One Night Stand

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2009 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; transform; lovedoll; auction; nc; X


Monique looked around the dingy hotel room wondering how the heck she got talked into meeting Aaron at this hole in the wall. She figured that with a man of his impeccable taste and wealth, he could afford a room that looked a lot more expensive than this one. Sparsely furnished and a thin layer of dust visible on the aged window sill, it was the kind of place Monique wouldn't have spent two minutes in usually. However, Aaron insisted they meet here for a romantic rendezvous and even sent along a fine bottle of white wine in advance to start off the weekend.

Monique poured herself a tall glass of the wine and set it down next to the bed before she stripped off all her clothing save her very sheer black pantyhose. She sat down on the edge of the bed more than a little annoyed ."I could have jetted off to L.A. with Raoul this weekend but I let myself get talked into this supposed 'romantic fantasy weekend' idea of Aaron's. If he wasn't so flush with money, I'd send him back to the wife he so dislikes in a heartbeat!" she said softly to herself as she laid back on the bed and turned on the TV.

After half an hour or so of flicking through the channels, Monique became restless and snapped off the TV. She looked at the clock sitting by her bedside and saw that Aaron was now a full 2 hours late for the romantic getogether. Grumbling out loud, she reached for the glass of wine she had poured and drank deeply savoring the taste .

"If he doesn't get here soon, I may just polish off this whole bottle of wine by myself. It's probably the only fun I'm going to have this evening anyway," she muttered to herself as she refilled the glass she had just emptied. As she laid back on the bed reveling in the exhilarating taste of the feeling, she felt a warm and strangely erotic feeling flowing throughout her entire body. The feeling continued to build and grow stronger by the second and she felt her left hand pushing itself inside her thin pantyhose to caressing her already damp sex.

Her caresses became more rapid as the feeling of arousal spreading through became more intense. However, Monique also found her body becoming stiff and unresponsive to her thoughts. To her horror, she could see her skin changing before her eyes becoming artificial in appearance and her mouth tightening into an ovular shape. She tried to move her hands but they were frozen in place now with her right hand clutched around her waist's mid section and her left one was stuck just lingering inside her pussy.

"What the hell has happened to me?... Why can't I move?.... I can still feel but I can't speak!!.... damn!!!" thought Monique to herself as she laid on the bed unmoving and unable to relate her plight to anyone at all.

After about another hour or so, Monique heard the hotel room door open and someone enter the room. After several seconds, she felt herself being picked up and stood in front of a closet mirror by... Aaron!! The evil grin on his face indicated that not only was he aware of Monique's predicament but might have had a hand in it!

"You see, my dear Monique, I became aware of your promiscuous nature and thought, with a little something I had my experimental drug division whip up, I might get a little revenge. Judging by your appearance, I see part 1 of my plan has worked out quite well indeed...!"

"Part 1....????" the living doll shouted mentally at this last part.

Aaron then withdrew a small vial from his pocket and poured into Monique's open mouth "If I go through with Part 2 of my plan, I have to make sure that no one will ever recognize you so a final change is in order," he said with a vicious tone.

To Monique's horror, she saw her body changing even more than before. Her hair seemed to disappear and flatten out till the hair was nothing more than painted streaks on her plastic head. She could feel her eyes growing wide and looking fake as was her entire face. Within a few seconds, her face resembled an inflated plastic head with painted on features. She saw her fingers and toes melt together becoming solid blades of plastic .

Aaron smirked as he set the doll on the bed and took out a digital camera and laptop computer. After snapping a few quick pics, he set to downloading them to his portable PC. "I was so certain that this plan of mine would work that I posted an auction on FleeceBay and you would be the item for bidding.. a cheesy, plastic doll certain to go for not that much money. Let's see... the high bidders so far are fellows named "badsunshine" and "psycho chicken"... well, there's about 30 min left till the end. I'll post these pics and see if I can add a bit to your final bid, my dear .." he said chuckling to himself.

After finishing the upload, Aaron sat on the edge of the bed and pulled Monique up into a sitting position and posed her head so that she could see the computer screen.

"Well, my dear, let's see who your new owner is... I hope he's not as cheap as you are!" he said as the clock clicked down.. for Monique's new home.


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