Nosey Reporter

by Doctor Vader

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© Copyright 2012 - Doctor Vader - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; M+/f; caught; captive; bond; machine; process; bodymod; latex; insert; doll; encase; box; transport; auction; nc; X


She was a reporter and was acting on a tip her partner in the office had received. She’d snuck into the factory unit late at night and was rummaging through the files in the office. The evidence had to be here. She knew the syndicate, the biggest crime organisation in Portsmouth had the police in their pocket and the evidence of the payoff’s was here somewhere. She searched the cabinet’s and desk’s and so far only found legit shipping order’s and component invoices. Then she found something. She held the file in her hands. She was shocked. The file had her name on it. Georgia, bold as brass printed on the front. She opened it attentively. One sheet of paper inside. She gasped and dropped the file as she read it. Surprise! In big bold letter’s. She turned to run and quite literally bounced off the huge man as he stepped into her path. Where’d he come from? How long had he even been there? She wondered a moment. Another huge man stepped into the office, quickly followed by Paul Monroe, he was the head of the syndicate.

“At last we meet Georgia” He smirked as the two huge men, obviously his goon’s moved to either side of Georgia and roughly grabbed an arm each.

“My partner knows I’m here” She blurted out, suddenly afraid for her life.

“I know, I was the tip off you dumb bitch!” He laughed and turned to leave the office. The goon’s practically lifted her off her feet and carried her with them as the followed. Paul was approaching the beginning of the assembly line on the factory floor and Georgia was helplessly carried along.

“Please don’t kill me” She begged as they stopped and her feet planted.

“Don’t worry sweetheart, I’ve got no intention of killing you, but you do need to be naked” Paul smiled wryly and the two huge men began to yank, tear and pull her clothes off.

“No, please, stop!” She yelled and pleaded, but she was ignored and quickly stripped. Paul nodded to his goon’s and she was suddenly, easily hauled up into the air. She came back down with a whack as she was slammed onto a metal frame that was fitted to the assembly line conveyor belt. She could barely struggle, the wind knocked out of her and the men so strong. She was quickly strapped into place, spread eagle on the metal frame.

“What are you going to do to me” She sobbed as she lay helpless, strapped down tightly. Paul nodded to his goon’s again and they simply left. Paul and Georgia were alone.

“I’m going to change your life forever” He smiled, orange lights flashed and a siren sounded. He’d started the machine. Georgia was desperate, no idea what this machine was for, what it was going to do.

“Please no, let me go” Georgia pleaded to him, but he simply smiled coldly at her as the line jolted into life. She was being propelled slowly, steadily on the conveyor belt towards the first piece of machinery.

“Please, I’ll stop my investigation!“ She struggled and pleaded, but was met with ignorance as Paul walked along beside the line, matching her pace. He was just looking her, watching her squirm. The line came to a stop with a sudden jerk.

“You’ll want to close your eye’s for this bit” He announced as several robotic arms rose on either side of her armed with spray jet’s. As the first blast’s of liquid pelted her body, she closed her eye’s tight. She wanted to yell and scream as the spay was directed all over her body, drenching her with liquid. It seemed to last and age and covered her entirely, coating her every curve with a mystery liquid. Then it stopped as suddenly as it had started. She was confused, a little dazed maybe after her drenching. She craned her neck forward to look down at her prone body. Hairless. Every inch of her body was hairless. She stared in disbelief. Paul chuckled as the line began to move again. Her hair had been washed away by the spray.

“What have you done, I’ve got no hair!” She stammered in shock, but he was ignoring her as he slowly paced alone side her as she moved further down the conveyor belt. She struggled hard, fighting against her restraint. It was useless as she continued to be moved along against her will.

“If you fight the next bit, it’ll hurt, I suggest you just try to relax” Paul smiled with an excited glint in his eye. The line stopped again. Two of the machines arm’s moved and began to press softly on either side of her head. Applying more and more pressure until she could no longer move her head at all. Her eye’s widened in horror at what she saw. It was a large dildo shaped object being drawn close to her mouth.

“Please…” She began to plead and it was in. It was being relentlessly pushed deep into her mouth and down her throat. Her airway blocked, she thought she was going to choke. It withdrew quickly and she gasped a lungful of air, but she couldn’t close her mouth. The machine had deposited a latex sheath down her throat and it had a large rubber ring at the top that now held her mouth open. She couldn’t speak and hardly even manage a groan. Her head was released and she immediately felt the others. The machine was invading her arse and her vagina too. She tried to struggle, the discomfort of the invasion became dull pain as the machine relentlessly drove deeper into her and carried on going deeper. She didn’t know how much more she could take, but then the quick withdraw.

She was reeling from the assault the machine had carried out. As she regained her senses she could feel that her arse and her pussy were held open, just like her mouth. She could feel the ring against the cheeks of her buttocks and another stretching her vagina open too. For a moment she thought she must look like a sex doll, but her thoughts were quickly distracted. A Latex corset was descending towards her, quickly she felt it press against her stomach and then it was wrapping around her. She felt it tighten slowly, it felt like torture as it continued to slowly contract around her. The corset was painfully tight and she thought if it became any tighter she’d simply not be able to draw another breath when it stopped. It was held tightly in place as she felt the glue being applied to the corset, to her skin. It was glued to her.

“Now you’ll just feel a little prick” Paul Smirked as a tiny needle jabbed each of her breast’s and unloaded their content’s. She felt the prick of the needle, then nothing.

“Anaesthetic, otherwise this would really hurt” He laughed as he indicated to her to look up.

She was mortified to she two much larger needles penetrate her breast’s and begin to slowly pump something into her. She couldn’t feel it but was horrified by the sight of it. She wanted to scream, but the sheath in her mouth and the rubber grommet holding her open prevented her. She watched, eye’s wide as her tit’s were swelling, being pumped to a much larger size. She wasn’t sure how long it took, but it felt like an eternity before the machine stopped pumping and her breast’s were at their desired size. Paul looked very pleased as the machine again jerked her again into movement.

She was distraught, but she could no longer keep up her ferocious struggles, drained by the machines gruelling process. She struggled weakly, determined not to simply give up, she couldn’t. She wouldn’t give up, but escape at this point was impossible. She could only wonder what could be next. The conveyor belt shuddered to a stop. She barley noticed the spay arms this time, until she was gently being dusted with a light layer of something sticky. She instinctively closed her eye’s. The spray was gently directed and with precision evenly coated her head, face and body.

“This stuff is amazing” Paul chimed as Georgia’s coating continued, her skin beginning to feel warm and tingle. It sprayed her and coated her skin for what she could only imagine was a good ten minutes.

“It bond’s with your actual skin, becomes your actual skin, a new latex skin” He explained and she tried to listen as the machine continued to evenly cover her. The warm tingle was slightly distracting, almost a pleasure in comparison to what the machine had done to her so far. She hadn’t noticed the spay stop until the sensation began to subside.

“But the best bit is, the warm tingle you feel, is actually the paralysis setting in” He laughed. Georgia immediately tried to move, a new wave of fear coursed through her. She couldn’t. Not a single twitch of a muscle. She couldn’t even turn her head. She was completely immobilised.

“It leave’s you completely paralysed, unable to move, but pliable enough to be moved into any desired pose” Paul grinned wryly, not that she could turn her head to even see him anymore.

The machine began to move her to the end of the line. She was propelled slowly down the remainder of the conveyor belt, silent and unmoving. She screamed and struggled inside the prison of her unresponsive body. She came to stop at the end of the line with a bump. She felt her restraint’s being removed and she was quickly lifted from the conveyor belt. She felt her limb’s being manipulated and posed. She was positioned so she could be stood up on her own unassisted.

“Let’s get you dressed, I thought a dirty secretary outfit would best suit you don’t you think?” Paul smirked as he knew she couldn’t answer.

She felt the wig being glued into place first, then the yank and pull of her arm’s as her new clothes were being pulled on. She was tipped on her back and laid down as a stocking’s, a skirt and heel’s were used to adorn her helpless form. She was soon dressed and carefully positioned back on her feet. She could see Paul standing in front of her, arm’s folded and admiring his work.

“You look pretty good all things considered, but I bet you want to have a look” He mused and quickly disappeared from her view.

She didn’t want to see herself. She knew what he’d done. A full length mirror was wheeled in front of her. She saw a sex doll. A dirty secretary doll, it’s wide open mouth ready for use, dressed in a tight blue shirt and black skirt, stocking’s and heels. A sex doll that looked like it had been modelled on her, but it wasn’t. It was her. She was the sex doll she was looking at. She screamed and cried inside, but the doll in the mirror did nothing.

“Time for you to go now sweetheart, we’ve got an appointment” He said as she was lifted off her feet.

She felt herself being gently lowered and could see the side’s of a wooden crate coming into her view. She lay there, amongst the soft packaging inside trying to think what he’d meant by appointment. Suddenly the lid was on and Georgia was bathed in darkness. The sound of the crate being nailed shut. She had no idea what was happening, she did her best to work it out. She assumed she was being moved, the sound of the forklift, the sensation of movement. The sound of the truck backing up. She had to presume she was loaded into the back of the truck. Then she was being driven somewhere, she had no idea for how long.

Wherever she was being taken, she’d arrived. The truck had stopped and her crate was being moved again. Where was she? She wondered. Then her crate was pried open, light came flooding back in. Two men in overall’s reached in and hoisted her out. They were quickly carrying her somewhere. She could hear voice’s, muffled at first, but becoming clearer as she was quickly being moved.

“Sold at fifteen thousand!” She heard someone announce. Before she could even comprehend it, she was planted on her feet. Aghast at what had filled her view. A room full of men. She was now on a small stage in front of a room full of men.

“Ok next lot, Georgia, fully functional sex doll, seller instruction say’s must sell today, no reserve any bid will buy” A man announced. Georgia was up for auction. Her mind reeled. She was helpless. She was going to be sold as a sex toy.

“Shall we start at a thousand… No ok, Five hundred… Come on people she’s not that bad, any bid will buy now… A bid at two hundred” The auctioneer called out. Georgia was going to sell cheap by the look’s of it. A final bid of Three hundred and fifty took her home!

I’d would have paid at least three fifty five, well maybe, maybe not.



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