The Object of His Affection

by jessy19

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© Copyright 2015 - jessy19 - Used by permission

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I never imagined finding my one true love at a sex shop. It was a Friday night, past midnight. The shop wasn't packed, but it wasn't empty either. I saw several men and women there. Some men were meekly looking around at the movie section. Some women were laughing at the sex toys. The clerk was having a good time showing a bachelorette and her best friend some gadgets for a bridal party.

I just stood there not quite knowing what to do. The tiny bell on the door chimed when he walked in. He wore his jet black hair slicked back, white polo shirt and khaki pants. His eyes, icy blue and his skin smooth. He looked almost afraid to walk in. He walked in slowly and cautiously as if he was afraid someone he knew would see him there in the midst of all the other toy loving, porn loving people.

I watched as he went to the magazine section and scanned a few pages of the magazine filled with big breasted women. Then he slid over to the movie section just eyeing the selections. He turned for a moment to see if anyone was watching and I guess he saw me eyeing him. His eyes met mine for a moment and then he quickly looked away. I saw him blushing and felt like blushing too. 

He continued to scan the movies and the moved towards the toys near me. He eyed several molded boobs and fake vaginas. He wanted to laugh when his eyes widened as he saw an almost "real" looking pussy. 

He looked over at me again and walked towards me. He stood in front of me and smiled shyly. 

"Hey, you come here often?" He asked and laughed to himself. I wanted to laugh too.

"You want to come home with me?" He asked looking at me up and down. I don't blame him for looking after all I was wearing a sexy short black leather skirt and a dark red low cut top and my black stilettos completed my look. I wouldn't tell him I wasn't wearing a bra or panties. I would surprise him.

"I'm a little lonely tonight. I could use the company of a fine looking woman such as yourself," he said and smiled shyly. 

My eyes said it all. Take me home with you! He seemed so sweet and sincere. 

* * *

A few minutes later we were back at his place. It was small, neat and comfy. I was sitting down on the couch while he went to get some wine. He came back with two glasses. He sipped his wine slowly and stared at me. 

"I can't believe I brought you over. This is by far the craziest thing I've ever done." He sips again. "So what's your name? I think I should call you Sunny because of your blonde hair. You look like those pretty California girls. You look like a Sunny to me."

I liked the name he chose for me. I never thought of myself as a Sunny but it was cute the way he said it. He sipped his wine slowly and then put the glass down on the coffee table next to mine. He stood up and went over to his Bose portable system and searched his ipod player for the best song to play. He put on some slow music, Sinatra I think.

He came back and sat next to me. He stared at me from head to toe. "You're the first woman I ever bring home you know that?"

I felt privileged. A guy as hot as this, and I'M the first one he brings home? 

I watch him lick his lips and he moved towards me. He places his lips against mine. He feels good! He tastes good! His lips part and his tongue slides in my mouth pressing up against mine. He puts his arms around me and holds me tight. I'm enjoying this immensely. My other friends had told me that men were never this gentle with them. Most men were rough when it came to starting up. Not my man. He's sweet, gentle and kind. One hand starts creeping up under my top. I like it more. The more the touches me, the more alive I feel.

He breaks our kiss and starts to caress my face. "You're so beautiful you know that? I think I fell in love with you from the moment I saw you at that shop. I think you and I are good together." He kisses me softly. He strokes my long blonde hair and starts kissing my neck. His warm kisses trail from my neck down to the top of my chest. 

"We need to get this off you," he says tugging at my top.

He starts pulling it up over my head. My hands adjust above my head so he can slip off the top easily. He stares at my bare breasts. My nipples are already hard and a dark brown color. He licks his lips and bends his head to put one breasts on his mouth. His tongue circles around my hardened nipple while his other hand plays with my other breast. His mouth and hands feel incredible! I sit back and enjoy my man. His hot mouth moves taking turns tasting each breast and licking each nipple. He trails kisses down to my tummy and one hand gropes the zipper holding up my skirt. He struggles to unzip it. His hands are shaking. He seems super nervous! I think it's totally adorable. 

He manages to pull off my skirt leaving me completely naked. He looks at my nude body and his eyes widen. "You are hot. So hot..." he kisses my lips again slowly. 

I say he's hot too. I think he's sexy! 

He stands up and takes off his white polo shirt revealing his bare chest with little hair on it. I feel even more excited watching him slowly getting nude for me. I wanted him to hurry up and take it all off fast but he wanted to tease me it seemed. He blushed as he stood bare-chested. 

"You like what you see Sunny?"

I say yes!

He kicks off his shoes and bends to take off his socks. He slowly undoes his belt and slips it off throwing it on the floor along with his other pile of clothes he just took off. I can see he's hard as a rock through his khaki slacks. 

Hurry up! I beg.

He unbuttons his pants and lets them fall to the floor. He steps out of them and remains in his white brief boxer shorts. His cock looks like it's ready to spring out of his boxer shorts and into my pussy.

"You like what you see so far Sunny?" He rasps. 


He peeled his boxer shorts off his incredible body slowly. His cock was hard, big and looked delicious!

He came to me and stood naked with his cock pointing at me. He knelt down in front of me and pulled me down some. He spread my legs wide and began to taste me. Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness! I wanted to cry out in sheer ecstasy. He snaked his tongue all over my pussy. His tongue was slimy and strong and felt so good lapping up my juices. 

He stopped for a moment and looked up at me. His loving eyes were now filled with pure lust. He moved up towards me and grabbed my long legs and wrapped them around his waist. 

"I want you," he whispered breathlessly.

I want you too! 

He adjusted himself between my legs and slipped in his cock. I felt my pussy widen up by his size. He entered me easily and gently. I heard him moan. He bit his lower lip and closed his eyes. 

"You feel so good baby. So good!"

So do you! I love how you feel inside of me! 

He opened his eyes and looked at me. He began moving in and out of me. He was panting with each thrust. His moaning increased and beads of sweat started showing all over his naked skin. 

His cock pounded my pussy good. I could feel him so deep inside of me I thought his cock might come out of my mouth! He pressed his body up against mine and laid himself on top of me. It was a bit uncomfortable for a moment. My legs were up on his shoulders now and I was slouched on the couch. It got comfortable right away when he began pumping in and out of me faster. 

It thought it had been forever but realized it had only been maybe two or three minutes when I felt a surge of warmth filling me. My man moaned deeply and closed his eyes. I watched him as he climaxed inside of me. He looked hot as he came. His sticky hot seed was swimming inside of me, deep inside of me. "Oh fuck!" He groaned. "Oh shit."

He stared at me and his eyes met mine. His eyes were beady now and his body covered in sweat. He looked somewhat embarrassed. 

"Sorry. I didn't know I'd cum so fast. It's just that..." his voice trailed off and he flopped on the couch next to me. He was fighting to catch his breath. "You are my... first? I know that's pretty fucked up huh? Here I am a 34 year old dude that has never had sex before and the first time he does, he cums in like three minutes."

So what? We got all night. 

He laughs and tosses his head back. He stares at the ceiling fan and his breathing slows. "Hope you don't think I'm a lousy screw and then go tell all your friends." He laughs again.

I'd never say anything. I think you were great! 

He turned to face me. His icy blue eyes looked tired. "We can do more things tomorrow. I promise. I promise I'll be better. It's been such a long day and you are so new to me." He leaned in to kiss me. "You want to sleep with me? Or would you rather sleep out here?"

With you! With you! 

He smirked and stood up. He grabbed me and carried me over to his room. He slammed me down on the bed. I wanted to laugh. 

"I'm going to take a shower," he said. "You maybe want to take one with me?" 

Yes! I want to keep looking at your naked body! 

He grabbed me again and carried me over to his bathroom. I waited as he turned on the hot water making the bathroom steam up. I saw my own reflection on his bathroom mirror. My blonde hair was a mess! 

My man and I go into the shower. I watch him soap himself up and then he soaps me up. He washes my body and my hair with a unisex smelling shampoo. We kissed more in the shower. My man leaned me up against the cold tile and pressed himself against me. His cock hardened again. He eyed me curiously and made me get down on my knees. 

The water continued to rain down on us. He stood in front of me holding his erection.

"Ok I need to know what this feels like. I've seen so many movies about blowjobs and I have yet to experience one. love can you do me the honors of giving me my first blow job?" He asks almost courteously.

Yes! Come here! I demand. 

He caressed my face and put his cock in my mouth. He rubbed it against my tongue. I felt every vein and throb of his cock. His salty precum lingered on my tongue and some went down my throat. He made me look up at him. "Your mouth f-feels...." He closed his eyes and kept thrusting his hips. "Incredible," he finally managed to say.

And you taste incredible. I say silently.

My hands go on his waist and my head bobs back and forth, back and forth. It was all so beautiful, his cock pulsing in my mouth, his deep sounding moans filling the room and his cock fucking my mouth furiously. 

"Oh baby...I'm going to cum. You want to drink me up? You want to swallow my seed?" He asked panting for air. 

Yes! I need to taste you! 

"Oh fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" He cried out as his sperm shot out in my mouth. I could taste each spurt of cum. He was salty, tasty, I was so in love now it was too late to turn back and just see him as a man. I'd be his woman now forever and ever. Or.... so I thought.

* * *

At first, everything was wonderful. My man let me live with him. He'd buy me clothes, usually something sexy. He would tell me how embarrassed he was to go into Victoria's Secret to buy me some sexy panties or a sheer bra. He said the sales girls thought it was cute of him to be buying things for his woman. He said one sales girl in particular started helping him out. She'd choose the perfect matching bra and panties for me. 

He said she was quite beautiful which made me uncomfortable but he was man, so it was natural he would look at a beautiful woman. He told me her name was Janie and that she was shorter than me with long dark hair and big blue eyes. He said her eyelashes were a mile long and jet black. She did sound beautiful but why was he telling me this? Did he like getting me jealous? 

I pushed aside all the comments he'd make about this "Janie" girl. The fact that my man was buying me necklaces and even chocolates was making it seem that I was winning and not Janie. 

My man and I would make love every single night. He'd please me, and I'd please him. We'd fall asleep in each other's arms and I'd wake up to the smell of coffee. He'd make love to me quickly before going off to work. He would sometimes tell me things like:

"I want to marry you."

"I wonder if we can have children."

"Wouldn't it be something if I could impregnate you?"

I would say yes to all those things. I would mind marrying my man. He just hadn't asked. I kept waiting for the day he would ask me to be his wife. I bet he'd buy me the hottest wedding gown ever. He and I would live happily together and no one else would come between us. It was a nice thought but I had to face reality. As time went on, maybe four or five months, my man wouldn't make love to me as much. He'd just watch TV and talk on the phone a lot. I was often in the living room and he'd go to the bedroom and shut the door. I could hear his muffled voice. Sometime he'd laugh with whoever he was talking to. 

He wouldn't tell me I looked beautiful like he normally did. He stopped buying me pretty clothes and jewelry and I kissed the chocolates goodbye. It seemed like I had done something wrong. I tried to remember what I did that was so wrong but nothing came to mind. 

I had always gone along with whatever he wanted to do. He wanted to try anal and so I let him. It had felt just as hot as vaginal sex but more intense. He'd cum so hard that he had fallen asleep right afterwards. 

I was willing to try any position he wanted. I'd ride him, I'd let him put me upside down once too. I was trying my hardest to please my man and keep my man but it seemed nothing was working.

One evening, he got home carrying a huge bouquet of roses. Red roses. Red roses stand for love of course. I was almost relieved to see him get back to himself. He smiled at me and held the roses towards my nose. 

"Smell them," he said softly.

I took a whiff of the roses. They smelled beautiful! So fresh!

"You think she'll like these?"

She? Don't you mean me? 

"I bought them for her. Guess what? I went into Victoria's Secret pretending to buy something and she was there. I asked her out on a date. I hope that's ok?" He smirked evilly.

I didn't say anything. I was still in shock.

"I'm going to take a shower and get dressed for my hot date. I promise I won't bring her home. I know that might upset you a little." He laughed as if he was making fun of me. 

He left to take a shower without inviting me to shower with him. I stared at the gorgeous roses that were on the coffee table. How come he didn't bring ME flowers? I was speechless. It was as if he had stopped loving me. 

A few minutes later he walks out of his bedroom freshly dressed in crisp gray slacks and a black polo shirt. His hair is slicked back and I can tell he just finished shaving. The smell of his manly aftershave scent fills the room. I wish he'd kiss me.

"Well Sunny, I'll be back later tonight. Wish me luck. I'm nervous."

Nervous? Why do you want to go out with a woman that makes you nervous? You were so calm around me. 

He didn't hear me. He walked out carrying the flowers. I waited at home. I waited and waited. Hours passed and finally he stumbled in the door late that night. He had a big smile on his face. He looked at me seductively. 

"Come here baby," he said and grabbed my hand. He lifted me up from my seat and held me close. 

That's more like it. I told him.

He hummed a sweet melody in my ear and leaned down to kiss me. His kiss was hard and passionate. Our tongues meshed and our bodies became warm. He led me the bedroom and laid me down. Since I had already been naked waiting for him, all he had to do was take off his own clothes.

He stroked my naked body and sucked on my nipples. I was so happy he was back to me. Back to his woman!

"I have an urgent need to cum," he murmured in my ear. 

Then cum in me. I'm all yours. Always will be my love. I said sweetly.

He flipped me on my stomach suddenly. He bent me towards him and entered me heatedly. It felt good, but it felt scary too. He'd never been this rough with me. Not even when he and I had anal sex. He was so careful as if not to hurt me. But at that moment he grabbed my waist hard almost digging his nails into my skin. He started fucking me hard. The pleasure was fading and I only felt pain. I wanted to tell him to stop but then he might get mad and tell me to leave. I didn't want to leave. I loved him so much!

His skin hits mine with each thrust. He leans into me and grabs my breasts hard. "Make me cum you little slut. I need you to squeeze all my cum in you."

Slut? He'd never called me that before.

He continued plunging in and out of me as hard as he could as if he was mad about something. As if he was trying to hurt me. I stayed quiet because I didn't want to upset him. I didn't want to tell him to stop. He pulled my hair and angrily kissed my neck. 

"I'm about to cum in you, little whore," he said and threw my head down against the pillow. 


"Janie! Oh"


He came. I felt him squirting his hot liquid in me. He moaned and groaned so loudly I thought the neighbors might hear. After ejaculating, he slipped out of me and let my body drop on the bed. I felt so hurt. I didn't want to turn and look at him. 

I could hear him gasping for air. Then silence. His snoring came next. I lay next to him wondering what the hell had just happened. He'd never been that rough with me and never once had called me those names. What he hell was his problem?

* * *

My man and I didn't have sex for the rest of the weekend. He was out most of the time said he had things to do. I wish he'd take me along but it seems he's embarrassed to be seen with me which really hurts.

A few days later he's dressed in black slacks and a crisp white button up shirt with a black and white tie. He looks so handsome.

"I'm taking her to the opera if you can believe that. I think that should score me some points at least I hope it does. In case if it doesn't, I know you'll be here waiting for me won't you my love?" He says it in such a sweet way that I can't resist.

I'll be here. 

He smiles and puts on his watch. He ties his black loafer shoes and goes to grab another rose bouquet he bought HER. 

"I'll be back in a few hours gorgeous." He winks at me and closes the door. I sit on the couch emotionless. I keep hoping things won't work. That might sound selfish to some but think about it, this is MY man so I want to keep MY man.

* * *

I wait again. I wait for hours. I wait forever. He doesn't come home until sunrise. He comes in humming and looks at me. "Looks like I won't need you to please me tonight honey. You can sleep with me if you want." 

Ouch. That really hurt. 

He grabs my hand and I follow him to the bedroom. He slips out of his clothes until he's completely nude. He walks towards me and takes off all my clothes. "I want to sleep completely naked with you tonight. I'm feeling so good right now. I'm not going to shower because I want her smell on me. Is that bad of me?"

Yes! It's awful! 

"You gotta understand babe. I love you and all, but this woman... oh man... she made my night, let's put it that way."

He lays me down and covers me up. I stare up at the ceiling while he gets into bed. He sighs. "It was incredible Sunny. She and I did things I never thought I would."

More than what you and I have done? I doubt it. I said.

He got quiet and I realized he'd fallen asleep. I couldn't sleep. I just wanted things to go back to the way they were at the beginning when he was so into me that he didn't think about anyone else. Now SHE was in the picture and I was slowly becoming second best.

* * *

For the next month or so, my man and I didn't make love. Imagine, a whole month without sex? Oh my goodness! I craved him so much but he showed little desire for me.

Then the time had come to meet Janie girl. I didn't want that time to come but it did. He brought her home. I hid in the closet. I heard him calling out my name but I didn't want to make a noise to let him know where I was.

He walked into this bedroom holding her hand. He had been right. This woman was lovely but I hated her. She had taken my man away! Why did he have to bring her home? Why? Why?

"This is kind of weird Paul," she said.

"No it's not. Well, it might be at first but then you'll like her."

"I'm not into women Paul," Janie said kind of mad.

He laughed. "You'll be into her. I promise she's really hot looking."

Janie shrugged.

He looked towards the closet and smirked. "Oh honey? Sunny my love!"

No! Stop it! Get away! 

It was too late. He found me. He opened the closet door and I stood there naked like he'd left me. 

"Here she is," he announced to Janie. She looked at me up and down. Her eyes grew wide. 

"Isn't she hot?" My man asked.

Janie nodded slowly. "So this is my competition huh? This is the woman you keep buying sexy clothes for huh?" She started to walk closer to him where he was only inches away from me.

"Don't worry I love you both equally," he said jokingly. I wanted to slap him for acting like an asshole.

Janie continued to stare. We looked at each other like we were about to duel. 

"You want to touch her?" My man asked.

Janie turned red. "I told you I'm not into girls."

"Go on. Touch her." He egged on.

Janie reached out and put her hand on one of my breasts. "Are these real?" 

My man laughed so hard. Janie joined him in laughing. They both laughed at me and I wanted to just run but as much as I should hate my man, I loved him so much. I'd grown close to him and I've learned to live with him.

"You want to...have some fun with her?" My man asked.

Janie shrugged. "I guess." She giggled nervously. "I mean it's not like she's going to tell my family or anything that we had sex with each other." They both laughed again. I was getting angrier by the minute. I didn't want to do anything with Janie. I hated her for stealing my man's heart. 

"Come on baby, you in the mood for some three way fun?" He asked.

No! Never! 

He laughed and grabbed me. "Don't be shy now."

He laid me on the bed and both stood above me. He took off his shirt and ordered Janie to take off her clothes. While she undressed he began to kiss me. Janie watched us kiss as she slowly removed her clothes. Her breasts looked different than mine. They were smaller and her nipples were a darker brown. She slipped out of her panties. I noticed her pussy was hairless like mine. 

My man stopped kissing me and pulled Janie towards us. Janie leaned over me. "Ok why don't you make out with her while I get naked?" 

No! No! 

Janie shrugged as if it was no big deal and leaned down to kiss me. Her lips felt different than my man. They were softer and tasted like strawberries. Her tongue found mine but I wanted her to stop! This didn't feel right. 

"Mmmm oh yeah. See? That was sexy wasn't it?" My man asks her. 

She breaks our kiss and giggles uncontrollably. "It was ok. Don't tell me you get off on this shit?"

He smiled proudly. "What guy doesn't?"

"So is she going to be part of our sex tonight? Can I watch you fuck her first?"

He nodded. "Yeah. Watch me fuck the shit out of her and imagine that's what I'll do to you."

Janie licked her strawberry tasting lips. "Hmm this should be interesting. She moved away and sat down on the edge of the bed. Her eyes stared at my naked body. I wanted to cover myself up but my man was already crawling on the bed and inching towards me. 

He plunged his cock inside of me and began fucking me as hard as he ever had. It seemed painful but I loved this man so much that I didn't care about the pain. I wanted to feel his seed in me. It'd been so long. I didn't care that Janie was watching. He was pounding my pussy with all of his might. His eyes gave me a cold stare as if I was just an object not a real person.

Then... he stopped. He paused and slipped out of me. I could hear some rustling. I heard Janie giggling again and then I felt something going in me again. I finally see that Janie is above me. She's fucking me like HE was. But she doesn't have a cock does she? What the fuck?

I see my man sitting now at the edge of the bed jerking off. "Fuck her good darling. Make her cum for you."

I was confused. What the hell was going on? Why was Janie fucking me? HOW was Janie fucking me? I looked up and saw her moaning as if she was getting pleasure out of me. 

"Kiss her too," my man ordered.

Janie bent down and kissed me hard. Her hands were on my breasts. She laid on top of me pressing her breasts against mine. 

"Ok you're about to cum aren't you?" He asks me.

No! Stop this crazy nonsense! You're MY man not hers! Get her off me! 

Then my man climbs on the bed and kneels in front of my face. "Take it out of her and pretend you're cumming on her face."

Janie takes whatever was in me and pretends to be jerking off like a guy. It looks fake. The cock looks nothing like my man's. She's got it strapped on to her as if it was her own. She starts groaning like she's cumming and my man ends up cumming all over my face and chest. He's moaning hard and cumming a lot. His hot seed lands on my face and my chest and cools fast.

I watch them as they kiss leaving me cum covered. "That was freaking hot. You got to do this more often."

"She is kind of sexy. I think this was fun. I liked feeling the power that a man has with this strap on. Thanks for buying it for me." She kisses him again.

They kiss more intensely and leave me there next to them. I lay there hearing them making love. If that's not heartbreaking I don't know what is.

* * *

Feeling violated and used, I know I have lost complete control of my man. He's got major control of me. It's like I'm in an abusive relationship that I hear so much about.

He uses me whenever he wants and I don't say anything because I love him too damn much. He's already tied me up and at times leaves me tied up on his bed all day until he comes back from work. Then he'll just rape me and do whatever he wants to me. 

You might think I'm crazy for putting up with it, but if you only knew how much I loved him you might understand why I put up with him.

I hide in the closet most of the time that Janie is here. I watch them make sweet love like he and I used to do. Not the ugly rough sex he does to me. He tells her he loves her like he once did to me. Once she's gone and I'm out the closet he tells me everything that he loves about her. He likes the fact that she can get freaky in the bedroom and how it's so hot to see us both be together.

I don't want to do that anymore! I protest. But he doesn't seem to care. He keeps saying about all these things he wants me to do with both of them. 

I just want to runaway from this environment. I wish I had never met my man. I wish I could leave him but he's got me trapped. He ties me up in the closet sometimes for days and makes me watch him and Janie do all these sexual acts together. 

He loves it when I join them. He likes watching Janie go down on me and having her kiss me. He especially likes when she uses that toy she straps on, on me. She likes to put it in my mouth as if I'm sucking her dick and likes to fuck me with it a lot. She's even done anal with me.

One night while I was locked in the closet again, Janie walked in without my man. It was still sunlight so I knew my man was still at work. I guess he'd given Janie the key to his apartment. I felt scared. I knew something was going to happen.

Janie opened the closet door and smiled at me. "Hey you," she said in a sexy voice. 

She grabbed me and threw me on the bed. She took out a strange looking cock from a bag. "Look what I have for us. We don't need Paul tonight do we?" 

I just wanted her to get away from me! She knew I'd never tell my man about this that's why she was taking advantage.

"It's a double header you know what that is?" She asked as she slid the toy cock around my lips. "It's a dildo built with two cock heads so two girls can fuck. You like?"

No! Get away! Go away! Leave me the fuck alone! 

She turned the toy to the other side and put it on my lips too. Then she started to kiss me. She moaned. I was feeling violated again. I wondered if my man had any idea she was here doing what she was doing with me.

Janie got up and started getting naked. I was already naked so she didn't have to strip me. She slowly took off her clothes seductively as if she was trying to tease me. Did she not understand I didn't love her? I loved my man! Where was he? I wanted to cry.

She crawled on the bed and held the toy. "Spread your legs lover, spread them wide."

I tried not to spread but she spread my legs for me. She adjusted herself and suddenly I felt the fake cock going inside of me. I heard Janie begin to moan. Then she stopped, leaving the toy inside of me. 

"I want you to look at me while we fuck," she said in a low voice and put some pillows behind me propping me up so I can look at her. 

She went back her position in front of me. Our legs were intertwined. She shoved the toy inside of her and inched closer to me. She began moving her hips and moaning loudly. 

"You like that? Doesn't it feel good? We don't need Paul for this. I told you. You'll love it!"

Leave. Me. Alone! I screamed silently. 

"Mmmmghghhh!" She cried out. She held herself up with her elbow and her eyes were locked with mine. I wanted to look away but she had control over me. I hated her! I wish she'd stop! I didn't want to do this! Stop!

I watched her mouth slightly open and she cried out. She was climaxing hard. Her entire body was trembling with passion. 

"Oh fuck! Mmmmggghhh!" She yelped.

I waited until her body dropped down on the bed. She was breathing loudly. Then I heard the front door open. She struggled to get up but it was too late, my man walked in. I figured he'd be mad and she'd be in trouble but he just smiled and asked "When can I join in?"

* * *

I stayed in the closet for over a week. I didn't care though. I knew my man was obviously not going to leave Janie. I was stuck being their sex slave for the rest of my life. 

Yes, they married. And no, I'm not kidding about that. I wasn't even invited to the wedding. I figured my man could marry me too since I heard some men marry more than one woman, but he didn't bother to ask me. 

I saw Janie in her beautiful white gown. I was still in the closet looking through the blinds as they made love as man and wife. I knew I'd lost him. I'd lost him forever. Our love would never be the same. I still yearned for him and his touch but he hardly ever bothered to attend to me anymore. 

It was all about her. That slut! That whore! How I kept wishing she was dead. 

On their wedding night, they made love four times! Four freaking times! Then I heard Janie suggest they let me join. So once again I was being taken out of the closet for more group sex activities. It would be like this for as long as they kept me around. 

After a few years I heard them talking about me a lot. I see Janie and my man looking through the internet and I hear Janie's excited voice. "Look, we can get this one. She's more real looking than the model we have now. And this one, can actually orgasm. Can you believe that? Wow! They are making them more advanced!"

My man smiles happily. "She does look hot. You know my birthday is coming up."

Janie chuckles and kisses him. "I know that. That's why I'm offering to buy you a newer model. That's if you let me."

He looks towards the closet where I'm at. "What do I do about her?" He asks almost sounding sad. Almost as if he didn't want to get rid of me.

Janie shrugs as if she doesn't care. "We can probably cut her up into pieces and dump her at the city dumpster. I mean they're not really going to think she's actually a "real" human being you know."

He nods and looks towards the closet. Did I sense some feeling of sorrow or regret? Then he looks at the model on the computer screen. He smiles. "Yeah we can probably get rid of her this weekend. So by next weekend we have a new playmate."

Janie is amazed as she continues to browse through the models. "I can't believe how real they make these sex dolls. I mean Sunny felt like a real woman... almost. I'm going to miss her and all the fun all of us had together." She pauses and laughs, "But, we'll have even more fun with our new doll!" They both laugh hysterically and start kissing each other. 

"Hey how about one last round with Sunny?" My man asks. 

Janie nods. "Yes! One last fuck fest."

I see my man coming towards me to get me. He's going to force me to join in their little sex games one last time. 

If I could cry I would. If I had a heart it would be shattered by now. If I had a soul I could be a "real" woman instead of a doll and my man would have married me instead of Janie. That's all I was a doll. A sex doll, a love doll whatever you want to call me. I was nothing but an object. I wasn't real. I never would be.

The End.


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