Office Promotion

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2008 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

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Marilyn fidgeted nervously in her seat as she awaited the entrance of the company president into his office. She had been summoned her shortly after starting her work day at NMJ Manufacturing without any reason given. She nodded to a few acquaintances on the way to the office and glanced flirtatiously at a few others who had become more than ' friends' in the time she had worked for the company.

However, as she sat alone in the president's office, all her previous bravado quickly dissipated as she looked around the tastefully decorated room wondering if she was in some kind of trouble now which could lead to her being fired.

" Good day, Ms. Monroe. I hope you're doing well today, " a man of average height and build said as he entered the office.

Marilyn recognized the dark haired man as Kyle Chilton, president of the company. He was well known in the company as a fair man who believed giving employees the benefit of a doubt as long as they adhered to the rules he set down.

" I'm fine, Mr. Chilton. Could you tell me why you've asked me to your office today? " she asked flicking her blonde hair aside and quietly unbuttoned the top button. Marilyn figured a little flirting would help keep things calm and head off any potential problems.

Kyle smiled though he didn't let on that he noticed Marilyn flirtations whatsoever. He poured himself a glass of water and asked Marilyn if she wanted anything.

Marilyn smiled as she waved her hand in front of her face. " It is dreadfully warm today. Do you have any ice tea perhaps? " she inquired demurely.

Kyle nodded and spoke briefly into the intercom on his desk. An assistant came in a few minutes later with a large pitcher of ice tea and several glass tumblers. Kyle poured Marilyn a glass and handed it to her before returning to his desk.

"Now, then, Ms. Monroe, I've asked you here today to discuss a very serious matter. As you know, our company is extremely tolerant about our employees' sexual preferences and has even extended insurance benefits to same sex couples. The only thing we draw the line on is any acts of sexual intimacy between employees while on company property. I'm sure this policy was explained to you when you were hired, " he said smoothly while opening one of his desk drawers.

" Uh-oh...I don't like where this is going. I better play dumb for now... " Marilyn thought to herself while nodding as she sipped on her glass of ice tea.

The president's face grew stern as he reached into the open drawer and withdrew what appeared to be several 8x10 photographs . He looked over at Marilyn, whose face had a look of complete innocence on it, and slowly shook his head.

"Ms. Monroe, let me get to the point. We have observed quite a few breaches of this rule that involved you and different partners throughout the building . Polaroids of these infractions taken from the videotape are now in my possession as you may see, " Kyle said tersely as he handed the polaroids to a flustered Marilyn.

"'s hot today... " Marilyn thought to herself as she glanced through the pictures. She recognized several of her lovers that ranged from Pete in accounting to Janet in financing and Jimmy, the one armed, one legged janitor all in compromising situations.

While she tried to think of a defense, she felt herself getting warmer by the second and she removed her blouse and skirt in a hurry. The fact that she was sitting in an office with the company president didn't seem very important to her right now.

"I've talked it over with the board and we've decided that instead of firing you that we'll let you off with a very unique warning instead. You'll be assisting us in our lectures to our employees regarding the very rules you've broken. A six month assignment to that should be more than sufficient punishment," Kyle said seemingly not bothered at all that Marilyn had removed her outer clothing and was now doing the same with her bra and panty.

"Lectures... employees... fuzzy.. everything's so fuzzy... why do I feel so light all of a sudden ?" Marilyn thought to herself as she sat serenely in the wooden chair wearing nothing more than her silk stockings and heels. She wanted to get up for a second but found she had no strength in her legs or arms. Looking at a mirror on the president's desk, she saw why her feelings were so odd...

"A DOLL !!..I'M BECOMING A LOVE DOLL.... NOO!!!..HOW??....WHY??... " Marilyn mentally shouted as her skin rapidly changed from warm flesh and blood to shiny pink latex .

Her cheeks became rosier in color as they glowed brightly in an artificial way. Seams became visible up and down her body as if she was now made of sheets of latex like any other inanimate sex toy. Her ability to breathe and talk vanished as she found herself unable to move in the slightest. Her breasts pushed out slightly as they became twin mounds of plastic ringed by seam lines and capped by rubbery nipples. Her thoughts were quickly dissolving from a normal woman's to the random thoughts of an inflatable sex toy.

"Use dolly... please.. need.. use...." thought the doll as the man walked in front of her carrying a cardboard box. He set it down next to her and with a flourish reached over and pulled open her inflation plug.

"Don't worry, Marilyn. I won't allow anyone to uhh... use you as your current condition. As I said, you'll be part of our lecture to employees.." the man said to the slowly deflating doll.

"Marilyn?... Who is Marilyn???..." thought the doll before her mind faded into blackness as her body completely deflated and lost all form.

Several weeks later...

"...and remember, people, your fellow employees like the one on the left should not be treated like the item on the right, " Kyle said to the audience while pointing to the projection screen.

On the left was a picture of Molly in her usual business attire. The right showed her as a love doll with one leg flopped up on a desk.

Some in the crowd chuckled and whispered to each other how the two looked a lot alike...

If only they knew....


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