A Nice Massage

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2008 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; gym; massage; trasnform; lovedoll; bagged; nc/reluct; X


Laurel was tired after a long week of work managing the cosmetic company she owned. She rubbed her neck as she slowly drove her car to her favorite health resort for a well deserved weekend of pampering and relaxation. When she had acquired the cosmetic company last year, she never knew that ownership would require her to take such a hands-on role in the day-to-day operations. In fact, the time she spent working at her business had affected her personal life as her husband Matt Hardy had recently left her with no note as to where he was moving to. The fact that she didn't even notice he was gone till three days after he had left spoke volumes about the total immersion she had taken in her business.

"Hmmmm... maybe I'll try and track down Matt after the fall line is launched and see if we can patch things up. If not, one of the beefcakes who work here can more than fill his shoes ..." Laurel thought to herself as she drove into the resort's parking lot and parked her Ferrari in a spot near the private member's entrance. She hopped out and strode across the parking lot noting how the lot seemed deserted right now which usually wasn't the case for the resort.

Laurel took out her membership card and swiped it across a panel next to the entrance door. A few seconds later, there was a loud BEEP! followed by an audible clicking noise. Laurel pulled open the door and walked inside the luxuriously furnished area set aside for the wealthy members of the resort. She walked up to the reception desk and greeted the woman behind it with a familial tome as she signed in.

"Janice, I really need a massage in the worst way today. If Mario or Luigi are available today, it would be great," Laurel said hopefully to the platinum blonde receptionist.

"Hmmm... Mario's out helping a friend move into one of those new condos built by Koopa developers but I think Luigi will be available in about an hour or two. If you want to do a little exercising till then, I think some of the climbers are available over there," the receptionist said cheerfully while pointing over to the left towards the equipment she mentioned.

Laurel smiled as she headed towards the change rooms. "I'll give 'em a try for a little while though I have to save something for Luigi's expert hands!" she called out happily to the receptionist before going in to change her outfit.

Laurel emerged shortly thereafter wearing a tight fitting white mesh bodysuit that emphasized her voluptuous figure from her ample breasts to slim waist and shapely legs. She went over to where the exercise machines were lined up and started on one of the stair climber machines that lined the far wall of the exercise area. She exercised steadily over the next hour and a half stopping only to take a drink and to fend off the advances from muscular men looking to start a relationship or have a romp in bed.

After finishing her workout, Laurel wrapped a towel around her neck and walked back to the receptionist area hoping to hear good news. Wiping the perspiration off her forehead and chest, she noted by the clock on a nearby wall that it was very close to the time where the spa would shut down for the day. The receptionist looked up as the buxom woman approached her and nodded slightly as she stapled some papers together.

"Good timing, Laurel! Luigi is back and waiting for you in room number 3. He's even agreed to stay past closing to make sure you get a full massage at no extra charge," Janice said happily as she motioned towards the area where the massages were given.

"Thanks, Janice! I appreciate the effort you've put in for me. Talk to you soon!" Laurel called out as she hurried off for the massage she longed to start. Once in the nearby change area, she stripped off her clothes she was wearing and wrapped a large white terry cloth towel around her body. She headed down to the area where Luigi set up for his clients and entered into the room where the massage table was.

Unwrapping the towel around her, Laurel tossed it on a nearby chair and climbed up on the table where she laid down pressing her breasts into the soft leather covering as she fell into a light sleep. She dreamed of having a man looking allot like Luigi caressing and making love to her over and over again in a highly erotic atmosphere.

Laurel's sleep was interrupted by the feeling of hands going up and down her back and shoulders in a wonderfully pleasant manner. "Mmmm.... Luigi, you have such a wonderful touch.... you must keep your wife very happy...." she murmured as a feeling of euphoria swept through her body. After a few more minutes of massaging that spread to her legs, neck and arms, Laurel was almost purring in contentment as she felt so good... so light.... just like in her dreams.

However, the wonderful feelings she was experiencing came to an abrupt halt when she turned her head and saw her reflection in a nearby mirror. The reflection she saw in the mirror shocked her and snapped her out of her daze. Her body was rapidly changing from flesh to rubber and latex with her skin was becoming smooth and shiny with no signs of freckles and blemishes anywhere. Her breasts rapidly changed into mounds of plastic capped by bright pink nipples that seemed to be erect.

She tried to yell out or move in reaction to her predicament but the best she could do was pull herself up on her hands and knees before all movement ceased. She was unable to talk at all and watched in horror as her mouth slowly pulled itself into an O-shape and her teeth and tongue seemingly melted away forming a soft rubbery interior.


Laurel screamed mentally as she saw what appeared to be an inflation plug grow seemingly out of nowhere in the middle of her back. She could feel her pussy and anus slowly parting and available for easy probing much like her mouth now was. Seams were becoming visible running up and down her body as if she was now made of sheets of latex sewn together. Laurel found her ability to think and see was rapidly fading away as the transformation neared its' ending. As her eyes changed into the fixed glossy ones you would see on any love doll, she saw a familiar figure move in front of her.

"MATT!... WHY DID YOU DO THIS?... WHY?... WHY .... WHY NOT USE ME?... USE GOOD DOLLY..." the doll thought as she saw her estranged husband walk in front of her carrying what looked like some of her jewelry.

"Well, Laurel, you never had time for me before when we were together. It was always business... business.. business. Well, from now on, it'll be pleasure.. pleasure.. pleasure I think. Ha!" Matt chortled as he slipped Laurel's jewelry around her neck and wrists.

"You always seemed to care about material things than me. Well, welcome to that world, my dear!" he said as pulled open the inflation plug with a flourish.

The doll slowly deflated but Laurel no longer noticed as all traces of cognizance had been claimed by her change into a love doll. Once deflated, Matt folded her up and placed the deflated doll in a nearby gym bag.

"Hmm... let's see.. I've paid off everyone who might have seen me today here to look the other way. I guess it's time to arrange the 'accident' that will account for Laurel's disappearance.." Matt said as he strolled away with the bag in tow.

Of course, for Matt, Laurel didn't disappear or leave him like before...

Or ever would again...


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