One Last Time

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2020 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; M/f+; F2doll; mind-control; oral; costume; latex; inflate; sex; enslave; reluct; X

Denise stretched her arms high in the air as she finished dressing for the day ahead. Glancing at her reflection in a nearby mirror, the dark haired woman with blonde streaks in her locks smiled at what she saw. Wearing a red blouse that emphasized her bosoms, white shorts and black high heels, Denise figured she could draw the attention of any man who glanced her way even briefly. Alas, things were not looking that way as it was a fairly humdrum late summer morning for her and there was nothing much in her plans.

"Another day of sunning by the pool and figuring what to do on the weekend. Very, very boring. I gotta...hmmm, ok..." Denise thought to herself as she headed towards her backyard pool before stopping upon hearing the chime of her door bell. She mused to herself that she wasn't expecting visitors so whoever it was, it would be a nice surprise to liven up an otherwise dreary day.

"Hello, Miss Miller. I'm William Johnson. You know me as Billy, when I lived down the street and you babysat me a while back. I recently moved back to the area and thought I'd look you up," a dark haired young man that looked to be in his early twenties said with a broad smile etched on his face. Dressed somewhat casually, Billy looked slightly nervous as he fidgeted with the box tucked his right arm.

"Billy? BILLY! Billy, it's been so long! You, you look so grown up, geez. Come in! Come in, and let's talk about things," Denise exclaimed as she reached forward and embraced Billy tightly, pressing her double D breasts tightly against him. Judging by the stirring in Billy's groin area moments later, Denise figured Billy had grown in more than one area over time.

Leading Billy into the living room area by the hand, Denise had her guest sit on the couch as the two quickly started to chat about the past times the two had shared and the memories therein. To Denise's surprise, Billy seemed a little red faced in recollecting some of those times. For Denise, though, the memories stirred up feelings that were highly erotic on a subconscious level. Without even thinking about it, Denise dropped her right hand downwards and caressed her sex ever so briefly. Luckily for her, Billy didn't show any sign he had noticed.

"So, Billy, did you stop by just to reminisce or did you have an ulterior motive in mind?" Denise cooed softly as her eyes darted briefly to focus on the box Billy had set down by the couch.

"Well, yeah. You know that big convention they hold annually at the center on the west side of town? Fetish Con, a convention for everyone, men and women, to mingle and talk about the many fetishes that interest them. Well, I managed to get two week long passes for me and a friend. I, ummm, I was wondering if you'd like to, ummm, to go with me. Just as a guest, ok? Nothing, ummm, nothing more," Billy stammered as he looked with pleading eyes at Denise.

Denise was slightly taken aback by the abruptness of Billy's request. She had mused privately about going to the convention in the past but feared backlash from anyone who saw her there and jeopardizing her teaching position. However, she had recently left her teaching job and as she sorted out her job prospects for fall, an event like Fetish Con might be just the thing to give her summer a kick.

"Well, sure, Billy, I'd be happy to go with you. Does this have anything to do with the box you brought with you?" Denise said as she gestured at the item in question.

"Yeah. As you probably know, people going to conventions often dress in the style and spirit of the event. So, I stopped in at a place I know and picked out a costume for you to wear. Don't worry about size problems, though. The shop owner assured me that if you apply a little baby powder in the, umm, right places, it'll slip right on," Billy said somewhat smoothly as he handed the box in question to Denise.

"Ooooh, a costume. Can I open it up now and have a look?" Denise said with a little impatience as she tugged a little on the blue ribbon wrapped around the box before Billy reached over to stop her.

"Please wait until you try it on in the bedroom. I'm sure you'll love it in a lot of different ways," Billy said with an odd look crossing his face that resembled a sense of secrecy.

Denise shook her head slightly in disagreement before reluctantly standing up and heading off to her bedroom." I'll be out in a bit to show how I look," she said coyly before turning and walking slowly to her room.

"Oh, I know you'll look great..." Billy thought to himself.

In the bedroom...

"I have to say, I didn't expect to find this for a costume," Denise murmured as she looked at the contents she had spilled out onto the bed. A loose, flesh colored suit laid in a heap with bits of red visible in certain areas. Next to it, a small bottle of talcum and a piece of paper with LOVE DOLL COSTUME stamped at the top in big letters.

"Huh...Billy must remember the days when I wrote those net stories about love doll transformations. Gotta say, the material feels really nice and kinda pricey. Well, what the heck...I'll try it and see how it fits..." Denise thought before starting to remove her clothes. Once naked, she picked up the paper and read the guidelines for donning the suit. Applying the powder in the recommended areas, Denise plucked the suit and started to put it on.

Pulling the doll suit on, Denise noticed how snug and sensual it felt over her legs. Peering downwards, she could see toenails adorning the suit that mimicked her own in many ways. As Denise pulled the costume upwards over her stomach, a growing sense of pleasure resonated deep inside her. It was if the suit was somehow stimulating her but she knew that was not possible.

Finishing up, Denise walked slowly over to a nearby floor mirror and gasped at what she saw. The suit covered her from the neck down and made her look like a living love doll. This point was emphasized by the fact there was openings in the suit fabric for her nipples, sex and anus as well. Judging by the fact Denise's nipples were already poking through prominently and she was rubbing herself all over in response to what she was seeing, it was quite an erotic image.

"Oooooohh...better..better not get too frisky before I go see Billy. Speaking of which, I can't go into the living room wearing just this...not right now. Better put something on over this or Billy might get the wrong idea," Denise thought as she walked somewhat stiffly over to a nearby chest. Rummaging through a drawer, the buxom woman dug out a black monokini that a friend had bought for her last year in a dare to get Denise to wear it to a nearby beach.

"Not exactly the most covering bikini I have but it should do the trick. Huh...the suit is closed up by velcro on the back. Odd..." Denise thought as she reached around and closed up the costume before slipping on the monokini.

Making her way out of the bedroom, Denise made her way to the living room." Billy? Billy, take a look at me in the costume. Billy? Billy?" she called out as she made her way down the hallway and towards the living room. Getting there, she was surprised to see no sign of her visitor.


With that single audible noise, Denise froze in her tracks and her mind went blank. Her left hand was pressed up against a nearby wall and her mouth was slightly open in a look that reflected puzzlement frozen on her face.

"Denise, listen to my voice. You can speak but it will be to acknowledge and repeat any orders I give you. Do you understand?" a muffled voice intoned from a place somewhere behind her.

"I understand," Denise intoned.

"From now on, everything Billy suggests or requests, you will agree with. Whatever hesitation you have in complying will fade with every agreement and you will experience intense pleasure with every request fulfilled. Acknowledge and repeat." the voice said.

"I understand. Everything Billy suggests or requests, I will agree to do. Any hesitation I may have in compliance will fade and I will experience pleasure by fulfilling requests," Denise replied in an emotionless voice.


A few moments later, Denise shook her slightly as if she was just waking up. Remembering nothing of what just happened on the surface, Denise looked closer into the living room and saw Billy get up from behind the couch.

"Sorry about that, Denise. Dropped my cell and it fell under your couch. Wow! You look amazing, Denise! I bet you turn every guy's head when you're around any pool wearing something like that," Billy exalted with unabashed enthusiasm.

"Oh, Billy. You are such a nice guy. Ummm, you don't think this suit is too revealing, do you?" Denise asked with her cheeks turning red upon hearing Billy's praise.

"Not at all. In fact, I think you should remove the suit right now and show me what you look like as a living love doll. Don't be embarrassed. You'll be walking around the convention floor wearing just this costume and blending in with a lot of other costumed folks," Bill stated with a gesture from his right hand for emphasis.

"Oooohh, I, umm, I guess I can do that. Just give me a, ummm, minute," Denise stammered and let a little gasp as she felt a tingle of pleasure upon agreeing to Billy's request.

"Cool! Hey, let me give you a hand getting that off," Billy replied as he jumped to his feet and hurried over to Denise. Before Denise could start to untie the straps, Billy was undoing them with his left hand even as he was resting his right hand on Denise's hip.

"You like it when I undress you out here rather than in your bedroom, don't you?" Billy murmured as his lips brushed against Denise's ear.

"Mmmm, I, I, yes, I do," Denise responded and was rewarded with another pang of pleasure.

"You enjoy every time I run my hands over your body. Every time I caress spots from your lovely waist to your exquisite breasts, you love to feel my touch even though you are wearing your love doll costume. In fact, it enhances your enjoyment more when you are in this suit," Billy intoned as he nuzzled Denise's neck and his right hand moved upwards to cup one of the dark haired woman's boobs.

"Ooooohh, I love it when you run your hands over my body. Your touching when I'm wearing this costume is even more, uhhh, arousing," Denise moaned as she felt her body twitch in response to Billy's caresses. Through an erotic haze, Denise could see, and feel, her nipples had hardened to the point they were poking through tiny holes in the love doll suit.

"You love looking like a love doll. Your mind sees yourself as a sex doll. You want to pose like one as well," Billy said softly as he groped Denise's ample cleavage.with both hands now.

"Mmmm, I love looking like a love doll. I see myself as a sex doll. I want to pose like a blow-up doll," Denise repeated with her eyes half closed in response to the stimulation. At the same time, Denise's legs noticeably tightened and stretched apart by a few inches.

Billy smiled and slid his hands to caress Denise's arms. "Your legs slide apart into a V as you envision wrapping them around an owner. Your arms bend and become rigid as you desire holding your user. Desiring to please is what you want," Billy said soothingly.

"Mmmm, my legs are sliding apart. My arms are ready to hold my owner. I want to please," Denise moaned as her arms bent at the elbows and her fingers tightly together.

"Very sexy. Your back arches as your chest juts out. Your breasts ache to be caressed, fondled and touched," Billy remarked.

"My back is firm. My breasts, oooh, need to be fondled and touched," Denise said as she leaned back against the wall. Her nipples hardened even more and her eyes opened as she felt what seemed to be an orgasm building within her.

"Your mouth forms into a perfect O shape, ready for cock or sex toy or anything your owner desires to fill it with. Your eyes are wide and filled with the lust and desire your body wants badly," Billy intoned as he noted Denise's cheeks were turning redder with each passing moment.

"My mouth forms into an O. It is ready for cock or sex toy. My eyes, oooooh, are wide and have desire in them," Denise responded. Moments later, the dark haired woman's lips pursed as her mouth formed into the desired shape. Denise's eyes opened as wide as she could manage with a lustful yet vacant look etched in them.

"You are a living love doll. When you are done repeating this statement, your mind will sink into a mindless state like any blow-up doll. You will not move. You will not speak. You will remain in doll mode until you hear the doorbell ring three times. When you hear that, you will be able to move and think once again. You will remember none of this on the surface but when you hear 'doll mode' from me, you will revert back to this state. You revert from doll mode back to Denise when commanded. You will continue to wear the doll suit as much as you can and obey Billy as before," Billy intoned as he ran his right hand through Denise's hair.

"I am a living love doll. When I am done talking, my mind will go into a mindless state. I will not move or speak. I will remain in doll mode until I hear the doorbell ring three times. When I hear that, I will move and think normally. I will not remember this consciously but when I hear Billy say 'doll mode, I will revert to this state. I will revert from doll mode back to Denise when commanded. I will continue to wear the doll suit as much as I can and obey Billy," Denise stated before her mouth once again settled into an O shape.

With that, Billy stood back and enjoyed the scene in silence. After a minute or so, he went over and scooped up the monokini piled up around Denise's ankles. In doing so, he draped the straps against Denise's right leg to see if she moved the slightest bit. To Billy's satisfaction, Denise remained motionless and staring straight ahead.

"Not a bad way to start a visit. Hmmm, better not leave you out here like this. A nosy neighbor might stick his or her nose in the window and see something they may not like," Billy thought as he tucked the monokini in his pocket and grasped Denise around the waist. Moving as best he could to avoid Denise's immobile form knocking anything over, Billy carried the woman to her bedroom. Once there, Billy deposited Denise on the bed lying on her back and brushed away hairs that had strewn across her face.

Looking down at her, Billy was tempted to get to know Denise’s lovely body intimately right there and then but thought better of it." There’ll be time to get to know you more in the future, Denise..after you go through some fun times..." Billy thought to himself.

With that, Billy bent down and kissed Denise lightly on her left cheek. Patting her upright arms gently, Billy left the room and moments later, departed the home.

For the rest of the evening, Denise’s home was silent save for the ticking of a clock in the living room. As for Denise herself, she remained motionless. Her face was blank, matching her mind at present.

Next morning...




After the doorbell rang for the third time, Denise’s eyes fluttered and her body started to stir ever so slightly. A few moments later, Denise’s arms flopped to the bed and her nude form shuddered as if holding back a gigantic surge of erotic energy.

"OHHHHHH FUCKKKKK!" Denise gasped as an earth shattering orgasm rippled through her mind and body. The dark haired woman thrashed for several seconds in the bed as she reveled in the sensations going through her body.

"That, that was incredible! I, I don’t remember much of what happened last night...Billy coming me the love doll suit. Gawd, don’t suppose wearing this suit led so good," Denise thought as she slowly pulled herself up into a sitting position and ruffled her hair with her right hand.

"Think I’ll grab a quick shower...rinse off this doll suit...slip it back on...and see what I want to wear today. Billy said he might stop by," Denise thought as she slowly clamboured out of bed. To her, the doorbell ringing never happened as she removed the doll suit and strode with a little bounce to her step towards the shower.

Several hours later...

"Hiya, Denise. I thought I’d swing by as I said I would. Wow, you look gorgeous!" Billy said as he stepped inside the front doorway.

"Oh, Billy, stop. It’s nothing, really," Denise responded as she glanced downwards at her white blouse, red skirt and black high heels. "So, what are you up to these days?"

"Well, I’m starting a new job this fall. Research at a private tech firm near here. Even doing some test stuff while I wait to get started," Billy said as he sat down on the couch offered him.

"That sounds pretty neat. Say, do you want something to drink? I’ve got some sweet tea in the fridge," Denise asked as she turned to go into the kitchen.

"Actually, I had something else in mind," Billy responded as he pulled a silver and black remote out of his right pocket. Pointing the remote at Denise, Billy depressed the blue button.


"This is working out exactly as planned," Billy thought as he stood up and walked over to Denise, who was, once again, transfixed.

"Denise, repeat after me. From now on, you will either be nude or in your love doll suit at all times when we are alone together," Billy intoned.

"From now on, I will be nude or in my love doll suit at all times when we are alone together," Denise responded in a flat voice.

"You will want to please Billy sexually in any way you can. Your desire overwhelms any resistance to whatever he may suggest," Billy said smoothly.

"I want to please Billy sexually any way I can. My desire overwhelms any resistance to what he may suggest. I want to be his object, his sex toy," Denise stated without a hint of emotion in her voice.

"Huh...didn’t expect Denise to add to this. Maybe this is appealing to some sort of hidden desire she has for this kind of thing," Billy thought as he moved in front of Denise briefly to check and make sure she hadn’t resumed normal thinking. Seeing no signs of that, Billy went back to the couch, took out his remote and used it again.


Moments later, as before, Denise shuddered ever so slightly before turning to face Billy once again." Mmmm, before a drink, is there anything else I can get for you?" Denise said softly as she started to unbutton her blouse.

"Uhhh, well, umm, could you give me a blow job? I’m, I’m sure you would do a fantastic job," Billy said as he tugged down his shorts and revealed his cock, which was already rock hard.

"Ooooh, I’d love to," Denise chirped happily as she slid out of her skirt to reveal she was wearing only the love doll costume and eight inch black heels. Purring like a cat offered a saucer of milk, Denise sank to her knees and slid over to the couch. Running her tongue over her luscious lips, Denise leaned forward and started to lick and kiss Billy’s shaft.

After doing this, Denise wrapped her mouth around Bill’s cock and started to suck on it with tremendous gusto. As she did, Denise used her tongue to lick and swaddle Billy’s member that made him tremble mightily.

"Mmmm, yeahhh," Billy gasped as he found himself quickly building to release. He had a few women give him a bj in the past but none as skilled or energetic as Denise. Billy pulled out his remote and as he felt himself rapidly building towards an eruption of semen.


With that, Denise froze in mid motion of sucking on Billy’s cock. A moment or so later, Billy pulled his cock out slightly just as he released a stream of warm cum into Denise’s open mouth. After unloading most of his spunk into Denise’s mouth, Billy tapped his cock on Denise’s right cheek before settling back on the couch, pulling out his remote and pointing it at Denise once again.

"Repeat after me. When Billy tells you ‘Cock Cleaner Mode’, you will go to the floor on your knees, cup your breasts with your hands, tilt your head back and open your mouth in a wide O shape," Billy said smoothly.

"When Billy tells me ‘Cock Cleaner Mode’, I will fall to my knees on the floor, cup my breasts with hands, tilt my head back and open my mouth in an O shape," Denise responded and momentarily ran his tongue over her cum coated lips.

"When you are in this mode, you can not move or think on your own. All you desire is to have a cock in your mouth for you to suck and clean with great energy and enjoyment. When your mouth is empty, you will say ‘Please insert cock’ every ninety seconds until it is full, you are muted or returned to Denise mode," Billy intoned with a glint evident in his eyes.

"When I am in cock cleaner mode, I can not move or think on my own. All I desire is to have a cock in my mouth for me to suck and clean with energy and enthusiasm. When my mouth is empty, I will say ‘Please insert cock’ every ninety seconds until I am muted or return to Denise mode. I desire to be whatever you want, Billy," Denise responded with a slight smile appearing on her face before her mouth formed into an O shape momentarily.

"Huh...Denise is adding to what I said again. Wonder if she wants this more than I do," Billy mentally mused as he pulled his shorts back on and ordered Denise to stand and follow him to the bedroom.

"Oooh, Billy, you are such a naughty man. Do you have something in mind on the naughty side?" Denise purred as she moved closer to Billy and ran her left index finger under his chin.

"Something like that. Love doll mode," Billy said smoothly even as he mentally noted to instruct Denise that the triggers were obeyed only when they are given in his voice.

A second or so later, Denise’s whole body moved and contorted in response to the command. Denise’s legs slid out into a V shape, her arms bent at the elbows as they pressed tightly against her sides and her luscious lips formed into a perfect O shape.

"Hello? Anybody in there? Speak if you can," Billy said as he waved his right hand in front of Denise’s face for several seconds. Getting no response, Billy ran his hand down Denise’s soft cheeks before placing it on her chest above her breasts. Without another word spoken, Billy pushes Denise backwards with a smile appearing on his face.

Denise toppled onto the bed with her pose remaining the same as before. If not for the rising and falling of her chest, Denise might be mistaken for a realistic love doll her body posed like at the moment.

After removing his clothes, Billy climbed onto the bed and reached down to pet and caress Denise’s motionless form. As his fingers moved up and down Denise’s lithe body, Billy could see the only sign of her reacting as she laid in the doll outfit was her nipples noticeably hardening against the outfit’s surface and a noticeable dampness around Denise’s sex.

"Huh...looks like Denise is enjoying this state more than obeying what I say. Interesting..." Billy thought as he continued to run his fingers up and down Denise’s still form. Billy was tempted to have his way with the doll minded Denise right there and then but figured patience might be the better option for now. Besides, there was other fun he could indulge in...

"Denise mode," Billy said softly as he pulled away from the lovely woman lying motionless next to him.

Moments later, as if awakening after a kiss from a fantasy prince, Denise stirred and sat up on the edge of the bed."Whoah, Billy, I must have fallen asleep. This suit you got for me to wear must be affecting me on some deep level. Mnd if I take it off for a quick shower?" she purred as she leaned against Billy and traced a circle with a finger on his chest.

"Uhhh, sure. I’ll wait here until you’re done. When you’re settled, I want to ask you something. Nothing major but I’m sure that you’ll like what I have to say," Billy said as he watched Denise wiggle out of the doll suit and place it on a nearby chair. As Denise retrieved a towel from a nearby closet, Billy noticed that the dark haired woman looked a little bustier than before and there was a definite patch of gloss visible on Denise’s back and her buttocks.

"That is something I didn’t expect...Denise changing this fast outwardly...huh..." Billy thought as he watched Denise walk into the bathroom. As he heard the hissing of shower water commencing and Denise humming a popular song, Billy felt a stirring in his groin as he envisioned what he might see if he was there nearby. Grasping the remote once more, Billy stood up and decided what his next course of action must be.


Removing his clothes fairly rapidly after pointing the remote in the bathroom’s direction, Billy made his way to the bathroom and smiled broadly at what he saw. Billows of hot steam filled the room as a steady stream of hot water continued to gush from the shower tap. Inside the shower, Denise stood frozen in the middle. Her hands were atop her breasts fixated in the act of lathering her body. Judging by the fact that her eyes were half closed and her mouth formed into a partial O, it was clear that Denise was enjoying her shower in a very intimate way.

"I know I resisted temptation before but damn, she looks so great standing there. Time to have a little fun," Billy thought as he slid the shower door and stepped inside. Pulling the door shut, Billy placed his hands around Denise’s waist even as he glanced around to see if Denise showed any outward sign that she was aware of his presence or his touch. To his relief, the dark haired beauty remained transfixed as before.

Emboldened, Billy grasped a sponge from the tub’s edge with his right hand and started rubbing it over Denise’s shoulders, back and buttocks in a soft and gentle matter. After this, he reached around and started the same gesture with the woman’s stomach and sex. At the same time, Billy reached around with his left hand and started to caress and fondle Denise’s breast. A minute or so later, Billy switched hands for caressing and noticed Denise’s nipples growing hard under his ministrations although the rest of her body still seemed unresponsive to his touches.

"Excellent," Billy murmured as he set the sponge back down after finishing his caresses. Grasping Denise around the waist, he turned her around so that she was facing him. Next, he lifted her arms away from her breasts and pointed her forearms upwards. Gazing into Denise’s lovely eyes briefly, Billy slowly pushed his hard cock into Denise and started pushing in and out in an ever quickening rhythm. As Billy fucked the immobile woman, he looked for signs she might be experiencing this on some level. The only thing he could see was a slight twitch around her mouth and even that may have been from the water continuing to bead onto Denise’s luscious body.

After a relatively short period of time, Billy erupted a stream of spunk into Denise. Less than a minute or two later, Billy recovered enough and placed his hands around Denise’s waist. Lifting her up slightly, Billy twisted Denise around so that her forearms came to rest on the glass door. Positioning himself behind Denise, Billy slid his hands up under Denise’s firm breasts before sliding his cock into her. As he started to thrust in and out, Bill caressed and kneaded Denise’s bosoms. To his slight puzzlement, Denise’s breasts seemed lighter than he anticipated and there was a faint squeaking sound as he caressed the soapy melons.

"Huh...looks like the suit is working faster than I...YEAHHHH!" Billy thought to himself before unloading another stream of warm cum into Denise. After finishing his load, Billy staggered back slightly, his twitching cock slapping against Denise’s thighs. As for Denise herself, she remained immobile in the shower with water continuing to flow off her rigid form.

A minute or two later, Billy stepped out of the shower and slid the door closed once again. Toweling himself off, Billy made sure that his presence would go undetected by Denise before moving out of the bathroom to redress and retrieve his remote once again.


"Huh..must have been enjoying myself too much here...feels like I’ve been in here a long time...mmmm...feeling horny too..." Denise thought as she regained the ability to move once again. The odd thing she felt was the sensation she usually experienced after a night of intense intimacy.

A few minutes later, Billy was seated on the edge of the bed once again when Denise returned to the room. Smiling, Denise finished toweling herself off before tossing the towel onto a nearby chair and stopping in front of Billy with a stern look on her face.

"So, Billy, I have an important question to ask you and I want just a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ in response. Are you ok with moving in with me for the rest of the summer?" Denise intoned with her legs splayed slightly apart and her hands, curled into fists, resting on her hips. If it wasn’t for the fact she was nude, Denise would bear more than a passing resemblance to a comic book heroine Denise showed Billy when she babysat him in the past.

"Uhhh, yes," Billy replied with his cock growing hard once again as he gazed at the sight before him. Just as he was going to pull down his pants, Billy was interrupted by an unexpected event.

"GOOD! Now, tell me, Billy, what should we do to celebrate your new home?" Denise purred as she leaned forward and put a hand on either side of Billy.

Billy smiled as he looked at Denise’s face, which was inches away from his own." Cock cleaner mode," he said smoothly.

Denise responded by falling to her knees, cupping her breasts with her hands and forming her mouth into an O." Please insert cock for cleaning," she intoned in a flat, almost robotic tone.

"Well, sounds like you want to be broken in. Don’t want to disappoint you," Billy said as he started to tug his pants down before being interrupted by an unexpected event.



"Fuck!...shitty timing..." Billy thought as he pulled up his pants and glanced in a nearby mirror briefly.

"Please insert cock for cleaning," Denise intoned once again.

"Soon, my sexy machine, soon," Billy murmured as he left the bedroom and closed the door to it at the same time. As he hurried down the stairs, Billy mentally realized he should have muted Denise but figured that chance had passed for now.

"Hello? Can I help you?" Billy said as he opened the door and saw the visitor waiting. A woman that looked to be in her twenties was standing there with a small smile on her face. Dressed in shorts and a T-shirt that had a decal of winding gears, a large key and LOOKING TO WIND UP HERE slogan, the bespeckled woman had a very pleasant look to her and extremely attractive as well.

"I’m Kelsey Poole, Denise’s next door neighbor. I came over to chat with her for a bit? Is... is she around anywhere?" the woman inquired with a curious glance at Billy at the same time.

"I’m Billy, Denise’s houseguest. She, ummm, she’s upstairs taking a nap for a bit but should be down in a while. Did you want to wait here until then?" Billy asked as he hoped Denise’s monotone talk would not be heard by Kelsey.

"Ummm, I, ummm, yeah, sure. I, I got nothing else to do today," Kelsey responded as she walked inside and took a seat on a nearby couch.

"Uhhh, do you want something to drink? Water? Coffee? Something else?" Billy inquired even as a plan quickly formulated in his mind. He still had some of the solution in his pocket that he had applied to Denise’s “gift” when he first came to see her.

"OJ will be fine. I used to drink that with my lunch at the fulfillment center but, well, things changed," Kelsey muttered as her voice trailed off.

Pouring a glass of juice for Kelsey (and adding a little extra to the drink) in the kitchen, Billy returned to the kitchen and handed the glass to her." I gather work isn’t going well?" Billy asked with genuine concern.

Kelsey nodded as she sipped her drink." I was getting increasingly frustrated in the last little while but I hit my breaking point when a manager started lecturing me about my attitude while I was in the middle of picking an order. He finished his yapping, looked me in the eye and casually said I’d be docked for not working fast enough during his talk. I, ummm, kinda overreacted in response. It wasn’t my fault that he fell into those boxes and drums and wound up going to the hospital. Long story short, I’m now looking for a new job. Oh, and my girlfriend moved out last week after saying she needed time to figure out her life or something like that. My life, my life sucks right now," Kelsey said with her eyes slightly welling up at the end.

"I understand. I don’t know what to tell you that will help or what advice I can give you. Denise will be down in a bit. So, let’s change the subject for now. Tell me, what are your secret passions that you wish you could fulfill? I won’t tell anyone else, I promise," Billy said smoothly.

For the briefest of moments, a look of indignation mixed with anger crossed Kelsey’s face but this faded away in less than a second to be replaced by a contented look." Oh. Well, I... I guess for a long time, I’ve had a fascination with wind-up dolls that are life sized. Things have kind of progressed over time and I, ummm, tend to visualize myself wearing the costume with a key in my back waiting to be wound and following whatever commands I’m given. At the same time, I found out other things," Kelsey intoned as she went on at great length and immense detail with the erotic aspects.


"Huh...Kelsey talks almost as much about her secret fantasies as Denise does. Lots of passion...seems to enjoy being controlled and desires to control as well...maybe she needs to realize these hidden wishes...and I can help..." Billy thought as he slipped his remote back in his pocket and gazed at the frozen Kelsey. Standing up, Billy crossed the floor and leaned in close to Kelsey. With his mouth inches from Kelsey’s right ear, Billy started talking at such a low level of audibility that only he and Kelsey could understand what Billy was saying.

After finishing his talk, Billy retreated to his couch once again. Briefly gazing at Kelsey’s lovely face, Billy smiled as he pulled out his remote and pointed it at Kelsey once again.


Moments later, Kelsey blinked and shook herself slightly as if she was waking up from a very pleasant dream." I’m sorry, Billy. I seem to have lost track of things. What were you saying?" she asked.

"I said that I checked with Denise and she’s got an important errand to run in about five or so minutes but she did ask me to invite you over for a little pool party tomorrow. Can I tell her you’ll be here around one?" Billy inquired smoothly.

Kelsey blinked several times in rapid succession as if she was trying to question what she had just heard on a deep level. However, this faded away quickly and a bright smile appeared on her face." Sure, Billy. I’ll swing by around one and we’ll have some fun around the pool. I have a suit in mind that will make both of you smile. Thanks for the invite, hun," Kelsey said as she stood up and walked over to Billy.

Billy stood and gave Kelsey a big hug. At the same time, Billy moved his right hand up to a point between Kelsey’s shoulder blades and pressed there for a second or two. Kelsey gasped and her eyes widened briefly before reverting to normal. Moments later, Kelsey waved goodbye and headed home.

"Well, that was interesting, to say the least. In fact, it makes tomorrow a LOT more fun in many ways," Billy thought as he ascended the stairs and headed back to the bedroom where Denise was waiting for him.

"Please insert cock for cleaning," intoned Denise moments after Billy entered the bedroom. She had remained in the pose given to her and was content to remain there until told otherwise.

"Always try and keep folks happy. That’s my motto," Billy muttered as he placed himself in front of Denise and lowered his pants.

"Happy. Yes, indeed," Billy said as he slowly moved his cock into Denise’s waiting mouth and let things unfold as she desired.

Next day...

"Time to get ready for a little pool party. I think by the end of the day, all three of us will think that this was a day unlike we’ve ever had before," Billy thought as he slowly stirred a large pitcher of lemonade for himself and a special pitcher for the ladies.

"Hiya, owner. Ooooh, nice looking pitcher of cool drink you’re doing up. Are we expecting company this afternoon?" Denise cooed as she strolled across the living room and into the kitchen.

"Ummm, yeah. I, uhhh, told ya this morning about it. Don’t you remember?" Billy stammered as he looked at Denise and tried not to let his jaw hang up in amazement. Denise had put on the doll suit again and had slipped on a sexy red bikini over it as well. With the matching high heels, Denise was a vision that would have given a blind man an erection.

"Ooooh, you’re probably right. I just forgot, I guess. So, do you want to go out to the pool now or do you want to fool around a bit instead?" Denise purred as she pressed her body against Billy’s chest.

Billy placed his left hand on Denise’s back and briefly thought of doing many steamy things with Denise right there and then. However, he figured Kelsey would be coming to visit very soon and knew the afternoon with two gorgeous, and pliable, women would afford him more opportunities during that time.

"Maybe later. Why don’t you take this pitcher out to the pool and get yourself comfortable? I’ll join you when Kelsey comes by and we’ll get things started," Billy responded and squeezed Denise’s ass affectionately with his right hand for emphasis.

"Oooooh, sounds like you have a fun afternoon planned for us, owner. Can’t wait for you and Kelsey to join me by the pool later," Denise said softly as she kissed Billy lightly on his right cheek before turning and heading towards the patio door that led to the pool.

"Well, that was quite affectionate, to say the least. Geez, I missed that owner stuff. She is really embracing this love doll thing. Wonder if Kelsey...hmmmm..." Billy mused to himself as he continued to stir the remaining pitcher.

Billy was about to get out the snacks for everyone when the chime of the doorbell interrupted his work. Heading over to the front door, Billy saw Kelsey standing there, wearing a blue jacket, shorts and sandals.

"Hiya, Billy. Ready for a fun afternoon of catching rays and splashing in the pool?" Kelsey exclaimed as she kissed on the cheek and hustled inside.

"Hi, Kelsey. All set to do a few laps and such?" Billy said as he watched Kelsey unzip her jacket and toss it on a nearby chair. Billy stood in stunned silence as Kelsey shimmied out of her shorts to reveal her pool attire: a blue slingshot bikini that definitely showed off her physique.

"I gather by your open mouth and red cheeks that you like this look?" Kelsey asked as she turned in a circle several times playfully.


After using his remote to freeze Kelsey in place when she had her back to him, Billy ambled over to a position directly behind her. Pulling out a bag he had brought with him when he moved in with Denise, Billy pulled out what appeared to be an oversized key that would be used to wind up life-size dolls.

Billy shifted open a small panel on a part of the key and started typing with his left hand on a small keyboard located within it. After doing this for several seconds, Billy closed the panel, inserted the key into the keyhole and wound the key for several seconds before moving in front of the transfixed Kelsey.

"Listen to me closely. When your key is inserted into you, you are Toy Kelsey, a wind-up doll. You will obey and carry out any order given to you by your owner Billy. You have no mind of your own, no desire to question. Acknowledge and repeat,"Billy intoned with a solemn tone.

"When my key is inserted into me, I am Toy Kelsey, a wind-up doll. I have no mind of my own or a desire to question. I exist to serve and obey," the dark haired woman intoned with an odd glint in her eyes.

"When your key is wound, you will walk and talk like a windup doll. When your key is fully wound down, you will stop moving and bend at the waist until you are wound again. Your mind will go blank and you will be unable to think or move," Billy said as he reached forward and gently caressed the transfixed woman’s cheek.

"When my key is wound, I will walk and talk like a wind-up doll. When my key is fully wound down, I will stop moving, bend at the waist and wait for my key to be wound again. My mind will go blank and I will be unable to think or move. I dream of being a wind-up doll and obeying any command given to me," Kelsey intoned.

"Huh...sounds like Kelsey is more into this scenario than I anticipated. I guess everyone has secret wishes and desires that normally go unsaid in everyday life," Billy mused to himself before standing back and to the side.

Billy started to say something but muttered and drew close to Kelsey once again." When the key is removed, you will return to being Kelsey and remember your activity as a wind-up doll as being part of a wonderful dream. The thought of being a wind-up doll will become more prevalent in your mind as time passes and it will affect you physically as well. You will want to be a wind-up doll permanently," he intoned.

"When my key is removed, I will return to being Kelsey and remember my activity as part of a fantastic dream. The thought of being a wind-up doll will become more prevalent in my mind as time passes and it will affect me physically as well. I want to be a wind-up doll permanently and be with other dolls as well," Kelsey said with an odd glint appearing in her eyes.

With that, Billy moved behind Kelsey and wound her key several full revolutions. Once done this, Billy stepped back a few feet with a broad smile crossing his face.

"Toy Kelsey. Activate, turn and salute your owner," Billy smiling and trying to contain the excitement he was feeling in certain places.

A moment or so later, Kelsey straightened up, pivoted to face Billy and in a somewhat mechanical manner, she raised her left hand to her forehead as a broad smile appeared on her face and her eyes opened as wide as possible.

"Toy. Kelsey. Active. I. Await. Orders. From. Owner," Kelsey stated in a mechanical sounding voice.

"Go out to the pool area and march around it twice. Once done that, stop in front of where I am sitting," Billy said and gestured towards the patio door.

"Yes. Owner. I. Hear. And. Obey," Toy Kelsey intoned before pivoting and marching towards the patio door. As she moved, the toy minded Kelsey walked with straightened legs and arms swinging in synchrosity.

Billy watched the toy minded Kelsey march outside and smiled as he gathered up the food and drink and headed to the pool as well. Stepping through the pool door, Billy saw Denise was lying down on a pool lounger with dark sunglasses adorning her face. At the same time, Billy saw Toy Kelsey marching stiffly around the pool perimeter, her arms and legs moving in perfect synchronicity as she moved.

"Billy! Billy, come over here for a second," Denise called out as she waved him over with a hand that was more glossy than he anticipated.

"Sure," Billy said as he went over to Denise’s side and set the food and drink on a nearby table.

"If I take my top off, could you put some lotion on me?" Denise asked as she undid the top before turning and lying down on her stomach.

"Ummm, sure," Billy said as he watched the movement and realized something very odd. During her brief time alone, Denise had removed the doll suit and slipped the bikini back on but her body from the neck down was smooth and glossy just like a love doll.

"Squeak! Squeak!" were sounds Billy heard as he started to rub the lotion onto Denise’s back. If he closed his eyes, Billy would have sworn he was applying lotion on a living love doll.

"Ummm, Denise, why did you take your doll suit off?" Billy asked as he noticed the suit lying on the ground under the discarded bikini top.

"Oh, that. Just after I sat down here, I started feeling uncomfortable. It felt like it was, mmmm, latex rubbing on latex, for some reason. Mmmm, your hands feel so good, owner," Denise murmured as she wriggled slightly from Billy’s ministrations.

"Huh. Denise is getting to act, and look like, a love doll much quicker now. I wonder if...oh, here comes Kelsey," Billy thought as he finished applying the lotion before noticing Kelsey approaching.

Moments later, Toy Kelsey marched around the corner of the pool and proceeded over to where Billy was situated before halting. Pivoting on the spot, Toy Kelsey stiffly raised her right hand to her forehead in a saluting gesture.

"Toy Kelsey has completed orders. Awaiting new orders from owner," the living toy intoned as it stood at attention. Looking at her, Billy saw that Kelsey was smiling broadly as before but signs of perspiration in certain areas indicated the beautiful woman was deeply enjoying this on several levels.

"Toy Kelsey, continue to march around the pool. When you get to me, stand at attention and wait for me to touch you. Once this is done, continue around and repeat the stopping until you wind down. Acknowledge," Billy said smoothly as he patted Denise affectionately on the right butt cheek.

"Toy Kelsey has orders from owner. This toy will do as ordered," the living wind-up doll said with a tone dripping in subservience. With that, Kelsey dropped her saluting hand to her side, pivoted and resumed marching around the pool.

"Oh, Billy, could you rub some lotion on my front? I want to make sure I look the same on both sides," Denise purred as she rolled over onto her back.

"Sure. Tell ya what, though. Before that, though, one thing needs to be done. Love doll mode," Billy said as he said he set aside the bottle of lotion for now.

Almost immediately, Denise’s body moved in accordance with the command. With her forearms jutting upwards, legs spread into a V shape and mouth pursed into an O shape, Denise once again took on the appearance of a love doll. The only difference from previous instances was that Denise’s body had a much more artificial look to it. Slipping off Denise’s bikini bottom, Billy saw that her sex now resembled an O shaped opening that looked artificial in nature.

"If I had known this was going to happen, I wouldn’t have brought out all the food and drinks right away," Billy thought as he quickly removed his clothes and lowered himself onto Denise.

A short time later...

"Well, that was fucking awesome. Geez, a dollified Denise is one hot fuckng doll. It’s almost as if she was enjoying this as much as I am...but that can’t be true, can it?" Billy thought as he pulled himself from the living love doll Denise now looked like more than ever.

Grabbing a nearby towel, Billy thoroughly cleaned himself and Denise as best he could. After finishing that, Billy glanced at the pool and saw Kelsey was standing bent over at the waist near the area of the diving board.

"Better take care of my new wind-up doll before anything unexpected happens," Billy muttered as he stood up and went over to where Kelsey was located.

A few seconds later, Billy was standing behind Kelsey once again.The young man leaned forward and gently removed the key from Kelsey’s back. Billy tucked the key into a bag slung over his shoulder and stepped back in case Kelsey reacted unexpectedly to what was going on.

After a moment or so, Kelsey stood up and a bright smile appeared on her face. Turning around, she saw Billy and her smile widened considerably.

"Oh, Billy! I don’t know why but I think that as I started walking around this pool, I started fantasizing about, ummm, personal stuff. It’s funny but I think I imagined your voice telling me that I need to relax, enjoy life and stop fretting about things beyond my control. I don’t think you’ve ever said that to me but it sounds good to me. It feels so, so good to be around you," Kelsey exclaimed before hugging Billy tightly.

"Uhhh, glad to, uhhhh, be here for ya. Want something to eat or drink?" Billy stammered as he tried not to enjoy the closeness too much.

"Sure! Just let me do a few laps in the pool first. For some reason, I feel more energized than I have in a long time," Kelsey said as she cast aside her glasses, moved to the pool’s edge and dove into the pool.

"Huh...this is getting better by the moment," Billy thought to himself as he watched Kelsey glide through the pool water with grace. After a few seconds of standing there, Billy went back over to Denise was located, still posed in a love doll look.

Ben leaned down and stroked Denise’s right cheek for a second or two."Denise mode," he said and stood back.

To his surprise, it took almost a full minute for Denise to move from her pose and she seemed almost crestfallen as she put her bikini on." Oh, Billy, I have to tell you about the most delicious dream I just had. I was an inflatable love doll who existed solely to be inflated, fucked, deflated and stored away for the next usage. My whole existence was to be used and give pleasure. It was so, so stimulating. I just wish it was real, I guess," Denise slipped on her bikini and high heels in a somewhat labored manner.

"Sounds like a dream you really want to come true," Billy said as he helped Denise to her feet.

"Oh, more than you know, Owner. More than you know," Denise replied as she leaned close to Billy and kissed him on the right cheek. Grabbing a drink from the bar, Denise walked over by the pool and started chatting with Kelsey about a number of topics.

"Guess things are going along about as well as expected. Tomorrow should be even more interesting," Billy thought as he started sipping on his drink and topped off the glasses he made especially for the women. With that, he settled back and enjoyed the rest of the day by the pool.

Next morning...

Billy was fast asleep in a bed he now shared with Denise. Draping his right hand over Denise, Billy semi consciously moved his hand up until it was holding one of Denise’s breasts in his hand. Denise moaned happily and reacted by reaching up and pressing Billy’s hand tighter to her tit.

After a short amount of time, Billy had rolled over onto his back and was sleeping soundly. However, Billy was woken from his slumber by the sensation of Denise impaled on his dick and rising up and down on it in increasing fervor.

"M, uhhh, morning, Billy. I, mmmm, I had a little trouble sleeping, ooooh, and I was kinda, uhhhhh, feeling a little horny. Ooooooh, fuck, OOOOOHHH FUCKKKK!" Denise moaned before quickly reaching a climax as Billy unleaded a stream of cum into her.

As Billy relaxed, Denise climbed off, headed into the bathroom briefly and returned with an audible moan heard coming from her. A bit perplexed, Billy sat up and saw that Denise had put back on the doll suit and was standing at attention in front of him.

"Billy, I have to ask you something. It... it’s something that has been on my mind since you came to stay here. Ever since you gave me that dolly suit, I, ummm, I’ve been consumed by the thought of becoming an inanimate love doll. This, this is going to sound crazy but, ummm, could you turn me into a love doll permanently? Could you make it so I’m a latex and rubber sex toy that is inflated, used for pleasure, cleaned and deflated until my next usage? I know it sounds strange but tell me if you can do it, please?" Denise said as she posed willingly like a love doll with her tongue running over her lips in an arousing manner.

Smiling, Billy stood up and walked over to where Denise was standing. Leaning forwards, Billy leaned forwards and kissed Denise on her right cheek even as he pulled out the remote once more.


"Denise, you are in a light sleep. When you are awoken by the sound of an alarm, you find you want to embrace your inner desires fully. Your desire to be a love doll will affect you physically and mentally and you will no longer want to be moved unless it is done by your owner Billy.You will remove your doll suit and be a doll permanently. Acknowledge and repeat," Billy intoned as he brushed Denise’s face lightly with his right hand.

"I am in a light sleep. When I am awoken by the sound of an alarm, I will want to embrace my inner desires fully. My desire to be a love doll will affect me physically and mentally and I will no longer want to be moved unless my owner Billy moves me. I will remove my suit and be a doll permanently. I will be a sex toy that exists to be held and give pleasure," Denise murmured with her eyes half open and a slight smile appearing on her face.

Figuring that Kelsey would be coming by for a visit soon, Billy figured to get Denise settled before things came to a head, so to speak. Picking up the immobile Denise in his arms, Billy carried her to the bed and set her down gently on it. Leaving her in the pose she adapted, Billy set the alarm clock for an appropriate amount of hours in his mind.

"Time to head downstairs and see what happens next," Billy thought as he closed the bedroom door and headed to the living room. For the next hour or so, Billy sat in the living room watching television and checking his cell phone for any interesting texts.


"Kelsey! You seem, OOOF!, excited," Billy said upon opening the door before being interrupted by Kelsey enthusiastically hugging him as she went inside.

"Thanks, Billy. I don’t know why but I, ummm, I had maybe the best night sleep I’ve had in a very long time and I think it was all thanks to you. You didn’t say very much to me but the words seemed to free my mind, my imagination. Listen, do you mind if I step into a room and change into something? I think you might like it," Kelsey intoned as she nodded towards the two large bags in her right hand.

"Ummm, sure. I know whatever you have in mind, it’ll be great," Billy replied before Kelsey leaned in to kiss him lightly on the cheek.

"Sweet! I’ll duck into the spare bedroom next to Denise. If she gets up, tell her to wait here with ya and you can both tell me what you think," Kelsey said and quickly dashed off to change.

"Huh...she’s really enthusiastic...I wonder if she realized her body has changed as much as it has after yesterday," Billy mused to himself as he watched Kelsey walk away and noticed she looked much larger in the posterior as well as other changes he briefly glimpsed.

After what seemed like an eternity to Billy (though, in reality, a short period of time), he heard Kelsey calling out to him.

"Close your eyes, Billy, and don’t open them until I tell you, ok?" Kelsey called out while standing out of sight.

"Ok, ok," Billy responded. He was sorely tempted to cheat and open his eyes just a bit but figured the surprise was worth it for both of them.

"Ok. You can open your eyes now and tell me what you think," Kelsey cooed from what sounded to Billy like a spot directly in front of him.

Billy opened his eyes and was enchanted by what he saw. Kelsey was standing there wearing a red jacket with silver buttons, white latex pants and red thigh high boots. The dark haired beauty was wearing blue gloves that ended just before her elbows. Kelsey was wearing a shiny black hat atop her head and, perhaps most striking of all, was smiling broadly that looked almost glossy in nature. Billy noticed that the jacket was unbuttoned and Kelsey’s breasts, which looked to be D-cup now in size, were barely contained by it. Glancing downwards, Billy saw that Kelsey’s waist had narrowed noticeably as well.

"Ummm, wow, you look great, Kelsey. Absolutely fucking great!" Billy exclaimed in unabashed praise and excitement.’

"Awww, Billy, you are so sweet. Listen, could you do me one little favor?" Kelsey asked in a voice dripping in honey as she leaned in close to Billy.

"Ummm, uhhh, sure, if I can," Billy sputtered even as his right hand slipped around his remote once again.

"I, I don’t know why but I think you might have a big key to add to my outfit and make it complete. Ummm, could you, ummm, maybe have a look around and see if you can find one? I’d be, well, really grateful if you could," Kelsey asked softly as her lips brushed against Bill’s neck.


Stepping back, Billy had to admit Kelsey looked sensational in her outfit. Even with his “suggestions”, Billy figured that this was an interest that was extremely primal to Kelsey on several levels. Smiling, Billy retreated to a nearby closet where he pulled out the bag he had by the pool yesterday. Going through it, Billy pulled out the key used by him at the pool previously.

"Time to give you what you want, my dear, and permanently," Billy said quietly as he tapped several buttons on the key as well as toggling a small switch near the center of the key.

Walking over to where the transfixed Kelsey stood, Billy placed the key at a spot near the middle of her back and pressed inwards with a steady push. After that, he stepped back and Billy pulled his remote once again.


Moments later, Kelsey’s entire body shook from head to toe as if she was experiencing a very intense orgasm. As she shuddered, the light gloss Billy observed earlier became more obvious and artificial in nature. Kelsey slowly straightened up with her legs drawing together as she did. The woman’s smile grew broader with her cheeks showing red circles on them as if they had been painted that way. Leaning around, Billy looked at Kelsey’s eyes and swore he saw there was a look of extreme joy visible in them.

"One last touch, and you’ll be all set," Billy said as he grasped Kelsey’s key and turned it several times in a clockwise manner. After doing that, Billy stepped in front of the lifelike doll and watched intently.

"Toy Kelsey is active and awaits orders. What would you like, Owner?" the dolled woman intoned as she stood and saluted Billy.

"Wow. Ummm, uhhh, walk to the far end of the room. Stop. Turn around and wait for your next command," Billy said with a slightly bemused look on his face.

From the newly toyified Kelsey’s perspective, the command was the best she had ever heard. She was going to be able to do an action in a manner she had only dreamed about before. If Kelsey was going to resist what had happened to her, it was melting away quickly as the enjoyment of her new state overwhelmed her to her core. Kelsey loved being ordered to carry out commands by Billy. Kelsey loved becoming a living wind-up doll and despite a small part of her brain resisting the change to her physical and mental outlook, Kelsey relished what looked to be her future going forwards.

"Yes, Owner. Toy Kelsey will carry out your orders exactly. Would you like to play with your toy later?" the living doll said as she shifted around to a sideways pose, placed her hands on her butt and thrust out her chest in an inviting manner.

"Ummm, uhhh, yeah, I’ll give it a hard, umm, some thought," Billy stammered as he shifted his pants that were growing uncomfortably tight around the groin suddenly.

Toy Kelsey shuddered ever so slightly upon her Owner’s words." Thank you, Owner. Toy Kelsey will do as you order," the doll said before standing erect, turning and marching in the direction indicated. Kelsey reveled in carrying out the instructions given to her and with every step she took, her hope that she would remain like this permanently, both physically and mentally, grew stronger.

Watching Kelsey march away, Billy was sorely tempted to spend more quality time playing with his new living doll. However, the muffled sound of an alarm clock ringing coming from the bedroom reminded him of the other situation he was looking after.

Smiling wryly, Billy headed upstairs and slowly opened the bedroom door to check on Denise. Billy’s grin grew wider as he saw the instructions he had given Denise, as well as the nanites in her, were going as he hoped.

Denise was lying on the bed and looked quite different than before. For one thing, nearly all of Denise’s body now looked to be glossy latex rather than flesh and blood. There were no signs of imperfections anywhere on Denise’s form. Another thing that stood out was that Denise was posed once again as a love doll. Denise’s legs were spread wide in a V shape and her arms were bent at the elbow with her forearms jutting upwards.

Drawing closer, Billy could see that Denise’s pussy now resembled an O shape with an artificial interior that probably already ached to be filled with a cock or sex toy. Denise’s feet were now two solid appendages with red paint where her toenails used to be located. Billy saw seams were now visible on Denise’s legs, arms, waist and her breasts. As for Denise’s breasts, they looked to be double D cup now in size with bright pink nipples atop them that seemed to beg to be nibbled or suckled.

"Uhhh, Billy, mmmm, promise me one thing," Denise gasped as the latex crept up the edges of her face and Billy could see her hair changing into what looked to be synthetic threads.

"Sure," Billy said as he leaned in to brush aside a lock of Denise’s hair before resting a hand on her shoulder.

Denise moaned slightly when Billy touched her shoulder." Promise me you’ll, mmm, use me often. Fuck, oooh, fuck Double D Denise a, uhhh, a, mmmm, lot," she gasped before the transformation completed the change to her body. Denise’s eyes changed to painted ones that had a look of lust, desire and excitement etched in them. Denise’s mouth changed into an O shaped opening with the teeth and tongue inside changing into a soft latex sac that ached to be filled with a cock or sex toy. With that, Denise’s transformation into an inflatable sex doll and the only movement the sex doll made was a slight wobble from Bily shaking her left shoulder.

"Oh, you look incredible, my latex lovely. You did ask me to use you regularly in your state and considering I’m responsible for putting you in this new existence, I think that’s fair," Billy muttered to himself as he started to quickly disrobe and move onto the bed.

"Wh, what, what’s like the last little while, my head’s been in a fog. I remember Billy arriving...we talked...he what I...I really was just a MY GOD, I’M A LOVE DOLL NOW...AN INFLATABLE SEX TOY...THIS CAN’T BE...IT CAN’T..IT...mmmmm...that..that felt good...owner...owner touched me...NO...I’m not a fuck name D Denise...OOOOHHH!" the dollified Denise thought as she experienced mental clarity for the first time in what seemed like a long time. However, this thinking was quickly mixed with the simple desires of a love doll as Denise was grasped around the waist and lifted into the air.

Holding the dolled Denise around her tiny waist, Billy reached into a nearby end table and pulled out a tube of lubricant." Gotta remember to use this stuff when we’re together. I think we’ll appreciate it for future fun," Billy murmured as he proceeded to lubricate all three of the doll’s openings. This action alone caused Denise to experience what she sensed would be the first of many orgasms in her new dollified state.

After setting the lubricant aside, Billy lifted Denise into the air and plunged his hard cock deep into the doll’s plasticized pussy. Billy quickly built up a steady rhythm as he fucked the Denise doll. As for Denise, the sex toy was enjoying Billy’s usage of her latex body and her thinking reflected that.

"OOHHHH FUCK...another...mmm..another orgasm or whatever a sex doll thinks is one...oooohhh...dolly like owner touching her boobies...NO...this is just a dream..a fantasy...I’m Denise...Denise...Double D Denise...dolly likes to make owner happy...MMMMMM...dolly fuck hole full..dolly being used...doll is...happy... NO...YES..NOOO...YESSSSS!" the dollified Denise thought as Billy used her like the inflatable doll she now was. Denise’s thinking flittered between the human thinking that she would eventually return to human form and the simple doll thinking of being used and giving pleasure to her owner as its primary purpose.

For Denise, she knew that as time passed and Billy interacted with her more, her doll thinking would become more and more prevalent until all she would know is giving pleasure and waiting to be fucked.

Some time later...

Billy arrived home after a day of work at his new biotech company. With the nanites he had used previously in his dealings with Denise and Kelsea, Billy had privately refined them in the months since. Publically, he was using one type of nanites in contracts with several government agencies for various areas of usage. Privately, he was making his home life one that he was personally seeing as near perfection.

"Ahhh, another phenomenal day at work. No unwanted surprises and a home I wish I could stay and never have to leave. Toy Kelsea, activate, step down and salute," Billy said as he tossed his briefcase onto a nearby armchair.

Billy smiled as he saw Toy Kelsea step down from her marble pedestal and slowly raise her right hand to her forehead in a rigid salute. In the time since Billy had decided to do his trials with his nanites, he had adjusted what they were capable of doing on a molecular level. Instead of being attired in the colorful clothes when she was first transformed, Toy Kelsea now appeared to be more artificial in nature.

Toy Kelsea was now wearing a red and blue hat that was several inches in height and had glittering sparkles all over the surface. Toy Kelsea’s face was similar to her look when first transformed save for the red dots on her cheeks being larger and her smile being wider. Toy Kelsea’s torso was now covered in bright red with her breasts D cup in size and nipples that extended out in a very enticing manner.

Toy Kelsea’s arm and legs now looked to be glossy white in appearance. On the living toy’s hips, there were now circular areas where a large screw was located, indicating her artificial nature. Toy Kelsea’s hands were glossy white in color with barely visible fingernails on her fingers.

Toy Kelsea’s legs were bright red in color with her butt noticeably larger in size. Toy Kelsea’s feet ended in a sharp point as if they were encased in boots.

"Hello. Owner. Do. You. Have. An. Order. For. Toy. Kelsea. Or. Would. You. Like. To. Play. With. Your. Toy. Today?" Toy Kelsea intoned as she saluted Billy.

"Hmmm, tough choice. Let me think about that. Are you done with your daily chores?" Billy said as he eyed figures to his left.

"Yes. Owner. I. Have. Converted. Dawn. To. Full. Toy. Mode. I. Have. Fixed. Pose. For. Erythia. Statue. And. Polished. It," Toy Kelsea intoned and gestured to her left and right as she spoke.

Billy smiled as he looked around. Dawn, a friend of Kelsea, was invited by Kelsea to visit her on a recent weekend. After a brief exchange of opinions (among other things), Kelsea used nanites provided to her to toyify the buxom Dawn’s mind. Normally, Billy would have handled the transformation but he sensed Kelsea enjoyed transforming others into wind-up dolls as much as she enjoyed being changed herself. As for Dawn herself, she was standing nude on a pedestal next to the one Kelsea used. Dawn’s D cup breasts jutted out as she was standing still, partly bent over. A golden and silver key was sticking out of Dawn’s back with her entire body glossy in appearance.

Looking to his right, Billy saw the chrome statue of Erythia in the corner of his living room. Erythia was posed with her left raised and gesturing towards the sky with her right hand covering her sex. Her right foot was turned and slightly ahead of her left foot. Erythia’s head was tilted slightly upwards and in the direction of her left arm with her face showing an expression of intense interest mixed with arousal and surprise. Next to the statue, a duster that Toy Kelsea used to clean the figure was propped up against its pedestal.

"Looks great, Toy Kelsea. I want you to wind Dawn and take her to the work room. Once in there, you are to lead her in marching around the room in a circle. Order her to stop after two circles, turn and kiss you. Repeat this until you both wind down," Billy said as he leaned forward and stroked the toy’s left cheek with a hand.

"Owner. Is. Touching Me. Maybe. Owner. Play, With. Toy. Kelsea. Later. Toy. Loves. To. Be. Played. With," Kelsea thought as the desires and needs of a living windup doll dominated her mind more and more with every passing day. The fact that her owner was giving her the opportunity to convert other subjects into dolls and order them only heightened her enjoyment of the new life she lived.

As Toy Kelsea moved over to Dawn and started to wind her key, Billy headed upstairs to his master bedroom and a little private time. Entering his bedroom, Billy looked at the four post king sized bed that was the centerpiece of the expensively decorated room and smiled. Atop the bed near the front, a device with the label INFLATE- 2KX on it was lying partially out of the box. The device was a high powered inflation machine with multiple hoses connected to the output end of it. On the side of the device, there was a large decal of beaver giving a “Thumbs up” gesture.

At the head of the bed, three boxes sat propped up against the white satin pillows there. DOUBLE D DENISE, LUSCIOUS LARA and BUSTY BRI were the labels on the boxes Billy had picked up through various means over the past few months. As Billy pulled out the deflated love dolls and started to inflated them, he smiled as he ran his hands over the Denise doll.

"Trust me, this won’t be the last time we’re together, Denise. I think you and I will be together for a very long time," Billy said as he ran his hands over Denise’s face and body.

"Oooooohhh..." Denise thought. Part of her still hoped this was a bad dream and she’d wake up any moment to a normal day. The majority of her thinking now, though, was revealing in Billy’s touches, caresses and using her latex body.

A desire shared by many in Billy’s collection...



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