The Other Side

by Monkey Steals Peach

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© Copyright 2009 - Monkey Steals Peach - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; F/m; powder; magic; transform; lovdoll; deflate; oral; sex; toys; cons; X


I was never interested in meeting new people online, but that was how I met Evangelina. I have this obsession that I can’t bring myself to speak of in person, and like entirely too many other people, the internet provided a safe place to let my twisted side run free.

Evangelina liked what she saw in me, and went to great pains to get in touch. At first I wasn’t interested, but she was persistent and charming. I was worried that she was a G.I.R.L. (Guy In Real Life) dicking with me, but she just didn’t give up. She sent pictures, then set up a webcam feed for me to look at. She was a beautiful woman, with an even more beautiful smile, and perfect black hair. She asked me so many questions, and I found myself telling her more and more about myself, my life, all the truth. I learned that she was a third-generation Mexican-American, a successful graphic designer, and like me, she had something twisted about her that she couldn’t share with anyone else.

She also lived less than an hour away. When she found out, she insisted that we meet up in person. I reluctantly agreed to come up to her place for the weekend. She had a small but exquisite house up in the hills, with perfectly manicured grass, hedges, and flowers, elegant architecture, and a silver BMW convertible parked outside. And I, with a 6-year-old Civic, dressed in jeans and a T-shirt, walked up the steps with my heart pounding and rang the doorbell. It let out a clear two-tone chime. I heard footsteps, and the door opened and there she was. She was even more beautiful in person, and she gave me her radiant smile and a hug before pulling me inside.

The house was every bit as exquisite inside. The furniture, the paintings, the vases of flowers. Everything fit together. We sat on her couch, and just like online, she told me about her work, and plied me with questions about mine. We came from such different worlds, but she reminded me of myself in subtle ways. How she laughed, why she’d skipped going to prom in high school, things like that.

She had me dress up a little (I put on the dress shirt and slacks I have for interviews) so we could go out to dinner at a place she knew that was barely ten minutes away.

“Don’t look at the prices,” she said as I picked up a menu. “I’ll take care of everything.”

When we got back to her place, she took off her jacket and undid the first button of my dress shirt.

“I, um, have a surprise for you,” she said. “Something unbelievable.”

“Um, okay?”

She took me to her bedroom—the bed was queen-sized—and picked up a small unmarked jar, which contained a pinkish powder, like sand or sugar. Evangelina had always seemed so confident, but her hand shook as she held the little jar, and she stumbled over her words. “This is… I didn’t believe it myself at first, but I’ve seen what it does, and you have to believe me, it’s real.”

I didn’t know where this was going, but I was getting nervous on her behalf. I put a hand on her shoulder. “Hey, I believe you. You’ve had more opportunities to lie to me than anyone else ever has, and you never have once.”

She took a deep breath. “I went into this little occult shop, just to kill time, and the lady there ran up to me, looked at my palm, and said she had something that could give me my heart’s desire. She gave me a little sample, and told me to come back if I wanted to buy more. First hit’s free, right?”

“Evangelina, what does it do?”

“If…” She took a deep breath, and the truth came tumbling out. “If you mix some with water and drink it, you’ll turn into an inflatable love doll.”

It wasn’t skepticism that made me turn bright red and set my heart beating faster than ever. It was the implications of what she was saying. She’d really found a way to do what she’d constantly fantasized about doing, what I’d endlessly fantasized about being witness to. And it could happen, between us, tonight.

She must’ve been terrified I’d say she was crazy and storm out. I said, “Tell me what you want me to do.”

Evangelina sat down on the bed. “The way it works is I drink it and turn into a doll, and I’ll turn back if I’m exposed to the light of the dawn and not deflated. I’ll take it. You’ll… make love to me, then deflate me and put me in a box until morning. Then make love at least one more time. Then you leave me inflated so I turn back on Sunday morning.”

“You have it all worked out, huh?”

“I’ve… I’ve been thinking about this for months, but I had to find someone I could trust… with so much.”

I sat on the bed next to her, and we figured out the other little details. The box I was to put her in was in the closet, taken from a manufactured love doll, with a plastic front. She made sure I knew where the keys and everything were, and told me I could (within reason) have whatever I wanted out of the kitchen, or order food for delivery with her credit card.

By the time we had all of that sorted out, we were both too anxious and giddy to wait any longer. She went into her bedroom, closed the door, and left me to wait outside while she got ready. A few agonizing minutes later, the door opened to reveal a beautiful and quite nude Evangelina.

She hopped onto the bed, and picked up a glass of pinkish liquid. “Are you ready?”

I tore off my dress shirt and slacks, leaving my boxer shorts. “Okay.”

Evangelina chuckled, and drank. She quickly set the glass down again, and lay back on her bed. She said, “Thank you,” and then stopped moving completely.

Then came the moment of truth. Was she really going to change into a doll? She was sure she’d used it before, but it occurred to me that maybe it was some hallucinogen, not a magic potion.

Any such thoughts drained away when I saw that her feet started changing. With a movement like soda seeping into cloth, her skin turned into fully formed plastic. There were seams running up the fronts of her legs. It continued up her legs, which also became just a little more slender and shapely, and bent slightly at the knees. When it reached her hips, her vagina became a simple hole, an abstraction of its former self. I had to wonder if the lack of pubic hair was something to do with the transformation, or just preference, or what.

The plastic skin was also a uniform flesh color, just a little too glossy to be real. A seam encircled her waist, and a seam ran up each side of her torso as the plastic crept ever upward. Her breasts expanded by a cup size, and the nipples became exaggerated and bright pink. Seams formed around her shoulders, and her arms and head started to change at the same time. Her face became glossy, but looked no less beautiful. I was glad for that. Most love dolls had faces that were caricature at best. Her arms were the last to become plastic, and they bent at the elbows.

An inflation plug popped up from her belly button, and then it was done.

I knew she could see and hear me, but I couldn’t think of anything to say. I could state my incredulity, but we were well past that now. Instead, I took off my boxer shorts, hopped up on the bed, and made love to her.

Every part of her had the same plastic texture, the same inflatable give, but the shape of her was so perfect and natural and, pervert that I am, the sight of an inflatable doll, glossy and covered with seams, propelled me to even greater heights of excitement. I caressed ever part of her plastic body, and kissed her plastic lips, and screwed until I came.

I pulled out her plug, then lay on top of her to let the air out faster. I carried her to the bathroom, and carefully washed her with warm water, dried her with a soft towel, and finally folded her up and put her in the box.

After that I was tired, but still awake, so I set the box next to me on the bed and watched TV for a while before going to sleep.

The next day I made myself breakfast and showered. When my eyes fell on the box on the nightstand, I opened it, lay Evangelina on the bed, and inflated her again with the pump she’d set out. I wound up making love to her again three times over the course of the day, and frankly it started to hurt a little by the third time.

I woke up Sunday morning to the sight of Evangelina next to me in bed, on her side and very much a flesh and blood woman.

“Thank you,” she said again. “That was unbelievable.”

“What’s it like, being a doll?”

“Not being able to move was scary at first, but… it’s like, a doll body has nothing to get in the way of feeling. Every bit of sensation is more intense. Before I would just drink the stuff, put in a vibrator, and let it go until morning. That was already amazing, but having another person touching me, and being deflated and inflated again, all of that is just… Oh my god.”

She became an inanimate love doll, but she was the one getting the better part of this. Not that my part was lacking, mind you. “And you make an amazing love doll.”

“Thank you.” She stood up, and put on a bathrobe. “So when can we do it again?”

“Wait, what?”

She leaned towards me, and rested her hands on the bed. “I can’t do this every weekend, but you’re nuts if you think this is going to be the last time.”

“No argument here.”

Over the next six months or so it became a regular thing. Once or twice a month, I would make my pilgrimage, witness a miracle, and make sweet love to the most beautiful doll in the world. And Evangelina and I grew even closer. Our connection went far beyond having a common perversion, though the fantastic doll sex remained a cornerstone of our relationship. Our routine evolved over time, and rather than shutting the door on me, she let me watch her undress, or had me undress her. Although I always made sure she turned back on Sunday morning (except for the occasional extended weekend), sometimes I would deflate her between lovemaking sessions.

It was in early December that something happened that changed this thing we had. I had set out a glass of water for myself right next to her glass of the doll potion, and I was so busy watching her that I didn’t realize what I’d drank until she pointed at me with a horrified expression. I looked at the glass, which had about half an inch of pink liquid left in it.

“Eva, what happens now?” I pleaded.

“I don’t know. I really have no idea, but—”

I lost the ability to control my body, and she caught me as I fell forward. My toes started tingling, and there was nothing for me to do but wait and see what happened. She heaved me onto the bed. With my head propped up on the pillow, I could see my own body as it changed. I was down to my boxers like usual, and a perplexed Evangelina pulled them off.

As the transformation progressed, my legs became slender plastic with air inside.

Evangelina’s eyes widened even more. “You’re turning into a… a female doll.”

As it got closer to my crotch, I got the mother of all erections. I sometimes get woken up at around 3 in the morning by a crazy erection. This was as big a step above that as that is above a normal one. And then all that equipment just shrunk inside, leaving a hole. The change also hit my anus at the same time. The combination of the two sent an unbelievable orgasm my way. The very best sex I’d ever had was nothing compared to this.

It kept moving up my waist, which became much, much narrower. When it got up to my chest, breasts started to form, and again I was assailed by unthinkable pleasure. The change made me feel quite literally light-headed, and I felt the inside of my mouth change into a plastic sac, which was yet another shockwave of pleasure. The very last thing was the inflation valve, which emerged with a popping sensation from my belly button.

She watched me the entire time, not sure what to say or do, and stared at me for a while after. All I could do was wait for something to happen. She got up on the bed. “You know, you make a pretty good doll yourself. And since you’re going to be stuck like that at least until the morning, I should at least help you enjoy it.”

I couldn’t turn my head, so I had no choice but to look straight ahead while she went somewhere. There was a tasteful painting of a bamboo forest. Anyone else in this situation might’ve panicked, but I knew I was safe in Evangelina’s hands. She came back with some dildos. I had never particularly liked looking at those things, but then I’d never had anywhere I wanted to put one, until now.

The instant she put a vibrating dildo inside me, it felt like I was on fire. Too many years of flying solo have made me kind of a quiet lover—Evangelina complains about it sometimes—but if I could’ve spoken right then, I think I would’ve thrown out my voice. She pumped the dildo in and out, caressed my new breasts, and kissed my pouty doll lips, and before long it just became one continuous tidal wave of ecstasy. Along the way, she pleasured herself with the dildos as well, and in a corner of my mind, I noted that she definitely knew how to use those things.

Finally, she lay down next to me, and put one hand over mine. “I hope that was enough for you. I’m going to leave you inflated. Hopefully you’ll turn back in the morning.”

We were dealing with magic, so there was no telling what could happen. Maybe I’d be stuck this way and she’d have to take care of me. Maybe I’d turn into a flesh and blood woman in the morning.

Somehow, none of that bothered me. As a doll my eyes couldn’t actually close, but I fell into something like sleep.

The next thing I knew, I was waking up, still in Evangelina’s bed, but as myself. My male self. That made things simple, at least. Evangelina was sitting on a chair wearing shorts and a tank top, and when I sat up she started.

“Thank god!” She rushed over and hugged me. “The more I thought about what might happen, the more worried I got, and I couldn’t sleep.”

“It’s okay, Eva. I’m here. I’m fine.”

I felt tears drip onto my shoulder. “I finally found someone I could be perfectly honest with. I don’t want to lose you.”

“I’m not going anywhere. But I do want you to take me to that shop.”

She looked up and sniffled. “Huh? Why?”

“Because they do make male love dolls.”

Evangelina watched me. It took her a moment to realize I was being quite serious. She laughed out loud and hugged me tighter. “You liked it that much?”

“Last night… was beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. I’m surprised you haven’t tried to get me to keep you as a doll 24/7.”

She shook her head. “Don’t even talk about that. If it wasn’t for my great love for tiramisu and martinis—not at the same time—I might have by now.”

“Well, I would miss not being able to talk to you.”

“Stop being so wonderful and get dressed.”

Evangelina drove us to a part of town where everything seemed old and quaint, the Starbucks being a glaring exception. She led me into a store called “The Mystic Box”. Inside it was cluttered, but every last bit of bric-a-brac had a look of history about it. There was no dust though, and the counter was quite clean.

A plump old woman bustled out of the back. I had been imagining a wizened old crone, and ominous gypsy, but this woman just reminded me of my grandma. “Eva dear!” She took hold of Evangelina’s hands. “So good to see you again! And so soon!” She gave me a sideways glance, and smiled warmly. “And you brought your gentleman friend with you too?”

“Yes, Gladys. We’re, um, hoping you have something like what you gave me, but for him.”

She turned to me, took hold of my right hand, and gazed at my right hand for a moment before looking up at me. “Ahh.” She chuckled. “You want to see what it’s like from the other side?”

“In a way I already did. Last night I accidentally drank the stuff that was meant for her.”

Gladys laughed out loud, so hard that she doubled over and had a brief fit of coughing. “Oh, Lord! Must’ve been quite a shock, eh? Well, I do have what you want. Not much demand for it, sad to say.”

When she returned from the back room, she set a little jar of powder on the counter. I had half expected it to be baby-blue, but it was a deep crimson color. Evangelina paid for it with her credit card, and refused to even let me look at the price.

Once when I was young I got a hundred dollars for my birthday. The feeling of unbelievable power in my pocket had made it hard to keep my attention from wandering there constantly. Having the bottle of red powder in my pocket was a lot like that, but Evangelina took me to a very nice little café a couple doors down from the Mystic Box for lunch.

“I guess we should take turns,” she suggested.

“That’s only fair.”

Eva took a sip of her latte, set it down, and took a deep breath. “I, um… I was… th-thinking…”

I put my hand on hers. “I think you’re actually more nervous than when you first showed me the powder.”

“I was thinking you could move in with me.”

We’d never, ever talked about anything like that. We knew a lot about each other’s lives, but we’d kept them separate. “That’s… a big step.”


“I’m not saying I don’t want to, but it’s going to make things more complicated. If I become your live-in boyfriend, I’ll have to introduce you to my friends and family, and you’d have to introduce me to yours, and I’d have to find a job up here.”

She looked at the table and sighed. “Yeah.”

“We could totally do it. The more I think about it, the more I want to. But it’s not going to be easy. There’s a lot of stuff we’d have to sit down and figure out. And, you know, living with someone changes your relationship with them. Having a slob like me in your house every single day would be a lot different from what we’ve been doing.”

“You’re not a slob! Every time you come over you wash all the dishes you use and leave everything spotless.”

“Yeah, but… that’s because it’s your place. At my place, not so much.”

She put her hands under her chin and tilted her head to one side. “I guess we really do need to think it over carefully.”

When we got back, we practically raced to the bedroom. I took all of my clothes off, mixed the potion, and got ready to drink. She got undressed at a more measured pace, and told me to go ahead and have it.

Having already experienced the female love doll transformation, I expected it to work more or less the same. Instead, I’d scarcely finished drinking when I started to get a truly epic erection. There’s something about having your soldier stand at attention all on his own, something especially enjoyable about the process of the erection starting up, and this time the startup went on longer than usual, because my penis was actually getting bigger, by at least two inches.

The change spread out from there in all directions, like a ripple in a pond. By that time I couldn’t move at all, and all that remained was to wait and drink it all in. It was as though every bit of energy that was missing from me not having insides anymore was instead flowing into that one blazing point of pleasure. Where the female love doll transformation had made even Evangelina more slender and feminine, my plastic torso and limbs were manlier, more developed, despite being hollow inside. The inflation valve was still in the belly button, right at the end.

A naked Evangelina hopped up on the bed, and hovered over me on her hands and knees. “You know, it never even occurred to me that a man could become a male doll, but… I think I understand why you like watching me change so much, and I think you understand why I like being changed so much.”

She kissed me, and touched herself, and finally put that ridiculous plastic penis inside of her. A female doll body afforded so many different ways to experience pleasure, but this body only really had one. It was just as intense, but somehow more… direct. More familiar. It was amped up beyond belief, but it was an enhanced version of something I’d felt before.

I lost track of time, though I was aware of her trying some different positions, and even doing oral at one point. As before, I fell into something like sleep, and woke up as my old self.

Eva was watching me when I woke up. “So how was it?” she asked.

“Unbelievable. Different, but every bit as amazing.”

I tried to put into words what I’d been through the night before, and she explained what she’d seen and what she’d done with me. She made breakfast, and we talked and talked, and then I made lunch.

Then, something else happened that changed how things worked between us. She pulled out an ordinary condom, and led me to the bedroom. “Once in a while,” she said, “let’s be ourselves completely.”

For the first time, we made love as two human beings, and while it lacked the unnaturally intense pleasures of a doll transformation, it was beautiful in its own way. After that, we mixed things up a lot, and we started to look more closely at the question of how we could start a life together, but we never gave up the doll thing. It’s a part of who we are and how we came together. And I never get tired of the sight of skin turning into plastic, just like I never get tired of seeing Evangelina’s smile.


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