingly. 

He was surely about to reply when hurried footsteps sounded from down the hall. We both heard a frantic sounding woman running up the stairs and quickly approaching the room. We both looked at each other, his face full of worry and confusion and mine full of just the latter. 

“That is my maid Fiora, she must have some business news to tell me if she is that frantic. Could you pretend to be a doll while she is in here?” he asked, adding the last part with a smug smirk. 

“Is that a challenge Master?” I questioned in the same teasing tone.

He just nodded and gave me one last peck on the lips before standing up and grabbing his pants from earlier and throwing them on. While he was doing that I spread my legs evenly and pursed my lips a little as I stared straight ahead from the sitting position we had been talking in against the headboard of the bed. 

Just as I had finished adjusting myself a woman that looked to be slightly older than both of us – 27 maybe? – with breasts similar to mine and long red hair that was tucked behind a more modern looking maid outfit burst into the room with a piece of paper and a grim look on her face. 

“Mr. Shah you have a very important call from Mr. Fredrickson. He stated that he must move the meeting up to 4 p.m. today because of a family affair taking place tomorrow. I have all of the information he told me to give you written down here.” She said all in one breathe before noticing me sitting there and Henry shirtless and blushing.

He smirked slightly but then waved her off. “I am glad you are so enthusiastic about your work Fiora, and luckily for you I just finished breaking in my newest doll Jayden. Are you certain he needs to meet with me so suddenly and we cannot simply reschedule?” 

She dusted off her blush and shook her head. “He said he would not be free for quite some time after this meeting. I recommend getting it done now sir.”

He looked at her with a slight frown and I caught the worried look he sent to me. As our eyes met for a brief instant I gave a very slight nod to show he should take care of his business first, I could wait until this maid left and just roam the house to keep entertained. A slight smile that was full of relief was sent my way shortly and he nodded to Fiora who was oblivious to our “conversation”, “Of course Fiora. Tell Hudson to prepare my car and I will be on my way in a few moments.”

He briskly grabbed some clean clothes and rushed into his bathroom. There were a few awkward minutes of Fiora talking to the driver and then looking at me with a slight blush until Henry reentered the room, fully dressed in a common business suit. 

He walked up to her and took the paper before starting to exit the room. 

Fiora glanced back at me and then called out, “Sir, what should I do with this doll?”

I stiffened a little more against my backrest as she spoke and I saw Henry turn towards us and adopt a thoughtful look. He locked eyes with me and then his grin was back. “Go ahead and clean her up. I want her placed in room 5, preferably in something professional and on display.”

I wanted to gasp but before I knew it he was out of sight and Fiora had swept me into her arms, the same way Henry had the night before, with surprisingly little effort for a woman of her size, despite being a good half-foot taller than me. She carried me out of the room and towards the hallway where the doll room was, but instead of opening the first door on the right she went left. 

Upon entering the room, I discovered it was another bathroom. One with a large shower and completely open. In the middle of the room was a double headed phallic looking device that the maid carried me over to. She unceremoniously placed me onto the device and pushed down, forcing the larger of the two into my vagina and the smaller into my ass. 

I remained quiet and still as the sudden intrusion wasn’t totally unexpected but felt both pleasing and uncomfortable due to the cold nature of the metal. Next she reached above me and pulled down a similar device with a strap and shoved it down my throat after opening my mouth and strapped it around my head. Stepping back, she hit a button on the wall and warm water began filling the inside of me. 

The warm water rushed down my throat and overflowed down my chin and soon my chest and breasts. The same was happening down below as the excess water rushed out of my holes and down my legs. Focusing on the maid, she flipped a switch and the water shut off, but before I could relax, a cream like substance shot itself into my mouth and lower areas. It felt warm and tasted awful. 

It didn’t hit me until after I was being lifted again by the maid that the substance was lube and I was now perfectly ready for anyone to use me. The thought turned me on, however I would have to wait until later as Fiora carried me into a different room than the one I was in this morning and set me down on a shelf to start browsing the closet. I waited patiently until she came back with what looked like a school girl outfit from an anime, but… shinier?

She pulled my legs off the shelf and applied some talcum power to them – why was she doing that? – before sliding a bright red stocking up each leg. Once the material touched my skin I recognized the need for talcum powder, I was being dressed in latex!

It took her a moment to slide the stockings on but less time to force the skirt up and over my waist. I noticed vaguely that I was not given any underwear and the same happened when she slid the white blouse like shirt over my chest and tucked it in, no bra either. It was strange but felt good. She moved back and examined my body before nodding and then hauling me over to an empty stand between a ballerina and a police officer doll.

She placed me up on the stand and snapped the arms around my waist to hold me up. With my body secured she moved my arms up to my hips and balled one up and the other sat against my thigh open palmed. She bent my right knee forward so I was leaning a little and forced my lips into a smile before stepping down. 

I imagine I looked very similar to the other dolls in stature and provocativeness but I couldn’t be more happy. She gave me one last look before turning off the light and leaving, plunging the room into total darkness. 

“I can’t wait for Master to get home!” I say giggling quietly to myself in the dark as I hold my assigned pose.


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