Oath of Pleasure

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2008 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; D/s; bond; transform; lovedoll; boxed; sold; cons/nc; X


The room was completely still save for the quiet whirr of the air conditioning unit and the soft metallic sound that rose when the icy breeze blew across something metal that was in the shadows. With the wrenching open of the double doors leading into the room and the lights flickering on in response to the switch being turned on, the quiet was shattered by the entrance of two women.

The first woman was a tall woman with bright red hair that draped just past her shoulders. Dressed in a shiny red leather body suit that matched her hair in color, she strolled across the floor with an energy that matched her look. With thigh high black boots that had six inch heels on them, the dominatrix gently tugged on the metal chain that she grasped firmly in her right hand with obvious impatience.

Attached to the chain via a silver neck collar was a striking Asian beauty with flowing black hair and wearing only a skin tight black corset that seemed to cover only her midsection and left her sex and supple breasts exposed for admiration. Judging by the fact that she currently was staring down at the smooth tiled floor, it would be safe to assume that the chain and collar were part of a punishment for the dark haired woman.

"Don't dawdle now, Kwami. We have a lengthy procedure to go through if your punishment is to proper for your transgression," the red haired woman said briskly as she stepped smartly across the floor.

"Yes, Mistress Delilah. May I ask what exactly the punishment will be?" Kwami asked timidly.

"NO ! ...now go lie down on that chair until I return with the instruments needed," Delilah snapped curtly at the cowering Kwami who immediately hastened to the black leather chair. Delilah attached her end of the chain to a nearby metal pole and left the room for several minutes.

Delilah returned with a long thin wine glass filled with a red liquid in one hand and what appeared to be one of her 'instruments of delight' in her other one that consisted of a long smooth glass tube ending in a black leather handle. Kwami knew the prod was a constant in Delilah's erotic tormenting of her loyal submissives.

Delilah handed the glass to Kwami, "This is a wine for special occasions like this. I want you drink it all down in one swallow, lovely Kwami, and not spill a drop. If you fail to do so, your punishment will be even more severe," she snapped.

Kwami downed the entire drink in one gulp without spilling a bit much to her relief. Nodding in satisfaction, the dominatrix then pushed Kwami back on the chair and had her clasp the prod in her left hand before stepping back and unhitching the chain from the metal pole.

"Now, my dear, we will conclude the punishment by reciting your mistake and then you will take the Oath of Pleasure," Delilah said while running her hands over the firm breasts of the quivering beauty.

"Mmmmmm..I look forward to it, Mistress Delilah.." Kwami whispered lustfully as her body writhed under her mistress' ministrations.

"Good! Now, Kwami, you were caught last tonight pleasuring yourself three times without my permission. You have accepted that you must be punished for such a transgression. The Oath of Pleasure must be recited by you and without hesitation. You shall begin your citing the oath now, Kwami!" Delilah snapped as she stepped back to a black end table with a controller sitting on it.

Kwami, feeling a little flushed, began to recite the oath out loud that she had practiced in her mind all night long. As the minutes passed, her left arm drooped slightly and the smooth glass of the prod came in contact with her face. The contact excited Kwami as it made her think of the coming pleasure Delilah would give her and she misspoke the words of the oath near the end.

Delilah shook her head, "I'm sorry, Kwami, you have failed in the reciting of the oath and must now suffer the ..PUNISHMENT!!" she shouted while pressing down a red button on the controller.

The rod in Kwami's hand shook as an electrical charge shot out of the prod enveloping her entire body. The charge combined with the wine she had just drunk produced a rapid change in Kwami's body that surprised and shocked her. Her mouth, already open in surprise, froze in the shape of an O with her teeth and tongue seemingly melting away forming a smooth opening made of latex and rubber. Kwami's skin swiftly changed from flesh to smooth shiny latex with seams running up and down her stiff arms and legs. Kwami would have screamed in horror out loud at the process but strangely she felt at peace as if waves of erotic pleasure rolled through her.

The process quickly reached its conclusion as Kwami's chest, no longer moving due to the ceasing of her breathing, was engulfed by the change. Her breasts swelled slightly outwards and became taught domes of plastic capped by bright pink nipples that stood out prominently. To conclude the process, a bright see through inflation plug grew out of the back of the newly created love doll for adding or subtracting air as he/she saw fit.

For Kwami, the change was not just physical but mental as well. Her thinking was now that of an inanimate sex toy "Mmmmm... I hope someone uses me soon... I need to be owned... fuck me soon.... please......" the new doll thought solely of pleasing whoever would use her.

Delilah, smiling an evil smile, crossed the room and picked up the newly created sex doll . After quickly stripping the doll of it's clothing and collar and taking the rod from its left hand, she reached behind the doll Kwami and opened it's inflation plug wide open.

"Noooo.... why doesn't she want to use me... please use meeee......" thought the doll as she slowly deflated before its' thoughts slipped into darkness as its body became a limp form of plastic and latex. Delilah then folded the doll over her right forearm and walked out of the room humming a happy tune out loud.

The following week..........

The balding man in his mid 50's wandered slowly through the adult store looking through the vast selection of inflatable sex toys for something in particular. Not finding what he was looking for, he approached the woman working behind the counter.

"Excuse me, ma'am, but I was wondering if you might have a love doll in your inventory with an Asian look to her?" he asked with a slightly red face.

"You're in luck, sir. I just happened to get in an incredibly lifelike one of that make today. Take a look!" the woman said handing the man a fairly large box decorated with several glossy photos typical of the dolls sold in these type of shops.

The man beamed and handed over his credit card "I'll take it! Are there any other ones like ...Kwami Kupps.. coming in soon..?" he said hopefully.

"Actually, you might be in luck, sir. I'm expecting a new shipment in next week and I might have another one like it!" Delilah said as she rang through the purchase.

"Kwami's sister is in my dungeon right now and she seems just as disobedient as Kwami was.... another oath might be possible........" Delilah thought to herself as she wrapped up the doll that till recently was the lovely Kwami and sent her out the door with a happy customer.

And maybe the doll Kwami would be joined soon .. by a familiar face....


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